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Chapter 753: Adequate Preparation

Chapter 753: Adequate Preparation
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Players like Snow Seeker and the guilds the she was leading were all good at calculating the odds. They had all seen the wars of the other region and had speculated that China will face the same fate as them. Hence, they had not tried to fight in the first counterattack. Instead, they had placed their faith in the third or fourth attempt.

Even though the number of Celestial tier set equipment will drop to 4 and 1 respectively, the time taken for them to reach the Level Requirement of the equipment would be a year. Hence, even though they could get 4 or 1 Celestial tier equipment, it would not much for them at the moment. It would not be possible for the developers not to host any more events in the coming times that would drop Celestial tier equipment as well. Hence, Snow Seeker and her followers had not spent a single Military Point that day. Mainly, they had not gathered enough Military Points to hire enough elite tier soldiers. Secondly, the odds of the battle were unfavorable for China. Hired elite tier soldiers would not last long. In fact, after the war ends, successful or not, the soldiers will disappear.

The one thing that slipped past everyone expectation of the war, was Merlinda’ participation. She alone could change the tide of the battle. Based on the damage dealt and HP healing, the NPC forces could last more than 20 hours fighting Angus. When they finally realized it, regret was the very thing lingering in their mind.

To loot the boss’ drop after his death, one must deal enough damage and not simply land a hit. Without Inheritance Transformation skills, no one could approach the boss without dying. His attack range was 500 meters! Then again, what use if a player has Transformation skill? Which healer could heal on par with the damage caused by {Blade of Obliteration}?

The worst part of all was that they could teleport back to White Jade Castle right then to hire soldiers, but would be unable to return to the battlefield! They would have to run back because the portal created was close and there was the invisible wall that was preventing them from returning to the field. That leaves them one option. That is to stare blindly at Zhang Yang beating the living hell out of Angus.

However, when one is pushed to a corner, players would start to feel intense jealousy towards Zhang Yang. They would try to rush to the boss when he is almost dying and "feed" him back to full health! Merlinda’s presence in the battlefield could not retain all the NPC for long, and it was impossible to restore their NPC back to full health. If the battle lasts longer than 30 hours, surely Angus would be the last man standing.

At that moment, Zhang Yang was not focusing on the other player’s feelings. All he cared was to attack the boss as fast as he could. Since the Phoenix attacks would be included to his character, his overall damage dealt to the boss was almost second to Queen Serena. Sadly, Felice was unable to gain the damage distribution from the elite soldiers. Even though her HP was slightly higher than Zhang Yang’s, 2 million HP was not enough to last longer than 3 seconds when it comes to the boss’ attack. At most, she could last for 6 seconds, thanks to the {Higher Regeneration} and that was it.

Although Zhang Yang wanted her to come out to attack, she could only stay in her Battle Companion U.I until Han Ying Xue and the rest of the party use their Transformation skill together. At that point, she could join the fight by activating her {Ancient Tree of Life} Transformation. At that point, her healing capability would exceed the likes of a B class Inheritance healer. Not to mention, her 12 Star Growth rate would further increase her potency, allow the girl to rival that of an A class Inheritance healer!

{Glare of the Death God}!


Meh. Zhang Yang was not disappointed. He had not expected the skill to land since the opponent was a Celestial tier boss. He only had a few Holy tier equipment on him. If he, a level 170 player with a few Holy tier equipment could take out 10% of the HP of a Level 230 Celestial tier boss, that would be unfair.

As Angus gradually lost his HP bit by bit, he had only lost a total of 4% HP in one hour. Technically, they would need 25 hours to kill the boss. However, there was still the unaccounted factor of players who had not used their Transformation skill then. In the worst case scenario where Zhang Yang is forced to run in and out of the field to heal himself, his God of War Transformation would shorten the fight as well.

That was only one of the unaccounted factors that could affect the boss fight. If death of a player was inevitable, 4 deaths would extend the battle by 1 hour. 20 deaths would result in total restoration which would end up with Angus being the victor of the war. Even though a small portion of players had died in the battle with the Spectre monsters, another small portion of players had already left the battle when Angus had appeared. In the end, there were still more than 40 million players in the battlefield then, could Zhang Yang be sure that none of the 40 million players would not jump into the boss fight and "feed" him?

There is a saying, when the poor hungers so, the rich shall be their meal. Lone Desert Smoke had been hoarding all the riches of the land and Zhang Yang was the main culprit. To think that everyone would cower behind his back and allow him to take all the Celestial equipment when none of them could?

Hence, instead of waiting till the boss had lower HP, those nonsensical players with brains the size of a lizard’s sh*t rushed past the NPC soldiers and into the range of the boss, all the while shouting phrases like "We can do it" and "For China". How could one stop them moving on when they were so insistent on dying?

At that point, Angus had lost 7% of his HP. If they die, the boss will restore all his HP. All the effort in the past hour will be wasted. Zhang Yang sighed with heavy heart and commanded all players in Lone Desert Smoke to stop or attack players who refuse to back down from the fight. He even had several of his members activate their Transformation skills to kill the players. Naturally, when Transformation skills are unleashed, no normal players would be their opponents.

After a few of the players were killed, they voiced out their complaints, accusing Lone Desert Smoke of occupying the battle with the intention to kill the boss alone. Those players were as expectedly from The Dominators, Eternal Flame, and The Myth. They were only doing so under the order of their guild masters to tarnish the reputation of Zhang Yang and his guild.

When things got heated up, players around joined the fray and cried foul at Lone Desert Smoke. Without much time at all, Zhang Yang’s guild had become public enemy number 1. The one thing that Zhang Yang could not do right then was to retaliate there and then. Unexpectedly, as if Serena senses Zhang Yang was in trouble, she had turned her anger towards players that were not in his party and cried out to her soldiers. "Soldiers of the Empire. Keep all adventurers away from me! Chase them away until they are at least 1 kilometers away! Kill anyone who refuses to obey!"

Instantly, all the Empire soldiers pointed their swords away from Angus and turned around to attack the players behind them. They were all roughly 500 meters away from the boss and started to push all the players until they were 1000 meters away. The number of players exceeded the number of NPC soldiers. However, all the players were separated by guilds and parties. The top guilds were only Level 5 guilds. Even if they were to sortie 75% of their total members, 200,000 players versus a unified army will only result in the players’ loss.

At then, all players started to withdraw from the front line when all the soldiers were pointing their swords, aiming their bows, channeling their spells, all with the intention to harm the players if they refuse to back down.

The battle continued on and Angus was being butchered alive by nine Ascended tier boss! His HP had dropped below 60%!

When players from other region had received the news of the unorthodox method and the conditions of the battle, they had rushed over to witness the war with their own eyes. How could China put a fight with Angus when the rest of the world could not!? They had the same number of Ascended tier bosses, yet why did their power gap differ so? All the other regions had lost the war in merely 5 to 6 hours, yet China was able to continue the fight and was actually showing signs of winning!

They knew Zhang Yang. They knew the pet Phoenix that he had. They knew that Zhang Yang was strong. No one could deny that fact. However, with the Level Suppression system affecting his damage output, how could the man fight Angus toe to toe? Zhang Yang may be strong, but there will always be a limit to it! Could it be, the female on the Unicorn…NPC?! Their eyes bulged out when they saw the prowess of {Higher Regeneration} on all NPCs, including Zhang Yang and his party members! No wonder the NPC could tank so long against the attacks of Angus! Was there such a powerful healing skill? But why didn’t they receive such a buff? Why did the NPC not come to their aid when they were fighting Angus then? Could the system be biased to China? It could not be…

Players rode their mounts and tried to get a closer look at the battle between Zhang Yang and the boss, but they were blocked by the invisible wall. Disgruntled, but helpless, all they could do then was to watch how Zhang Yang defeats the final boss.

Zhang Yang noticed that the other players had moved back from the front lines. He then called his party members to ignore the soldiers and joined him in the boss fight. Since they had used their Transformation skills, might as well use them to the fullest. When all his party members came to his side, Zhang Yang called out Felice and have her morph into her Tree of Life form to assist Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart in healing the entire team. As for the rest of the battle companions of the other players, they were all kept in their respected U.I.s since they were too weak to begin with. Without Transformation skills, they could not possibly survive the crazy bombardment of the boss.

Merlinda had then demonstrated the prowess of her skill and cast {Higher Regeneration} on all his allies within 50 meters from her. It was extremely useful, since Zhang Yang had his {Vitality Aura} maxed out. Even the player with the lowest HP, that was Fantasy Sweetheart, had over 10 million HP! With {Higher Regeneration}, Felice, Han Ying Xue, and Fantasy Sweetheart’s supercharged healing, everyone was able to last for as long as 2 minutes before they would need to pull back from the fight to fully restore their HP.

Even though all of them were suffering damage reductions from the Level Suppression system, they were able to compensate that with the damage gained from Transformation forms. Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er were able to ditch out strong damage values. Sadly, Hundred Shot and Fatty Han were a little useless then. They were both Level 165 and both their Hunter’s pets were only Mythical tiers. Despite being the same Legendary Beast as the Phoenix, the Red Dragon and Fatty Han’s Phoenix could only deal damage half of what Zhang Yang’s Phoenix could.

With the party all attacking alongside Zhang Yang, the overall DPS was increased slightly. Although it was not too obvious, the numbers will show later on after accumulation. Although everyone could not possibly deal enough damage to be able to loot the drops, they were fine by it, since Zhang Yang was there to swoop all the items later!

On the other hand, other guilds that were unable to sortie to fight the boss could only stare at Lone Desert Smoke with utter disdain! However, even though they had players with Transformation skills, they could not survive battling the boss, due to the lack of elite tier NPC soldiers! If they even try to do so, they feared that they will be a target of Lone Desert Smoke. Right then, how many guilds had the ability to attack Lone Desert Smoke? Zhang Yang alone had fought 30,000 players alone!

Then again, even though they could not have the equipment then, they were still in for a treat themselves if Lone Desert Smoke wins the battle. The reward for killing Angus was Level +2 and the recipient would be the entire of China! China was the last in the line. If they are unable to defeat Angus then, they would have to wait for a whole cycle. Other regions would have the chance to defeat Angus then! Although the chances of other region defeating Angus was extremely slim, it was not a bet that anyone would be willing to take.

Rather than going home empty-handed, might as well take home a Level +2 reward!