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Chapter 759: Frosty Chimera Cub

Chapter 759: Frosty Chimera Cub
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Wei Yan Er’s ‘evil plot’ was seen through by Zhang Yang. So, she could only growl at Zhang Yang and show her teeth at Zhang Yang, as if she wanted to bite him.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Little brat, you don’t have to be so fierce. Are you looking for a fight? Do you believe that I can defeat you without using my weapon? I can beat you with my shield!"

"I don’t believe it!" Wei Yan Er immediately shook her head like she was hitting her head on a drum. Without wasting any more breath, she brought her hammer up in an instant.

Zhang Yang smiled and raised his shield up to block the little brat’s attack. Then he said, "Starlight, you lead the party and carry on!"


The other eight party members went ahead of them. They gave Zhang Yang and the Wei Yan Er their personal space to settle their ‘score’.

"Oh yeah! You can’t use your Phoenix pet! You also can’t let Felice help you!" Wei Yan Er was not an idiot after all. She immediately shouted, "I won’t take advantage of you either, don’t worry! I’m not going to use my mount and my battle companion as well!"

This little brat was quite smart actually. It seems fair when both sides are not using their mounts and their battle companions. However, her Crimson Red Crow and her battle companion were totally out of their league if they were to battle with Phoenix and Felice head-on. If both of them do not use their mounts and battle companions, Zhang Yang would be the one who was having a disadvantage in the battle.

Zhang Yang did not take it seriously. So he said, "Alright!"


The hammer landed solidly on the surface of Zhang Yang’s shield. Sparks were pouring across the ground after the surfaces of the hammer and the shield clashed into each other. Instantly, the little brat received a damage of ‘-95,798!’. After that, Zhang Yang conveniently struck his shield back at Wei Yan Er and activated his {Shield Bash}. Another damage of ‘-95,798!’ popped right on top of the little brat once again.

Zhang Yang’s {Block} could be activated once every 5 seconds now. Meanwhile, each of his {Block} could trigger a Damage Deflection effect and present a {Shield Bash} as a free gift to his opponent who hits him. With Zhang Yang’s current terrifying Strength attribute and Additional Damage, his basic attack had exceeded 100,000 damage! However, because the little brat also had a high Defence and Damage Absorption, Zhang Yang could only deal 95,000 effective damage to Wei Yan Er.

However, if that kind of damage is dealt on the little brat once in every 5 seconds, Zhang Yang’s DPS would reach up to 38,000 damage! Even though that little brat’s initial HP had reached over 520,000 HP, she could only take as much as 14 rounds of Damage Reflect and 14 {Shield Bashes} before she would be smashed to her death!

However, the fact that Zhang Yang said he would not use his weapon did not affect his Defence at all. So Zhang Yang would definitely not have any problem tanking against the little brat’s attack for 70 seconds!

Therefore, Tanker would always be the worst enemy of the Physical-type players!

If Zhang Yang takes off his Shield before engaging into a battle with the little brat, then that little brat should still have little chance to win against Zhang Yang.

After the battle went on for half a minute, Wei Yan Er’s HP bar had been reduced by 50%. The little brat suddenly lit a light bulb above her head. Even though she raised her hammer up high, she did not smash the hammer down at Zhang Yang.

"Hehe, noob tank. I’m not going to hit you. So let’s see how you deflect damage back at me!" Wei Yan Er was filled with joy all of a sudden. "Your {Shield Bash} can only be activated if your {Block} is successful. So you’re running out of options, right? Wahaha! I’m so brilliant!"

"You won’t win either!"

"Humph! You said it yourself! ‘Do you believe I can defeat you without using my weapon? I can beat you with my shield!’. So you said you wanted to defeat me! Not get into a tie with me! Noob tank! Come and hit me now! Haha!" Wei Yan Er laughed evilly.

This little brat!

Zhang Yang flicked a finger against the little brat’s forehead and said, "Come on! Let’s move!"

The two of them caught up with the rest of the gang. Wei Yan Er claimed that she managed to beat Zhang Yang’s *ss up. She was grinning in pride when she was telling the others.

The gang did not encounter many monsters as they proceeded forth. However, each of the monsters were Elite Tier monsters that had over 1,000,000,000 HP. So the party had to put in quite some effort before they could slay one. Meanwhile, the monsters were basically chimeras. Either they had lion heads and bodies of wild boars, or they would just be a leopard with a snake tail. They looked so bizarre.

The size of the Island in the Center of the Earth did not look that big. However, the place was not as small as it looked, after walking across the island. Zhang Yang and his party spent 3 days on foot before they finally arrived at the resting ground of the first Stone Giant boss.

It was a 50-meter tall Stone Giant. Its entire body was covered in whips and vines that were red. It was lying on the ground having a good sleep. The breaths coming out from the nose was so strong that the sand and dust on the ground were stirred up, forming gentle vortexes as they spread out.

[Stone Giant Rokuta] (Ethereal, Elemental)

Level: 175

HP: 1,750,000,000

Defence: 20,000

Melee Attack: 75,903 – 115,903


[Trample of War]: Tramples the ground and causes 90,000 Physical Damage to all targets within the range of 40-meter radius.

[Thump]: Strikes the target and causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to all targets within the range of 10-meter radius from the boss.

[Blow Away]: Spits out a strong current of breath and blows the targets into the air.

Note: Rokuta has inherited the tradition of the Stone Giant’s Glory. It won’t wake up from its sleep if it doesn’t get a 25-hour sleep.

"Boss! Allow me to do this!" Endless Starlight shouted in excitement. Then he charged towards the boss as the lead.

Well, this boss was merely an Ethereal Tier boss. Zhang Yang could have single-handedly taken care of the boss. Well, it would not actually matter who tank against the boss. So, Zhang Yang had no reason to fight over who should be the Tanker with Endless Starlight.

However, the DPS players were very excited about it. They were dealing damage to the boss like they were on steroids! Actually, every DPS players would love to OT once in a while. Only then they would actually prove their power as DPS players!

However, Zhang Yang was a violent DPS player himself. Furthermore, he could acquire additional Aggro as well. So, no one would be able to cause OT! Well, things would be different for Endless Starlight. Seriously speaking, he should be the real definition of a ‘Tank’!

Therefore, everyone was attempting to find their confidence to causing OT. They were hitting the boss as hard as they could.

"What the f*ck! You guys are mean! Ease up… ahhhh… it’s about to OT! Wu wu wu! NO! You’re all really mean!" Endless Starlight began to complain. Everyone heard it and laughed out loud.

Actually, the boss was still quite ferocious in a sense. If the boss really switches its focus to players who were not a Tanker, the boss could deal an average of 96,000 damage to the players with one single attack. It would only take about 5 to 6 blows in order for the boss to take out a non-Tanker player. Furthermore, the boss’s {Blow Away} could blow players up high into the sky and let the players enjoy the excitement of ‘free fall’!

Even though the Skill itself could not deal any damage to the players, however, falling down to the ground from a very high place would definitely shatter a player’s body to pieces if the player did not have a Flying Mount to glide and slow the fall.

Furthermore, the {Trample of War} is an AoE Skill. The boss could deal quite a number of damage to Zhang Yang and his party each time it activated its {Trample of War}. The Skill could pose quite a threat to the party.

However, the HP bar of the boss was a little too low to have survived the attacks of Zhang Yang and his party. The gang only took 3 minutes to crush the Stone Giant and forced the Stone Giant to collapse onto the ground and shatter into small pieces of rubbles across the ground. Upon its death, the boss dropped a few pieces of loot.

Although they were just some Ethereal Tier equipment, they were still Level 170 equipment. After all, Holy Tier equipment which were known to be the highest Tier in the current stage of the game. Meanwhile, how many players would have the luxury to have Holy Tier equipment on them, then? Zhang Yang only had 6 pieces of Holy Tier equipment with him. He would need a lot more pieces of Holy Tier equipment before he could acquire a full set of it.

Everyone quickly focused on distributing the equipment among the loots. After using the [Identifying Scrolls] to identify the equipment, they were able to equip the equipment straight away. It was extremely convenient for them.

After distributing the loots, the gang proceeded forward. They had encountered a lot more rare and bizarre-looking monsters, and earned a substantial amount of Experience Points upon slaying them all! The gang said that even if there was no boss in this area, the Experience Points that they could earn from slaying all those monsters would make the trip totally worthwhile.

Indeed, everyone in the current stage of the game was having a difficult time grinding. Well, it was not because the monsters were difficult to slay. It was because the players could not find a peaceful grinding spot where there would no one to snatch monsters in the area from them! Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and his gang were the only ones grinding at the Island in the Center of the Earth. All monsters in their surroundings were for them alone to slay. Of course, they would be filled with joy and excitement knowing that all the Experience Points would go to them alone.

Furthermore, the scenery on the island was bizarrely unique. The monsters had rare and bizarre appearances. Zhang Yang and the gang felt like they were venturing into another planet. Even when they were repeatedly slaying monsters, they were not bored at all. The trees and the flowers were really unique. Everyone could not get their minds back together while staring at those surroundings. They even switched on their video recording function of the game to record everything they saw. They intended to watch the footages back when they were old in the future.

The second boss was the ‘Frosty Chimera Marow’ which was located right on top of a high mountain. The path to the top of the mountain was a little rugged. However, there was no way that the gang could take another way around to reach the top. Apparently, this entire island had a ‘one-way lane’ pathway. The players could not travel in any way other than moving forward along the path.

After another 3 days of proceeding forward, the party had finally arrived before the boss. It was also an Ethereal Tier boss. Therefore, it could not pose much of a threat to Zhang Yang and his gang. However, the small little Frost Chimera that was sighted by the side of the boss had Zhang Yang and his gang widened their eyes a little.

[Frosty Chimera Cub] (Ethereal Tier Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 0

Note: Can be tamed.

An Ethereal Tier mount!

Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han had already possessed a Legendary Tier pet. So naturally, they no longer had the desire to obtain any other pet mount, including the Ethereal Tier pet, of course. However, the remaining 7 members of the gang were staring at the little Frost Chimera while their eyes were all glittering with hope. Well, other than Wei Yan Er who had a Mythical Tier Crimson Red Crow, the rest of the gang only had Flying Mounts that were just Violet-Platinum Tier, Yellow-Gold Tier, or even Gray-Silver Tier!

Unfortunately for them, a Mount could be easily spotted. However, a Flying Mount would be extremely hard to spot. Those who could get a Flying Mount to fly in the sky should be very grateful!

Because Wei Yan Er already had a Crimson Red Crow, she wet her eyes and withdrew herself from the competition to see who gets the Ethereal Tier Flying Mount. Well, although a Mythical Tier Flying Mount could really enhance her abilities in the game, the others who only had Gray-Silver Tier and Yellow-Gold Tier Flying Mount were in greater need of upgrading their mounts. Therefore, the little brat could only squat on the ground and draw circles with her finger.

After killing the boss, this Ethereal Tier Flying Mount was obtained by Fantasy Sweetheart. This pretty face girl with a pair of huge boobs was bowing at the others, sending them quivering violently. Fatty Han and Endless Starlight were staring at her boobs as they drooled.

The pet leveled up pretty quickly. The main reason being that the monsters on the island gave more Experience Points after they die. Zhang Yang and his gang slew the monsters around the island for another two days. Then, they finally arrived at a castle that seemed to be built by the Dwarfs, judging from its design. This Frost Chimera had leveled up to Level 130. So, Fantasy Sweetheart could ride on it already.

This castle was the end of the entire Island in the Center of the Earth. The final boss - ‘Servant Guardian Tatashu’ and the Dwarfs’ Treasures were located just in the castle.

Outwardly, the castle didn’t seem much. It was only 3 floors tall. It was barely larger than a basketball court. However, everyone knew that the Dwarfs loved to dig deep and stay deep. Beneath all that, it had to be far larger.

The gang entered the castle, one after another. The interior of the castle was dark. Because the interior was an indoor environment, everyone was forcefully pushed down from their ‘rides’. Other than Zhang Yang, Hundred Shots and Fatty Han, the others had hopped down from their mounts automatically.

Mythical Tier equipment already had extremely glittering Appearance Effect. Therefore, even though the surroundings were dim and dark, the 10 of them and their respective Battle Companions were like 20 super-sized walking candles. They could illuminate half a meter out around them.

Meanwhile, the Appearance Effect of Felice’s equipment were the strongest!

--- the little lady currently had a full set of Level 170 Holy Tier equipment on her. So, it made perfect sense that no one among them could best her!