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Chapter 717: High Tier Territory

Chapter 717: High Tier Territory
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The loot that the boss dropped were quite satisfying. There were two Holy Tier equipment and four Ethereal Tier equipment. All of them were Level 170 equipment. Meanwhile, there was also one Skill Book and one Skill Point Crystal.

Because they had two outsiders this time round, Zhang Yang could not give the Skill Point Crystal to his party members based on their turns anymore. At first, Zhang Yang tried to get the Skill Point Crystal by offering equipment, gold pieces or some high Tier potions to the two of them. However, they seemed to know how valuable that Skill Point Crystal was. They did not intend to give it to Zhang Yang at all.

Hence, Zhang Yang let them have it, and he picked the Skill Book instead.

--- for Zhang Yang's party, they could still get plenty of Skill Point Crystals by challenging new bosses in the future. However, if the Skill Book contains some powerful Skill, then it could become far more valuable than just one Skill Point Crystal. So, Zhang Yang decided to take his chance on that.

The Skill Book was named 'Superior Force Strike'. The Skill could only be obtained by Warrior Class players. Because Wei Yan Er had never liked this Skill in the first place, she directly passed the Skill Book to Zhang Yang without showing any interest in it.

However, when Zhang Yang posted the description for the Skill, the little brat began to cry like a little bitch. She even cried and choked Zhang Yang, asking him to spit the Skill Book out and return it back to her. See? That's what we literally call a little b*tch!

[Superior Force Strike]: Improves the rate of triggering the next additional attack after you have used your {Force Strike} 2 times every time you upgrade your {Force Strike} by 1 level. Furthermore, the additional attack will be a Critical Hit.

Initially, this {Force Strike} was a rather lackluster Skill. At its level 1, this Skill could perform a powerful strike on the target immediately, dealing 100% of melee damage with a 5% chance to trigger an additional attack. With each level upgrade, the rate of triggering the additional attack would increase by additional 5%.

Upon adding that up, even if the Skill reaches Level 10, there would only be a total 50% chance to trigger the additional attack. In other words, the Skill could only deal 150% additional attack to the target. Compared to the other Skills that could deal an additional 200%, 250% or even 300% melee attack, this {Force Strike} did not seem to be powerful at all.

Furthermore, no Warrior would add their precious Skill Points on {Force Strike}. It would be like having a donkey kicking your brain!

However, the outcome becomes different if a player gets this {Superior Force Strike}. Upon getting the Skill up to Level 10, the player would have over 100% chance of triggering an additional attack. More importantly, the additional attack was guaranteed to be a Critical Hit! Based on that laone, the player could achieve additional an 300% attack of the Skill's initial attack. The damage dealt would be instantly amplified!

Of course, the player would have to make sure that the Skill is fully upgraded. In other words, 9 Skill Points would be spent in order to do so. Or else, having only a 10% rate to trigger the additional attack would be pathetic.

Getting so many Skill Points would be a difficult thing for other players to do. However, Zhang Yang did not find it hard at all. All he needs to do is to kill a few more bosses and get a few more 'First Clear' of dungeons. By then, he should be able to collect enough Skill Points for that purpose.

"Wu wu wu… Stinky noob tank! Give me back my Skill Book!" Wei Yan Er filled her cheeks with tears as she clung on to Zhang Yang's back. Meanwhile, she was also weighing her battle axe in her hands, as if she was considering whether to use it or to use another powerful weapon to attack Zhang Yang.

Female Raid Covent felt an itch in his heart. He immediately spoke, "Little loli! Let go of that animal and come cling on me!"

"Little brat, time to look at the equipment. I can give you the equipment if they are Heavy Armor type." Zhang Yang patted the little brat's head. Finally, the little brat stopped mourning. She lifted her butt and went over to the loots. Because Zhang Yang had made a promise to Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent earlier on, he had Hundred Shots bring two Level 140 Ethereal Tier equipment from the warehouse along. Then, he traded 2 Ethereal Tier equipment for 1 Holy Tier equipment agreed on. By the end of it, Zhang Yang had succeeded in getting the two Holy Tier equipment into his possession.

Meanwhile, Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent were content with the deal as well. After all, having two Ethereal Tier equipment currently could give them more benefits than having only one Holy Tier equipment. It was a win-win situation for both sides. As for the remaining Level 170 Ethereal Tier equipment, Zhang Yang did not care too much about them. He took two of them and left the other 2 to Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent.

Upon settling the deal, Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent did not leave immediately. They stayed to look the attributes of the two Holy Tier equipment that they had given to Zhang Yang. Well, they did work their *sses off, taking down the boss. They wanted to see what kind of equipment the boss had dropped upon its death.

Wei Yan Er picked up a small and thin necklace made out of small white bones with her left hand while picking up another leather jacket with spots and stripes all around it in her right. Then she asked, "So which one do we look at first?"



"I want to see little Yan Er's pretty face!"

Female Raid Covent was instantly beaten up by everyone around him. After that, he went aside, squatted down and began to draw circles with his finger again, squinting through his banged-up face.

Wei Yan Er smiled and used the [Identifying Scrolls] that Zhang Yang had given her to identify the two equipment. Then she posted the attribute of the necklace, first.

[Holy Bone Necklace] (Holy, Necklace)

Vitality: +3,967

Strength: +979

Agility: +919

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 7,930 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 848 damage when being hit.

Equip: When being hit, there is a certain chance that the 'Holy Bone Defence' will be triggered. Reflects 20% damage received back at the attacker.

Required Level: 170

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

This equipment was suitable to all Classes. Everyone was cracking their knuckles. They were eager to snatch the piece for themselves. Without wasting any more precious time, they rolled to see who could claim it. By the end of it, Wei Yan Er rolled out with a 94 points and claimed the prize.

"Hmm… my power to Curse has improved a lot!" The little brat nodded and she quickly put the necklace on. Although the appearance of a necklace that is made of bones was a little disturbing to look at, this little brat had a totally different taste. She found it nice to look at.

The powerful attributes of the necklace had left Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent speechless. They had not even tasted the sensation of having an Ethereal Tier equipment yet. It was natural for them to be astounded by the attributes of a Holy Tier equipment.

Wei Yan Er then posted the attributes of that leather jacket as well.

[Shadow Killer Rhodine's Jacket] (Holy, Leather Armor)

Defense: +384

Vitality: +15,870

Strength: +1,652

Agility: +3,915

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 31,740 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,697 damage when being hit.

Equip: Shortens the cooldown for your {Vanish} down by 30 seconds.

Required Level: 170

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Leather Armor are best suited for Thieves and Hunters. However, because this equipment had the special attribute that could improve the efficiency of {Vanish}, it became obvious that this equipment would best suit Thieves.

After Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream rolled, the leather jacket was claimed by Sun Xin Yu. That leather jacket had really boosted her attributes a lot. Especially her HP amount, it was basically double the HP amount she had when she was wearing an Ethereal Tier equipment, which only provided her about 7,000 additional HP.

After they were done with the loots, everyone went back to what they were doing. Female Raid Covent was still trying to follow Wei Yan Er around. However, he was dragged away by Ten Dusk and the two of them left.

Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xure continued on to search for cooking ingredients. A few hours later, Han Ying Xue had finally gathered enough [Chicken Meat]. However, she continued to bug Zhang Yang in order to accompany her while she cooks. After that, she had made quite a number of tasty spicy [Diced-Chicken Burgers].

The good thing about player-made [Snacks] is that they provide an additional boost. For instance, Zhang Yang could acquire a 400 Strength attribute by ingesting a snack made by a player. Well, having an increase of 200 damage in his DPS would be very useful for him.

Zhang Yang went back to his Little Merchandize Shop. Currently, he managed to gather a large number of [Crimson Blazing Essence]. However, it was still far away from being enough. Unfortunately, most of the players would just throw them away even after they get it from slaying monsters and bosses. They were just a burden for them because they had absolutely no use for them. After all, a player's inventory slots were limited.

Unless Zhang Yang largely increased the price of each [Crimson Blazing Essence] that he was willing to pay, or else the situation would stay the same. 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences] for 8 gold pieces? Most of the players would not want to go through so much trouble just to earn such a small amount of gold. The time that they could use to collect 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences] would allow them to collect more Herbs and Mines. They could have collected double, or even triple the amount of herbs and mines in the same amount of time. Furthermore, they could earn an amount of gold that would be ten times higher the amount of gold they could get with 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences].

However, the question was still the same. Once Zhang Yang increases the price that he is willing to pay for the [Crimson Blazing Essences], many crooked sellers would sense it. They would be able to realize the true value of these [Crimson Blazing Essences]. Then, they would take advantage of the situation and start buying them as well. It would be pretty annoying to compete with these crooked f*ckers.

Well, looking from a long-term perspective, when the second and the third recipe for making [Amateur's Power Potions] appear, the value of these [Crimson Blazing Essences] would increase tremendously. So, let the price be raised, then! Since the cost of buying these [Crimson Blazing Essences] would not be higher than the amount of profit he makes from selling the [Amateur's Power Potions], he could afford to raise it.

Zhang Yang increased the price he was willing to pay for every 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences] to 10 gold pieces. Many players were motivated to gather the [Crimson Blazing Essences] now. However, other crooked sellers had sensed it as well. Some of them even tried to compete with Zhang Yang by saying that they would buy 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences] with 11 gold pieces! They were trying to mark the value of these [Crimson Blazing Essences] higher because it seemed to be a perfect time to do so.

However, Zhang Yang was not moved by their actions at all. Even if they were shouting out to the market saying they would pay 11 gold pieces or even 20 gold pieces for 200 [Crimson Blazing Essences], the price that Zhang Yang was willing to pay was still fixed at 10 gold pieces per set. Zhang Yang knew better than anyone, he was the only one who could make [Amateur's Power Potions] in the current stage of the game. Those crooked sellers would be just wasting their efforts, trying to spend more of their fortune over something that they could not use.

Of course, if they are patient enough to wait until the second and the third recipes for [Amateur's Power Potion] appear, then the value of [Crimson Blazing Essences] would increase even further. By then, they might get richer by selling them out.

2 days later, Zhang Yang had bought a substantial amount of [Crimson Blazing Essences]. However, a large number of [Crimson Blazing Essences] were sold to the other crooked sellers. Well, Zhang Yang was the only one who could 'process' these things. Those crooked sellers were just trying to buy as much [Crimson Blazing Essences] in hopes that they would earn something out of it in the future. However, when they were beginning to run out of capital and all that, they would be forced to sell those [Crimson Blazing Essences] to the Little Merchandize Shop. Only a few of them could really hang on until the very end.

After all, profit that can be touched and used is the thing that mattered the most for most of the crooked sellers. Only a few of them fools would actually want to try out some long-term investment.

Zhang Yang took out every single [Crimson Blazing Essence] that he got from his Little Merchandize Shop and began his 'mission' to make them all into [Amateur's Power Potions]. However, when he was almost halfway making all of the ingredients he had into the [Amateur's Power Potions], he received a public notice announced by the system.

'Server Announcement: A new Territory has been spawned in The Plagued Land. The Territory Conquest will start officially at 7 p.m tomorrow. The location of the Territory will be announced 30 minutes before the Territory Conquest takes place.'

The second High Tier Territory had revealed itself! The only thing that remained a question was, which Region would be the one who claim this Territory to themselves then?

"Little Yang, are we going to join in?" Fatty Han immediately contacted Zhang Yang through their own chat.

"Of course we are! We're going to kill some players!" Wei Yan Er was excited about it.

Zhang Yang was a little conflicted. From the perspective of business, having one or two of these high Tier Territories would only give a player the same benefit. The player would not be getting more profit for getting two high Tier Territories. Zhang Yang was the only one who had claimed a high Tier Territory in the entire China Region. So everyone from China Region would have to use the Teleportation Circle in his new high Tier Territory.

Therefore, if he takes another Territory now, not only would he not be increasing the number of his 'customers', he would also need to pay a substantial amount of money to maintain the second high Tier Territory he gets. That would include the Teleportation Circle of the new Territory. That would be a disastrous loss of money for him to bear.

--- Of course, if the second high Tier Territory is claimed by another guild from China Region, then they would be affecting Zhang Yang's current business.