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Chapter 712: Savage Bone Crushing Hammer

Chapter 712: Savage Bone Crushing Hammer
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The most dangerous part of {Possess} was its ability to control players. Players who are controlled by the boss would be more dangerous than the boss. Therefore, Zhang Yang and his gang rather kept their HP down to danger level of 10% remaining rather than become possessed by the boss.

For normal players, even if the boss did not have {Possess}, the {Shadow Trap} and {Shadow Roller} were already extremely difficult to deal with. While they are dodging either one of those attacks, they might get hit by the other. Each attack could deal up to 300,000 damage to 400,000 damage! So, how many players in the game could afford to sustain so much damage over time, then?

However, for high Tier players, the boss would be easy to slay, if the boss did not have the Skill {Possess}.

All they needed to do would be dodge, hit, and dodge and hit again!

Upon getting used to the pace of the battle, the boss would no longer be a threat to them

Without the interruption of {Possess}, the party began to unleash their full potential, dealing damage to the boss as aggressively as they could. It did not take long before they crushed the boss's HP bar from 70% to 40%, then from 40% to 20%!

"No--- No! You imbeciles! You pests! How is it possible that you bunch of useless beings could deal so much damage to me!" Darok had received quite a number of blows to his face. He was heavily wounded as he appeared pathetic now. However, that was just the visual effect in the game. The boss's strength was not affected at all. He became even more hysterical and violent than before after his HP bar dropped below 20%.

Right after the HP bar had dropped below 20%, the {Shadow Roller} that the boss activated became much faster. Zhang Yang and his gang had even lesser time to adjust their positions on the battlefield now.

"Stinky boss! Don't you know you're not the only one who can go crazy!?" Wei Yan Er gulped down a bottle of [Beginner's Power Potion] to boost her Attack power. Then she activated her {Indiscriminate}, closely followed by her {Killing Cleave} to greet the boss!


An immense damage value popped out right on top of the boss. Wei Yan Er was very satisfied with the amount of damage she dealt with that strike of hers. It was impossible to see a 7-digit damage value in the early stage of the game after all!

"Argh ---" Darok was infuriated. He let out a raging roar and waved his staff around. However, he could only shoot his {Shadow Arrow} at Zhang Yang all thanks to the Aggro System of the game. So the boss could only throw his Skills on the player who had the most aggro value.

"I'll punish you on behalf of the moon! I'm Sailormoon!" Wei Yan Er laughed out loud as she swung her battle axe around like a mad lady.

Zhang Yang could not help but laugh. Then he said, "Sailormoon? You're still not there yet! But you're most suited to be called 'Psycholoon'! That name should live up to your reputation!"

"Wah! You stinky noob tank! How dare you underestimate me!" Humph! Humph! I should have sliced you into pieces when you were possessed just now!" Wei Yan Er unleashed all her super powerful Skills onto the boss while her {Indiscriminate} was still in effect. Well, part of her was venting out her anger, because Zhang Yang did really provoke her.

17%, 14%, 11%!

Without a Skill that could recover his HP, the boss was like being made of water. His HP bar was dropping so steeply that it went down to 10% in just a brief moment!

{Glare of the Death God}!

Shoof! A dark skull began to form right on top of the boss! Very good! It was like putting icing on a cake that looked pretty in the first place!

Zhang Yang immediately activated his {Shadow Clone,} right after throwing his {Glare of the Death God}. At the same instant, 7 'Zhang Yangs' appeared and all of them began to slaughter the boss aggressively. That really boosted the efficiency of their assaults on the boss.

Although these Shadow Clones could not really deal high damage, their attack rates was similar to Zhang Yang's. In other words, if Zhang Yang could hit 3 times in a second, every single one of the Shadow Clones would be able to do that as well. The only difference was the amount of damage that they could deal was much lesser than Zhang Yang's. Other than that, there was also the gang, Battle Companions and the Phoenix pets! Their attacks were insanely packed up together! If there was anyone witnessing this battle, all they could see were the afterimages of blades and Skills raining down upon the boss.

"What is this!?" Darok let out a terrified scream. Looks like he saw his own death coming.

"We're killing you!" Zhang Yang replied as he was laughing out loud! Meanwhile, everyone did not stop. Instead, they were getting pumped to finish the battle once and for all. So their attacks were getting even more aggressive than ever!



The boss received a damage of approximately 20,000,000 damage consecutively. His HP bar continued to drop like hell. In under 6 seconds, the effect of {Glare of the Death God} had been triggered 10 times over! After the bombardment of attacks from Zhang Yang and his gang, Darok had only less than 1% HP remaining. That was only 5,890,000 HP left now!

"God damn pests!" Darok began with his final struggle. However, an amount of HP that was lower than 6,000,000 HP was not enough to hold up against the insane party. Instantly, the boss was slain with little effort. Darok collapsed onto the ground heavily and died. 5 streams of white lights merged into their bodies. Each of them received a total of 36,000,000,000 Experience Points, They could see that their Experience Bars jumping up with their own eyes.

The moment after the boss was slain, the {Shadow Traps} and the {Shadow Rollers} that were planted all across the ground vanished without a trace. The entire palace had returned to its original state. Peaceful and quiet.

"Wahaha! The boss dropped a Two-Handed Weapon!" Wei Yan Er was agile as f*ck when it was time to pick up the loots. She already picked up a hammer, twice the size of a regular human. She was rubbing her face against the hammer as we speak.

"Unfortunately, this is a hammer!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud.

"You're the hammer!" Wei Yan Er understood what Zhang Yang was trying to imply. She shot back.

The boss dropped a total of two pieces of Holy Tier equipment. One of them was the Two-handed hammer that Wei Yan Er was hugging. The other one was a pair of pale-gray gloves. There was also a vague crimson radiance radiating across the surface of the gloves. Because of that, the gloves looked mysteriously fascinating.

Other than that, the boss had also dropped two books, one [Skill Point Crystal], and last but not least, a dark-colored order pendant that was the size of a palm.

Zhang Yang immediately picked up the order and took a closer look. Holy god! That was actually a [Level 5 Guild Upgrade Order]!

The Lone Desert Smoke had remained a Level 4 Guild for quite a long time. Their Experience value had been full for quite a while now. They had been waiting to get a [Level 5 Guild Upgrade Order] to finally level up their Guild.

"Tsk! If we sell this to Snow Seeker, I wonder, how much would she be willing to pay us, then?" Wei Yan Er's eyes were beginning to glitter once again. The little brat told Zhang Yang that her classmates were organizing a Summer Camp soon. Meanwhile, she had already spent all of her salary, up to next year's. So, she was super poor right now. Of course, it would be natural that she would try anything possible to get some money now.

The first piece of [Level 5 Guild Upgrade Order] that had ever appeared in the entire game was not to be given to anyone else, of course. No matter how much money others were willing to pay, there was no way Zhang Yang would be stupid enough to sell it! So, he immediately used the [Level 5 Guild Upgrade Order] without even look at that little brat's f*cking face. Instantly, the server began to announce and congratulate Lone Desert Smoke on being the first to ever become a Level 5 Guild. As usual, the entire guild received an additional reward. Each member of Lone Desert Smoke could enjoy earning an additional of 100% Experience Points for the next 3 days.

Zhang Yang was clever this time around, He quickly switched off his private message channel so that other guildmasters like Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince and the others could not 'interrogate' him about the Guild Upgrade Order. Well, he was genuinely terrified of them now, especially Snow Seeker. She was born to be smart and cunning in the art of entrepreneurship and business. She could wrap you around her finger and confuse you just by spinning some words. You would not even know if you've stepped into her trap or not! Well, by the time you realize it, everything would have been too late.

Of course, it was very easy for Zhang Yang to 'handle' Snow Seeker. All he needed to do was to act all 'hoodlum' on her. This pretty woman would definitely blush and retreat after that.

"Alright, enough with the fuzz. Just place the equipment down, will you?" Upon seeing the little brat hugging tightly onto the hammer, Zhang Yang hustled her to hand out the equipment so that everyone could see. He smacked the little brat's forehead with his finger.

"You hoodlum! I'll sue you for harassment!" Wei Yan Er tightened her teeth and waved her fists around at Zhang Yang, growling.

Zhang Yang laughed even harder and said, "Come one, who would want to believe that I would harass a boy with tits! Wait. A boy without tits! Wait, that's just a boy. Whatever. Hahaha!"

"Humph! I hate you!" Wei Yan Er rolled her eyeballs back intensely. However, after she looked at the attributes of the hammer, she immediately smiled again. She then posted the attributes of the hammer, even though she was already treating it as her own. Well, she had always been the little brat that loved to show off.

[Savage Bone Crushing Hammer] (Holy, Two-Handed Hammer)

Attack: 23,810 – 33,810

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 7,582

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Damage by 40%.

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 10%.

Equip: When hitting a target, there is a chance that you might crush the skull of your target, causing the target to not be able to move at all for 3 seconds.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

The Attack power of this weapon was almost twice the Attack power of Zhang Yang's [Sword of Purging Devourer]! However, it made perfect sense, because this weapon was a Level 180 Holy Tier weapon. It would be a disgrace to be a Holy Tier weapon if its attributes were not so powerful!

"You jealous?" Wei Yan Er kept the hammer in her inventory while bragging how lucky she was, like a little b*tch. Well, she had only reached Level 150 not long ago. She would still need to grind another 10 levels before she could equip that weapon.

Zhang Yang did not intend to indulge her at all. He just pointed his finger at the other Holy Tier equipment, those pair of gloves.

[Crimson Goblin Gaunlets] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +640

Vitality: +8,402

Strength: +2,060

Agility: +875

{Level 6 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 16,800 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,778 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

"Haih… who told me to choose the hammer first..." Wei Yan Er shrugged a little and said, "Noob tank, it's all yours! Be grateful!"

Zhang Yang laughed and kept the gloves in his inventory. He was currently equipped with Level 130 Mythical Tier gloves called [Silent Destroyer Glove]. It had been obsolete for quite some time now. However, other than his Accessories, every equipment on Zhang Yang would be at least Ethereal Tier.

As for his Accessories, well… Accessories were just hideous, these days. Most of the players were still clinging on to their level 60 Accessories until today.

"This is weird… this boss is a Spell-type boss right? Why is it dropping Physical-type equipment then?" Han Ying Xue was annoyed, "This is not fair to some people!"

"Stop complaining already… let's have a look at the two Books first, shall we?"

In the end, the first book they looked upon was actually a Blueprint for Leather Work profession players. So, Sun Xin Yu took it. The blueprint allowed the player to craft or make Ethereal equipment! However, even though Ethereal equipment could be sold at high prices, Sun Xin Yu would most probably not get into making them. Meanwhile, the second book was a Skill Book for Spellcasters. So they threw it over to Daffodil Daydream without any hesitation.

[Blizzard]: Causes 300% Magic Attack of Frost Attack to the target. If the target is in a Frozen state, then the attack will surely be a Critical Hit. Cast time: 2 seconds. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Even without the Critical Hit effect, causing 300% spell damage in every 2 seconds was good enough for Daffodil Daydream. She could now use a Skill with higher damage now. However, it was unfortunate that she was not a Cryomancer. Without the Skill [Ice Ring] to freeze her target, she could not fully utilize this Skill.

However, if this Skill could be used together with the Hunters' {Frost Trap}, then Daffodil Daydream should be able to use the Skill at its fullest potential. Other than that, Zhang Yang's {Frost Strike} might also trigger a Freeze Effect on his targets. So Daffodil Daydream should have quite a lot of chances of using this Skill at its fullest.

The last piece of [Skill Point Crsytal] was taken by Zhang Yang. Upon swallowing it, he acquired another additional Skill Point. His first choice was to upgrade his {Shadow Clone} to its highest grade. When his {Shadow Clone} is upgraded up to Grade 7, he could summon 7 Shadow Clones at the same time to aid him in battle. Putting aside the fact that he could gain an additional 70% of his output, having 8 Zhang Yangs on the battlefield would be terrifying!