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Chapter 765: The Second World League Championship

Chapter 765: The Second World League Championship
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Zhong Xiu Hua’s retaliation came fast. Quite a number of related departments came over to Zhang Yang’s company to look for trouble. Because of that, the morale of the staffs was seriously affected. Well, these so-called related departments did bring some of Zhang Yang’s designers back to the bureau for further investigation. Some anonymous sources claimed that the designers were abusing their positions to take advantage of the models. Various media were also involved in attempting to ‘expose’ the scandals. That had really affected the Silky Soft Holdings in a negative manner.

Fortunately, the Silky Soft Holdings had recovered back its former glory. Currently, the advertisements propelled by Lone Desert Smoke had drilled its way into the market of Europe, America, Japan-Korea and other foreign countries. With merely a small setback in the market of Zhou Shu, the sales of Silky Soft Holdings was still going extremely well.

Other than that, an ‘Anti Lone Desert Smoke Alliance’ had been formed in the game. They claimed that they would slaughter the Lone Desert Smoke until the guild gets disbanded.The core members of the alliance were naturally the players from the Eternal Flame. Other than them, they were joined by The Myth, The Dominators, Axe Gang and other guilds who had a beef with Lone Desert Smoke.

With Liu Wei dead, Death Arbiter took over as the guildmaster for The Myth. However, Death Arbiter was not as rich as Liu Wei. Therefore, many top Tier players that came for the money decided to leave The Myth. Because of that, The Myth had become a second-rate guild.

By the end of it, Death Arbiter decided to side with Zhong Xiu Hua. With his outstanding capabilities, he managed to get himself into the Class A Battle Team of Eternal Flame. If nothing goes wrong, Zhang Yang would be encountering him in the new season’s Class S Professional League Championship.

The Anti Lone Desert Smoke Alliance had declared war several times over. Their main targets were Zhang Yang’s three Territories. They did not care at all. They slaughtered every single player from other guilds as well, as long as they came out of any of the Territories.

Zhang Yang’s highest input of his income in ‘God’s Miracle’ came from the Teleportation Circles of the Territories. Zhong Xiu Hua was attempting to disrupt most of Zhang Yang’s income. However, his action had wrought unforeseen circumstances on him. He had underestimated the wrath of the players in the game. Well, it was true that players were not able to fight the Anti Lone Desert Smoke when they were low in numbers. However, how many players were there in the entire China Region then?


Other than those players who were Level 50 and below, the rest of the players, especially those who had reached beyond Level 100 in China Region would need to access the Teleportation Circle of the three Territories. Because they could only use the Teleportation Circles in Souron’s Castle and Morning Town, they could only travel to those two places before venturing to other places.

Well, they did not mind much after they are killed once or twice. However, it became personal after the players are killed over 4 to 5 times. That had really ignited the fury of the players. So, they joined forces and struck back at the Anti Lone Desert Smoke Alliance and kicked their *sses bad! The players won because they had numbers. Millions of them would swarm up the Anti Lone Desert Smoke at the same time! On the other hand, the Anti Lone Desert Smoke only had hundreds of thousands of players. So, how would they be able to hold their ground against the wrath of so many players?

Well, Zhang Yang did not even pay attention to those small issues. The second World League Championship was just around the corner. He needed to travel over to Hawaii together with Sun Xin Yu and the others to join the competition. So, he was busy preparing, instead of wasting his time on the Anti Lone Desert Smoke coalition.

By the end of January, Zhou Shu was still being bombarded by severe winter. However, Hawaii was warm most of the time. The scenery would be mesmerizing all the time. The place was full of foreign beauties in bikinis. Zhang Yang could not help to praise the place. When Fatty Han knew the ‘truth’, he felt an itch deep down in his heart. So, he also brought his wife-to-be along and traveled over to Hawaii with his own money. He claimed that he wanted to support Zhang Yang personally. However, the intention of a drunkard lies not on the wine, but on other purposes. Men would know.

Other than Lone Desert Smoke, the other parties from China Region which managed to get into the championship were naturally, Crimson Rage. Initially, Crimson rage and Imperial Sky had the same score in the previous competition. Crimson Rage managed to edge out in the end. So, they managed to enter the finals. Meanwhile, the contestants from other Regions were basically the same, back in the first World League Championship. Well, the only change was that the party of the Japan-Korea Region had been switched over with a new batch of players.

Zhang Yang did not pay much attention to it. With Lone Desert Smoke’s current achievement, they should be able to sweep the ground clean and claim victory over anyone.

As usual, after the brief opening ceremony, the team leader from each party stood up to draw a number. They drew numbers to see who their opponents would be.

Zhang Yang and his party members were not concerned at all about which opponents they would have to encounter. Instead, they were looking at the final rewards of the competition. After all, that was the only thing they cared about the most, in the first place.

The reward for this season’s championship was a little different from the previous season: The champion’s party would acquire +3 levels, +3 Skill points and a total of 5,000,000 American Dollars. The runner-up party would acquire +2 levels, +2 Skill points and a total of 3,000,000 American Dollars. The party who wins the third place would acquire +1 levels, +1 Skill points and a total of 1,000,000 American Dollars.

Other than that, parties with 4-8 players would acquire one free Skill Point. Meanwhile parties with 9-16 players would acquire a +1 level reward.

In other words, the players could get free rewards just by joining the competition! That should be an encouragement given by the developers for those who managed to make it into the World League Championship.

Finally, one MVP player would be selected from the finals. That MVP would get a chance to draw lots for one extra reward. The rewards among the lots would include equipment, Skill Book, Magic Scrolls, Skill Point Crystals and many other valuable items!

After looking through the rewards, Zhang Yang and his gang tapped their chests to express their resolution to win. Meanwhile, Wei Yan Er commanded Zhang Yang not intervene during the finals. She wanted to win the MVP title for herself!

From that night onwards, the opening match blew up.

Unlike the first World League Championship, Daffodil Daydream had acquired her Class A Soul Breaker Inheritance. By having it so, she finally removed the fact that she was the only one without an Inheritance on the party. Among the 7 of them, 3 of them had Class S Inheritance, two of them had Class A Inheritance, and last but not least, two of them with Class B Inheritance. Therefore, Zhang Yang’s party had an absolute advantage over the other parties in the championship.

However, because the championship forbids players to activate Skills that have a cooldown longer than half an hour, the power level of Felice, Phoenix pet and Red Dragon pet were nerfed by a notch. Furthermore, none of them could activate their Inheritance Transformation as well. Even though the additional damage of players with Class S Inheritance was just 10% more than the additional damage of players with Class A Inheritance, the players with Class S Inheritance would only be like having an additional Holy Tier equipment on them. Practically speaking, the difference might only be 5% or even 3% to 4%.

The important thing was that the difference between the HP amounts of the players was not that obvious. Everyone seemed to be using their equipment to boost their HP. So, there would not be a player with tens of millions of HP while the others only have about a million.

As the Champion of the first World League Championship, the Silky Soft Battle Team was the ‘can opener’ for the competition. Their first opponent was the Japan-Korea’s Undying Souls. By the end of it, they managed to defeat the Undying Souls with the score of 5:0. It was an easy win. Zhang Yang and his party had exhibited their absolute power over the Undying Souls!

On the second day during the quarterfinals, Zhang Yang and his gang went up against the Saint Louise Battle Team from South America Region. They had once again triumphed over their opponents with the score of 5:0! Furthermore, Zhang Yang did not even take part in the match this time! The spectators were cheering and praising that the Silk Soft Battle Team was a little overly powerful! They were still so capable and powerful even though they put the most powerful player on their party on the bench!

During the semi-finals, Zhang Yang and his gang went up against the Steely Dang Battle Team from the India Region!

5:2! 6:3!

The Silky Soft Battle Team claimed another victory with a score of 2:0. Well, Hourglass Figure was equipped with a Class S Inheritance, after all. Meanwhile, there were another few players with Class A Inheritances on her battle team. So, they were able to perform very well in the one on one matches on the first round. They were able to win two matches in the first round. In the second round, they got the upper hand in their line-up. So, they managed to win 3 matches and prolonged the match to a team battle. However, they failed to defeat the Silky Soft Battle Team by the end as well.

In the finals, the Lone Desert Smoke went up against ‘Philosopher Stone Battle Team’ that had been ‘reorganized’.

Well, this ‘Philosopher Stone Battle Team’ was actually a new team that the Justice League put up together. Now, they were using some new players on the team. The team included Heart of Destruction who had a Class S Inheritance.

That’s right! The Dark Palace was only formed last year by March. Therefore, they could only survive in the Class B League Championship. They would need to participate in the qualification contest in order to see if they could make it into the Class A League Championship. However, the rules and restrictions of the World League Championship had a flaw that many would use to their own advantage. Players were free to change their team members before the match. Therefore, two teams decided to reform their teams as one. They arranged their roster accordingly so that they could assemble a new team filled with top Tier players. The better team would be taking part in the Class S League Championship while the weaker team would take part in the Class B League Championship.

The two guilds did not merge together. They were just forming an alliance to join the World League Championship. After all, the system did not restrict nor set a limitation that the members of a party had to be from the same guild.

Both of the guilds involved were top Tier guilds from the North America Region. After forming up a strong battle team, they had over 6 players with Class A Inheritances, other than one player with a Class S Inheritance!

Actually, there were only 6 players with Class S Inheritance in the entire world. Furthermore, the Lone Desert Smoke had 3 on their side! Meanwhile, having 6 players with Class A Inheritance on their side made them much more powerful than Lone Desert Smoke in a sense --- Zhang Yang only knew about it later on. It seemed that this battle team did not only get powerful players to their side from Dark Palace, they had also acquired powerful players from some top Tier guilds from the North America Region. Their intention was very obvious, though. They wanted to join the forces of all guild in their own Region in order to claim victory over the World League Championship as one team!

Meanwhile, they had accumulated enough strength to do it. In the semifinals, they managed to eliminate Crimson Rage Battle Team with ease by scoring a final score of 2:1. They scored 5:1 in the first round and 5:2 in the second round. By doing so, the lady army of the Crimson Rage had once again lost before they could get into the finals.

On January 22, 7 p.m, the finals for the second World League Championship was about to begin. The third in place and the fourth in place competed against each other for the consolation prizes. The lady army of the Crimson Rage Battle Team had given them their best. However, they were no match for the Steely Dang Battle Team. So, they had to accept the fact that they had lost and endure the pain of being ranked as number four in the second World League Championship.

At 9 p.m, the final battle between the Silky Soft Battle Team and the Philosopher Stone Battle Team.

With the anchor of the night cried out the signal, the first round of the match had finally begun. The first match was Hundred Shots vs Captain America!

"Noob tank, will uncle Hundred Shots win?" Wei Yan Er blinked her large eyes and said. She hoped that the first round would end with a score of 5:0. If that could happen, Zhang Yang would not need to join the battle. Then, she would still stand a chance to win the MVP title to herself.

Zhang Yang gave it some thought and said, "By the aspect of skills and power level, I would say Hundred Shots is at a disadvantage there. Take a look. He only has a Class B Inheritance. He would fall back when going up against a player with a Class A Inheritance. However, Hundred Shots is Level 170 now. His Red Dragon has just been improved to Holy Tier pet! Hehe, I would say that it’s going to be tough for the opponent to battle a Red Dragon in the arena!"

"Then, it is possible that uncle Hundred Shots can win?" Wei Yan Er was filled with joy.

"Well, he should at least have a 70% chance!" Zhang Yang nodded and said.

As the preparation period has ended, the match between Hundred Shots and Captain America had finally begun!

While standing in the middle of the arena, everyone was forbidden from sitting on their mounts. However, Hundred Shots was a Hunter. So he had the natural ability to let his pet tag along his side. The Red Dragon could be used as a pet and also as a mount. The appearance of this red ‘gem’ had really got a lot of attention in the arena. Many people were staring at the dragon with envious intent. Some of them simply admired it wordlessly.

[Red Dragon] (Holy Tier Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 170

HP: 1,277,730

Defence: 17,660

Melee Attack: 140,086 – 200,086 (Based on Physical Attack, however, causes Chaos Damage. Attack Interval: 2 seconds)

Judging from the aspect of DPS normal attack, the Red Dragon was much more powerful than Zhang Yang! However, because the Red Dragon did not have any offensive Skills that could deal immense damage to the target, it could only deal a total DPS of 850,000!

Captain America was currently in deep sh*t now!