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Chapter 763: Drop it with Money!

Chapter 763: Drop it with Money!
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Back in his school days, Zhang Yang was basically involved in fighting and brawling cases every single day. Therefore, Fatty Han and Zhang Yang had become regulars at the local police station. Therefore, he was very familiar with the half-white and half-black kind of daces. Noticing the two of them were trying to communicate through their eyes, he could not help to smile quietly in his heart.

There are good and bad cops anywhere in the world. He recalled, back when he was still in his first grade of junior high school, he would fight with some hoodlums in the neighborhood and get arrested by the cops. An old cop tried to talk him out of becoming a hoodlum in the underworld. Sometimes, Zhang Yang would be locked up until midnight. The old cop would even buy him something to eat.

However, there were also bad cops. Sometimes, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han would be treated as thieves in the police station. Sometimes they even forced the two of them to admit to being something that they were not part of. Those bad cops would just cage them into a dark room and beat the crap out of them.

Therefore, Zhang Yang was very familiar with what the two had in mind at the moment. So he shook his head and said, "If you have any questions, just ask me now. I’ll definitely be a good citizen and do my duty. Or else, please don’t delay my time to go home and rest."

Zhao Zong Ping was troubled at the moment. Zhang Yang did not take the easy way nor the hard way. So, he was troubled as to how he should proceed with it. He did not dare to try it the hard way because he had no warrant in his hand. If these two cops really try to take Zhang Yang away by force, Zhang Yang could have easily ‘remove’ him of his rank. Well, with Zhang Yang’s current status in the society, he would really have no problem at all in removing any officer from the force if he wanted to.

Zhao Zong Ping was indeed in dire need of flattering the Deputy’s *ss. However, if that means losing his current job, then there was no point he should do it at all.

After giving it some thoughts, he finally decided to take the gentle way. So he asked, "Mr. Zhang, do you know Liu Wei personally?"

At first, he began to question Zhang Yang with simple questions. Of course, Zhang Yang was answering all the questions Zhao Zong Ping was throwing at him. Well, even if Zhang Yang did not answer, he could have easily investigated and get all the answers to the questions he asks Zhang Yang.

Slam! Zheng Li Yuan sudden slammed the table again. Then she spoke with her eyebrows raised, "Did you murder Liu Wei?!"


"Did you really think you can say no and pretend that you did not?" Zheng Li Yuan spoke in disdain again, "You said that you have a beef with Liu Wei in the game. However, why are there so much evidences provided by you then? Those evidence could really cripple the Liu Enterprise! You two are obviously holding great grudges against each other! So it makes perfect sense that you would kidnap him and torture him to death while he was trying to escape!"

This b*tch then took out a bunch of photos and slammed them on the table. The photos scattered across the table. The photos showed the same person. However, every piece of the photo was showing that the man was basically ‘dissected’ into pieces. Well, that corpse could not be identified as a ‘man’ anymore in some point. Even though Zhang Yang had seen quite a lot of gory stuffs in his life, he could barely stomach it down after seeing such gruesome photos.

So that… was really Liu Wei?

Zhang Yang thought quietly to himself that One Sword Stroke must have lost his mind to be able to do such gruesome thing to Liu Wei. However, thinking about how Liu Wei cut off One Sword Stroke’s d*ck and raped his wife in front of him, anyone would have gone mad and become capable of doing something so insane and gruesome.

Wait a minute!

Zhang Yang suddenly had an idea in his mind. Well, he had passed the evidence provided by Chen Xue Yao to Sun Xin Yu in the first place. Then, the evidence was passed to the authorities by Sun Family. So no one should have known it was him who provided the ‘firepower’ to take down the entire Liu Family!

So how did this b*tch knew about it then?

Huh? Apparently, things were not as simple as it looked! That’s right. He was no longer the hoodlum who would pick up a fight with other hoodlums on the streets. He had obtained a significant status in the society. He even had great relationships with many high-class leaders in the industries of business and politics as well. He is Mr. Zhang, CEO of the Silky Soft Holdings! So who does this Zheng Li Yuan think she is, flaunting him like this!?

Zhong Xiu Hua!

Zhang Yang suddenly thought of someone! Well, he already knew about the investigation on the Liu Family in the first place. He was also the one that bailed Liu Wei out of the prison with the intention to screw with Zhang Yang! However, it seemed that Zhong Xiu Hua did not only intend to screw with Zhang Yang. It seemed that he wanted to force Zhang Yang to make a move!

This Zhong Xiu Hua must have been monitoring Liu Wei all the while. If Zhang Yang had attempted something on Liu Wei, he would have fallen into Zhong Xiu Hua’s trap and let Zhong Xiu Hua have a grip over him. If that ever happens, Zhang Yang would only be able to fight Zhong Xiu Hua passively in the shadows.

Unfortunately, Zhong Xiu Hua must have not predicted that someone would have hated Liu Wei more than Zhang Yang did. That person had snatched Liu Wei away before Zhang Yang could do a thing. That person even tortured Liu Wei for several days before he ended his life! That should be it. Zhong Xiu Hua’s miscalculation! However, it was not like he gained nothing at all, from that incident. He was clever. He actually tried to pin the case on Zhang Yang!

With Sun Xin Yu working in the shadows, no harm would come to Zhang Yang. However, it really did provoked Zhang Yang a little bit. Other than that, if Zhang Yang always relies on a woman to settle things for him, Sun Xin Yu might look down on him as well.

Liu Wei was dead. So Zhong Xiu Hua decided to salvage and make good use of waste material. Well, he would just try because he would lose nothing at all. Even if he only manages to put a small crack on the relationship between Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu, he would be considered as the winner by the end of it.

After making some logic assumptions in his own head, Zhang Yang smiled vaguely. Then he said, "If you really think I’m the suspect or the murderer, then you should just come with a warrant and arrest me. Well, look at your manners! From now on, I refuse to answer any more of your questions.

"If you’re not cooperating, you’re going to get the trouble! All of it!" Zheng Li Yuan slammed the table again and shouted like a little b*tch.


"What 300,000?" Zheng Li Yuan was stunned to hear it. She wondered why Zhang Yang would say the number out of the blue.

"300,000! You take off your clothes and walk out of here naked!" Zhang Yang calmly said.

"Are you out of your mind!?" Zheng Li Yuan immediately blushed and shouted in rage back at Zhang Yang. However, she sighed regretfully in her own heart. If Zhang Yang was only asking her to sleep with him, she would have pushed Zhao Zong Ping out of the room and accepted the offer. It would be as simple as opening up her legs and letting Zhang Yang come at her. It would only be like an enjoyment for her.

"3,000,000!" Zhang Yang took out her checkbook and wrote the number on the column. Then he threw the cheque onto the table and said, "You can call the bank to verify the cheque!"

Zheng Li Yuan and Zhao Zong Ping took in a cold breath upon hearing what Zhang Yang had to offer. 3,000,000 dollars was a number that would make two of them regret if they really walk away from the offer. Well, that was probably because their salaries were just so little that they would need to work for their entire life just to get that amount of money. Zhao Zong Ping did not blame Zhang Yang for trying to bribe them. He did not even mind the fact that Zhang Yang was humiliating the two of them with money. All he thought of, was why must he be a man, instead of a woman at that situation!

Zheng Li Yuan tightened her teeth. Well, 3,000,000 dollars was indeed not a small figure at all. She had been sleeping with so many men out there just because she wanted promotions. Now the opportunity awaits… she could earn 3,000,000 dollars just by taking her clothes off and walking out of that building. That… had really got her heart pounding!

However, if she really does it, she would definitely become the ‘great insult’ to the bureau. She would definitely lose her job! So would it be worth it to risk everything for this one-time opportunity?

Her hands were raised up to the first button of her uniform. Then she put her hands down. Then she put her hands back up again. She was obviously struggling to decide whether she should do it or not!

"10,000,000!" Zhang Yang took up another cheque, wrote the number down on it. After signing it, he threw the cheque onto the table and stared at Zheng Li Yuan with cold eyes.

Truth to be told, even if he was rich in his previous life, Zhang Yang would not have showed off how rich he is. Well, the main reason was probably because he grew up in a poor environment. He was never fond of such actions. However, looking at these two fellow officers, he had the urge to drop his money on them.

Currently, money was just a figure to him. The Territories he had could earn over hundreds of millions for him in each passing day! 10,000,000 dollars was just a small number to him. With his current income, Zhang Yang would be capable of spending as much as 1,000,000,000 dollars or even 10,000,000,000 dollars with a snap of his fingers!

Zheng Li Yuan was totally crippled by the 10,000,000-dollar offer. So she quickly snatched the cheques over and took off her uniform.

Zhao Zong Ping was enraged. So he immediately shouted, "Zheng Li Yuan! What do you think you’re doing!? Please remember that you’re a cop!"

"Horse sh*t! You’re just jealous because you can’t earn 10,000,000 dollars like how I just did!" Zheng Li Yuan was able to see through the true intentions of Zhao Zong Ping, "I quit being a cop! Woohoo!"

The b*tch took off her clothes in a very brief period of time. She revealed her set of slightly saggy badonkers. The two nipples were so purplish that they looked black instead! Well, from the looks of it, only god knows how many men have sucked on them. The jungle bush in between her legs was so thick that it had the effect of covering up her crotch! Eww!

She smiled at Zhang Yang and changed her attitude 180 degree towards him and said, "Mr. Zhang, do you want me to accompany you tonight? I’m very good at treating men like you! I only take 1,000,000 dollars for each session!"

What the f*ck! Did she really take him as an idiot?

Zhang Yang revealed a cold look on his face and shouted, "Get lost!"

Zheng Li Yuan was not ashamed at all for trying. She took her uniform and also the two cheques that Zhang Yang threw on the table before the left Zhang Yang’s office. What a greedy b*tch! When she walked out of the office naked, everyone was shocked. It was like throwing a ‘Surprise, mother*cker’ to anyone that saw her walking naked across the building.

Zhao Zong Ping did not even know how to react. What the f*ck just happened!? Not only has he failed to bring the ‘target’ back to the police office, he also lost the Deputy’s ‘wife’ in the process of it! His ears were about to be lectured for a long time.

He knew that people like Zhang Yang were not people to be trifled with. Well, all he could do was to blame himself for trying to lick the shoes of his superior. Now, he has really gotten himself into a mess!

Zhang Yang picked up the phone and called the bank. Then he forfeited the two cheques that he had issued to Zheng Li Yuan without having a single doubt in his mind. A b*tch like Zheng Li Yuan should be taught a lesson! Letting a b*tch like her be a cop would only be feeding the flames of evil in society and harming the good people! The earlier she’s gone the better!

Zhang Yang made the call right in front of Zhao Zong Ping. Upon witnessing what Zhang Yang just did, Zhao Zong Ping could feel the fear tensing up on his chest. That Zheng Li Yuan had been fooled! She must have really believed that she had just earned a fortune! Meanwhile, Zhao Zong Ping knew that if he does not act cleverly, he would suffer similar fate as Zheng Li Yuan.

So he quickly stood up and fled building. Although he managed to catch up with Zheng Li Yaun, he did not even try to inform the b*tch about what just happened. Instead, he was figuring out how to face the wrath of his superior later when he got back to the police station.

Well, this greedy stupid b*tch had really got her karma after all! She’s as good as dead!


Zhang Yang asked Sun Xin Yu for help. He wanted her to make an appointment with Zhong Xiu Hua so that he could see that son of the b*tch face to face when they talk.

Zhang Yang was extremely uncomfortable after being shot at coldly in the dark. Well, it was about time he stands out and let his opponent knows that he was not made of mud or paper! He wanted to show Zhong Xiu Hua that he would get mad if this continues on..

Sun Xin Yu acted swiftly. Two days later, she informed Zhang Yang that the son of the b*tch agreed to have a meal with the two of them at the Hawkwood Palace Restaurant.

Two days later, Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu arrived at the Hawkwood Palace Restaurant. It was a historical restaurant that existed over many years. It was also a iconic spot in the Zhou Shu city.

The Hawkwood Palace Restaurant was not really big. After the two of them entered the restaurant, they were greeted by a waiter and escorted into a quiet and cosy VIP room. There were two huge bodyguards standing right outside the entrance of the room. They looked like two iron generals standing sturdily at the entrance.

"Let them in!" The two bodyguards were blocking the entrance. After a while, a man’s voice was heard from within the room. The two bodyguard stood aside and give way to Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu after that. There were only two men in the room. One of them was a young man Zhang Yang once saw on the video call --- Zhong Xiu Hua. He was sitting calmly while sipping on his hot tea. The other man was a skinny and thorough man standing right behind Zhong Xiu Hua. His face was basically emotionless. He did not even move a muscle while standing over there just like a statue.