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Chapter 723: Book of Revelation: Chapter 10

Chapter 723: Book of Revelation: Chapter 10
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God's Left Hand was getting anxious. His Inheritance Transformation could only last for another 3 minutes. If he does not land in time, he would be falling to his own demise!

Of course, it had been a while since he had not engaged in battle with Zhang Yang. So he was no longer in his Battle Mode. Even if he really falls to his own death, he would be deemed as dying of 'Natural Cause'. It would not affect him at all. He would not lose any Experience Point or drop any equipment after he dies.

However, he would be resurrected on the spot where he dies, all thanks to the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] that he was holding. Furthermore, the situation would be far more dangerous than he could ever imagine when he would only be resurrected with only 10% HP on him. A single hit from Zhang Yang might kill him again on the spot! When that happens, he would not only lose Experience Points, he would also be losing the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation] that he was holding!

Damn it! Sometimes the items were little too good to be true. Well, if the broken chapter does not resurrect him on the spot, he could have released his soul to the Graveyard and choose to get resurrected there. 10 minutes would be required for a player to be resurrected at a graveyard. He could go to the Action House to deplete that amount of time.

1 minute, 2 minutes, 3 minutes!

God's Left Hand could no longer risk it anymore. He had to descend to the ground now. He could only hope that he could use the trees of the forest to cover his tracks. His best bet was to attempt to vanish from Zhang Yang's sight. After flying low in the forest for a few seconds, his Inheritance Transformation had finally ended. He instantly transformed from being a 'god' back to a human.

God's Left Hand quickly took out his Teleportation Scroll and hid himself in the surroundings. A small teleportation circle was formed right underneath his feet. He could get himself out of the god-forsaken place after 10 seconds of activation. Meanwhile, he sworn that he would gather the best men in his organization and hunt every single member of the Lone Desert Smoke whenever they are alone. He wanted Zhang Yang to pay for what he did to him!

9, 8, 7... 3!

"Were you waiting for me?"

Just when God's Left Hand was beginning to feel relieved, he heard the annoying and familiar voice across his ears. At the same time, a blade came down on his neck.

God damn it!

God's Left Hand could only activate his {Sacred Block} to block Zhang Yang's attack. He had to interrupt the teleportation circle that was almost formed. Or else, with Zhang Yang's current Attack power, especially when he is still in his transformed form, he could have instantly taken God's Left Hand out with one single swing of his sword! Furthermore, once a player is attacked while the teleportation circle was forming, the process would be interrupted.

However, this {Sacred Block} was a little different than expected!

{Block} allowed players to have 100% of blocking Physical Damage from the enemies. Meanwhile, {Sacred Block} only provide players 50% chance to block both Physical Damage and Magic Damage from enemies. It all depended one's luck of activating this Skill successfully. Obviously, he might have done something bad in his life to deserve such an unlucky fate!


As the blade slit through his body armor, God's Left Hand was heavily wounded again and his HP bar had dropped down to 20% left, putting him into his 'Killing Cleave' stage.

"Zhan Yu! I swear I will come back and kill you! Just wait and see!" God's Left Hand knew that he had no chance at all to run away now. So he sulked and let out a raging roar.

"I'll be waiting for you!" Zhang Yang said. Meanwhile, his Rage Bar had hit its maximum cap and Zhang Yang activated his {Killing Cleave} without any hesitation at all.


God's Life Hand instantly received a total of damage that exceeded a million! He let out an 'Argh!' and collapsed onto the ground. However, he came back to life with 10% HP bar, immediately right after that. Zhang Yang was well prepared for that. Upon the 1-second global cooldown of all his Skills, he struck out with his {God of War Devastation} to end the battle at that instant. Well, the impact of his {God of War Devastation} was so oppressive that he left a large hole right in the middle of God's Left Hand's chest. Blood was oozing out madly right from his chest wound. Once again, God's Left Hand collapsed on the ground and stayed dead. After dropping the broken chapter of the [Book of Revelation], he no longer came back to life.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 10] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: -

Use: Combine this item with the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 9].

Chapter 10? Furthermore, it did not mention anything about a chapter 11. That being said, it was now confirmed that there would only be 10 chapters of [Book of Revelation].

Very well! With Sun Xin Yu holding one broken chapter of the book, Zhang Yang now had over 4 chapters of the [Book of Revelation] in his possession. More importantly, he had acquired two consecutive chapters that he could combine them into one. He had obtained the ability to locate the other missing chapters of the [Book of Revelation]. That has made it much easier for him to collect the remaining ones!

God's Left Hand, Captain America. Both of them had been really good people today. Zhang Yang would never forget about their 'goodwill'.

That gratitude echoed through deeply into Zhang Yang's heart.

If God's Left Hand and Captain America could only knew what he was thinking now, they could have gone mad to point that their noses would become crooked! They would and hunt Zhang Yang down and eat his heart out.

Now that the Territory Conquest was over, Zhang Yang used his teleportation scroll to get back to Souron's Castle. While Han Ying Xue and the others were chatting casually, they saw Zhang Yang returning. So, they began to ask Zhang Yang if he came back with any prizes worth checking out.

Zhang Yang revealed the description for the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 3 and Chapter 4] so that everyone on his party could see and admire them.

"So when you get all 10 chapters of it, you can resurrect yourself with full HP bar once every hour, I assume? Little Yang, did you just believe in Brother Chun1 again?"

"Well, if boss really believes in Brother Chun again, he should be able to resurrect himself with full HP whenever he wants! Since boss needs to wait for a cooldown period before he can resurrect himself again, I'm going to say that boss is only believing in Brother Ceng2 !"

Fatty Han and Endless Starlight partnered up to tease Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang only smiled at them. However, he also saw that Female Raid Covent and Ten Dusk were also there, trying to blend in with them. He turned to stare at them.

"Hehe!" Female Raid Covent came up to Zhang Yang and started acting like his best pal again. Then he said, "I've decided to get myself to know more about the little loli and be friends with her! So, I joined your guild! So are you touched to hear my decision? Did you feel so excited that you're about to cry? With me joining your guild, the entire world will tremble in fear!"

"Hmm! Yes! It's the fear of disgust!"

Wei Yan Er was spitting and sticking out her tongue at Female Raid Covent. Then she said, "I'm never going to befriend you, hamsap uncle! My brother-in-law! Beat him up!"

Everyone was laughing the two of them. With this 'weird and hamsap uncle' in their club, their party became merrier than before now.

Captain America and God's Left Hand had also began launching their attacks on the Lone Desert Smoke. However, they were only capable of attacking the guild's members. Zhang Yang was undaunted by their pathetic attempts. If they would like a fight, he would always be ready for them. So, who should be the ones scared now? For the next few days, the two sides had suffered heavy casualties. It affected them all so badly that they could not progress with their level grinding at all. It did not take long before they came to an agreement to cease fire on each other.

As more players were reaching Level 150, more players became capable of venturing into the Level 150 – 180 maps. In just a short period of time, another two high Tier Territories were unlocked. Therefore, another two Territory Conquests happened right after that.

Zhang Yang and his gang went to join in the fun as usual. However, Zhang Yang did not notice any milky light shining upon anyone across the battlefield. Zhang Yang and his party members simply left then, since there was no reason for them to stay. Well, they had no desire to snatch the Territory Order after all. So when they knew that there were no broken chapters of the [Book of Revelation] found in the vicinity, they had no reason to stay at all. If they ever get themselves killed, they would only lose a substantial amount of Experience Points.

Furthermore, using that 3 hours to kill some monsters would earn themselves quite a tremendous amount of Experience Points. So, why should they waste their time in a Territory Conquest that does nothing beneficial for them, then?

By the end of it, the two high Tier Territories had been claimed. Each of them was claimed by Savage Lord from the India Region and Dark Palace from the America Region. That Hourglass figure was really a rich b*tch. While they were claiming Cynthia's Town, she actually used another two [Forbidden Scrolls]!

Well, one of the main reasons was because the Lone Desert Smoke and the Hell Family did not join any of the two Territory Conquests. In the most crucial moment of that Territory Conquest, Hourglass Figure did not hold back at all. She even threw out the two [Forbidden Scrolls] without any hesitation, even though she failed previously. By doing so, they managed to secure the Territory Order and claim victory over the Territory Conquest in Cynthia's Town. Meanwhile, Dark Palace had also used the same tactic. He also used [Forbidden Scrolls] and secured the Territory Order in the other Territory Conquest.

After that, all four high Tier Territories had been revealed to the public. They were known as Souron's Castle, Forrest Gump's Fortress, Cynthia's Town and White Horse Bay. So, the next big event that was going to happen in the game would be marching into the 'Anthylor The Holy City'. Well, no one would be able to conquer that place. Meanwhile, players would be able to bind themselves to the Teleportation Circle on that site. Therefore, even though there were four Regions who did not get to conquer any high Tier Territory, they need not have to worry at all. They could still bind themselves to the Teleportation Circle in the Holy City when they manage to reach Level 180.

Zhang Yang and his gang were busting their *sses, trying to get their levels up as quickly as they could. Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er were trying extra hard. The two of them could only equip the equipment that they obtained earlier on when they reach Level 160. Therefore, they were very motivated to grind their levels. However, it was really difficult to find a good spot to farm. Well, not all monsters would give players a substantial amount of Experience Points after they are slain.

After more than a month of hardship on grinding their levels, Zhang Yang finally became the first to reach Level 160 in the entire server.

After switching to his [Crimson Goblin Gaunlets], Zhang Yang's HP had finally exceeded 1,000,000, under the boost of his {Vitality Aura}. Now, he had over 1,050,000 HP! It was a terrifying amount of HP for a player to have. If he changes his name, other players might mistake him as a boss in the Open World Map!

Other than that, his attack had reached up to the range of 115,409 - 137,489 damage. With each attack reaching over 100,000 damage, Zhang Yang would be capable of killing a full HP player of the same level as him who is wearing a set of Violet-Platinum Tier equipment, with a single swing of his sword.

Upon reaching Level 160, Zhang Yang had also acquired an additional Skill Point. So, he added the Skill Point to his {Shadow Clone}. After adding the Skill up to Level 10, he would focus on adding his Skill Points to his {Force Strike}. Well, that Skill had become worthy of his investment after it was enhanced into {Superior Force Strike}.

Zhang Yang went to see Ares The God of War to learn another new Skill. Well, he could not escape being lectured on why he had been improving his Strength so slowly. After that, he had finally acquired a new God of War Inheritance Skill for reaching Level 160.

[Tribulation]: When struck, reflects the same amount of damage you receive back to the attacker. Last for 10 minutes. Cooldown: 2 hours. Required: 10 God of War Energy Points.

Although the cooldown period of the Skill was stated as 2 hours, the Inheritance Transformation Skill could only last for 2 hours as well. In other words, he could only use this Skill once, after activating his Inheritance Transformation. However, this Skill could make his immensely powerful, even though it could only last for 10 minutes. Just imagine this. When he is surrounded by his enemies, the amount of damage he receives from his enemies would be reflected back right at his enemies! Furthermore, he could also strike his enemies with {God of War's Crushing Strike}. His Phoenix pet and Felice would be there to spam their AoE attacks on his enemies as well. By the end of it, it would be difficult to say who would be the one cornered!

Meanwhile, on the second day after Zhang Yang reached Level 160, the officials made an announcement that the 'Spectre Invasion' arc had been activated. A whole new historic chapter was waiting for the players to explore.

The background theme of 'God's Miracle' had always been about Spectre and Demons invading the world. All races must rise together to go up against the invasion. At the current stage of the game, the Spectre had created a new secret weapon and they were just one step closer to launching the most violent attacks on the alliances that were formed to protect the world.

After the 'Spectre Invasion' patch was released, there were countless signs of Spectre activities all around the main cities, and also the villages, small towns and fortresses. However, those were just signs that came before a large-scale Spectre Invasion. They were designed and placed across the entire server just to set up the mood for the players.

TL Note:

1. Brother Chun: A term derived to refer to some figure that you could trust to ensure that your 'dream' will come true.

2. Bother Ceng: A term used to make fun of other people on the internet after the term 'Brother Chun' was created.