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Chapter 721: Book of Revelation: Chapter 4

Chapter 721: Book of Revelation: Chapter 4
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{Titan's Grip} was indeed powerful, but Zhang Yang's Defence was insanely powerful! Even though Chaos Damage could ignore Defence, the attributes of 'Damage Immunity' and 'Damage Absorption' could still reduce the damage dealt on Zhang Yang. The amount of damage that Zhang Yang received from Captain America had been reduced down to only approximately 700,000 damage.

Yes, the amount of damage dealt on Zhang Yang was not weak at all. However, if both of their amount of Maximum HP bars were compared side by side, Captain America would be the one losing out by a gap.

Furthermore, that amount of damage was not the highest damage that Zhang Yang could deal!

{Brutal Smash}!

Zhang Yang stunned Captain America and activated his {Charge Up Strike} straight away. With a swing that missed, he swung another stronger strike right into the face of Captain America.

Although Captain America already knew that Zhang Yang had such a Skill, he had already activated his Skills and Accessories a while back then to break himself free from Zhang Yang's {Blast Wave} and {Heroic Leap}. So he had to endure the 4-second Stun Effect and Zhang Yang's merciless strike right in his face!


Zhang Yang continued on with his {God of War Heavy Axe} and caused an immense damage on Captain America. It was an explosive damage that could be fatal to anyone during a PvP match!

"Bastard!" Captain America let out a long, raging roar. Then he began to whirl his heavy axe around and engaged in a fierce battle with Zhang Yang. Both of them had support from their own healers. However, {Destructive Smash} could cause a reduction of 75% on both of their Healing Efficiencies. Because of that, the Healers no longer be able to catch up with the pace of the battle.

Captain America was holding a [Titan's Ripple] in his hand. As long as he accumulates 8 EP, he could fully recover his HP bar. Therefore, he was not too worried about the situation he was currently in. Although {Destructive Smash} had reduced 75% of his Healing Efficiency, his {Warrior's Will} was about to be done with its cooldown. As long as he can use his {Warrior's Will} to remove all the negative effects on him, Captain America could immediately recover his HP back to its full state.

However, Zhang Yang was not the only one that Captain America had to face. Felice had also activated her Transformation Skill! Felice was ferocious and deadly enough when she was in her Dragonhawk form. Endless waves of {Fire Missiles} rained upon Captain America as the battle went on. Although there was a 30% chance of the attacks being resisted, her attacks when she goes berserk were astounding!

Fierce battles were happening at every corner of the battlefield. That black Territory Order was either kicked or smacked about by a swinging weapon. It was flying around across the battlefield without anyone being able to get a grip on it.

Captain America was on the brink of collapse. His HP bar had dropped below 20% after Zhang Yang and Felice had bombarded him like hell with their attacks. The situation was extremely dangerous for him. If Zhang Yang could just activate his {Indiscriminate} and goes on with another powerful attack, he might be instantly killed with one single hit from Zhang Yang!

Among Warriors, especially Berserkers, when their HP bars are below 20%, 99% of them would be as good as dead!

He quickly activated his {Warrior's Will} and cleared out every single negative effect on him. At the same time, he activated the special effect of his [Titan's Ripple]. A golden circle appeared and flashed across from his head to his toe. His HP bar was fully recovered all in an instant! He cried in rage and said, "Zhan Yu! Do not be mistaken and think that you can do whatever you like! Even if you can kill me, I'll still make you pay!"

"You're overestimating yourself a little too much! Don't you think?" Zhang Yang let out a battle cry. Then he steadily raised up his left hand and activated his {Glare of the Death God}.

Well, during a boss battle, this Skill had extremely high rate of being resisted by bosses. However, it was a different story in PvP! Every single activation of the Skill would become effective! A dark skull immediately formed right on top of Captain America's head.

"OH SHIT ---!" Captain America quickly flapped his wings, trying to escape after he read the description of the {Glare of the Death God}. He struggled like that was no tomorrow, attempting to survive for the next 5 seconds!

However, Zhang Yang swatted at the retreating buttcheeks of the flying American. Well, Captain America was not really lucky at all. Zhang Yang triggered the special effect of {Glare of the Death God} with his third hit on Captain America. That wretched dark skull right on top of him immediately, opening up its jaws and swallowing him whole. After that, he was left with only 1 HP!

The Phoenix pet quickly spat out its flaming tongue, giving the final blow to Captain America and ending his life!

Captain America's body began to collapse right after he died. However, right before he touched the ground, he suddenly got back on his feet with 10% HP left! He ran like hell, trying to escape.

Oh! There must be something on him!

Zhang Yang fluttered his radiating wings again and flew towards Captain America. Well, since Captain America's Inheritance Transformation was now inactive, there was no way for him to escape from Zhang Yang. Within one split second, Zhang Yang arrived at the rear of Captain America and he gave Captain America a good slice on his back.


Captain America let out a miserable scream and collapsed straight onto the ground. However, Zhang Yang was really surprised to see that this fellow actually came back to life for a second time! He came back with 10% HP left, just like he did when he came back during the first time! However, he dropped a piece of small monolith upon his second death.

That… that was a [Resurrection Monolith]!

However, this fellow could still stand up after he died! This must be because he was currently holding one of the broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation]!

Zhang Yang picked up the [Resurrection Monolith] and threw out his {Spear of Obliteration} at Captain America. The poor Captain America once again let out a miserable cream and smacked the ground with his corpse. This time, he no longer got back on his feet again. Instead, he turned into a stream of white light and got teleported back to his main city.

"Zhan Yu! I'll never let ---" His raging scream was cut off one moment right before he died.

A book was dropped from his dead body. Zhang Yang did not hesitate to pick it up immediately, the moment he saw it.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 4] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: -

Use: Combine this chapter with [Book of Revelation: Chapter 3] and [Book of Revelation: Chapter 5].

Such a pleasant gift! He dropped one [Resurrection Monolith] and a broken page of the [Book of Revelation]! Well, he was too generous!

Zhang Yang was filled with joy. He was currently holding [Book of Revelation: Chapter 3]. He could now combine it with the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 4] that he just acquired. He immediately put the two [Book of Revelation] chapters together. He saw a 10-second progress bar appearing right on top of the two chapters. A stream of holy light flashed across them and the two chapters were perfectly combined together into one.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: Everyone on the same party of the holder that stands 100 meters from the holder will acquire an additional 10% increase to their damage dealt. Same effects will not stack. If the holder is killed, the holder can choose to resurrect on the spot where he or she dies with 20% HP and 20% MP. This effect can only be triggered once in every 9 hours. Same effect cannot stack. If the holder is killed by other players during the resurrection cooldown period, the holder will definitely drop this item. This item can only be brought along by players, and cannot be destroyed.

Use: Combine this chapter with [Book of Revelation: Chapter 2] and [Book of Revelation: Chapter 5].

The effects had been enhanced! The amount of damage increased had raised from 5% to 10%! Meanwhile, the amount of HP and MP upon resurrection had been increased from 10% to 20%! Meanwhile, the cooldown period for the effect of this item had been reduced from 10 hours down to 9 hours! Sun Xin Yu was currently holding the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 8]. That being said, there should be a total of 8 chapters of [[Book of Revelation]. Judging from the enhancement from combining two chapters, Zhang Yang could deduce that when they manage to collect all 8 chapters of the [Book of Revelation] and combine them all together, the final item should be able to give them an 80% damage bonus, and 80% HP and MP upon resurrection and 3 hours of cooldown period.

Zhang Yang had also deduced that the complete [Book of Revelation] should provide one extra special effect for whoever who is holding it. It should not just provide additional attributes. Things would never be so simple when it comes to items with the label 'Legendary'!

Hmm… killing players in order to search for 'treasures'. Zhang Yang and the gang had acquired a broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] with ease. It was much easier than killing a boss! Zhang Yang was determined that when he ever see Captain America again, he should thank him and kill him a couple more times just to be sure that he no longer had any gifts hidden from them!

Well, there was no telling what Captain America would have in mind if he ever knew that Zhang Yang and his gang were treating him like a 'lucky charm' that would drop items for them! However, he did lose both the [Resurrection Monolith] and [Book of Revelation: Chapter 4]. He must be squatting at a corner, drawing circles in the ground with his finger.

So how had things gone between Sun Xin Yu and Heart of Destruction then?

Zhang Yang turned his head around and take a peek at the battle. What he saw was that Sun Xin Yu and Heart of Destruction were engaged in a very fierce battle. The two of them were exhibiting the skills and agility of Top Tier players. They were moving around, adjusting their positions while throwing blows of attacks at each other. Both of them managed to maintain the rate of HP reduction at minimum. Currently, both of them had approximately 60% HP left on each of them. There was no telling if any of them had activated their HP Recovery Skills or not!


Zhang Yang was stunned by what he saw. Within his sight, there was a milky white orb of light shining on Sun Xin Yu, right above her head. It was shiny and highly noticeable! Zhang Yang could still see it even if he is hundreds of kilometres away from her! Did she activate some sort of new Skill?

He looked around and saw that there was also another source of milky white light shining down upon another player. That player was actually a member of Paragon from Europe Region. His name was God's Left Hand and he was the one who obtained the Class S Apocalyptic Knight Inheritance!

Could Zhang Yang now detect a holder of a broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation,] now that he had combined two chapters of it into one?

If that's the case, all he needed to do is to defeat God's Left Hand, before he could get another one broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] then?

After he made up his mind, Zhang Yang flapped his wings and flew straight at God's Left Hand.

"Hmm!" God's Left Hand was a strong and masculine man in his 30s. He had blue eyes and blonde hair. Every equipment on him shone in the light. It was obvious that he was not wearing anything normal at all. He had a shield in his left hand and a hammer in his right hand. Unfortunately, the hammer was not a two-handed weapon. That had caused his Attack power to be much weaker --- of course, it was only much weaker when he was compared to Zhang Yang.

However, the attributes of God's Left Hand were more biased towards Tanking and Healing. Theoretically speaking, this player could have the most powerful Defence and sustainability. As long as a boss does not have a HP Recovery Skill, God's Left Hand could have soloed the boss without a problem. From this point of view, he could be much more awesome than Zhang Yang!

--- now, this is what a real cockroach look like!

From another perspective, if Ten Dusk and Female Raid Covent were to merge into one player, that would be the God's Left Hand! Well, of course, God's Left Hand would have much higher HP and Defence. Also, he would have a much more powerful Healing Ability!

It would be extremely difficult to find anyone on the entire server who could defeat God's Left Hand, especially when he has already activated his Inheritance Transformation Skill!

However, Zhang Yang did not falter. He had his most trusted {Destructive Smash} to weaken the Healing Ability of the God's Left Hand. Furthermore, he possessed an Attack power that was far beyond the Attack power of God's Left Hand! Even if God's Left Hand goes all out on him, he would still be able to deal more damage to God's Left Hand.

"Zhan Yu!" God's Left Hand rose up in the sky and left his opponent on the ground. He went up to face Zhang Yang head on. He said, "I don't even have the Territory Order now, so what can you gain by battling me?"

"I have no interest in the Territory Order at all. However, that broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] that you brought with you, is something that I'm really interested in! I'll claim it for sure!"

"Hmm!" God's Left Arm was shocked. His face darkened a little and he admitted, "How did you know I have a piece of the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation]?"

Zhang Yang was not so sure at first. He had just wanted to trick him for a bit. However, God's Left Hand had unintentionally admitted that he had one on him. That confirmed Zhang Yang's suspicion --- chapters that are combined into one provided the ability for the player to locate the other missing chapters of the [Book of Revelation].

He laughed out loud and said, "I just guessed!"

"YOU ---" God's Left Hand was infuriated after knowing that he had been fooled. However, he did not charge at Zhang Yang like an idiot. Instead, he calmed himself and took a deep breath. Then he did not say a word. Well, starting a battle with Zhang Yang would only do more harm instead of any good to him. He was here to obtain the Territory Order, not to kill anyone!

Meanwhile, he also knew well about the reputation of Zhang Yang. If he really tries to kill Zhang Yang with his current Attack power ... well, the Territory Conquest could have ended by then!

Initially, God's Left hand wanted to wait for the number of players in the battlefield to be reduced by a certain number before he could reach out to snatch the Territory Order. With his Defence and Healing Ability, he could definitely hold his ground until the Territory Conquest ends. Well, if Zhang Yang has come up to interrupt him, he would have no chance at all to snatch the Territory Order for himself. So how should he proceed then?