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Chapter 716: Empowered Damage Output

Chapter 716: Empowered Damage Output
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After activating their Transformation Skills, the Red Dragon pet and the Phoenix pet had a 30-meter long flaming tongue. Although the amount of damage from their attacks were based on their Melee Attack power, their melee attacks were basically far enough to be considered range attacks. Therefore, Hundred Shots was standing together with the range-combatants as he was launching his attacks at the boss. After hearing Zhang Yang's command, he immediately nodded and turned his Red Dragon around. Then he commanded his Red Dragon to spit out a blast if {Dragon Breath} at the monsters.

With the advantage of having a 30-meter attack range, Hundred Shots was able to lure the monsters over to him. Meanwhile, he had over 20,000,000 HP upon riding on his Red Dragon. So he had no reason to fear, even if he is surrounded by a bunch of Elite Tier monkeys.

Ten Dusk had revealed his true power in being an outstanding Tanker. With a blast of his {Blast Wave}, he stunned all 12 monsters at the same time and began the process to get the aggro values from the monsters. 4 seconds after the monsters were stunned, the Ghostface Monkeys began to recover. Before the monsters could even do anything, Ten Dusk struck out a blast of {Thunder Strike} reducing the movement speed of 6 Ghostface Monkeys.

Because he had not yet created enough aggro values to surpass the aggro values that Hundred Shots had on him, the 6 monsters charged at Hundred Shots without even looking at Ten Dusk. However, that was good enough for them. The monsters could not deal any damage to them, yet.

Naturally, Zhang Yang had lured the other 6 Ghostface Monkeys on his side. He immediately kited the monsters towards the other 6 monsters on the other side. Well, he wanted to gather all 12 monsters in one spot first before he could begin to slaughter them up.

The movement speed of the Phoenix pet was extremely agile. It did not take long before Zhang Yang managed to gather all 12 monsters in one spot. Right after the monsters were lured into place, Zhang Yang hopped down from the Phoenix pet and activated his {Thunder Strike} upon them. Well, his {Thunder Strike} is already enhanced. Not only could it slow the monsters down over a longer period of time, its effects were also much stronger!

However, even Zhang Yang was not capable of getting enough aggro values over a short period of time to pull the other 6 monsters that were pursuing Hundred Shots over to him. Fortunately for him, players and monsters were completely different in term of 'improvising' according to the situation. Even though the 6 monsters were currently fixed on pursuing Hundred Shots, Zhang Yang could kite the monsters towards Hundred Shots and gather all 12 monsters in the same spot.

As long as the monsters are all gathered in the same spot, then Zhang Yang and the others would be able to unleash hell upon them. Since both Zhang Yang and Ten Dusk had {Thunder Strike} to slow the movement speed of the monsters, there was no need for anyone to worry about going OT.

"There's no need for everyone to focus on the Elite monsters. Fatty Han alone is more than enough!" Zhang Yang said. Two Phoenix pets and one Red Dragon pet were the most powerful AoE attackers in the area currently. No one in the party could match their AoE attacks. Well, if that is the case, the others would be better off focusing their attacks on the boss. They should just let the 'professionals' handle the AoE attacks on the 12 Elite Tier monsters.

Legendary grade pets like the Phoenixes and Red Dragon had very strong AoE attack capabilities. After activating their Transformation Skills, they could become even more powerful than before! Each {Dragon Breath} could cause up to 200,000 damage to all targets within range. Not to mention, {Dragon Breath} could be used once every 2 seconds! Theoretically speaking, 25 shots of {Dragon Breath} would be able to empty out a total of 5,000,000 HP. With two of these pets coming together, 25 seconds was the time needed for them to wipe out every Ghostface Monkey within range.

As for Ten Dusk, he basically did not have to do anything.

"That's awesome!" Female Raid Covent immediate gave two thumbs up at the Phoenixes and the Red Dragon. Well, he had never seen anything like this before.

After wiping out the monsters, Zhang Yang and the others switched their priority back onto the boss and continued to launch their attacks.

"Ooh!" The Ghostface Monkey King roared out loud furiously. Those Ghostface Monkeys were probably its sons and daughters. Seeing them being wiped out right in front of its eyes, the boss was so infuriated that it activated {Ground Hammer} straight away. The impact of the Skill did quite a number on everyone.

For most of the parties in the current stage of the game, {Ground Hammer} was definitely a fatal threat to them. A normal player with a full set of Level 140 Mythical Tier equipment would only have a Maximum HP of 180,000, give or take. Even on a mount, they would only have 250,000 HP at the most. Meanwhile, normal Healers would not have the capability to heal as much as 300,000 HP over 30 seconds. The normal players would have died upon receiving the third {Ground Hammer}.

However, Zhang Yang had two top Tier Healers, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart. Furthermore, Female Raid Covent was deadly serious in combat, even though he was a little bad mannered. His performance in battle had revealed his literacy and awareness towards his surroundings. If he does not speak without his brain, Zhang Yang might have considered recruiting him into Lone Desert Smoke.

{Summon}, {Ground Hammer}! Holding on against waves of attacks from the boss, the party began to get comfortable and familiar with the attack pattern of the boss. The situation was no longer intense as before.

When players were battling against a boss in a dungeon, they had to make sure that they were always on point. They must know when to hit, when to retreat, and where to retreat to. Their movements in the battle would be strictly limited as well because of all that. Even if they manage to reduce 90% HP of the boss, they would get wiped out instantly if any one of them get careless or act recklessly.

However, a battle against an Open World boss would be very different from battling against a dungeon boss. There were not many tactics involved in a battle like that. In other words --- numbers! Therefore, judging by the complexity of a boss's Skills, an Open World boss is not as powerful as a dungeon boss. Even if someone on the party screws up, it would only cost the individual player's life. That player's mistake would not drag the entire party down with him or her.

Players who die in such a large scale battle could be replaced by other players, against an Open World boss. If one player's death could cause the entire party to be wiped out, then it would become impossible for players to take down an Open World boss. That is just how the game developers have designed the game to be.

"You two seem to get the hang of it! You're both skilled and powerful! Why don't you guys join a guild?" Fatty Han asked out of his own curiosity.

Ten Dusk did not say a word as usual while Female Raid Covent answered straight away, "Both of us have work in real life. We only have a little time to jump in the game. Well, in a few more months, we're getting sent out. So, you get the idea. That means we will only be able to play this game while we're sleeping."

Sent out? That should be a term used by officials of the government department. Sent out could mean they are going to be sent over to certain states across the country to be local officials! Usually, people who get 'sent out' would mean that they have quit their jobs. If they quit their jobs, they would have more time to play. Now that they were saying that they would become even busier … could they be working for the government as government servants then?

Looking at that goofy face of Female Raid Covent, everyone sighed. If this fellow is really going to become a local official of a state, there would be no telling what kind of trouble he would get himself into.

"Oi! What kind of faces are you showing me now!" Female Raid Covent shouted in a strange voice as he was preparing to launch his {Holy Light}. The sacred scene did not suit his personality at all.

"Oh, right! My man, have you gotten the tickets I told you to get?" He suddenly tapped his forehead and asked Ten Dusk.

"Got them already. No worries." Ten Dusk answered coldly.

"Haha! This time, I'm going to confess to my goddess Luo Xin Ran. With my handsome look and my elegant way of speaking, she will definitely fall for me the moment she lays her eyes on me!" Female Raid Covent laughed like a pervert.

"Elegant way of speaking? That's more like an elegant way of spitting! Pui!" Endless Starlight was basically the same as Female Raid Covent was. His mouth was foul as f*ck as well! He immediately cracked a joke at Female Raid Covent.

"Luo Xin Ran? That Super Star celebrity Luo Xin Ran?" Fantasy Sweetheart stared at him with her eyes wide. She spoke softly, "Female, female something something, don't you think you're setting your standards a little too high?"

She was being courteous by not telling him in the face that he was being 'a toad lusting after a swan's flesh'.

"Who's Luo Xin Ran?" Wei Yan Er rubbed her nose a bit and asked. She seemed puzzled.

"Argh! Yan Er, have you not heard or seen Luo Xin Ran before?" Fantasy Sweetheart had been following the celeb gossip. So she revealed a face that suggested 'how could you not know about my idol?'

Wei Yan Er was being honest. She just shook her head.

"Luo Xin Ran is a singer who got famous about 4 or 5 years ago. When I was still studying in my university, my roommate was very obsessed with her. He even had posters of her stuck on his bed and his side of the walls." Zhang Yang said.

"Now, the entertainment industry is moving towards the direction of gaming. So, be it filming a movie, a series or making a music album, the entertainment industry tend to select the environment in a game as their background sceneries more often now. Luo Xi Ran is currently doing her final tour for her concert. She will be hitting the game market soon after that!" Female Raid Covent continued to explain like a professional.

Since the first movie 'The Heart of the Knight' that used the background sceneries in 'God's Miracle' had been a success about a year ago, more and more movie companies were trying to get their shots in the game as well. The main reason was due to the fact that they could save a lot of energy and minimize environmental risks if they just take the background and sceneries from the game. Furthermore, the visual effects and special effects were much better than what they could do in real life. They could also perform a series of life-threatening stunts without having to worry at all. Everything in the game was virtual, after all. Other than that, celebrities no longer needed high-cost cosmetics to make them look good. They could just use the interface of the game to design whatever outlook they wanted. Therefore, the traditional film industry took a fatal blow to their gut. If they do not wish to move their *sses towards 'God's Miracle', the super high cost of making a film would be the very reason their companies would go bankrupt!

Those traditional celebrities were also starting to join the fame. However, the appearance of a person could be adjusted according to one's free will. As long as you can design it, you can appear with that appearance in the game. Therefore, basically, everyone in the game looked handsome and pretty. Therefore, being a traditional celebrity was not an easy path. Time no longer favored them. Only the celebrities with true talent in acting and singing could continue to make a profit like kings and queens.

After all, this is a new era where anyone can potentially become a celebrity.

Zhang Yang suddenly remembered. His company happened to have signed a contract with Luo Xin Ran. One of her concert tours would be staged in Zhou Shu. However, Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu Wei Yan Er and the rest of the ladies that he lived with were not into celebrities. So they did not remember much about it. Now that someone had mentioned it, they remembered.

The battle went on for an hour without everyone noticing. Because the boss only uses its {Ground Hammer} and {Summon} repeatedly, the party could not deal the amount of damage that they theoretically spoke about earlier before the battle. However, they still managed to reduce the boss's HP bar down to 20% entering the stage of 'Killing Cleave'.

In an instant, everyone took out their [Amateur Power Potion] and gulp it down. Then, it was time to unleash their madness upon the boss. Everyone was slicing and dicing like there was no tomorrow.

The Ghostface Monkey King was beaten up so badly that it was screaming in its own ape language. The boss also increased the rate of activating its {Ground Hammer} to once in every 20 seconds!

Because of that, the Healers were forced to carry a massive burden. However, that was not the limit of the boss yet! When the boss's HP bar drops down to 10%, the rate of the boss activating its {Ground Hammer} would become even faster than before. When that happens, the three Healers would have to puke their guts out if they want to keep up with the boss.

The {Glare of the Death God} had finally cooled down. However, Zhang Yang did not use it immediately. He wanted to wait until the boss's HP bar reaches 10%. The reason was simple. If the Skill could work, they would be able to kill the boss faster in its most dangerous state!

15%, 12%, 10%!

Throwing out {Glare of the Death God}!

Phew! A dark skull appeared right on top of the boss!

The Skill was not resisted! Wicked sick!

Because they had the advantage in numbers, Zhang Yang did not have to activate his {Shadow Clone}. With their current rate of attacks landing on the boss, it would be enough for them to fully trigger the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} over 10 times.

"What the f*ck! What kind of Skill is this!?" Female Raid Covent screamed like a little girl after he saw the series of damage values popping up on top of the boss. He was so shocked that he could not even close his jaws! Each damage value was not merely tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. They were tens of millions instead!

Under that kind of bombardment, it did not take long at all before the boss let out a miserable roar and died. Its gigantic body collapsed down onto the body of Endless Starlight, pressing him down, as if the boss was forcing itself onto him! The gayness of that scene was imprinted into the back of everyone's skulls!