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Chapter 761: Book of Revelation: Chapter 5

Chapter 761: Book of Revelation: Chapter 5
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"Boss! I’ll lure the monsters!" Endless Starlight was giving a pass on luring the boss this time.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "If you can lure the aggro of the monsters around, try it and you’ll know it!’

"Pui! Boss! How can you underestimate me that much!?" Endless Starlight was not willing to concede defeat.

However, as they were still having this conversation, Zhang Yang was already making his move. He charged towards the boss like a fearless general and attacked the boss with his scythe.

Servant Guardian Tatashu let out a bored cry. It was very hard to tell whether the boss was feeling bored or painful by just listening to its cry. Then, the boss swung its metallic claws straight at Zhang Yang. It shot out a beam of ray through all six of its eyes. The beam landed on Zhang Yang. Then the 20 Elite Tier monsters began to launch their attacks on Zhang Yang as well. They surrounded Zhang Yang the moment they moved near enough to Zhang Yang.

{Thunder Strike}!

Zhang Yang stomped both of his legs on the ground and instantly caused a heavy damage of 150,000 damage to each of the monsters within the effective range of his attack.

"What the hell, boss! You’re cheating!" Endless Starlight screamed in a weird tone. Because they could not hop onto the back of their mounts in an indoor environment, Endless Starlight could not outrun the flying speed of Zhang Yang after Zhang Yang transformed. When he finally arrived by the side of the boss, Zhang Yang already gained approximately 7 to 8 seconds of headstart.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud. Then he began to raise his shield as he activated his {Block}. Even though some of the 20 Elite Tier monsters reached Zhang Yang first and some of them were just beginning to react to Zhang Yang, there were at least 3 to 4 of them already afflicted by Zhang Yang’s Damage Deflection. The Damage Deflection caused more than 300,000 damage to each of the monsters!

Poor Endless Starlight. Because he was a Tanker as well, he also had the ability to acquire additional aggro by dealing damage to the monsters. Therefore, in order for him to catch up with Zhang Yang’s aggro, Endless Starlight would have to deal more damage than Zhang Yang did! Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had managed to strike out with such a high damage output within such a short period of time. It would be extremely difficult for him to deal more damage than Zhang Yang could!

Furthermore, Zhang Yang would be activating his {Tribulation} the moment he has accumulated enough EP. By then, it would not be possible for Endless Starlight to pull the aggro of the monsters over to him anymore!

Fortunately, 100 seconds would be required to accumulate 10 EP. Therefore, Endless Starlight quickly took the opportunity to create aggro on the monsters and deal as much damage as he could on the monsters. He was attempting to lure a few monsters over to him at least, because he did not want to be laughed at again.

Upon activating the Inheritance Transformation, Zhang Yang’s Defence power had increased up to 97,980 points. He could just simply ignore the attacks from the Elite Tier monsters without any Passive Damage Immunity and Damage Absorption! Meanwhile, he had also activated his {Surrogacy} on Endless Starlight. So the two of them had an equal amount of Defence as of now. With the both of them having a Defence of 97,980 points on each of them, they would be capable of tanking against so many monsters at the same time now!

Therefore, Zhang Yang said, "Focus on the boss! Endless Starlight and I will take care of the monsters! We’ll lure them aside!"

Everyone nodded and turned their attention towards the boss. They began to deal as much damage as they could.

{Horizontal Sweep}, {Blast Wave}, {Thunder Strike}!

Even though Zhang Yang had not accumulated enough EP to activate his God of War Inheritance AoE Skill, Zhang Yang still had the AoE Skills of a Guardian to use on the monsters and the boss. He could still deal quite an amount of damage to the monsters around him every time he struck out. However, Zhang Yang threw all his single attacks on the boss only. By doing so, he managed to firmly fix the aggro of both the monsters and the boss on him.

Since the both of them were competing to snatch the aggro of the monsters and the boss, Endless Starlight did not use his {Provoke}. Instead, he was spamming his attacks and Skills to gain as much Aggro as possible from the monsters.

He was smart though. He was not blinded by his ‘greed’ to get the Aggro from all monsters. Instead, he was focusing on the few monsters that had weaker Aggro fixed on Zhang Yang. Because {Horizontal Sweep} was not a penetrative attack, it would be impossible for Zhang Yang to attack all 20 monsters at the same time. Because of that, not every monster would be afflicted by the Damage Deflection of Zhang Yang’s {Block}. Therefore, the aggro values on the 20 monsters had their differences.

The intelligence of Endless Starlight paid him off well. Other than that, he was also a player with a Class B Inheritance. 30 seconds after the battle, he accumulated 30 EP. So, he immediately activated his {King Kong Claw} and dealt a damage amount 6 times of his Strength attribute to all monsters within the range of 30 meters. Upon 3 successful activations of the Skill, he finally managed to get the aggro of 7 monsters.

"Hahaha!" Endless Starlight was filled with joy and excitement. While he was laughing in joy, he blinked his eyes at Zhang Yang and said, "Boss! I got 7! 7! You see that!?"

Zhang Yang smiled. Currently, he only had 9 EP on him. Well, let’s give that fellow a brief moment to show off.

100 seconds, 200 seconds, 300 seconds!

{Charge Up Strike}!

{God of War Devastation}!

Bam! 21 damage values of ‘4,830,000’ popped up right on top of the boss and the 20 Elite Tier monsters. Instantly, Zhang Yang had snatched the Aggros of the monsters that Endless Starlight had lured back! Furthermore, {God of War Devastation} only consumed 20 EP. So Zhang Yang had 10 EP left to activate his {Tribulation}!

Instantly, the attacks of all monsters including the boss were deflected back at them!

Unfortunately for them, these monsters’ attacks were only able to deal 1 Damage to Zhang Yang. Then their attacks were deflected back at them as well. What a tragedy.

However, Endless Starlight was suffering a more unfortunate fate than the monsters and the boss. He put so much effort in getting the Aggros of 7 Elite Tier monsters. However, his efforts were all for naught. Zhang Yang managed to snatch the Aggro of the 7 monsters back in an instance. Well, only god knows how long Endless Starlight would take to deal a 4,000,000 damage to catch up to Zhang Yang. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was also dealing damage to the monsters at the same time. Furthermore, Zhang Yang also had the {Tribulation}’s ability to deflect damage back to the monsters that attacked him. The difference between Zhang Yang’s Aggro and Endless Starlight’s would only get bigger and bigger.

Well, the fiercest AoE attack was not Zhang Yang. In fact, it was Zhang Yang’s Phoenix pet!

Even though the Phoenix’s {Phoenix Transformation} was used during the process of clearing out the monsters, the Phoenix pet had improved up to Holy Tier at the moment. Each of the Phoenix’s attacks could deal a basic damage of 170,000. Furthermore, that was an AoE attack! Whoever who tries to compete with the Phoenix pet in dealing AoE attacks should just sigh hard and forget about winning.

Meanwhile, even though both Hundred Shots and Fatty Han had a Legendary Tier pet of their own, the levels of their pets were restricted by their owner’s level cap restrictions. Both of them were still stuck at Level 169 at the moment. They were still struggling hard to hit Level 170. Even though it was just one level away, Level 170 was when Legendary pet could ascend into a Holy Tier pet. After all, the attributes of the Legendary pets would increase by almost twofold when they could finally level up from Level 169 to level 170.

Therefore, the total damage dealt by the two pets was only a little higher than the damage dealt by Zhang Yang’s Phoenix pet. That obviously showed how much difference 1 level could bring!

In just a brief moment, the few monsters with weaker Aggro turned their attention towards the Phoenix. Endless Starlight filled his cheeks with his tears as he activated his {Provoke} on the monsters, attempting to pull them back at him --- what the hell! Did he really perform that badly that he could not even match a bird?!

Without the Level Gap Suppression in the way and everyone basically having half a set of Holy Tier equipment, this Holy Tier boss was totally out of its league. It did not take long before the boss was slain and dropped tons of loot on the ground.

Upon the boss’s death, a chest appeared right beside the dead body of the boss. Everyone turned around and cleared the remaining monsters which did not have much HP left on them as well. It did not take long before the gang slaughtered the monsters up. After everything was out of the way, the gang went back to look at the loot.

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were money-grubbers. So, it was natural that they would be the first to go up to the chest first and piledrive on the chest like two damn octopuses. So, Zhang Yang had to distribute the loot to the rest of his gang.

As a Holy Tier boss, Tatashu dropped some Holy Tier equipment alright. However, there was only two Holy Tier equipment. Because the gang managed to get a lot more when they took care of Angus, they complained for a bit. Well, after noticing that there was another chest by the dead body of the boss, the gang felt joyful once more.

Among the two Holy Tier equipment, one was a Heavy Armor Helmet and the other was a pair of Cloth Armor Boots. Other than that, the heavy armor was not one of the powerful Healing Armor Set for Holy Knights. So everyone was relieved.

[Ancient Mechanical Helmet] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +640

Vitality: +16,803

Strength: +4,120

Agility: +1,750

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 33,600 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: When being hit, absorb 1,778 Damage.

Required Level: 180

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

This helmet was taken by Zhang Yang naturally. Now, his Basic Attack ranged from 203,741 – 234,241 damage. Zhang Yang had finally broke through the damage cap of 200,000 damage. He became bullsh*tly powerful now!

On the other hand, the Cloth boots were claimed by Fantasy Sweetheart. Because of that, her attributes had increased by a few notches!

Other than that, the boss also dropped two pieces of Skill Point Crystals. Unfortunately, there was no sign of any Skill Book. However, regular Holy Tier bosses would only drop one Skill Point Crystal. Now that this boss dropped two pieces if it, everyone could accept that extra piece of Skill Point Crystal to be a substitute of another item that the boss should have dropped.

After distributing the loot, it was time to take a look at the chest.

Zhang Yang swung his leg at Han Ying Xue who was sticking herself on the chest. With a powerful swing of his leg, he forcefully kicked her off the chest. Then he said, "Time to open the chest, little brat!"

"Let me hug it for a while more!" Wei Yan Er’s eyes were glittering with joy.

"If you’re not opening it, I’m going to open it, now!"

"Wu wu wu!" Wei Yan Er pouted. She was expressing her dissatisfaction on the fact that she could no longer hug the chest. She tapped on the chest and said, "Don’t blame me. It’s noob tank who forced me to do this to you!"

Zhang Yang frowned intensely. It was just opening up a chest, not a dead body in real life. So should the little brat behave as if she was parting with someone forever?

However, the little brat turned around and she was all smiling again. After chanting for a moment, the chest was opened.

"Wa, noob tank! You’ve just hit the jackpot!" Wei Yan Er took out a book out of the chest and threw it over to Zhang Yang.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 5] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: -

Use: Combines this item with [Book of Revelation: Chapter 4] and [Book of Revelation: Chapter 6] together.

Zhang Yang had already possessed the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 1-4]. With this [Book of Revelation: Chapter 5], he would be able to combine the first half of the entire [Book of Revelation] all together now. He also had Sun Xin Yu holding the book’s Chapter 8 while he was holding the book’s Chapter 10 with him at the moment. Therefore, he only needed to find and obtain the Chapter 6, Chapter 7 and Chapter 9 before he could collect all the Chapters to combine them into the one and only complete [Book of Revelation]!

"Quickly! See if there’s still an additional effect after you combine them together!" Everyone was hustling Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang nodded. Then he combined the Chapter 5 with the Chapter 1-4. Unfortunately, the additional effect only increased the additional damage up to 25%. Other than that, the HP amount remained upon resurrection had been increased up to 50%. The cooldown for the book had been reduced to 6 hours as well. However, there were no signs of any new additional special effects.

However, that 5% increase in the additional damage dealt had really boosted the gang up. Even though Zhang Yang’s gang only had 10 members, it would still be as if everyone taking a bottle of potion to increase their damage dealt by 50%. Furthermore, the effect stays forever.

"How can there be no equipment this time!?" Wei Yan Er took a deeper look in the chest and told the others. She was feeling disappointed. However, when her hands left the chest, she was holding a scroll and another metallic doll that was the size of her palm.

"Little brat, we have a Forbidden Scroll right here. So, what are you babbling about then?" Zhang Yang laughed.

[Forbidden Scroll: Thunderstorm] (Consumable)

Use: Activates a Thunderstorm upon all targets within the range of 10 Kilometers and causes immense damage to them. Reduces 10% HP of all targets in each second. If HP is less than 50,000, there would be a minimum deduction of 50,000 HP. If the HP is more than 200,000, then the deduction will reach up to 200,000 HP. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Required Level: 150