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Chapter 757: Loch Ness Monster

Chapter 757: Loch Ness Monster
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With the intention of showing the Fish-Man how powerful his {Block} has become after the enhancement, Zhang Yang immediately raised his shield to engage in battle with the monster.


‘-107,298!’ Damage Deflection.

‘-107,298!’ {Shield Bash}!

Because of the 200% additional boost on the Strength attribute, the Damage Deflection of the {Block} was now the same as the damage dealt from Zhang Yang’s {Shield Bash}!

The Fish-Man instantly let out a series of miserable cries. Then it raised up its metallic trident and threw it straight at Zhang Yang. The trident smacked right in the middle of Zhang Yang’s chest and left a large hole right in the middle of his armor and chest. ‘-18,123!’ A damage value popped right on top of Zhang Yang’s head and Zhang Yang was instantly afflicted by a negative effect that caused him to receive an additional 20% damage if he ever gets hit by the monster again.

Piercing type attacks were really intimidating!

Right after the trident was removed from Zhang Yang’s chest, blood began to ooze out right from the wound. It seemed that Zhang Yang would have to look like a bloody walking fountain until the negative effect on him wears off.

Although the damage Zhang Yang received was not high, he visually looked as if he just got hit by a train. The scene was gory. Zhang Yang felt agitated about it. He commanded Felice and Phoenix pet and the three of them began to launch their attacks on the monster. The monster was greeted with intense series of attacks and its HP bar was reducing steeply.

Without activating his Inheritance Transformation, Zhang Yang could still deal over 450,000 damage per second with the support of the Felice and the Phoenix pet. It would only take approximately 10 seconds for the three of them to take out a total of 5,000,000 HP. However, right before the Fish-Man could be killed, it turned around and began to flee. The Fish-Man was crying out loud in misery, while running way from Zhang Yang. In just a blink of an eye, the monster had ran far from Zhang Yang!

However, it returned shortly after fleeing. Well, it came back with two more Fish-Men, this time!

When Felice had not acquired her Tree of Life form, Zhang Yang would have to be extra cautious when battling Elite Tier monsters. He would need to use his Skills that could stun the monsters that are trying to flee and kill them immediately. If he does not do that, he would not be able to disengage from his battle mode to take his Snacks.

Well, now that Felice had acquired her Tree of Life form, Zhang Yang had nothing to fear anymore. Felice went into her Tree of Life form and healed herself and Zhang Yang with her {Bloom of Life}. After she was done with that, she straightaway transformed into her Spectre Tiger form and attacked the monsters with her sharp and deadly claws. Well, she was dealing quite a number of damage to the monsters all by herself. If the number of monsters increases, Felice would just stop attacking and start healing instead. With her current full set of Holy Tier equipment and her 12 star rating, as long as no {Life Aura} is involved, Felice would have a more powerful Healing Capability than Han Ying Xue already!

No matter how many monsters appear, they would have to die!

Zhang Yang had no way of preventing the monsters from fleeing away. Furthermore, he would need to kite the monsters along with him if he ever wants to pursue a fleeing monster. Well, since the fleeing monsters would just drag more and more monsters back to Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang did not need to lure monsters over to him. All he needed to do was to keep on slaughtering the monsters that got in his face.

Monsters that would fleeing could really cause a headache of trouble to the players. Players would need to be extra cautious with their controls and the use of their Status Restriction Skills. If they fail to do so, they would end up being swarmed up by the monsters and die!

With Felice aiding him along his side, Zhang Yang would have the capability of enduring so many monsters’ attacks at the same time. Furthermore, his own Defence was quite terrifyingly high, to begin with. So he had no fear even if he gets swarmed up by the monsters, all he had to do was to give it his all at slaughtering the monsters that he sees.

10 minutes later, the final Fish-Man fled away to summon its other comrades in the surroundings. However, the other Fish-Men had already been wiped out, so the Fish-Man came back to Zhang Yang all by its lonesome. Zhang Yang slaughtered the monster without putting in much effort.

After clearing out the Fish-Men in the entire area, Zhang Yang continued to explore the surroundings. He wandered around the area for quite a while when something happened. Just when the moonlight beamed down, the surface of the lake was disturbed by some force from beneath the surface of the lake. The ripples of the water spread across the surface of the water that had been still a moment ago. A gigantic shadow emerged on the surface of the water! The moonlight was a little dim at the moment. Zhang Yang could not see the appearance of the monster clearly. The scene was a bit terrifying. Zhang Yang could actually feel an intense chill right up his spine!

Could this be the Loch Ness Monster that the villagers were talking about?

Zhang Yang quickly hopped on the Phoenix pet and flew nearer to the monster with a pat on the Phoenix. He telepathically commanded the Phoenix pet to spit a breath of fire at the dark shadow.


The shadow immediately got caught on fire. It did not take long before the entire shadow was burned down to the ground. The next thing that followed was an ‘Aiyak!’ across Zhang Yang’s ears. The next thing after that ‘Aiyak!’ was the sound of something heavy falling straight into the water. Splash! It was a shadow of a human being that fell into the lake! Phoenix pet flew up close and salvage the human figure with its claws, like picking up a fish from the water before they went for the shore.

While they were by the shore, Phoenix pet loosened up its claws and dropped the human onto the sandy beach, not too softly. The human figure was crying in pain, due to the not so gentle landing.

[Alex, Blacksmith's Apprentice] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 165

HP: 104,680

Note: Although Alex is still an Apprentice, his talent in inventing is so astonishing that many experienced Blacksmiths are constantly amazed by his work. Some even felt ashamed of themselves!

This was a young man that seemed to be at the age of either 17 or 18. He was neither tall, nor short. He had black hair and a pair of quick eyes.

"So it was you who did all that! Haha!" Zhang Yang laughed. Then he continued to talk, "Let’s go! Follow me back to the village and explain it to the chief!"

"Please don’t do that!" Alex immediately begged Zhang Yang not to take him in, "I have my reasons for doing such a thing. Please don’t let anyone else know about this! Please!"

‘Ding! Alex has given you a quest. You can:

1. Decline and bring him back to the chief in the village by force.

2. Give up the initial quest and listen to Alex’s explanation of why he has been doing this.’

Zhang Yang decisively gave up the initial quest. That quest would only reward him with a measly amount of Experience Points. He could just earn that amount of Experience Points back by slaying a few Elite Tier monsters. Although he might not get anything valuable from completing the new quest, at least he could still try out his luck.

"Alright then. Tell me the reason why you’re doing this! If your reason is valid, then I shall accept your request!"

"Well, this is what it really is about!" Alex began to explain his reason for doing so. "I’m a person that loves to do some weird stuff! Not long before this, I made a submarine and went underneath the bottom of the lake. There, I entered the deepest part of the Guura Lake to investigate. By the end of it --- I encountered a terrifying, gigantic Loch Ness Monster!"

The young man revealed a shocked expression and stammered, "That, that, that monst… monster had eight chains locked on it. But when I saw, saw it, 5 of the chains were broken! When, when I went to look at it for the, the second time, the monster broke its 6th chain already!"

"Long ago, there was a legend in our village. A ferocious beast attacked the villages near our village. By the end of it, tens of warriors had joined hands in order to take down the beast. Well, they did manage to take down the beast in the end! However, that beast’s skin is as tough as gold. There was no way that they could have slain the beast! So, the warriors chained the beast and sunk it down to the bottom of the Guura Lake!"

"I have always believed that it was just a legend. However, when I saw the beast with my own eyes, I realized that everything about the legend is true! Furthermore, the giant beast is about to break itself free from the chains! I knew that I needed to inform the villagers about the news. However, everyone thought I was pranking them! They even said that I was exaggerating things just to scare them!"

This young man was really a genius! He even made his own submarine! Zhang Yang quickly said, "Then why don’t you just take the others to the beast you told me about with your submarine? Just show them where the trapped beast is, and they’ll surely believe you after they see it with their own eyes, don’t you think?"

"The submarine that I built is meant for only one person… furthermore, others will not know how to operate it! Well, they will never find the place as well! I’m the only one who knows where the beast is!" the young man mumbled.

If that beast is really half as powerful as this young man described it to be, that might be a Holy Tier boss!

Zhang Yang widened his eyes immediately and said, "Bring me to the beast!"

Before he could even finish his own words, he had already pulled Alex onto the back of Phoenix pet.

"No! It’s not possible! That place can only be located with my submarine! I’ve put a mark on the radar of my submarine! If we’re going by air, I cannot recognize where exactly the beast is!" Alex immediately shook his head.

"Then, go ahead with your submarine, and I’ll follow! That should do the trick!" Zhang Yang took one look at the vast Guura lake and gave up on the notion to search for the monster all by himself.

"Oh!" Alex nodded. Then, he began to lead Zhang Yang to a place where rocks and corals were piling up high. Among the pile of rocks, there was bizarre-looking boat located in between them. Alex squeezed himself right into the bizarre-looking boat and closed the hatch over the boat. Then, bubbles began to foam up the water around the boat. The next thing happening was the boat beginning to submerge into the water of the lake.

Zhang Yang summoned his Mythical Turtle and hopped right onto its back. Then he also went underwater to follow Alex’s bizarre-looking submarine.

Alex’s ‘Submarine’ was actually not bad at all. There was a glass window right on top of the hatch, over the front! However, Zhang Yang could not help himself from look down on the mechanism of this ‘toy’ --- Alex needed to paddle in order for the entire submarine to work!

Alex was using all his force to step on the paddles, pushing the paddles to move the propellers on the back of the submarine to spin. By doing so, the submarine was able to get some propulsion. It did not take much to make the young man sweat like a pig!

Well, how long would he need to paddle then?!

Zhang Yang used his weapon to hook the submarine along with them. Then he let Mythical Turtle steer the direction of the submarine. Meanwhile, Alex only had to point Zhang Yang towards the correct direction with his finger through the glass window.

Even though they were moving much faster after that, they took more than an hour to reach some sort of a region underneath the bottom of the lake. Zhang Yang could see that there were eight gigantic pillars circling around an empty space down there. Each of the pillars was chained to a thick chain. However, 6 of them were broken. Only two remained intact, locked on a gigantic beast which was located right in the middle of the eight pillars!

It was a beast that looked like a turtle. However, there were seven solid pillars right on top of the surface of its back. Its neck was long with a monkey head on the end of it. The two ears looked like the ears of a pig! The ears were so large that they could cover the entire head of the beast like a plastic bag!

The beast had four legs. Its claws looked like the claws of a tiger. Furthermore, the tail of the beast looked like the tail of a scorpion. It was really tricky to tell what kind of beast was this!

[Aqua Monkey Moonkin] (Ethereal, Beast)

Level: 175

HP: 1,750,000,000

Defence: 11,030

Melee Attack: 76,201 – 116,201


[Razor Tear]: Gnaws into the target and causes 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Venom Tail Paralysis]: Uses its venomous tail to pierce into the skin of its target and inject the venom into its target. Causes 20,000 Nature Damage to the target once in every 3 seconds.

Note: The Aqua Monkey Moonkin is an ancient creature that escaped from the Island in the Center of the Earth. You might stand a chance to acquire some clue about the whereabouts of the legendary Island in the Center of the Earth. The island is rumoured to have gold on every corner of it.

Ah well… so it was just an Ethereal Tier boss.

Zhang Yang sighed in grief. Well, Holy Tier bosses were the most common boss at the current stage of the game. The game even spawned a Celestial boss once to make the game more intense. So, what good could it bring, for Zhang Yang to encounter an Ethereal Tier boss.

He summoned Felice out, to get ready for battle. Unfortunately, Phoenix pet could not be summoned because they were in an underwater environment. Well, with Zhang Yang and Felice working as a team… it would be more than enough to take down the boss.

--- The normal attacks of the boss could deal an average damage of approximately 50,000 damage to Zhang Yang. However, Zhang Yang’s enhanced {Block} could be activated once every 5 seconds to immunize himself from any sort of damage. Then, he should only be receiving about 15,000 damage from the boss. On the other hand, the Poison Effect could be omitted because it would not be able to be of much of an effect to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang’s Defence was just too damn high, judging from a certain perspective. Therefore, the boss could only deal effective damage to Zhang Yang with its {Razor Tear}. The rate of the boss activating its {Razor Tear} would be the only unknown factor to Zhang Yang.

Under the circumstance that the boss would activate its {Razor Tear} once every 10 seconds, the boss would be able to deal additional 9,000 DPS to Zhang Yang. Therefore, the boss could deal a total of 25,000 DPS to Zhang Yang.

On the other hand, Felice could heal over 10,000 HP per second. That should be able to cripple the boss’s damage output on Zhang Yang. Because of that, Zhang Yang could simply f*ck the boss up, even if he closes his eyes and goes straight into battle!