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Chapter 715: The Ghostface Monkey King

Chapter 715: The Ghostface Monkey King
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"See? Isn't the boss looks powerful? Me and my depressed man here could not even defeat it even activating our Transformation Skills!" Female Raid Covent noticed that Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue was frowning intensely upon seeing the boss. So he spoke proudly.

What the hell is wrong with this guy? He was showing off about how he and his friend got defeated by the boss!

Zhang Yang equipped his [Party Summon Order] first. Then he informed Sun Xin Yu, Hundred Shots and the others about the situation. After using his [Party Summon Order], everyone was teleported to Zhang Yang's location. After seeing two strangers standing right beside him, everyone was curious.

However, Female Raid Covent widened his eyes at Wei Yan Er. Then he said, "What a cute loli! Come, I will bring you to see some goldfish!"

Wei Yan Er felt a cold shiver up her spine after realizing how Female Raid Covent was staring at her. She quickly hid herself behind Zhang Yang and said, "Hamsap1 uncle! My brother-in-law is here with me! You better don't try anything funny!"

Hamsap uncle? This little brat has been corrupted for real! She even knew the correct term to use, now!

Zhang Yang shook his head and pointed his finger at the boss. "Starlight, you'll be the tanking the boss when the battle begins. Is your Transformation Skill still available now?"

Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream had activated their Transformation Skills when they were clearing the Mythical Dragon Realm. They had not expected to encounter another Holy Tier boss so soon after their previous encounter. Truth be told, Zhang Yang could still handle the boss's attacks. Each of the normal attacks from the boss would only cause approximately 200,000 damage. However, it would be much easier to let Endless Starlight take the lead with his Inheritance Transformation activated.

"Roger, boss! And yes! Mine is still available!" Endless Starlight quickly nodded.

"How about you guys?" Zhang Yang looked at Hundred Shots, Lost Dream, Fatty Han and Fantasy Sweetheart.

"Still here!"

"Still available!"

They nodded as well.

"Very good! Then our DPS should probably reach up to 1,000,000. The boss has a total of 17,000,000,000 HP and it's capable of recovering 1% of its total HP once in every 30 seconds. That would mean the boss can recover 570,000 HP per second. Our effective DPS would be about 430,000 damage. Theoretically speaking… we should be able to take out the boss in about 70 minutes, give or take!" Zhang Yang said.

"Oi! Brother-in-law! Aren't you forgetting about us two?" Female Raid Covent suddenly protested.

"You Hamsap uncle! How dare you take advantage of me!" Wei Yan Er was not stupid. She immediately laid her protest on Female Raid Covent as well!

Zhang Yang laughed it off and said, "So, how much Damage Output can you provide, then?"

"… basically none." Female Raid Covent instantly squatted down and started to draw circles with his finger. However, he jumped back up and said, "But, my walking kill-joy over there packs quite a punch!" He ran over and locked his arm with Ten Dusk's arm. That intimate gesture could really give others a great chill up their spines.

Zhang Yang ignored that hamsap uncle and continued to speak, "There are two things that we need to be aware of, here. One, his [Ground Hammer] is an AoE attack. The impact will spread and stun anyone who can't get away in time. If the rate of the boss activating this Skill is frequent, it could become a threat that we cannot ignore. Furthermore, it will also decrease our efficiency of dealing damage to the boss. So no doubt that the boss battle will be prolonged a little. Other than that, we must be careful about the Elite monsters that the boss can summon. There are 12 of us here. The boss will summon 12 Elite Ghostface Monkeys. I will, erm, Me and Ten Dusk will lure the monsters when they appear. Everyone will have to focus on clearing out the monsters first before we focus back on the boss!"

If there were only 12 Elite monsters in the entire boss battle, Zhang Yang could slowly kite the monsters around until they're dead. However, the boss would not just activate his [Summon] once throughout the entire boss battle. Each [Summon] would bring out 12 Elite Tier monsters. If the number of the monsters adds on by 12 every time the boss activates its [Summon], the situation could get out of hand, and the entire party would get wiped out!

"Hamsap uncle! You can actually contribute by killing yourself now! Then, we will only have to battle against 11 monsters!" Wei Yan Er shrugged and said, "For the sake of our party, you should sacrifice yourself for the greater good!" before Female Raid Covent could even stand back on his feet, he squatted back down and continued to draw circles with his finger. Then he said, "How can you underestimate me! I'm also a powerful Healer you know! I can even heal your breasts so that they would become F-Cup!"

F-Cup! Wei Yan Er raised her eyebrows a little. Currently, her boobs were borderline A-cup. After hearing what that hamsap uncle had to say, she was infuriated. She was on the verge of smashing that hamsap uncle with her battle axe.

"Alright! Starlight, be ready to move!" Zhang Yang quickly said. He wanted to prevent the little brat from killing Female Raid Covent before the boss battle even starts.

Endless Starlight just nodded. Then, he immediately activated his King Long Transformation. Instantly, he transformed into a gigantic King Kong. After thumping his chest, he rode his poor little wild boar and charged towards the boss.

"Hahaha!" Female Raid Covent instantly burst into laughter after seeing that scenario. "A King Kong of that size riding a wild boar! You're too much, man! Are you some sort of comedian in real life?"

Endless Starlight was also dissatisfied with his own appearance. Also, there was barely any hair on his entire body. Some strands were just long enough to 'protect' some parts of his body. As he charged forward, those strands would float in the air along the wind. After hearing what Female Raid Covent had to say, he felt depressed.

"Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!" Speaking of which, the boss was also an ape. After noticing that a King Kong was charging towards it, the boss did not falter. Instead, it stood up on its hind legs. Its eyes glowed as it thumped its own chest. Then, the boss charged towards Endless Starlight.

A loud bang was heard when Endless Starlight and the boss clashed into each other. The boss was extremely strong. It managed to ram Endless Starlight so hard that he was pushed a few steps back. However, the boss played a dirty trick on Endless Starlight. He took hold of Starlight's hairy crotch, grabbed, and twisted it!

"Haha! Starlight! Aren't you supposed to tank with the boss, not make out?"

"Hmm, the two of you are made by the gods to be a perfect match! Just get together already!"

"It's a wonderful year for gay couples, didn't you know!"

Fatty Han and Lost Dream were laughing out loud at him. Furthermore, Female Raid Covent was also making fun of him. Endless Starlight was filled with grievance and anger at the same time because of that. Why must this f*cking boss be so f*cking wretched!?

This Ghostface Monkey King must be horny now. Every single hit from the boss was aiming straight for the crouch of Endless Starlight. The worse part about it was that the boss seemed particularly excited while drooling. Its eyes were glowing intensely, as it was making the 'Ooh Ooh' sound repeatedly.

"Starlight, why don't you just satisfy the boss then?" Fatty Han was about to crack his own pot. "Maybe you'll have a bunch of Ghostface little monkeys by the end of next year! You can go out bringing them with you by then! You can defeat anyone or any god you like! No one will stand in your way!"

However, Fatty Han and Lost Dream were the only ones who were making fun of Starlight. The others were standing by at the side. The moment Endless Starlight had the boss locked on him, they charged out and launch their assaults on the boss. They went and surrounded the boss in their tactical formation. Those who could still activate their Transformation Skills began to activate theirs without hesitation. The moment the Red Dragon pet and Phoenix pets activated their Transformation Skills, the scene became glorious!

To reduce the Healers' pressure, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han rode their own pet mounts. They did not summon out their other pets as well. Meanwhile, the others also did not summon their Battle Companions that would only become a hindrance.

Meanwhile, Female Raid Covent and Ten Dusk were clever enough to understand the situation, They did not summon their Battle Companions as well. One of them was riding on a Black Leopard, charging towards the boss, while the other one was riding on a large Scorpion, joining up with the Healers in the rear.

{Glare of the Death God}!

Because the party would take more than just an hour to defeat the boss, theoretically speaking, Zhang Yang did not hesitate at all in throwing out his strongest Ultimate Skill. However, it was an unfortunate attempt. Before the dark mist could form into a dark skull on top of the boss, the Skill was resisted.

Everyone sighed heavily. However, none of them took it to heart. After all, everyone knew how low the success rate of this Skill was.

"Ooh!" Upon being surrounded by Zhang Yang and the party. The boss was receiving high values of damage. It instantly roared out in anger and tapped its chest for a few rounds. Then, the boss slammed its hands onto the ground and created a very powerful impact of shockwave! It was like smashing a gigantic sledgehammer onto the ground!

Instantly, the shockwave swept the dust and sand on the ground along with it, as it spread out into the surroundings. The ground was cracked and countless of spiky rocks emerged from beneath the surface of the ground, causing a basic damage of 200,000 damage to everyone.

Although top Tier equipment had the ability to absorb a certain amount of damage, the Holy Tier equipment that Zhang Yang had on him could only absorb as much as 10,000 to 20,000 damage. Meanwhile, the others only managed to absorb about 8,000 damage, at most. Such a small amount of damage absorption attribute could do next to nothing for Zhang Yang's gang. Other than the Tankers who had Damage Immunity attributes, the others were basically sustaining a full 200,000 damage from the impact of the boss's {Ground Hammer}.

Those who had activated their Transformation Skills could still afford a damage of 200,000. Fatty Han and Hundred Shots had boosted their total HP up to at least 20,000,000 HP. They would not feel much pain from that attack. Meanwhile, Although Sun Xin Yu and the ladies could not activate their Transformation Skills, they still had over a total HP of 300,000. As long as they did not die from that wave of attack, the Healers would be able to fill their HP bars back.

After the 3-second Stun Effect, Han Ying Xue quickly waved her staff around and made it her priority to throw her healing Skills on the players who had not activated their Transformation Skills. By doing so, she managed to prevent the boss from killing those players instantly with another wave of {Ground Hammer}. After activating her Inheritance Transformation, Fantasy Sweetheart's healing capability had increased tremendously. She was almost as powerful as Han Ying Xue in such regard now. The two of them combined their strength to heal the rest of the party.

Although Female Raid Covent did not seem to be reliable at the start, his awareness on which player to heal first was quite astonishing, actually. He was trying to heal up those whose HP bars were still very low. Streams of holy lights were flashing across the wounded, raising their HP bars back to their full states.

Even though Holy Knights did not have the ability to heal many players at the same time like Priests do, but they excelled in single target healing. Each of them had their own share of advantages and flaws. The Priests would heal the entire party, while the Holy Knights would heal those who were in a more critical state.

After tens of seconds of healing, everyone's HP bar was back to their full health states, except for Endless Starlight.

It seemed that the tens of seconds of healing was the best that the Healers could do. In other words, the party would only be able to sustain the impact of the boss's {Ground Hammer} once every ten seconds. That was the rate of {Ground Hammer} that they could take on without being taken down. If the boss were to activate its {Ground Hammer} a little more frequently, then the entire party might get wiped out.

Fortunately, the boss only activated its {Ground Hammer} after every 10 seconds. The second wave of impact caused a heavy damage to everyone just like the first time. After some mental calculations, everyone knew that the {Ground Hammer} had 30 seconds of cooldown period. However, when the boss only had 20% HP left, the rate of the boss activating its {Ground Hammer} would be shortened down to 20 seconds, or 15 seconds short, or it may even be 10 seconds!

They could only focus their firepower for now. Even though the boss had a Skill that could recover its HP, but having the boss lose a total of 430,000 HP per second was a good progress, so to speak. Everyone could witness that the boss's HP bar was visibly dropping.

"Ooh! Ooh!" The Ghostface Monkey King was beginning to roar in rage. It smacked its own chest raw and screamed to the sky.

Instantly, 12 mini-sized Ghostface Monkeys appeared from all directions of the battle ground. They were charging towards Zhang Yang and the party while making the sound of 'Ooh Ooh Ooh'. They were extremely agile. They would have no problem keeping up with mounts.

[Ghostface Monkey] (Elite, Summon)

Level: 170

HP: 5,100,000

Defense: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,774 – 60,774


[Trample of War]: Stomps the ground and causes 50,000 Physical Damage to all targets within the range of 3-meters from the monster. All targets will be afflicted with Stun Effects for 1 second.

Zhang Yang immediately commanded his Phoenix pet and charged towards the Ghostface Monkey. At the same time, he also said, "Ten Dusk! Get those monsters away from our ranged-combatants!" Zhang Yang was not very confident with Ten Dusk because he was an outsider after all. So he also commanded, "Hundred Shots! Support Ten Dusk and lure the monsters away!"

TL Note:

1. Hamsap (literally means Salty-wet) – means horny or perverted.