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Chapter 758: Island in the Center of the Earth

Chapter 758: Island in the Center of the Earth
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There was no need to even summon Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang to aid in the battle at all. With Felice going all out on the boss, Zhang Yang could oppress the Ethereal Tier boss without even having to activate his God of War Inheritance Transformation!

Let’s just f*ck that thing up without wasting another breath!

"Chi chi chi!" after being stabbed by Zhang Yang’s {Spear of Obliteration} coming from afar, the Aqua Monkey let out a deafening screech. Then, it raised its claws and swung them at Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang raised his shield up high and began to hack and slash at the boss as intensely as he could.

With Felice’s current Healing Capability, Zhang Yang could stay at the frontlines, while attacking the boss for quite a while. Whenever Zhang Yang’s HP bar reached a dangerous level, Felice could just transform into her Tree of Life form and heal Zhang Yang back up. Furthermore, Zhang Yang’s total amount of HP had reached up to 1,300,000 HP. Therefore, Felice would also have many opportunities to focus her attacks on the boss.

However, Zhang Yang activated his {Shadow Clone} to shorten the time required to slay the boss. Furthermore, he also took down a bottle of [Amateur Power Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)]. Therefore, Zhang Yang’s damage output for the next two minutes was terrifying!

He could deal so much damage with his Skills especially his {Charge Up Strike} and his {God of War Devastation}! Those Skills would be really explosive when they were being used by Zhang Yang in a correct sequence! He could deal up to 1,600,000 damage with the Skills! Meanwhile, his 10 Shadow Clones could provide an additional 100% damage! That had really boosted Zhang Yang’s high damage Skills up to the max! His damage output was just terrifying!

In just merely 10 minutes, the boss sunk lifelessly and died. The impact shoved the water into the surroundings, sending a watery shockwave out from the spot where the boss died. A few dazzling pieces of loot dropped right beside the corpse of the boss.

Alex was staring at Zhang Yang from the sidelines with his jaw dropped. That was supposed to be a legendary boss that could not be killed after many others had attempted. Those warriors in the past had all failed to kill it, after all. That was why they imprisoned the boss here until today! Just when the boss almost escaped to continue its onslaught on the villages around, it got killed by a stranger that came from nowhere?!

Could it be, that those warriors in the past were weak?

Although that Aqua Monkey was not a Holy Tier boss and did not drop any Holy Tier equipment, everyone on Zhang Yang’s gang did not have many pieces if Holy Tier equipment at the moment. Therefore, a Level 170 Ethereal Tier equipment could still be very useful for any one of them.

Zhang Yang picked up the loots that the boss dropped and shoved them into his inventory.

There were two Ethereal Tier equipment, four Mythical Tier equipment and another piece of Map!

The Mythical Tier equipment was naturally ignored by Zhang Yang. However, the Ethereal Tier equipment was still worthwhile for Zhang Yang to have a look at them. If the equipment are Heavy Armor, then Zhang Yang could still switch them up with the non-Holy Tier equipment on him at the moment. Unfortunately, both of the Ethereal Tier equipment were not. One of them was a Leather Armor while the other was a Cloth Armor. So, he was forced to keep the equipment for Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang.

After that, he turned his attention towards the Map.

[Treasure Map: Island in the Center of the Earth]

Description: Leads you to the Island in the Center of the Earth.

Note: According to legend, the Island in the Center of the Earth was once a land inhabited by the Dwarfs. The island is rumored to be filled with the wealth of the Dwarfs for over a few generations. However, the island sunk all of a sudden. The whereabouts of the island have remained a legend filled with secrets ever since. As long as you find the mysterious island, you shall be able to find the endless wealth that the Dwarfs left behind! So, what are you waiting for!

This Map could be minimized and maximized at will. When it is enlarged to a certain point, there a crescent-shaped island would appear on the map. The island was separated into three parts. Each part was marked with a skull icon. The three skull icons had different names. They were labeled as ‘Stone Giant Rokuta’, ‘Frosty Chimera Marow’, and ‘Servant Guardian Tatashu’.

Zhang Yang could only presume that these were the names of the bosses on each of the marked island. However, the map did not show any indication about the Tier and the level of the bosses. Therefore, Zhang Yang had no way of knowing if the bosses were either Mythical Tier or Ethereal Tier, which were just lousy bosses, or the powerful Holy Tier bosses.

Judging by the Tier of the Aqua Monkey boss, these three bosses should at least be Ethereal Tier bosses! Furthermore, it would make no sense if every one of them were just Ethereal Tier. Because bosses that were guarding their respective regions would definitely be more powerful than that. They should be Holy Tier bosses, then!

Zhang Yang quickly contacted Han Ying Xue and the rest of his gang. He wanted them to get ready, so that the party could explore the Island in the Center of the Earth by tomorrow. Well, they might be able to farm something precious for the keeping.

It was about time to get off work. However, Zhang Yang suddenly received news from one of his private investigators. Liu Wei had disappeared!

Ever since Liu Wei was bailed out from the jail by Chong Xiu Hua, he had kept himself well-hidden. Even though people could still see him in the game, his real location remained unknown to everyone. Well, he also knew that Zhang Yang was never going to let him walk away intact, especially since now it was a good time for Zhang Yang to take him out. Liu Wei had no power nor money, currently. He could get toyed to death by his enemies anytime, anywhere! So he had to stay low and stay extra cautious!

Zhang Yang did have the notion of crippling him once and for all occur to him on more than one occasion. After all, Zhang Yang would never be at peace, knowing that his ‘nemesis’ is still at large. Therefore, he sent his private investigators to seek out Liu Wei’s hideout. Currently, Liu Wei has done a very good job at covering his tracks. So, they could not get any information about his whereabouts at all.

Yesterday night, that investigator that Zhang Yang hired had finally found Liu Wei’s hideout. However, he noticed that the place was empty on the next day. Judging from the mess in the surroundings of the place, Liu Wei seemed to have been taken away by force. There were signs and marks of a struggle all around the place.

Well, the Chinese had a saying. The greatest hermit will retreat into the noisiest fair. This Liu Wei had been staying secretly in a small bungalow by the urban area of Zhou Shu city.

According to the private investigator, Liu Wei was abducted in the middle of the night! However, who would do such a thing? Liu Wei did countless crimes back then. So it would be logical if he had countless enemies that wanted him dead. Furthermore, he used to have his Liu Family supporting his back, so no one had the balls to touch him at that time. Well, things were different for him now… so…

The first suspect that came into Zhang Yang’s mind was One Sword Stroke.

Well, his wife was gang-raped by Liu Wei’s hired muscles. Meanwhile, he was also ‘castrated’ by the hands of Liu Wei himself. That hatred was enough for him to murder Liu Wei over a thousand times. So, how would One Sword Stroke be able to sit his *ss off, while knowing Liu Wei had finally become vulnerable? The moment Liu Wei is dipped into sh*t, he would be the first to take note of that. He might even pay off the guards in jail to give Liu Wei a good rub in his anus!

However, he would not have thought that Liu Wei would be bailed out from jail by Chong Xiu Hua. That would definitely drive One Sword Stroke mad! Therefore, Zhang Yang would not feel it odd at all if One Sword Stroke is the one who abducted Liu Wei.

Well, nothing said could ease him under such circumstances now. So, Zhang Yang could only sit tight and wait for any updates on the news from his private investigator.

After a night’s rest, Zhang Yang assembled his party members and head over to the Island in the Center of the Earth. Upon searching through the Rock Flatland for a while, they had finally arrived before a chilly pool. According to the Map that Zhang Yang acquired a while ago, that is the entrance to the Island in the Center of the Earth!

The ten of the looked at each other for a bit, then they dived into the pool.

After diving down for approximately 30 meters below the water surface, a large whirlpool suddenly appeared in the pool. Everyone was helpless against the suction as they were pulled into the whirlpool, one after another. In just a blink of an eye, they were forced down, hundreds of meters down beneath the surface of the water!

The strong current of force had even taken Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue off the backs of their pet mounts! All 10 of them were stirred around like wet cement in a mixer. They were all so sick that their dinners last night were about to reemerge!

Just as they were about to suffocate, they were pulled right into a cavern. However, their bodies were beginning to float towards the surface of the water. After everything before their eyes became bright, they emerged at the surface of the water like cannonballs!

Splash! Splash! Splash!

The ten of them were shot out of the bottom of the lake into the air above it, 10 meters from the surface. Then they fell back down, one after another.

At the same instant, they found themselves on an island. The sky was crimson red in colour. The smoke and dust in the surrounding were of the same colour as the sky. Meanwhile, they were falling into the lake that was not really big. However, the water of the lake was extremely hot. It was so hot that Zhang Yang and the gang felt as if they were about to be cooked!

Everyone quickly swam towards the shore. After getting out of the water, they felt much more relieved than they were in the now boiling water. However, the temperature and humidity of the surroundings was extremely high. They were sweating like pigs and it made them terribly uncomfortable.

Zhang Yang brought up the Map to check the direction that they needed to go. Then, he led the gang towards the location of the first boss, the Stone Giant Rokuta.

Even though this was an island, but technically speaking, this place looked more like a gigantic cavern. There was a live volcano spitting out flaming red lava. The red dust that filmed the entire sky and the surroundings was actually the volcanic ash.

Therefore, the place forbade players from flying. They could only glide over a short distance below a certain level. Of course, players with Class S and Class A Inheritance could still fly around freely after they activate their Inheritance Transformations. Well, they could still fly in any kind of environment.

"Rawgh!" A beast’s intimidating roar echoed across the surroundings. Suddenly, a crimson red monster leapt over a pile of rocks and landed in front of Zhang Yang and the gang. The monster had the appearance of a wolf. Countless whiskers covered the beast’s entire neck. Each of the whiskers was as long as 3 to 4 meters! They were like tentacles, wriggling about like they were alive!

[Tendril Crimson Wolf] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 175

HP: 1,000,000,000

Defence: 7,000

Melee Attack: 40,822 – 60,822


[Soul Leash]: Uses its tentacles on the targets. Tentacles will drill themselves into the body of the target. If the HP bar of the target is not at its full state within the next 3 seconds, the target will be controlled by the Tendril Crimson Wolf.

[Burning Aura]: Causes 30,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the area of 40-meter radius once in every 3 seconds.

[Bite]: Uses its sharp teeth to bite the target, causing 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

The moment after the wolf revealed itself, it charged at Daffodil Daydream who happened to be closest to it. However, Daffodil reacted at a god-like speed. Immediately, she activated her {Apparate} and appeared beside Zhang Yang. At the same time, she threw a {Fire Blast} right at the Tendril Crimson Wolf. By doing so, she managed to lure the monster over to Zhang Yang.

"What the f*ck!? How can this be an Elite Tier monster!? Look at its HP bar!" Fatty Han was in shock.

"The high the HP amount the better! Remember, we can get more Experience Points after killing it!" Endless Starlight widened his eyes and swung his hammer straight at the monster while charging at it.

The gang began to round up on the monster. Even though the attack of the monster was not really a threat to them, the monster’s {Soul Leash} was just purely disgusting! Using its {Soul Leash} in conjunction with its {Burning Aura}, the gang needed Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart to constantly heal them in order to keep their HP bars full. Otherwise, people would begin to die eventually.

However, even if a player has a long *ss HP bar, he or she would still get killed, if he or she does not get support from the Healers in a battle. It took the gang less than 2 minutes before they brought the Tendril Crimson Wolf down to the ground. The monsters collapsed to the ground and died, of course. It was obvious that the Attack power of the entire party was oppressive.

Although this wolf did not drop any equipment upon its death, it still dropped an item.

[Soul Whisker] (Consumable)

Use: Attempts to gain control of your target. If the target cannot cancel or disperse this effect within 3 seconds, the target will be controlled for over 10 minutes. Meanwhile, there is no way that the target can break free from the control. If the target is Level 180 or higher, the target will have quite a high rate of resisting the control effect.

Uses remaining: 3/3

Required Level: 150

Well, this was a surprise. This item is actually quite handy, especially during a Team Battle. It could be used on someone very crucial on the enemy. Well, since everyone would be so busy dealing damage to their enemies, they might just fall for it. If this item is successfully used on someone, that someone would only stand there and let his or her enemies torture him or her!

"Haha! It’s so fun! Hell yeah!" Wei Yan Er immediately felt excited. Then, she quickly shoved the [Soul Whisker] into her inventory. Then she began to gaze at Zhang Yang from head to toe.

"Little brat… if you ever dare to use that on me, I’ll chase you out of my house!"