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Chapter 760: Servant Guardian

Chapter 760: Servant Guardian
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The two Phoenixes were not willing to stay idle either. Normally, they were just two giant birds radiating in a crimson red light. However, they were now two gigantic birds that were blazing hot. The two of them were like two great bonfires illuminating the surroundings of the entire area.

Initially, players who wanted to enter the castle had to purchase some [Torches] before they set foot on the place. However, the two blazing birds were illuminating the surroundings much better than having 100 [Torches] around!

Everyone laughed. With the two blazing phoenixes leading the way, the two giant birds were like two giant searchlights, shedding light into the surroundings. The gang need not worry about falling into a hole out of nowhere.

Although the Dwarfs loved to keep their secrets beneath the surface of the ground, Zhang Yang and his gang took a quick sweep across the 3 floors just to be safe. Well, the 3 floors were not that big. It would not take too much of their time for them to check on the 3 floors.

However, there was no sign of any treasure at all. There was not even a single monster in the vicinity. The only things they could find were dried corpses lying quietly around. Obviously, when the Island in the Center of the Earth sunk, the Dwarves were killed by the sudden deterioration of the environment. They did not even get the chance to react to the change before they died!

After inspecting the 3 floors, Zhang Yang and the gang decided to go further down to the floors beneath to explore.

The moment when they set foot on the first floor beneath the surface of the ground, they realized that the space of the floor was 100 times larger than the space of the floors above the ground! It looked as if there was an entirely secret tower beneath the surface of the ground, while the three floors on the surface of the ground were just decoratives on the tip of the entire tower!

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Everyone was walking on top of the surface of the black rocks that pave the ground. Their boots and greaves knocked hard on the surface of the ground. The sounds of heavy footsteps echoed across the entire floor as they proceeded forward. It was a little strange and bizarre to be walking in the vast and yet quiet place. Everyone could feel the hairs on the back of their neck standing up. Boots that were made of clothes and leathers would not have made such a loud sound. Only the metallic greaves would cause such a loud sound while the players wearing them walked.

"Walk lightly! Come on!" Everyone turned their eyes towards Zhang Yang, Wei Yan Er and Endless Starlight. Their voices echoed into the surroundings and made the three of them feel a little nervous.

"Hehe!" Well Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight attempted to walk lighter. However, Wei Yan Er had always been acting like a gremlin. She continued on to stomp heavily onto the ground every time she put a step forward. Everyone was staring at her with annoyed faces.

Well, it is difficult to go against the anger of all. After noticing that everyone was looking at her in annoyance, she just stuck out her tongue and stopped what she was doing.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

"Yan Er!"

"Little brat!"

Everyone turned their heads over to Wei Yan Er and snapped at her in unison.

Wei Yan Er poured out her grievances through her pretty little face. She raised both of her hands up high and said, "It wasn’t me!’

"If it’s not you, then who is it?"

Everyone continued to press forward. Thud! Thud! Thud! The heavy footsteps were heard again.

"Yan Er ---"

"Little brat, are you feeling itchy again? Do you want us to beat you up?"

"It really isn’t me!" Wei Yan Er cried miserably, expressing that she was innocent. Furthermore, there were 3 of them wearing Heavy Armor. So why would everyone looked at her instead of the other two then?

"It’s not Yan Er indeed. She’s right beside me. The sound did not come from her!" Han Ying Xue tried to redress an injustice on the little brat. The little brat was baffled with gratitude. She rubbed her hands on Han Ying Xue’s boobs, claiming that she’s the best human in the entire world.

"Did you guys notice? There are 11 of us here, right now!" Daffodil Daydream suddenly spoke out with a shaky voice.

"Haha! How is that possible! You must be dizzy right now!" Endless Starlight laughed out loud, "Let’s count and see! 1, 2, 3... 9, 10, 11! What the ---"

Everyone got an intense chill up their spines. However, because the surroundings were too dark, the Appearance Effect of their equipment could only illuminate half a meter into the surroundings. They could not clearly see anything that was further than half a meter from them.

"I’ll count one two three. Then everyone, take a step back at the same time!" Zhang Yang said in the party chat.




Everyone took a step backward at the same time. They saw a dark shadow standing at its same spot without taking a step back like they did. After about 1 or 2 seconds later, the dark shadow followed and took a step back as well. ‘Thud!’. The heavy footstep was heard once again.

Well, the little brat was clean, after all. However, everyone was so terrified that their heads were numb. Could this be a ghost!?

Zhang Yang quickly summoned his Phoenix pet back to his side. The blazing flames of the Phoenix illuminated the entire place around the gang and the mysterious shadow had finally revealed its true identity.

The skin of that person was white, and the eyes of the person were white as well! When that person realized that Zhang Yang and his gang were staring straight at him, that person had also revealed two rows of white teeth. Because the eyes did not have pupils, everyone felt another intense chill straight up their spines.

"GHOST!" Wei Yan Er screamed in excitement. She immediately pulled her hammer out and smashed it straight into that person.

"Anglo' Basida!" that thing let out a strange voice. Suddenly, its both eyes shot out a beam of crimson red laser and hit the little brat.


Wei Yan Er immediately received a damage value.

After witnessing that solid hit on the little brat, everyone let out a breath and felt relieved immediately. Compared to a ghost, they were not afraid of a monster at all!

[Mechanical Servant] (Elite, Servant)

Level: 180

HP: 2,000,000,000

Defence: 20,000

Melee Attack: 43,649 – 63,649


[Death Ray]: Causes 60,000 Nature Damage to the target. Range: 30 meters.

[Mechanical Bomb]: Throws bombs into the surrounding and detonate them immediately, causing 50,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters.

Note: Mechanical Servants are built by the genius Dwarfs. Many years have come to pass and these Mechanical Servants have many parts broken in them. Even though they no longer perform like how they used to be, they are still very powerful in their own right.

After launching its first attack, the Mechanical Servant immediately fought back and threw bombs at Zhang Yang and the gang. The explosions of the bomb were flashy, and everyone received quite a lot of damage.

"Stinky metal monster! You’ve made my friends accuse me of doing something I didn’t do! You’re not the only one who knows how to throw bombs!" The little brat growled. Then, she also took out the Elemental Bombs from her inventory and threw them at the Mechanical Servant

Hundred Shots could not help to feel heartbroken. Well, each Elemental Bomb cost 10 gold pieces. Furthermore, Elemental Bombs were supposed to be used on multiple targets. It would only be a big waste to use one on a single monster.

"This Mechanical Servant has more HP than the other monsters out there!"

"Yea! Its skin is extra thick as well! Look at that amount of Defence!"

Everyone was hacking and slashing their weapons onto the monster as they complained. Indeed, an amount of 2,000,000,000 HP was actually more than the amount of HP of the two previous Ethereal Tier bosses! If it wasn’t because of the Mechanical Servant’s attack being rather lackluster, this fellow could be a boss by now! Well, it was exactly what the note said. Because many years had passed and too many parts in the Mechanical Servant are now broken, its attack power was nowhere near its prime. However, its Defence had remained stellar after all these years.

However, it was futile for the monster to have over 20,000 Defence as well. By using {Cripple Defence} and [Armor Piercing Potion], players could ignore over 70% of the monsters’ Defence. Therefore, Zhang Yang and the gang only had to deal with the remaining 6,000 Defence of the Mechanical Servant. So, all they needed to do was to hit the monster with their basic attacks, and the monsters would be as good as dead, eventually.

The gang only took a few minutes to take down the Mechanical Servant. Upon its death, the Mechanical Servant dropped some loot onto the ground.

Wei Yan Er acted swiftly as usual. She picked up everything from the ground and went up to the gang with a small sized ball in her hand, "Look at what I found!"

[Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulator] (Consumable)

Use: Summons a Mechanical Servant to aid you in getting rid of your enemies! However, because the Core Manipulator is a little ancient, the Mechanical Servant can only be manipulated by you for over 10 minutes. After that, the Mechanical Servant will enter ‘Free Mode’ and attack any target that tries to get near it. You can only summon one Mechanical Servant at a time.

Require Level: 150

"This is interesting. We can use it to scare people during PvP!"

Wei Yan Er has always been a destructive little brat. So after hearing what Zhang Yang said, she quickly kept the [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulator] as if she was afraid that the others would snatch it from her.

Not long after, another Mechanical Servant revealed itself from a dark corner of the floor and blended into Zhang Yang’s gang. However, it failed to blend in because one Phoenix was tagging along the gang. Under the illumination of the giant blazing bird, the Mechanical Servant had nowhere to hide. So it could only accept the fate of being beaten up by Zhang Yang and gang.

However, not every Mechanical Servant would drop a [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulator] upon their death. After clearing out the entire floor, the gang managed to salvage 7 of the [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulators]! If each of the Mechanical Servant that is summoned with a [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulator] could be as powerful as the Mechanical Servants they encountered, it could be said that Zhang Yang and his gang have earned a fortune!

Well, since there were 7 [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulators], everyone felt the urge to ‘spend’ one to look at its effect. So they activated one of the 7 [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulators]. However, after commanding the Mechanical Servant that they summoned to battle another ancient Mechanical Servant monster, it did not take long before it was smashed into pieces of junks. Everyone was extremely disappointed, to the point that they almost popped a vein.

The Attack power of the Mechanical Servant they summoned was similar to the Attack power of the Mechanical Servant monsters. However, the HP amount that it had was far too little. How could a Mechanical Servant be able to battle against players with merely 200,000 HP, then?

Alright. Since these [Mechanical Servant’s Core Manipulators] had been given to them for free, Zhang Yang and his gang should not ask too much of it.

First floor, second floor, third floor… the gang continued to press forward, as they made their way deeper into the tower. Because the underground tower was truly vast and huge, Zhang Yang and the gang took almost half a day to clear one floor. Therefore, they finally arrived at the final floor of the castle on the sixth day.

That floor was totally different compared to the tens of floors above them. There was no sign of any monsters on that floor. Zhang Yang and his gang were not greeted by any monsters after walking around for over ten of minutes. It seemed that one boss would be more than enough for the gang to take on.

After some more walking, the gang had arrived at the end of the floor. They finally saw the final boss ‘Servant Guardian Tatashu’.

This servant boss was so much larger than the rest of the Mechanical Servants that Zhang Yang and his gang encountered earlier. Furthermore, the boss was not humanoid. It was a gigantic three-headed Cerberus. The body mass of this boss was as tall as a two-floor building. The three dog heads of the boss were salivating profusely with lubricant and hydraulic fluids.

[Servant Guardian Tatashu] (Holy, Servant)

Level: 185

HP: 19,000,000,000

Defence: 30,000

Melee Attack: 149,398 – 209,398


[Death Ray]: Causes 180,000 Nature Damage to the target. Range: 50 meters.

[Mechanical Bomb]: Throws bombs into the surroundings and detonates them immediately, causing 150,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 50 meters.

[Servant Constitution]: Recovers 1% HP every 30 seconds. The amount of HP Recovery will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: This is the King of Mechanical Servant. No matter how many years have passed, it was still loyally guarding the Treasure of the Dwarf.

Everyone did not charge into battle recklessly. Because everyone noticed that there were 20 Elite Tier Mechanical Servants standing right beside the boss! If there were only a few Mechanical Servants, Zhang Yang would not mind them at all. However, the combined power of 20 Mechanical Servants would be a little too overwhelming for Zhang Yang and his gang to take it head-on.

"Let’s activate our Inheritance Transformations, then!" Zhang Yang said. Everything had gone down to the last step, that is to take down the boss and obtain the Treasure of the Dwarfs!


Without wasting more time, everyone activated their Inheritance Transformations and entered their most powerful states.