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Chapter 762: Gold Tier Servant

Chapter 762: Gold Tier Servant
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Because of that, the Lone Desert Smoke now had over 3 pieces of powerful AoE Forbidden Scrolls. Furthermore, they also had one Forbidden Scroll that could be used to restrict a single target. That being said, the Lone Desert Smoke now had over 4 pieces of Forbidden Scroll in total. Well, who in the world could have 4 Forbidden Scrolls in hand at the same time? That number would scare the daylights out of the other guilds. Some guilds might not even have gotten one Forbidden Scroll after joining the ‘God’s Miracle,’ ever since it started!

Finally, it was time to turn their attention to the metallic doll.

[Servant: Guardian of the Earth] (Gold Tier)

Use: Summons a giant Guardian to fight for you. Lasts for 5 minutes. You can only summon one servant at a time. Summon any of the servants in your possession will cause this doll to enter a state of global cooldown. Cooldown: 15 minutes.

Required Level: 150

Bound upon pickup.

A Gold Tier Servant!

Compared to the Silver Tier Servant which had a cooldown of 30 minutes, players who have a Gold Tier Servant would be able to summon their servant once every 15 minutes. That would cover over 33% of the summon rate. It would be a good improvement for players. Unfortunately, the Attack power of the servant could not be improved, nor leveled up!

However, about 10 days in real time would be required to level up to 1 level. So as long as this Gold Tier Servant reaches Level 170, it could be used practically until it becomes Level 190 or Level 200 before players needed to discard it. So that should be half a year after today.

Because the item was bounded upon pickup, this servant could not be passed around for the other players to have fun with it. So after arguing for a while, this Gold Tier Servant had fallen into the hands of that destructive little brat Wei Yan Er. In other words, that servant had become the little brat’s new toy.

She immediately summoned the Guardian of the Earth out in attempt to show off in front of the gang. However, when this servant was summoned out, it appeared as a mini version of the Servant Guardian Tatashu. The size of that Guardian of the Earth was just about the size of a pug, instead of a Cerberus. The little ‘pug’ would shake its three heads once in a while. Sometimes, it even tried to lower down its heads on the ground and yawn. The little thing looked absolutely adorable! It was totally different from its ‘big brother’ that was ferocious and terrifying to look at.

[Guardian of the Earth] (Gold Tier Servant)

Level: 180

HP: 648,760

Defence: 11,570

Melee Attack: 81,508 – 121,508


[Triple Bites]: Tears at the target continuously and causes 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Protect Master]: Protects the master and absorb all damage the master receives over the next 10 seconds upon activating this Skill. The master will be immune from all sorts of Status Restriction Skills.


Judging from the aspect of Attack, this Guardian of the Earth would be a little better than the Phoenix pet and the Red Dragon that Hundred Shots and Fatty Han had. However, if they judged it based on the fact that the Legendary Tier pets would automatically improve up to a whole new level when they hit Level 170, then this Gold Tier Servant would be way out of its league.

The Skill {Protect Master} was still considered very practical. It could be deemed as one of those Skills that granted players Invincibility. However, the HP amount of the Guardian of the Earth was quite limited. If the enemy target could deal more than 650,000 damage, the servant would die. By then, the ‘Invincibility effect’ would automatically disappear.

Furthermore, the Guardian of the Earth would not be affected by any Aura Skills. It could only keep its Attacks and HP amount at their initial basic amount. Well, that was awkward somehow.

However, Wei Yan Er was still very happy about getting a new Servant. She kept toying with the Servant and treated the Servant like her pet dog.

The boss had been defeated, and the chest had been looted clean. The gang tore their own Teleportation Scrolls and traveled back to the main city. Well, it had been more than 10 days ever since they set foot on the Island in the Center of the Earth. So, it was time for them to take a break from the hectic hack and slash sessions. Furthermore, it was almost the end of the year now. So, they would have many more things to handle.

Other than that, the second World Professional League Championship was just around the corner. This time, the location of the Championship would be at the sacred holiday location, Hawaii. The parties that would be eligible to take part in the Championship would be decided after the final two rounds of the Class S Professional League Championship.

Among the parties in the China Region, Lone Desert Smoke remained as the indisputable top party. Meanwhile, the second to fifth place would not be decided until the very end of the championship. The points of each party were so close. For instance, Crimson Rage and Imperial Sky had the same amount of points. Imperial Sky won the second place by the end of it because they managed to earn a hair-breadth of points from other methods.

Obviously, the results would always remain unknown until the very end of the competition.

Meanwhile, the Eternal Flame was performing outstandingly in the Class A Professional League Championship. They had become the unshakable champion in the Class A championship now. Therefore, they were definitely eligible to join the Class S Professional League Championship soon. Scholar Musou and Longrich teamed up together and performed astonishingly during the competition.

Zhang Yang put down the game helmet and he was ready to go home. Suddenly, he received an email. It was an email from the private investigator he hired. However, the email did not have any other news or information other than a link to a news website.

Upon clicking the link, the news webpage popped up. Zhang Yang had a quick read on the news and his face immediately turned white. Well, that was strange.

‘... Two days ago, a male corpse was found by the canal of the city side. The police had identified the male victim as Liu Wei, age 27. He was known to be the first successor to the Liu Enterprise. During the ‘Jian Zhou incident’, Liu Wei was the only one who was not dragged down to the bottom of the ocean by the fall of his empire. According to a person related to the case, Liu Wei had vanished about ten days ago. When he was found, he was already a dead corpse. According to the police investigation information, Liu Wei had suffered a lot of torturing before he breathed out his last breath. The tremendous tortures could be deemed as the main reason he died. However, the reason for the murder remains unclear. The police will conduct further investigation on it."

Liu Wei, the big bastard that could potentially ruin Zhang Yang’s life and legacy are dead?

Zhang Yang sunk into deep thoughts. Although the website posted a photo of the dead body, there was a white cloth covering that face. So there was no way of telling if this news was true, or if it was just a ruse to mislead Zhang Yang. However, the news also stated that Liu Wei had suffered a great deal of ordeal before he died. It would definitely be more than just a robbing or kidnaping for ransom. It was actually pretty obvious that the incident happened because of some hatred towards him.

Well, a lot of people wanted Liu Wei dead, after all. This bastard had done countless forms of crimes that even he lost count himself when his ‘Empire’ was still powerful and influential. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang only knew one person who would kidnap Liu Wei in the middle of the night and torture him over many nights. The only suspect would be One Sword Stroke.

Phew… that should be a good thing as well. Although Liu Wei was not dealt with by Zhang Yang’s own hands, at least Liu Wei remains in history now. Even though it was safe to hire muscles and eyes to keep the ladies safe, it greatly inconvenienced them. From now on, no one has to worry about Liu Wei anymore!

Ring! The phone rang. Zhang Yang rejected the call. However, he heard one of his secretaries say, "Mr. Chong, two police officers want to see you now!"

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and said, "Alright, let them in!"

In just a while, the door was opened. A beautiful and tightly dressed secretary was escorting two police officers into his office. The policeman was probably in his 30s by the looks of it. His body was sturdy and muscular. He had a dark skin tone though. On the other hand, the other police officer was younger. She looked not bad herself. Her waist was quite small. Zhang Yang swept his eyes across and noticed that the girl also wore a thick make up on her face. She seemed arrogant. Well, she would unintentionally reveal her glamorous face from time to time.

"Mr. Chang, we’re from the public security sub-bureau in Xiang Cheng District. My name is Zhao Zong Ping. And this is my partner, Zheng Li Yuan." The dark-face policeman introduced themselves to Zhang Yang. Then they flashed their IDs at Zhang Yang. However, that Zheng Li Yuan had no respect for Zhang Yang at all. Her nostrils were raised so high that Zhang Yang could see the nose sh*t in them. It was as if her status would fall for talking to Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang forced and smile and said, "Come, have a seat."

The three of them sat down and Zhao Zong Ping went straight to the point, "Mr.Zhang, we’re here to invite you over to the bureau in order to help us in a murder case. Please cooperate with us and our work!"

Murder case? Could it be Liu Wei’s murder case then?

Zhang Yang frowned a little and said, "Well, you can just shoot the questions here, I’ll answer them all!"

Slam! Zheng Li Yuan slammed the table and said, "We’re telling you to go to the bureau! So just obey! You think this is some sort of market? Did you really think you have the right to negotiate?!"

Zhang Yang suddenly revealed a cold face at them and talked to Zhao Zhong Ping, "Excuse me, may I know I’m actually helping the case or if I am the suspect of the murder case, then?"

"Did you really think we don’t know that you and Liu Wei had a history?" Zheng Li Yuan looked at Zhang Yang with disdain, "You must have underestimated our capability to investigate! So, just spit it out! Where did you keep Liu Wei imprisoned for the past 10 days and when did you murder him!?"

How did this b*tch even become eligible to become a policeman in the first place?

Zhang Yang glanced at the b*tch’s butt and her round boobs. Well, he actually got some idea on how she could have succeeded in becoming a policeman by doing that. So Zhang Yang remained calm and said, "Based on this Officer Zheng’s manner, I would have to decline to walk with you. If you do not have a warrant, please leave."

Zheng Li Yuan could not stand the sight of Zhang Yang’s eyes and how he looked at her. Indeed, she could be where she is right now was all because of her body and her skills in bed. So what made her so qualified to look down upon other people then?

Well, she was also considered to be a ‘luckless person’ after all. She was able to pass the test to enter the public security system. Because she appeared pretty and her pants were loose, she managed to become a mistress of the previous Deputy Director of the bureau. She thought she could get promotions all the way to the top at first. However, that Deputy Director of the bureau appeared to have ‘financial problems’. So, he ran away with his tails between his legs by the end of it.

However, even though the ‘soldiers’ would leave their barrack after a while, the barrack was built by steel and indestructible will. So as long as she stays, she would still stand a chance to become others’ mistress and get her promotions. After that, she also seduced quite a number of leaders in the bureau. Well, she really had eyes for those who were ‘special’. Or should we say that she was purely unlucky then? Whoever she goes in bed with would face a big problem, not long after. They were either detained, interrogated for committing something illegal, or they were transferred to another post. The worst one was one of them had a heart attack all of a sudden while racing cars!

She even did over 7 to eight times of abortions over the years. Even the doctors tried to talk her out of doing it again! However, she had no choice at all. The leadership of the bureau was changing a little too constantly. She had no choice but to do what she did best or she would not have survived in there.

This time around, however, the man that she was currently in bed with actually managed to become the Director of the Bureau! That was the main reason why she could behave so cockily. She could just show her arrogance to anyone she meets. Well, she thought she was above everybody else, now in such regards. Maybe she was just trying to vent out her dissatisfaction over the years.

Therefore, she only dared to look down upon Zhang Yang even though she knew that Zhang Yang was a CEO of a large public company. Deep in her heart, she believed that the rich would never be able to match the officers by the end of the day. So she could just let her ‘man’ pull some strings to make Zhang Yang dead if she wanted to.

She really could not stand how Zhang Yang was looking at her. So she instantly said, "What are you so cocky about! We’re trying to be nice to you now! You better take the easy way out now, or we’ll be forced to hurt you!"

"Officer Zheng!" Zhao Zhong Ping immediately stopped the b*tch from doing something really stupid. Everyone knew that the Silky Soft Holdings had great network connections with government officers. Anyone that Zhang Yang knew should be much more powerful than the ‘dirty husband’ of that b*tch. It would be wiser to stay away from trouble instead of stirring one up.

Well, that Deputy Zhou must be blind in this. This woman only had a pretty face. Other than that, she only had two chunks of meats and one hole for men to f*ck. He should just have some fun with this kind of brainless b*tch and throw her aside. Why would he spend so much effort in promoting her, then? This Deputy would definitely in deep sh*t one day for having this trouble-stirring b*tch by his side!

What the f*ck!

However, this b*tch really had quite an ‘outstanding’ *ss. It should be extremely satisfying to stick a d*ck into the hole! Zhao Zhong Ping immediately waved his eyes across the round butts of the b*tch. He could not help to have some thoughts in his head. Then he immediately kept his eyes away from the butts and turned to Zhang Yang. Then he said, "Mr. Zhang, I would like to apologize on behalf of Officer Zheng. Please do cooperate with us! With policemen and civilians cooperating with each other, we can create a harmonious society!"

As he was talking, he winked at Zheng Li Yuan, who was still blazing with rage.

Zheng Li Yuan was not really that stupid after all. She immediately got the message. Well, as long as they could get Zhang Yang to the police station, they would be able to do whatever they want to him. Well, this b*tch was the current ‘Empress’ in the entire bureau after all!