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Chapter 754: Ending the Boss Fight

Chapter 754: Ending the Boss Fight
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More and more players from all over the world gathered at the outskirts of Souron’s Castle to witness how China was going to perform, or rather, how the stars of Lone Desert Smoke performed. Guilds like Crimson Rage who had a good relationship with Lone Desert Smoke bore no resentment to them and they cheered their allies on wholeheartedly. On the other end of the spectrum, guilds that would curse and resent Zhang Yang would be none other than The Myth, Eternal Flame, and The Dominators.

Amongst the crowded audiences, Liu Wei’s cold stare was filled with the utmost killing intent that was capable of making any ferocious wolf cry in fear. The man’s entire family had fallen, thanks to Zhang Yang. Although Zhong Xiu Hua came to their rescue, even he could only "save" Liu Wei alone. Before, he could admit that his resentment towards Zhang Yang was not only limited to only in the game. After the incident that befell the Liu Family, Liu Wei now bore so much hatred for Zhang Yang.

The Liu Industry was vast and wide. Apart from the company treasury, they had a few hidden offshore accounts that could not be traced. As Liu Wei was the future leader of the Liu Family, he had knowledge of a few accounts and was able to get the ownership transferred to him before they were all charged and prosecuted.

Hence, even though he had lost support from the Liu Industry, the amassed money was much more than he had once owned, legally. Sadly, even though he owned more than he could imagined, the source of money was not perpetual. Once the money is spent, there was no way for Liu Wei to replenish them. He had lost all his business.

Although Liu Wei was still able to push the guild on until the day he uses up all his remaining cheques. Hence, it would not be long before the guild that was built on money crumbles.

Unable to grasp the reality of his surrounding, Liu Wei was not able to reason well. Hence, not long after Zhang Yang and his party had managed to hack away 30 to 40% of the boss HP, he cried, "It’s our turn!"

Be it Zhang Yang or the boss, it did not matter anymore. Even if he knows that he might die and restore the boss’ HP, the thought of China winning the boss fight was no longer in his mindset. He was, literally blinded by anger.

Still, he had the perfect defensive formation of 12 Guardians around him. Naturally, even though he and the suicide squad he was leading was able to penetrate the defending Empire soldiers, he still suffered a little damage. The Empire soldiers were under direct orders from Queen Serena herself. Note that NPC’s loyalty was absolute. Hence, when Liu Wei tried to burst through the defense line, thousands of attacks landed on Liu Wei. Even with {Sacrifice} on him, the attacks were so strong that the first Guardian was killed instantly. The result was the same, even when the second Guardian had spontaneously cast {Sacrifice} on Liu Wei. Same went for the third, the fourth, until the twelfth. In less than 10 seconds, all 12 Guardians were killed.

However, their deaths was not in vain as Liu Wei had managed to got through the defensive line, flew through the Dragon riders of White Jade Castle, and arrived behind Zhang Yang in a battered condition.

"Zhang Yang! Don’t think I’ll let you have it your way!" Cried Liu Wei with rage.

Almost instantly, Queen Serena turned around. Like a titan smiting down a tiny rat, her shadow eclipsed the sunlight as she approached Liu Wei.

"I warned you."

She lifted her sword and brandished several swings at super sonic speed, mincing Liu Wei’s character into countless of meat cubes, splattering his blood all around.

Liu Wei’s death was instant and swift. The poor bastard had forgotten that Queen Serena was no ordinary NPC. She was a boss capable of inflicting AoE attacks like Angus! Liu Wei’s death should serve as a reminder to all players that she was capable of killing anyone! Back then, when she rode back to reclaimed her throne, all players were slaughtered mercilessly.

Fortunately, Angus’ {Blade of Obliteration} was slightly slower than Queen Serena’s attack. He was unable to kill Liu Wei to restore his HP!

"Trash." Another player from within the crowded audience muttered. He was called Dragon Marquis, or as also known as Zhong Xiu Hua. He had fished Liu Wei out from the public prosecutor’s hand just to have him cause Zhang Yang some trouble. However, Liu Wei was not only able to touch him, he was killed almost instantly, by acting rashly, his sanity notwithstanding.

Back to Angus, he was being butchered alive. When he saw Liu Wei approaching him with little to no HP left, he was delighted and wanted to kill him to restore any bit of HP as he could. Unfortunately, he had just attacked and could not attack again 2 seconds later. Queen Serena had cut in, and literally cut the man into thousands of cubes before Angus could.

"Spectre scum. Know that this is the day that Humanity stood against the likes of you and prevailed!" She bore great hatred for the Spectre, due her past. If Zhang Yang had not come to her rescue, she would have continued being a prisoner in the tomb and might even end up joining their ranks!

"Nothing! Nothing can defeat me!" Angus scoffed with confidence, despite having his HP dropping to its end. Angus swung his sword far and wide to demonstrate his powers as a Celestial tier Level 230 boss! However, even though his face was stoic and calm, Zhang Yang knew that the end was coming, and he was frantically defending himself.

With so many pair of hands attacking the boss from all directions, Angus’ death was sealed. The winner of the battle was made clearer as the battle goes on.

Even though his HP was approaching zero, his sword swings was still all-time powerful. However, as long as he could not kill anyone, any stronger attack would not do much for him. Thankfully that the boss had followed the aggro system and attack accordingly. If he had skills that could target at random, he could kill players from across the battlefield. That would truly be the end of the world. Why fight when there’s literally no way to defeat such a boss. Zhang Yang gritted his teeth hard. Even though they could win the fight, he would still have to endure as long as 20 hours.

10 hours…15 hours…20 hours…

At that point, Zhang Yang was already tired beyond reason. However, his efforts did not go unrewarded. The boss already had less than 20% HP! It was the time for {Killing Cleave}! At that point, other bosses would have a higher attack rate. However, since Angus’ {Blade of Obliteration} had an attacking rate of 2 seconds, it can no longer go any faster. Hence, the DPS of the boss was not raised. As for Zhang Yang, it was showtime.

Zhang Yang unsummoned the Phoenix and leaped into the air, transforming into his God of War form, and attacked the boss. Without the 92% damage redistribution, the Phoenix will be instantly killed! Han Ying Xue and everyone else in the party had long ran out of their Transformation forms. They cannot rely on {Higher Regeneration} to endure the boss’ attack.

With {Indiscriminate} active, Zhang Yang went ahead and attacked.

{Glare of the Death God}!


Zhang Yang sighed. Since the beginning of the fight, Glare of the Death God had never once landed a hit on Angus. Then again, Angus will be killed, no matter how. Hence, it did not matter, unless a gang of players come up beyond the defensive line of the Empire soldiers and offers themselves to the boss as tributes.

As Zhang Yang activated his Transformation skill, his basic attack was raised up to 455,563 – 534,863. If it was not for the Level Suppression system acting on him, his damage would have been higher than the seven Barons, and would be on par with Serena! As for Merlinda, her task was only to heal Zhang Yang and every NPC present. That was her one role. Do not look down on the healer. If it was not for her healing, Zhang Yang nor Serena could defeat Angus.

{Charge Up Strike}!

{God of War Heavy Axe}!


Even though Zhang Yang was suffering from the 50% damage reduction of the Level Suppression system, Zhang Yang could still deal such a powerful slam. Sadly, even though his attack was strong, it was merely 0.001% of the boss’ entire HP.

"ENOUGH! YOU ALL ARE BENEATH ME! I AM A GOD! YOU’RE NOTHING BUT ANTs!" Angus bellowed angrily. Even when he has more than 4.6 billion HP, it was a number that was considered to be unsafe for Angus, since 80% of his HP bar was depleted!

"Even an ant will have the chance to rule over the world. I am but the one chosen and beloved by the heavens! I will rule over the lands and bring back the once fallen Empire to its former glory!" Serena jumped forward and cleaved Angus.

"HAHAHAHA! Such an ambitious woman! I shall have your dead body and revive you as a Spectre! The day shall come when you join our ranks! You will have what you wish, and more, after you die! You can rule the land, the earth, the sky, and even the entire universe!"

"Rest in peace, for that would never be my agenda!"

"Heed my words, human! I will rule over this land! The Spectre shall prevail!"

"Then, I shall dance on your grave!"

Serena charged her sword with holy power and swung her sword. Angus lifted his sword with great speed and blocked the attack. Sparks flew as the two blades clashed. Zhang Yang was blown away by the resulting force. How powerful could they be…


After several hours, after Zhang Yang’s Transformation skill ended long ago, the boss’ HP had finally dropped down to 1%! Almost everyone was unable to resist the temptation to land the killing blow. Some of them who had not used their Transformation skills activated them and launched themselves towards the boss in a wild attempt.

Even though the boss’ attack range was as far as 500 meters, it would take players on flying mounts 10 seconds to cover. Hence, those with more than 5 million HP would actually reach the end and might, just might land a hit.




As the number dropped exponentially, the players had managed to breech the Empire soldiers defensive line and reached Angus.




"Rest in peace. And never come back!" Serena sliced off Angus’ head and ended the battle.

"Gah…" Angus could not even speak. His spectral body dispersed into the void behind him, along with the rest of the dead bodies of the fallen Spectre monsters. The ball of void expanded as it sucked in more and more bodies. Until one point, the ball of darkness exploded, sending a strong shockwave that sent the stationary Serena’s hair backward wildly. As expected of a Celestial boss, starting off incredibly strong when alive, even during death, he would go with a flash!

Serena sighed with exhaustion and dropped the Meteor Sword to the ground. She dropped down to her knees and raised her head to the sky.

"Are you alright? My Queen?" Zhang Yang descended downward and placed a hand on her shoulder.

"I’m fine. I’m just extremely tired."

‘Ding! Server Announcement: Lord of the Seven Spectre King, Angus has been slain! Rejoice, fellow adventurers! The time has come to celebrate!’

‘Ding! You have received a reward: Level +2!’

Instantly, the entire land of China was illuminated with pillars of light. Those who had participated in the battle, alive or not, had gained 2 Levels, instantly.

"Celestial equipment!"

Some of them had not forgotten about their true aim of fighting the boss. When Angus had perished into nothingness, there were many radiant metallic items that were giving off colorful light on the ground! Those were Celestial tier equipment! The strongest armor and weapons that anyone could have in the game! However, not everyone within the vicinity could loot, they would have to deal a certain amount of damage to have the qualification to do so.

As such, when they had rushed over to the pile of treasure, their hands merely phased through the pile of items. They could not pick them up! Zhang Yang ran as fast as he could, swooping all the items with both his hands with crazy speed. Everyone, literally everyone around Zhang Yang grew angry and picked up their weapons.

"KILL ZHAN YU!" With the temptation of the Celestial equipment hanging in the balance, no one was thinking straight. They had not care even if Zhang Yang was the number 1 player in the entire of the game. He had taken ALL OF THE ITEMS! ALL! How would anyone think straight then?!

"Impudent fools! Begone!" Serena picked up her sword off the ground and lazily swiped her sword through the air. Almost instantly, a bright crescent beam blasted out and vaporized all the players around. Some of them were still in their Transformed states and managed to survive the attack. As such, everyone retreated immediately. None of them had anticipated Serena, a god-killer NPC, would protect Zhang Yang!

She was, after all, the ruler of the Empire. Technically, all players were her citizens. If they were to try and attack the Queen, they will be branded as traitors of the Empire. They would have their privilege to auction, storage, repairs, socketing, Profession, and many other facilities in the Empire revoked!

With that sort of threat at hand, she was protecting Zhang Yang! No one even dared look him in the eye!