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Chapter 718: Forrest Gump’s Fortress

Chapter 718: Forrest Gump’s Fortress
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There were only a total of 4 high Tier Territories in the entire server. If Zhang Yang decides to take another one for himself, then the other Regions would definitely get offended. They would start stirring up trouble and messing things up for him. Zhang Yang would not be worried if only one Region does that. However, getting challenged by 2, or 3 Regions and having them work together? That would be a disastrous situation for even him, wouldn't it?

From that point of perspective, Zhang Yang had no reason to join the Territory Conquest. Furthermore, if he ever gets himself killed in the Territory Conquest, he would lose a large amount of Experience Points. Well, what's even worse was that if either of him or Sun Xin Yu dies, they would even drop the pieces of [Book of Revelation] that they were currently carrying!

After giving it some thought, Zhang Yang made his decision and said, "Yes! Of course we're joining! However, we're not there to claim the Territory. We're joining with two main purposes! Number one, we'll stop those Japan-Korea Region from taking over the Territory! Number two, we'll look for the other chapters for the [Book of Revelation]!"

Those who have acquired a broken chapter of [Book of Revelation] would definitely want to collect the remaining broken chapters of it. So, how would they be able to do so then? The best way for them to get it was to join some public war event, such as a Territory Conquest! All they needed to do was to look out for any players who resurrect immediately after they die. Those players would either be holding a piece of [Resurrection Monolith] or holding a broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation]!

It could be risky, but it could be the greatest opportunity as well. So, why not take a bet and try their luck out there, then?

Fortunately for all of them, it would only take another 10 to 12 hours before all of their Inheritance Transformations Skills are ready again. After all, they did activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills about two days ago. When the clock strikes 7 p.m tomorrow, they would be ready to join the Territory Conquest at their full strength!

Because joining the battle of Territory Conquest would not bring them any direct benefit, Zhang Yang and his party were taking things super easy. They also did not send any of their guild members over to join the Territory Conquest. If they do, the Lone Desert Smoke would be suffering an unimaginable number of casualties. There was no reason to sacrifice their own guild members, because their main aim was not to claim the Territory.

On the next day, everyone had rested well enough. They gathered at a spot in The Plagued Land. Meanwhile, it had been quite a while since the last Territory Conquest happened at Souron's Castle. There were many more Level 130 players currently. Although The Plagued Land was designed to be inhibited by the undead and Spectres, there were more living beings moving around on that map now.

Many players could roughly guess the location of the Territory. Most players were gathering at the center point of the map. They were just waiting for the clock to strike 6:30 p.m, so that the system announcement would announce the exact location where the Territory Conquest would take place.

Zhang Yang and his gang were still taking things casually around, At 6:30 p.m, the system announcement informed everyone about the name and position of the location.

--- Forrest Gump's Fortress.

Compared to the Territory Gateways, a high Tier Territory was much larger. Looking from afar, the fortress was full of steel barricades that made the castle walls look thick and impenetrable! The castle walls were at least fifty or sixty meters tall. The black and dark appearance of the fortress looked like a foul beast that could crawl out of the walls and roar ragingly into the sky at anytime.

Zhang Yang and his party did not go in at all. When the Territory Conquest begins, everyone that is still standing within the area of the Territory Conquest would be teleported out of the vicinity. It was 7 p.m now. The server once again put another announcement to mark the beginning of the Territory Conquest.

'Server Annoucement: Currently, the Territory Order is being held by the player: Savage Lord! There will be a special marking on the player who is holding the Territory Order. The player will not be allowed to leave the area of the Territory Conquest!'

'Server Announcement: The Territory Conquest has begun! Commencing the Count Down!'

Savage Lord? Was this Territory unlocked by the India Region, then? So, how did the Territory Order end up on the hands of that single minded man instead of the hands of Hourglass Figure? The reason was simple. She was a Hunter after all. Even though she was holding a Class S Inheritance, she would not be half as tough as Savage Lord who was a Guardian.

In an instant, the players were gushing into the Forrest Gump's Fortress like a tidal wave. Judging by how packed they were squeezing together, there were at least a million of them!

That's right. Less than 30,000 players took part in the Territory Conquest over the Souron's Castle. Well, most of the mainstream players had reached up to Level 130 within just a month. It would not be a surprise at all to see more than a million players battling over a Territory.

Well, it was still early, though. If the players were given another half a month or one month, there would be more than tens of millions taking part in this battle!

After all, there were over 20,000,000,000 players from all around the world playing 'God's Miracle' as of today. Meanwhile, Level 130 was not that high of a level cap for the players to achieve. Look at Zhang Yang. He was about to break through the level cap of Level 160!

Han Ying Xue could not help but reveal a pale face. Then she said, "If there were so many of them when we were trying to claim Souron's Castle, we would not have made it, right?"

"Hmm… that's why having the Territory Order is not a good thing. Well, there is a saying… hmmm…. Yea, right! When the eel and the clam grapples, it is the fisherman who profits! It's hard to snatch the Territory order in the crowd and stay safe, as well." Zhang Yang looked at the arrow-indicator that beamed down, deep in the middle of the fortress. That arrow-indicator was the indicator that clearly showed the location of the player who was holding the Territory Order. There was nowhere for the person to hide at all!

Zhang Yang and his gang did not set foot into the Territory at all. Judging from the crowd that was gushing into the fortress, even if a player holding a broken chapter of [Book of Revelation] is killed and the broken chapter of the book was dropped, there would be no way that Zhang Yang and his gang could sneak in and get the item without dying. Meanwhile, the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] was 'bound upon pickup'. Whoever holding it would definitely drop it when the player is killed. As long as those players do not go back to their main cities, they would definitely drop the item at some point.

"However, that Savage Lord must have come up with some sort of plan before he is so bold to trigger a Territory Conquest. At least the players from India Region must have been persuaded to help him!" Lost Dream laughed and said.

"Little loli ---" a passionate and yet irritating voice was heard across everyone's ear. Female Raid Covent and Ten Dusk appeared in front of everyone all of a sudden.

"You two again!?" Fantasy Sweetheart did not say it out loud. Ten Dusk was cool. However, everyone could not stand Female Raid Covent because of his mouth.

Instead, Endless Starlight and Fatty Han were welcoming Female Raid Covent with open arms. They even wrapped their arms around like brothers. Well, feathers of the same bird flock together after all.

"So, are you guys here to snatch the Territory Order?" Zhang Yang laughed.

"Hehe, my luck has been great throughout my entire life! Maybe, by the end of all this, I'll be the only one standing. When that happens, all I need to do is to bend down and pick up the Territory Order! Then the Territory will be mine!" Female Raid Covent spoke without any sense of shame.

Everyone laughed it off. Well, they were currently free. So they did have spare time to chat a while.

However, just when everyone was laughing, the sky suddenly darkened and the dark clouds were beginning to move irregularly fast. There were also flashing of flames and rumbling of thunders in the sky. Instantly, the entire place looked like a doomsday scenario!

"Oh no! This must be the effect of a [Forbidden Scroll]!" Zhang Yang cried. Then he calmly said, "Hundred Shots, Fatty Han, Fantasy, you three activate your Inheritance Transformation Skills right now and start healing! The rest of us, other than Witchy Snow, we take off our equipment!"

Zhang Yang immediately summoned his Phoenix pet as well and commanded the Phoenix pet to activate its Transformation Skill. Instantly, Zhang Yang boosted his Maximum HP up to a total of 20,000,000 HP! That buffed him up good enough to survive a direct hit of 3,000,000 damage from the [Forbidden Scroll]! He asked Hundred Shots and Fatty Han to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills because both of them still had their Phoenix pet and Red Dragon. Hundred Shots and Fatty Han could still command their pets to activate their Transformation Skills after that. They would have Transformation Skill-level power for over 3 hours!

Meanwhile, Fantasy Sweetheart and Han Ying Xue must not activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills at the same time. In other words, Han Ying Xue should only activate hers after Fantasy Sweetheart's Inheritance Transformation is over. They had to keep a Healing Inheritance Transformation Skill activated throughout the entire battle. Therefore, Zhang Yang made a crucial decision.

Why did he asked everyone else to take off their equipment? That was because the [Forbidden Scroll] deals damage by percentages. Although the effect of the scroll had a limit of dealing a maximum of 100,000 damage, it did not set a minimum damage to the targets. Even if a player only has 10 HP left, the Forbidden Scroll could only deal 1 Damage per second to that player.

Meanwhile, if a player's HP is low, it would be easier for that player to be healed. Of course, Healers could never take off their equipment. Without a high amount of MP in hand, they would not be able to heal up their party members even if their party members have a low HP amount.

Everyone had been through a lot together. So they were working together in perfect sync. They did what Zhang Yang asked them to without any hesitation. Now, Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots, Fatty Han and Fantasy Sweetheart would be able to survive a solid hit from the [Forbidden Scroll]. They would only have to make sure the other six members of the party are healed properly, so that they could survive as well.

--- as for Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent, they were totally ignored by Zhang Yang and his party members! Now that they barely made it out alive themselves, how would they have time to save others?


The entire sky was scorched in a sea of flames. Countless meteors rained down from the sky. The entire scenario looked like a high budget Doomsday movie. It was definitely a spectacular scene to behold! Whether or not if the players are struck by the meteors, everyone was losing 10% HP in each passing second. Meanwhile, those who had more than 1,000,000 HP were losing 10,000 HP in each second. The damage dealt on them was not being reduced or weakened by any Skills or effects!

Fantasy Sweetheart and Han Ying Xue were busting their *sses trying to heal. Meanwhile, the others had taken off their equipment and were on standby mode to gulp down their potions. However, the moment when the [Forbidden Scroll] was triggered, everyone entered combat mode. When everyone is in combat mode, it became much more complicated for them to take off their equipment. It would take about 10 seconds to take off each piece of their equipment!

However, it could make a huge difference if they could just take one of their equipment off before the [Forbidden Scroll] begins to rain hell upon them. One equipment would really make a large difference especially when their equipment are very high Tiered! Taking one equipment off could reduce tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands HP off their total Maximum HP. In other words, it could literally mean that they could reduce the DPS that the Forbidden Scroll could deal on them by thousands or even tens of thousands of damage points!

The bombardment of meteors continued on for over 30 seconds. After the meteors were done showering, the entire fortress was left devastated! The initially fortified walls were broken down into pieces of rubbles. The entire place no longer looked grand and magnificent. Meanwhile, the players from all Regions were suffering heavy casualties. At least 90% of them were killed by that wave of attack from the [Forbidden Scroll].

Most importantly, among the 10% of the survivors, 90% of them had activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills!

Truth be told, the Territory Conquest would last for 3 hours long. Those who already activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills would not last until the end of the battle. Unless, they take out all of their competitors while their Inheritance Transformations are still in effect. Without the support of their Inheritance Transformations, they would most likely lose.

After all, not everyone could perform as outstandingly as Zhang Yang who could take out a player who has activated a Class C Inheritance Transformation without activating his own Inheritance Transformation! Well, that was only limited to the circumstance where the player only activates a Class C Inheritance Transformation. Even Zhang Yang would be forced to kneel if he had to battle a player who activates a Class B Inheritance Transformation without his Inheritance Transformation.

"I wonder, who is the bastard who activated the [Forbidden Scroll]!" Daffodil Daydream said out of her curiosity. Well, Zhang Yang made the right decisions and gave the right command to his party members. Furthermore, there were two very powerful Healers supporting everyone in their full strength. So, no one on the party was killed.

"Outstanding! Cunning but admirable!" Zhang Yang nodded and praised, "The player who used the Forbidden Scroll knew! If he or she ever used the Forbidden Scroll at such an early stage of the battle, that player could force most of the players here to activate their Inheritance Transformation! Meanwhile, using the Forbidden Scroll could filter and eliminate most of the lower level players to reduce the burden everyone has to bear on the battlefield when there are too many players! Meanwhile, two hours later, the Inheritance Transformations would all be over by then. From there, many more players will be eliminated because they no longer are powerful enough to hold on until the end. By then, if Savage Lord or any of his party members activates another [Forbidden Scroll], it would be perfect for them! They would definitely be able to secure their victory over this Territory Conquest!"

"Why can't we get more of those [Forbidden Scrolls] already?" Endless Starlight ranted.

"Well, there are already two [Forbidden Scrolls] under our possession for now. That's already a good achievement, you know?" Zhang Yang shook his head. Then he said, "Well, looks like this is a good time for us to head down there to check on the battlefield. So many have died. We might be able to get something real nice among their dead bodies!"

When players are killed in action in the game, they would drop 20% of their items. Well, look at the number of players who got killed during the meteor rain! When Zhang Yang and his gang looked upon the battlefield, all they saw were countless glowing things glittering all over the place. What's more were all sorts of potions lying quietly on the ground waiting for someone to pick them up. There were also quite a number of survivors picking things up from the ground. They did not even bother to attack the others around them at all.

However, players who got wiped out by the wave attacks from the [Forbidden Scroll] were not that strong themselves. The items and equipment they dropped were not as good as everyone expected them to be.