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Chapter 720: A Chaotic Battle

Chapter 720: A Chaotic Battle
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Zhang Yang and his gang were putting up an excellent performance on the battlefield. They were like a hot knife cutting through butter. No one on the battlefield was able to stop them. They were basically being rolled over by a gigantic tank! They were screaming in misery begging for mercy while turning into white light and streaming back to their graveyards!

Because Fantasy Sweetheart's Inheritance Transformation had expired a little while ago, Zhang Yang had asked her to teleport back to the main city. If she ever gets killed in the battle, she would lose a lot of Experience Points. Most importantly, they were just there to kill players. They would not be surrounded by too many enemies at the same time. Han Ying Xue alone was more than enough to support the rest of the party.

Dusk Phoenix and her 'guards' had also followed Zhang Yang and his gang from behind. They took advantage of the situation and charged towards the direction of the Territory Order with ease.

It did not take long before they arrived at a tall building. This tall building looked very sturdy and strong. Although it had sustained over two waves of Forbidden Magic attack, the building was only half destroyed. It seemed that Savage Lord was using this towering building as his safe house to fend off attacks from his enemies.

However, those were just weak attempts from the other players. The parties that represented the top of the top had just entered the battlefield --- Lone Desert Smoke, Hell Family, Justice League, Crimson Rage and many more!

Well, those who survived this long had their Inheritance Transformation Skills activated. Furthermore, their Inheritance must be at least be Class B Inheritances. Those who held Class C Inheritances should have fallen by now.

"Zhan Yu! You've got your own Territory now. Why are you here trying to snatch it from us!" Hourglass Figure knew very well that she could not afford to battle against all these powerful parties. She had to see if there were other alternatives to resolve the situation. Well, one of the main reasons was because Zhang Yang and his party was the strongest party in the entire China Region!

Other than that, Zhang Yang and his party should be the easiest party that can be convinced to leave. The reason was simple. Zhang Yang already has Souron's Castle. It would make no sense at all if he tries to take another Territory for himself. Furthermore, it would be better that the second high Tier Territory does not fall into the hands of any other party from China Region. That way, only would Zhang Yang enjoy the profit all to himself.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said, "We're here just to join in the fun! Don't mind us, my pretty Hourglass Figure!"

Hourglass Figure almost popped her veins after hearing what Zhang Yang had to say. Well, who would not mind about the existence if a super strong party standing in the middle of the battlefield? Joining in for fun? Was that an understatement or a joke?!

Although she already spent a large sum of money to use two [Forbidden Scrolls], those scrolls could really bring some catastrophic damage to the normal players alright. However, it would take more than just a few [Forbidden Scrolls] activated together at the same time to kill players who have already activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. Even if she activates many [Forbidden Scrolls] at the same instant, those players might still survive!

For instance, Zhang Yang had boosted his Maximum HP up to over 20,000,000 Hp. Well… if Zhang Yang even activates his {Radiance of the God of War}, anyone would have to throw 26 [Forbidden Scrolls] at the same time to kill him! Or else, he could still survive like a cockroach! How insane was that!?

Hourglass Figure gave some thoughts about the situation and commanded Savage Lord, "Give me the Territory Order, now!"

Savage Lord did not dare to defy her, of course. He passed the Territory Order to Hourglass Figure and the large arrow indicator immediately switched onto her. At the same time, everyone received a system notification about it. Hourglass Figure was now the holder of the Territory Order.

Hourglass Figure smiled vaguely and took a closer look at the Territory Order. Then, she suddenly threw the Order out into the opening. The Territory Order landed on open ground.

"Miss ---" Savage Lord and the others were begin to panic. Did she just throw away the Territory Order that they worked so hard to obtain in the first place? Not only had they busted their *sses to clear and unlock the Territory, the two [Forbidden Scrolls] that they used earlier on would have been for nothing now! They had almost spent every single dime in their guild account, after all!

However, Zhang Yang could not help but to praise her quietly. This b*tch was one cunning creature!

To hold the Territory Order now would be like holding a piece of gold while standing in the middle of a bunch of bandits and thieves. She would definitely be the primary target of everyone else! However, if she gives out the Territory Order now, she would lead the bandits and thieves into killing each other. When everyone is bleeding and wounded, she could just lead her party out and snatch the Territory Order back at the last possible minute of the Territory Conquest.

During the Territory Conquest on Souron's Castle, if the three [Forbidden Scrolls] had not made the situation much better for the China Region, Zhang Yang could have done the same thing as Hourlgass Figure just did. He would have made the same decision as well.

The black Territory Order was just lying on the ground quietly, there. The furthest player away from the Territory Order was just 40 meters away from it. Anyone who was on a mount or in their Class A or Class S Inheritance Transformation forms could have snatched the Territory Order from the ground within seconds.

However, no one dared to move a step now. Everyone knew, the first to move would be the first to go. Everyone would be aiming their 'guns' at that idiot! Who would survive the bombardment from so many players?

Well, maybe Zhang Yang or God's Left Hand could after all!

Both of them were holding Class S Inheritances, and the both of them were able to hold a shield in their hands. Therefore, their Defences should be incredibly tough. Upon activating their Inheritance Transformation, the two of them would acquire a 40-time increment to their Maximum HPs. However, Zhang Yang was well equipped with both Offence and Defence. Meanwhile, God's Left Han was well equipped with Defence and Healing-Type attributes. Therefore, he was a little tougher than Zhang Yang. However, his Attack power was a little underwhelming when compared to Zhang Yang's Attack power. Well, at least his Attack power was a little stronger than Endless Starlight's.

Whoever who goes forward would die a horrific death!

From that moment on, the surroundings became dead silent. No one dared to take the first step to move towards the Territory. Everyone was staring their eyes out. They were hoping that some idiot would charge in and break the silence of the battlefield.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely. Suddenly, he made a move. However, he did not move towards the Territory Order. Instead, he charged straight at a party of 7 called the 'Undying Souls'. It was a party from the Japan-Korea Region. Anyone would know they were Japanese by looking at the names on top of their heads. Instantly, they became Zhang Yang's primary targets!

The 7 of them were terrified the moment they saw the 'monster' charging right at them. They could not even lift a finger --- what the f*ck is wrong with him? We did not even move for the Territory Order! Why are you charging at us? Did your brain just get flooded?

Other than them, the other parties were shocked as well. They had no clue at all as to why Zhang Yang would do that! However, it did not matter them at all. Just kill them! The more he kills, the better it would be for the other parties! As long as Zhang Yang does not attack them, nothing would matter at all!

The moment Zhang Yang acted, Han Ying Xue and the others followed without hesitation. Every one of them began to launch their attacks at the 7 players from the Japan-Korea Region, like throwing a wave of tsunami at them.

Judging from the looks of it, the seven players had quite unique and powerful equipment on them. They were either holding Class B Inheritances or Class A Inheritances. Or else, they would have been long dead by now. However, now that they had encountered a super powerful party containing three players with Class S Inheritances leading the front, they were forced to accept the fate that they were all going to be tortured badly to their deaths.

6... 4... 2... 0!

About 3 to 4 minutes later, the seven Japanese players were killed. However, only two of them dropped their equipment. Wei Yan Er picked them up immediately right after that.

--- there were no signs of any broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation] or [Resurrection Monolith].

Zhang Yang waved his [Sword of Purging Devourer] that was dripping blood around as he gazed at the other parties around him.

Everyone single one of them felt a chill up their spines when their eyes met Zhang Yang's. They could not help but lower their heads. They were comforting themselves, saying that they were not scared of him. They just did not want to battle that insane maniac, because others would take advantage of them if both sides are heavily wounded.

However, it was really a sight to behold! Zhang Yang could spread fear into the hearts of everyone just by looking at them.

"My next target should be you!" Zhang Yang raised up his sword and pointed it at Longrich, Scholar Musou and their gang.

"Why us?" Ink Wave screamed like a little b*tch.

Zhang Yang shrugged and said, "I just can't stand the sight of you!"

He fluttered his radiating wings and flew straight towards Eternal Flame's party of six. Swinging his blade straight at them, Zhang Yang looked like a dragon flying in the sky.

Longrich and the others quickly struck back at them. They felt so insulted in front of everyone! What the f*ck! They did not even get their hands on the Territory Order yet! Why would he target them at all? This Zhang Yang came all the way to a Territory Conquest to kill people just because he could not stand the sight of seeing them? He did not even intend to get the Territory Order in the middle of a Territory Conquest! That was just unacceptably outrageous!

Even though Longrich and his gang were quite skillful, they were completely worthless before Zhang Yang and his powerful party. It did not take long before they were all killed and sent back to their main city.

Right after that, finally, a party could no longer resist the temptation of the Territory Order lying, there waiting for them to grab. They charged in and snatched the Territory Order from the ground. There it went, the triggering of a chaotic battle!

"Kill them!" Wei Yan Er lost herself to her own excitement now. After killing Scholar Musou and the others, she had not have enough yet. So, she charged towards Captain America and the other members of the Justice League and launched her attacks at them.

Captain America and his gang had really came across an unexpected calamity now! As they battled against the Africa Region party, they had not expected this little brat to charge in and interrupt them like a hurricane. They could still survive if Wei Yan Er was the only one cutting in. Unfortunately, she was leading Zhang Yang and his entirely insanely powerful party members towards them as well!

Well, there was no way that Zhang Yang and the gang would let the little brat charge into battle without any backup. So, every single one of them followed her closely and charged at Captain America and the Justice League.

"Heart of Destruction, we'll help you get the Territory Order. First, help us take out Zhan Yu and his gang!" Captain America made a crucial decision. If they have to battle against the strongest party from Lone Desert Smoke, they would definitely go down in no time. Furthermore, they were currently battling against the other party from Africa Region at the same time! They would never survive that!

"Haha! I'll hold your words to it!"

Instantly, a blonde man wearing a purplish robe began to wave the staff in his hand. A frost dragon appeared and charged at Zhang Yang and his gang.

Heart of Destruction, Level 152, Cryromancer, Male Human, {Dark Palace}!

So he is the one Spellcaster with the Spellcaster's Class S Inheritance!

"Let me handle him!" Sun Xin Yu cut in and said. She slid herself over to Heart of Destruction's rear in one split second. The two players with Class S Inheritance clashed head-on. One of them must fall, that is the only way the battle could end.

Zhang Yang wrenched his focus back on Captain America. Although he was eager to try out his skills with Heart of Destruction, Sun Xin Yu had demanded that she would be the one who takes the enemy down. Well, she was Zhang Yang's wife after all. Zhang Yang had no choice but to let her have at it.

Zhang Yang diverted his attention over to Captain America.

"Zhan Yu! You're a lunatic!" Captain America was also feeling humiliated like how the players from Eternal Flame and Undying Souls felt. What the hell! He did not even have the Territory Order on him! Why is Zhang Yang aiming at him!?

"Haha! Unfortunately for you! You're destined to die by the hands of this lunatic!" Zhang Yang laughed like a madman and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] straight at Captain America.

"You bastard! Just wait till the end of this Territory Conquest! I'm going to command everyone from North America Region to launch a full-scale war against China Region!" Captain America was screaming in rage. To prevent being wiped out by Lone Desert Smoke, he was forced to work together with Heart of Destruction and withdraw himself from the competition of getting the Territory Order. Not only was it humiliating for him, it was also so infuriating that his rage was enough to burn the entire heaven to kingdom come!

"I'm just worried that you guys might not come by the end of it!" Zhang Yang activated his {God of War Devastation} and caused approximately 1,000,000 damage on Captain America, "And if you're daring enough to come, I will make sure you and your people get no opportunity to retreat!"

Even though Captain America had over 10,000,000 HP, but he was unable to withstand such a powerful damage from a single hit for too many times! However, he immediately returned Zhang Yang his medicine. He raised his right arm up and threw a spear straight at Zhang Yang!


That was not a {Spear of Obliteration}! That was an Inheritance Skill of the Titan Inheritance called {Titan's Grip}!

[Titan's Grip]: Causes 250% Melee Attack of Chaos Damage to the target. If this Skill is activated when you're in your Titan Transformation, your Attack will increase by 10% for every 2 Titan EP you have on your EP bar. Can stack up to a total of 50%. Cooldown: 1 minute.