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Chapter 719: A Second Forbidden Magic

Chapter 719: A Second Forbidden Magic
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More surprisingly, Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent were both still alive!

Ten Dusk survived, because he had followed Zhang Yang's instructions and took off a few pieces of his best equipment. That included his shield which added the most Vitality attribute onto him. Meanwhile, Female Raid Covent put up an outstanding performance on utilizing his healing capability. Even though he could be annoying at times, well, most of the times, but he managed to heal up himself and his best pal Ten Dusk as they were showered by the meteors!

Zhang Yang was very curious about it. Ten Dusk did had removed a few pieces of his best equipment on him to reduce his own Maximum HP so that he could reduce the pressure on his Healer partner. However, he seemed to still have over 200,000 HP on him after that. He would require a healing amount of 20,000 HP in each passing second in order to stay alive.

As Holy Knights could focus on healing one target better than a Priest could, a Priest with the same Tier equipment as Female Raid Covent might not be capable of healing 20,000 HP per second. On the other hand, a Holy Knight with the same Tier equipment as Female Raid Covent could definite heal that much per second. However, not only did Female Raid Covent need to heal himself, he also needed to make sure that he could heal his best pal Ten Dusk! How did he manage it, then?

Did he have a Holy Knight's capability to focus heal one target at a time, while also healing multiple targets like a Priest?

This is quite a broken character!

Zhang Yang continued to ask more questions. After a series of questioning, Female Raid Covent finally gave up on hiding his 'secrets'. He posted a link to one of his Skills.

[Holy Blessing]: Blesses a target with holy blessing. When you are healing any other target in your party, the Holy Blessing will also heal the target you marked earlier with the same amount of HP that you can heal on your other target. The effect will last for 1 minute. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

So that was it!

So, all Female Raid Covent needed to do was to cast a {Holy Blessing} on Ten Dusk before he focuses on healing himself up. One healing Skill healing two targets at the same time? That was just awesome!

This Skill was a perfect addition to a Holy Knight's Skill List! It could really make up for the disadvantage of a Holy Knight of not being able to heal many targets efficiently at the same time! However, the 30-minute cooldown was a real bummer. It defined the Skill as a life-saving Skill. Well, if this Skill is learned by a Priest, there would not be much of an improvement for the Priest in any way. Well, Priests were designed to be very powerful at healing multiple targets in the first place. Furthermore, their healing capability on a single target was not that bad as well.

Zhang Yang extended his sights further out on the battlefield. All he saw was that the battle was beginning to reach its climax. Many players began to hop onto their Flying Mounts and charged towards the fortress. They were headed towards the direction of that gigantic virtual arrow indicator! In a Territory Conquest, nothing mattered at all. The only thing that mattered was to snatch the Territory Order. That would be the only thing that kept the players from leaving the battlefield there and then.

"Darling ---" A cheerful voice rang out at them. It was Dusk Phoenix! She was riding on a snow-white eagle, flying towards Zhang Yang from afar. After landing on the ground, she hopped down and tried to throw herself into Zhang Yang's arms.

Female Raid Covent widened his eyes and muttered to himself, "What a pretty little lady!"

"Humph!" Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue shoved themselves between Zhang Yang and Dusk Phoenix. Both of them glared at her, expressing their seniority.

Dusk Phoenix quickly pulled over and stopped right in front of the two angry ladies. Then, she began to speak with them in a low voice. Only god would know what they were talking about.

At the same time, the Hell Family were arriving one after another. After seeing Dusk Phoenix getting so close with Zhang Yang and his two ladies, they could not help but to feel depressed and angry at the same instant. Every one of them were glancing at Zhang Yang with murderous intent. If a stare could kill, Zhang Yang would have died over a thousand times or maybe, a million times! His 'little brother' was in most danger. That part of him would have definitely been sliced into too many pieces to count!

However, who wouldn't know how to glance? Zhang Yang patted the little brat's shoulder. The little brat was playing nice with Zhang Yang this time. She shoved her hands on both sides of her waist and stared right back at the players of Hell Family like she was going to swallow them up whole! Well, that was her favorite 'game' anyway.

Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and Dusk Phoenix were talking among themselves. Zhang Yang had no idea what they were talking about at all. After talking on for quite some time, Dusk Phoenix turned towards Zhang Yang and said, "Darling, you have to help me! Help me get that Territory Order!"

"I'm not free!" Zhang Yang rejected her offer outrightly. His main purpose was to try out his luck at the opening stages of the battle to see if he could pick up the other broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation]. Previously, the Lone Desert Smoke had the advantage over the entire Territory Conquest. However, the guild still suffered some heavy casualties. There were only a few of them left by the end of the previous Territory Conquest. Zhang Yang would not want any of his guild members to die for no reason.

It was getting harder and harder to earn Experience Points, nowadays!

"Dar---ling---" Dusk Phoenix began to sidle up to his body. Her actions sent everyone from Hell Family bursting in tears. The only thing they had not done were to bang their heads against a wall.

"Silly Yu, since we're going to kill some players, let's help her!" Han Ying Xue pulled Zhang Yang's arm a little.

Sun Xin Yu did not say anything. She just nodded.

Fine! These two had become the Samaritans of the day now! Now he was the bad-mannered one! What bad luck! Zhang Yang sighed and nodded as well. However, he decided to kill every single one of the Hell Family players other than Dusk Phoenix. Well, his main purpose is to check to see if any of them could be carrying one of the broken chapters of [Book of Revelation].

--- even if they did not carry one with them, they should die as well! Who told them to stare at him like that? Furthermore, killing them would be a contribution to the China Region. It could also weaken one of the other Regions' strength. It could be deemed as a noble gesture to China Region!

The battle was getting intense. Players were battling against each other at every corner of the battlefield. However, those battles were completely unnecessary. Well, Zhang Yang saw a player from North America Region battling against a player from Africa Region. They had started battling each other simply because the player from North America Region was acting racist. He had actually called the guy from Africa Region 'Captain blackie'!

Zhang Yang and his gang were waiting out for the perfect moment. They were waiting patiently like fishermen. They took their sweet time, because there was no need for them to rush. The battle would go on for quite a while before things would start to settle down a little bit. Meanwhile, Dusk Phoenix was doing the same thing as well. She knew that there would not be a difference between obtaining the Territory Order 1 minute before the Territory Conquest ends, or getting the Territory Order right now. As long as she holds the Territory Order by the end of the Territory Conquest, she would be claim the Territory as her own. Furthermore, she would become the primary target of everyone the moment she gets her hands on the Territory Order. So, why put herself in so much danger when she could just sit back and let the others kill themselves first?

The intense battle went on. Countless players were killed, and they were sent back to their main cities. The pace of the battle began to slow down as time went on. 10 minutes into the battle, 40 minutes into the battle, 60 minutes into the battle!

Players would just activate their Inheritance Transformation 60 minutes into the battle. If they do so, their Inheritance Transformations would definitely last long enough until the Territory Conquest ends. Furthermore, the players could accumulate EP, even if they activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills a little earlier. After all, EP is the essential energy that players needed to activate their Inheritance Skills. Without enough EP, it would be pointless even if they had their Ultimate Skills ready.

Therefore, after battling for over 60 minutes, most of the players in the battlefield activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. At first, Zhang Yang and his gang were just sitting at once corner, watching the battle quietly. However, they could no longer do that anymore as the heat of the battle had spread too far out. So they began to make their move.

"Noob tank, we should get into the battle now!"

"Cousin sis, let's go now! Kill them all!"

"Sister Sun, let's go out and play!"

Wei Yan Er could no longer sit quietly. She began to move and spin around, making noises like a little b*tch.

Female Raid Covent quickly came up trying to play along, "Cute little loli, come! I'll take you over to the battle now!"

Wei Yan Er quickly shook her head like there was no tomorrow. Then she said, "Cousin sis taught me before! You're the type of hamsap uncle that loves to trick little girls! You must be thinking of tricking me so that you can sell me away into the mountains! I'm so clever! How would I ever fall for that!"

"It's brother! Not uncle!" Female Raid Covent immediately tried to correct the little brat. He tried to tell her that he was still young.

However, Wei Yan Er backed off and hid behind Zhang Yang once again. Then she pointed her finger at that hamsap uncle and said, "Brother-in-law! Beat him up!"

Everyone could not help but to hold their laughs. With this little brat around, no one would get bored at all.

90 minutes into the battle! 120 minutes into the battle!

About 130 minutes into the battle, the sky started to get blotted out by storm clouds, and the entire area became dark all of a sudden. Wind began to whistle and the ground was instantly covered in frost and snow!

"What the f*ck! It's another [Forbidden Scroll]!" Lost Dream screamed like a little b*tch.

Countless frost spikes emerged from beneath the surface of the ground and caused immense damage to everyone in the surroundings! Under the catastrophic rumbling, the entire fortress started crumbling apart. It was already a fortress with broken walls. With this wave of snow and frost attacks, the fortress had totally lost its form. It no longer looked anything like a fortress!

"This should be all the money spent by Hourglass Figure, I assume!" Zhang Yang praised. "The first [Forbidden Scroll] was to forced most of the players to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills. The second one was to ask everyone who had activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills earlier on to leave the battlefield immediately! Good thinking! Really! Unfortunately, they'll need more scrolls to do that!"

Everyone rolled their eyes at Zhang Yang. Was he trying to talk nonsense or was he trying to be sarcastic? If they really had 10 [Forbidden Scrolls] in their possession, would there still be a point of them trying their luck here? They could just spam their [Forbidden Scrolls] without any hesitation. Other than Zhang Yang who could boost his Maximum HP up to 40,000,000 HP by activating his Inheritance Transformation Skill, no one could have survived.

Meanwhile, if Hourglass Figure finds out about that, she would definitely be popping her veins so badly that she might just die of heart attack. Well, in her previous attempt, she had spent a fortune and a lot more effort just to get one [Forbidden Scroll]. This time, she actually managed to get two of them! So Zhang Yang was wondering, how much effort and money did she spend to get so many guilds in her Region to bring her these two [Forbidden Scroll] then?

After the second wave of 'Forbidden Magic Attack', players who survived the first wave of the attack by activating their Inheritance Transformation Skills were killed. The number of players on the battlefield had been largely reduced once again. There were not more than 3,000 players left!

Meanwhile, those who survived were basically the best among best, the elites among the elites!

Zhang Yang and his gang did not make their moves just yet. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart were healing everyone back up. Currently, everyone had activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. That included Zhang Yang, of course. Now that each of them had lost at least 3,000,000 HP, even Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had to take quite some time to heal back so much amount of HP. Furthermore, Fantasy Sweetheart's Inheritance Transformation had already expired.

Female Raid Covent and Ten Dusk had also activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. One of them transformed into a void demon, while the other transformed into a creature full of spikes all over his body. He looked just like a hedgehog!

Void Walker Transformation! Steely Spike Transformation!

Unfortunately, those two were just Class B Inheritances! However, it must have been quite difficult for these two guildless players to get a Class B Inheritance for themselves. Well, a player with an Inheritance Transformation Skill would always be welcomed by any guild in the entire server. Not to mention, these two had Class B Inheritances which were extremely powerful as they were. Well, Class S Inheritances and Class A Inheritances were extremely rare after all.

Zhang Yang sent a private message to Fatty Han and said, "Fatty, try to get these two into our Sub-guild!"

Although there were still available slots in the main guild, Female Raid Covent was really unreliable at this point, even though his skills in battle were pretty dope. If they straight away put him into the main guild, he might scare many girls and ladies in the main guild away! He might even do something horrible to them, so to speak. Meanwhile, most of the players on the sub-guild were elder players. They should be able to tolerate his perverted attitude, just a little.

Fatty Han and Female Raid Covent were both flocking under the same roof. The two of them should share the same 'interest' after all. These two might have become best buddies in the Sub-guild, one day in the future. By then, there should be two powerful players with Class B Inheritances in the Sub-guild.

"Alright, it's about time we show the crowd some nightmares!" Zhang Yang and his gang were almost done with their healing. Their HP bars were back to their full states once again. Zhang Yang pulled out his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and raised it straight up into the sky.

"Oh yea! Finally we're going to kill someone!" Wei Yan Er cried out loud like a crazy b*tch. She was the first one to charge into the battle.

She was holding a Class A Inheritance. Upon activating her Inheritance Transformation, she could fly in the sky. Rolling across the sky like a shroud of dark black smoke, the little brat had flown straight into the fortress. Her huge battle axe was floating along with the dark black smoke. It looked oddly spooky in a sense. Unfortunately, the little brat could only equip her powerful hammer when she is Level 160.