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Chapter 722: A Fierce Battle with God’s Left Hand

Chapter 722: A Fierce Battle with God’s Left Hand
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God's Left Hand was conflicted with the choices that lay in front of him. However, Zhang Yang had come up to him with a clear aim. He just wanted the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] that God's Left Hand had on him!

In a blink of an eye, Zhang Yang flew up to God's Left Hand and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] straight at God's Left Hand with full force!


The swing was greeted by God's Left Hand with his shield. He blocked Zhang Yang's powerful strike down and roared in rage, "Zhan Yu! Do not think that I'm afraid of you!"

"Chi chi cha cha… you really are a man of many words!" Zhang Yang was calm. He told his party members not to dwell on random players anymore, through the party channel. Instead, he told them to focus on finishing off the other 7 members of Paragon!

Well, Zhang Yang had absolute confidence that he could defeat God's Left Hand. However, God's Left Hand was not stupid. His main objective was to secure the Territory Order. He would break off and escape the moment he sees his opportunity. No one would want to die for nothing! Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was determined to snatch the broken chapter of [Book of Revelation] that God's Left Hand was holding. Therefore, the best way to do it would be to cut off any possible routes that his target could use to escape. He asked his party members to defeat the other 7 members of Paragon to ensure that they would not be able to help God's Left Hand escape when the time comes.

Unfortunately, Sun Xin Yu was still engaged in a battle that she could not walk away from, with Heart of Destruction. Otherwise, Zhang Yang and his gang could have taken out their enemies in a much easier and faster manner! After all, God's Left Hand was not made of paper. He was definitely not a normal character.

"Zhan Yu! You'll definitely regret this!" Having known that he and his entire party had been targeted by the Lone Desert Smoke, God's Left Hand decided not to dwell on his conflicts to get what he wanted. He decided to go all out on Zhang Yang and his gang.

"Haha! Then let's battle! You should stop talking!" Zhang Yang began to whirl his sword around, causing damage to God's Left Hand. His attacks were aggressive and precise!

On the other hand, God's Left Hand had activated some sort of Skills that was similar to Zhang Yang's {God of War Shield}. His Damage Immunity had greatly increased. Initially, Zhang Yang's {God of War Battle Axe} and {God of War Devastation} could deal a basic damage of approximately 1,000,000 damage. However, when his Skills landed on the heavily armored body of God's Left Hand, each of those Skills were only managed to deal approximately 600,000 damage! The damage dealt by Zhang Yang had been greatly reduced!

However, the attacks of God's Left Hand were even more pathetic. Even though he was also equipped with a Skill that increased 300% of his Attack, he was only holding a one-handed weapon after all. So he could only deal as much basic damage as 600,000 damage to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang did not have to activate his {God of War Shield} and he could already reduce the damage received from God's Left Hand down to about 480,000 damage just by relying on his 20% Damage Immunity attribute. Furthermore, Zhang Yang's Defence and Damage Absorption could further reduce that itch. So, each of the attacks from God's Left Hand that landed on Zhang Yang could only deal as much as 400,000 damage, tops. With all that, Zhang Yang only had to sustain one-third of the God's Left Hand's total damage he could deal on Zhang Yang.

However, that did not mean that he would lose for sure. He still had a legendary Tier Skill up his sleeves that he had yet revealed!

[Holy Knight's Tolerance (Passive)]: Every time struck, there is a rate that your {Grace of Divinity } can become an instantly activated Skill. This effect will not be triggered within the next 10 seconds.

[Grace of Divinity]: Heals a target. The amount of HP healed will be 300% of your Magic Attack. Casting time: 2 seconds.

In a PvP match, having a Skill that would take a progress bar to chant and having a Skill that could be instantly casted could make a huge difference in battle. The chanting of a Skill could be interrupted as long as the enemies are given even 0.1 second to act on it. Therefore, a Skill or a Spell that could be chanted instantly would be the best and the safest of all. As long as the players are not impeded by any Status Restriction Skills, they would be able to use their instant Skills without a problem!

Although both of them were affected by the effect of the {Destructive Smash}, the basic amount of HP that {Grace of Divinity} could recover was 210,000 HP. Even though God's Left Hand only had 25% Healing Efficiency for the moment, he could still recover approximately 50,000 HP every time he activates his {Grace of Divinity}. Things were still looking good for him!

Of course, he would not able to turn the tide of the battle for himself and his party members just by relying on that. Knights still had a Skill that could bestow upon them a short moment of Invincibility. When his HP bar is reduced to a certain level, he could just activate that Skill to clear out any negative effects on him. Then, all he needed to do was to heal himself as much as he could. Even though his Healing Efficiency had been steeply reduced during that 8 seconds of Invincibility, he would not be using his {Grace of Divinity} now, wouldn't he? Instead, he would be using a more powerful healing Skill called the {Divine Prayers}. He could heal up to 400% of his Magic Attack value with that! With half of the effect, he could heal up to 140,000 HP every time he uses it. So, God's Left Hand could basically heal at over 560,000 HP over the 8-second timeframe of Invincibility!

Not to mention that he was also equipped with other Accessories that could grant him more Invincibility timeframes. Upon stunning his opponents, he could take his sweet time chanting his Spells. God's Left Hand was obviously plotting something wretched behind Zhang Yang. He planned to torture Zhang Yang to his demise by relying on his super powerful Recovery Ability!

Even Sun Xin Yu might be slowly tortured to her death eventually if she comes across such enemies! However, Zhang Yang's HP bar was way too long. So there was no telling that who would be the one who dies by the end of this battle.

"Zhan Yu! I've warned you! You're going to regret this!" God's Left Hand laughed out loud as if he already won the battle.

Unfortunately, {Glare of the Death God} had been used on Captain America earlier on. If it wasn't for that, Zhang Yang could have used that Skill to cripple this super tough turtle shell Defence. However, Zhang Yang did not regret using that Skill on Captain America at all. If he did not kill Captain America, he would not have gotten [Book of Revelation: Chapter 4] and a [Resurrection Monolith] in the first place.

Zhang Yang had no interest to waste his breath on his opponent. So he charged out together with Felice and Phoenix pet. The three of them maximized their damage output and brought hell upon God's Left Hand. Although Phoenix pet was no longer in its transformed form, Felice's Berserk form was still in effect. The damage output of the three of them combined had exceeded that HP Recovery Rate of God's Left Hand!

"F*CK!" God's Left Hand's arrogance was wiped away coldly in an instant. Even though his Attacks had managed to reduce Zhang Yang's HP bar at quite a remarkable rate, but the two of them were losing HP at a very different rate. If the situation goes on like this, he would be the first to go.

Meanwhile, the number of his party members was slowly decreasing. They were being slaughtered up by Wei Yan Er and the rest of Zhang Yang's gang, like animals. So it was not possible at all for him to get support from his own party members.

"Zhan Yu! There is no beef between us. Why are we slaughtering each other? You'll need to use your Ultimate Skills to kill me or the other players. We'll be giving exactly what Hourglass Figure wants!" God's Left Hand attempted to beg again. "So how about I owe you one right now if you're willing to stop this battle at once?"

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely and said, "Alright, just hand me the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] on you. Then we can shake our hands and make peace!"

"... Zhan Yu! You're taking it too far!"

"You're from Europe Region, and I'm from China Region. Isn't it the 'natural order' of this game for players from different Regions to kill each other, then? So just shut up and fight!" Zhang Yang began hitting in an even more aggressive manner. Upon activating his {Charge Up Strike}, he immediately unleashed his {God of War Devastation} causing a total of 2,000,000 damage on God's Left Hand. Even with all his super tough Defence, God's Left Hand was not able to hold up against such a hit for too many times!

After all, the equipment on him was not as good as the equipment on Zhang Yang. His initial HP was only approximately 500,000 HP. After boosting it up by 40 times, he would only have over 20,000,000 HP. In that sense, he was not on the same par as Zhang Yang!

After a fierce struggle, God's Left Hand suddenly made up his mind about something. He struck Zhang Yang with his {Sanction} and stunned him for good. After that, he did not escape. Instead, he flew towards the fortress as quickly as he could right after that!

Zhang Yang was not equipped with many Status Removal Skills. He would have to wait for 4 seconds before he could recover from the Stun Effect. Well, he would never let his 'target' get away. So with a light roar, he fluttered his wings and pursued God's Left Hand. Of course, he also brought along Felice and his Phoenix pet.

However, the movement speed of a Class S Inheritance upon activating the Inheritance Transformation was too fast for Felice and Phoenix pet to follow. So, Zhang Yang kept Felice back into the Battle Companion Slot. However, he did not have time to unsummon Phoenix pet. Well, pets would be kept back to the inventory once they get too far from their owners.

The pursuit went on intensely.

God's Left Hand was filled with humiliation. With his Class and Inheritance, he was supposed to be powerful enough to stand up against Zhang Yang! However, his equipment was not as good as Zhang Yang's. He only had one piece of Holy Tier equipment on him right now. Furthermore, his Holy Tier equipment was just a cape which did not provide him much of a boost on his attributes. So now, he only had one option left, to run as fast as he could. It was a fatal blow to both his pride and his confidence!

It was really unfortunate for him, because he could not afford to die he was holding a broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation,] after all. Now his plan was to gain a certain distance between himself and Zhang Yang. Then he would use his Teleportation Scroll to flee to his main city. The progress bar of the Teleportation Scroll would need 10 seconds to fill up. One hit between that 10-second timeframe would interrupt the progress of activating the Teleportation Scroll.

10 seconds! That was the timeframe that he strived to acquire!

However, Zhang Yang was only 4 seconds behind of him even though he started pursuing God's Left Hand a little later. He would never give up on God's Left Hand, now!

God's Left Hand was filled with rage because he had to run. Ever since he acquired his Apocalyptic Knight Inheritance, he had been acting as if he was invincible. How would he be able to stomach this? Getting his *ss whooped to the point that he has to run from his enemy! If this ever gets out to public, he would lose his dignity!

He kept looking back to check on Zhang Yang. Well, of course, Zhang Yang would be there tailing him! Both of them were holding Class S Inheritance, so their movement speeds were basically the same. The distance between them was maintained at a distance of 200 meters.

Because the person behind could adjust himself towards the target to go for the shortest route, God's Left Hand did not dare to even take a turn while he was flying full speed ahead. He just continued flying forward in a straight line.

As expected, the situation went on for quite a while. It would continue on until one of their Inheritance Transformation fades. Therefore, the only problem was, whose Inheritance Transformation was going to end first. Well, if any of them fell from the sky, they would not be able to summon their pet mounts at all.

God's Left Hand flew higher and higher and shouted, "Zhan Yu! How long more can your Inheritance Transformation last? Be careful that you do not fall to your own death!"

"Haha! Mine will surely last longer than yours!" Zhang Yang did not falter. Instead, he challenged God's Left Hand with his words.

They two of them began playing a psychological game on each other. Well, whoever's Inheritance Transformation ends later, that would be the winner of this battle!

Flying higher and higher into the sky, they did not intend to stop at all!

The two of them had left the vicinity of the fortress. Looking from afar, both of them looked like two human figures flying higher and higher into the sky. Even if there were players down on the ground, they would not be able to see what was flying up there. The two of them were just moving too fast for any human eye to catch them!

'Server Announcement: The Territory Conquest has ended. The final holder of the Territory Order is --- Player Dusk Phoenix! Forrest Gump's Fortress is now officially a Private Territory. All players within the vicinity will be teleported back to their main cities immediately!'

The pursuit went on until the Territory Conquest was over!

Although Zhang Yang had left the fortress, Hundred Shots and his other gang would constantly update him with the outcome on the battlefield. Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue must have made a sweet deal with Dusk Phoenix. They actually agreed to help that Phoenix achieve what she wanted. By the end of it, she got the Territory Order and kicked Hourglass Figure right in between her crotch! Everything she had done up to this point had been for nothing! Well, at least she indirectly aided Dusk Phoenix in cleaning up the mess for a bit in the early stage of the Territory Conquest!

As long as India Region does not claim a high Tier Territory, Hourglass Figure would never suffer any loss in her income from the Territory Gateway that she was holding. Therefore, even though she was extremely unwilling to accept the fact that she had lost the high Tier Territory, she was not overly disappointed with the outcome. The only thing that she really lost miserably were the two [Forbidden Scrolls] that she used during the Territory Conquest. After all, she had spent a fortune just to get them.

Zhang Yang's Inheritance Transformation could last for another 5 minutes. He must be ready to descend onto the ground 30 seconds before his Inheritance Transformation would come to an end. Or else, he would become a meat pie on the ground upon falling!

He believed that God's Left Hand would also attempt to descend to the ground about 30 seconds before his Inheritance Transformation ends. No one would be stupid enough to let themselves fall to their own deaths and lose a substantial amount of Experience Points! However, if God's Left Hand's Inheritance Transformation would really end a minute after Zhang Yang's, that would give him enough time to leave Zhang Yang behind! Furthermore, if God's Left Hand is daring enough, he could even turn around and try to kill Zhang Yang!

The outcome of the battle would be decided in one split moment!