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Chapter 766: Retaining the title as the Champions

Chapter 766: Retaining the title as the Champions
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As the captain of the Philosopher Stone Battle Team, Captain America was very eager to win the first match in an attempt to raise the morale of his newly formed battle team. Furthermore, he would be able to solidify his position as the captain of the battle team!

Because their Battle Team was sponsored by the Philosopher Stone Holdings, he still had a certain level of authority when it came to the setting up of the battle team. However, if his performance was not as good as Heart of Destruction, then he might get replaced by Heart of Destruction at some point!

After all, a captain with a Class S Inheritance would be more capable of encouraging the party members or team members!

However, he had a great problem to solve right before him if he ever wants to win. The Red Dragon pet!

Captain America was screaming and cursing deep in his heart. How could he be so unlucky to have encountered a Holy Tier pet! What the f*ck! Fortunately for him, his main target was not the Red Dragon Pet. He only needed to make sure the player is dead in order to win. If he is able to kill the player, it would no longer matter if the pet was Holy Tier or even Celestial Tier!

The moment the battle began, Captain America charged towards Hundred Shots with large steps. His objective was clear as crystal. If he could just stick himself by the side of Hundred Shots throughout the battle, he would be able to unleash his full power on Hundred Shots. Well, all he needed to do was to kill Hundred Shots before the Red Dragon kills him!

However, ever since Hundred Shots got his Red Dragon pet, he had been training with Fatty Han to acquire a special tactic that only the both of them could use. He would rely on his pet to deal damage to his opponent while he kites his opponent around! Furthermore, it had been quite a long time since he first got his Red Dragon pet. He was extremely familiar with the tactic by now!

{Concussive Shots}!

Hundred Shots immediately used a Skill to reduce Captain America’s movement speed. Meanwhile, his Red Dragon pet took a few steps towards Captain America and spat out a stream of Dragon Breath at him. The flames reached out to 15 meters further into the surroundings. At the same time, Hundreds Shot began to run away from Captain America as swiftly as he could.

Meanwhile, Captain America was standing at a distance that was just enough to use {Charge} on the Red Dragon pet. After giving it some thought, Captain America immediately activated his {Charge} and clashed into the Red Dragon. He managed to stun the Red Dragon, so now he could pursue Hundred Shots uninterrupted. Without wasting any of the time he bought for himself, Captain America activated his {Heroic Leap} and leaped straight over to Hundred Shots. Hundred Shots was stomped and stunned for 3 seconds!

Raising up his axe, Captain America began to attack Hundred Shots as intensely as he could.

1 second later, the Red Dragon pet had recovered from the Stun Effect. It immediately turned towards Captain America and spat its Dragon Breath at him without holding back at all.

Hundred Shots did not falter. He activated his Accessory to acquire the Invincibility effect and canceled the Stun Effect on him. Then, he continued to run away. Meanwhile, Captain America followed him closely from behind. He did not want to give Hundred Shots any chance of getting away. Under the bombardment of the Red Dragon, his Rage bar was full. The moment the Invincibility effect on Hundred Shots faded, he would be able to afflict Hundred Shots with his {Thunder Stike}.

{Breaking Shot}!

Hundred Shots sent Captain America into a state of confusion. As long as he does not cause any damage to Captain America, Captain America would have to stay still for 4 seconds! It was a great opportunity for Hundred Shots to gain some distance between the two of them.

Captain America quickly activated his Accessory as well. He also entered a state of Invincibility. However, his reason of doing so was totally different from Hundred shots’. He wanted to get as close to Hundred Shots as possible!

At the same time, the Red Dragon had stopped its assaults on Captain America. It stopped to prevent itself from dealing ineffective attacks on the opponent while he was still invincible. It would be a waste if the Red Dragon attacks Captain America before the Invincibility Effect fades.

One of them was pursing, while the other was escaping!

10 seconds later, the Invincibility effect on Hundred Shots had vanished. However, he leaped into the air and jumped away from Captain America all of a sudden. At the same instant, Captain America’s {Charge} was still under cooldown. So he could only run like hell with his feet in attempt to push Hundred Shots into a corner.

Another 2 seconds later, the invincibility effect on Captain America had vanished as well. Not only he had to endure the Dragon Breath of the Red Dragon, he would need to take on the {Leap Shot} that Hundred Shots shoot at him from time to time. So the rate of reduction on his HP bar was extremely fast.

Captain America quickly took out his potions and gulped it down. Then he proceeded on to push Hundred Shots to a corner.

It was the most popular tactic that a hunter would use in hunting down a prey. As long as he could force the target to a dead corner, Captain America could activate his {Charge} to counter Hundred Shots’s {Leap Shot}. At the same time, he could reserve his {Warrior’s Will} to rid of any status restriction effect on him just in case. As long as he could perform a series of explosive attacks on Hundred Shots, he should be able to kill Hundred Shots in no time.

However, Hundred Shots was no ordinary Hunter as well. The main reason was because he had a Legendary pet with him! The damage dealt by the Red Dragon was just too damn high! Even though Captain America had over 650,000 HP, he would only be able to endure 4 attacks from the Red Dragon without dying after that. He would not be able to hold on longer than a few seconds even after he used potions or any Recovery Skills!

His only chance was to instantly kill Hundred Shots. If he couldn’t do that, he would have to accept the fate that the Red Dragon was going to f*ck him up for good!

However, anything would be too late by now. His Charge would need 30 seconds to cool down. That amount of time was enough for him to pay with his life!

1:0 Silky Soft Battle Team won the first match of the finals!

The second match would have Daffodil Daydream versus Wonder Woman! It was a battle between two Spellcasters!

Both of them were Pyromancers. So, the both of them began to deal as much damage as they could to each other. However, they were also using ranged attacks, Frost defensive and Frost offensive Skills on each other. They were also be comparing their skills and control of their Status Restriction Skills in the battle! So it was really very difficult to tell whether which one of them had the advantage over the other. However, Daffodil Daydream managed to rely on the advantage she had on her equipment and defeated her opponent by the end of the battle!

2:0 Silky Soft Battle Team continued to show the advantage they had over their opponent battle team.

The third match would have Sun Xin Yu versus Holy Zealots.

This Holy Zealots was a Guardian who had a Class A Inheritance. Theoretically speaking, his Class should be oppressive over Sun Xin Yu’s Class, Thief. However, Sun Xin Yu had reached the pinnacle in the art of assassination. Her {Eagle Eye} had made her even more powerful than ever! She only activated her {Ambush} twice before taking out her opponent with ease!

3:0 Silky Soft Battle Team was unstoppable!

However, the fourth match was Lost Dream versus Heart of Destruction who was one of the top Tier players!

Even though the first {Ambush} that Lost Dream activated managed to reduce a quarter of Heart of Destruction’s HP bar, but Heart of Destruction did not give Lost Dream a second chance to do it again! He unleashed the full potential of his Class S Inheritance and ended Lost Dream’s life shortly after that!

3:1 Philosopher Stone Battle Team managed to win back a match for themselves. Poor Lost Dream was the first to taste defeat among Zhang Yang’s gang. He knelt on the ground to reflect on the mistakes he did during the battle.

Truth to be told, the two of them had almost the same capability in the aspect of skills and controls. However, when a player with Class B Inheritance battles another player with a Class S Inheritance, the difference would become very obvious. The additional damage that a player with a Class S Inheritance had would be much greater. For instant, Zhang Yang’s {God of War Devastation} could provide Zhang Yang an additional 300% Melee Attack. Meanwhile the {Dark Vengeance} could only provide 250% additional attack. So when it came down to a Class B Inheritance, Lost Dream only received 200% additional attack on his Inheritance Skills.

These Skills had over 1 minute of cooldown. It would not affect much if the players were dealing damage to their target over a long period of time. However, the difference between the Attack power of the Skills would become very obvious when players needed to nuke a target over a brief period of time!

So Lost Dream did not lose because he did some sort of mistake.

The fifth match was Han Ying Xue versus Saint's Descendent. With her super healing capabilities, she managed to torture the Hunter to death!

4:1 Silky Soft Battle Team had done it again!

On the sixth match, it was finally Wei Yan Er’s turn. Her opponent was Duke Marlogia, a Holy Knight.

Well, {Destructive Smash} naturally weakens the effect of Healing Efficiency. Furthermore, the little brat was insane. She could deal a tremendous amount of damage to her opponent over a brief period of time. Plus, she also had her Gold Tier Servant aiding her in battle. She acted like a tornado and took out her opponent like it was nothing.

5:1, The first round of the match was firmly won by the Silky Soft Battle Team. Zhang Yang did not even get the chance to show off his skills in the arena yet!

The two sides handed in the line-up list to the organizer. The second round of the match would begin after a 10-minute break.

However, although the Philosopher Stone Battle Team had done a lot of changes to their line up, they were not able to change the fact that the Silky Soft Battle Team had the uttermost advantage over them. The Philosopher Stone Battle Team managed to score 2:4 where they were still losing. On the 7th match, no one even think that the Philosopher Stone Battle Team would stand any chance at all at prolonging the match to the 8th match, the Team Battle. The reason was simple. Their opponent for the 7th match was Zhang Yang!

It was a total oppression on the Philosopher Stone Battle Team. The battle ended within 10 seconds. Silky Soft Battle Team was able to win the second round of the match by scoring 5:2. With a final score of 2:0. Silky Soft Battle Team had become the Champion of the World League Championship once again!

Naturally, the money was wired into Zhang Yang’s account first. As for the reward of +level and +Skill Points, they would be automatically received by the players when they sign into the game after the competition. After a long debate and voting, the MVP in the finals was --- Han Ying Xue!

The committees stated their reasons well. Han Ying Xue was a Healer. However, she managed to win two crucial matches. Furthermore, she had shown everyone her extraordinary skills in healing. 55% of the committee and the audiences supported Han Ying Xue as the new MVP. Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu got 42% support from the others. As for Zhang Yang, it was unfortunate that he was totally ignored by everyone. Well, he only get to battle for one match after all.

After declaring who was the new MVP, Wei Yan Er was deeply hurt. She squatted down and began to draw circles with her finger in resentment. She cursed the committees for being blinded by Han Ying Xue’s huge pair of titties.

Han Ying Xue went up to stage to receive the special reward for winning the MVP title. The digital screen began to flash on. After a brief moment the screen stopped on an item --- [Book of Revelation: Chapter 6]!

Zhang Yang screamed in joy. He waited Han Ying Xue to come back before he gave Han Ying Xue and passionate kiss as her reward for bringing back such a reward for him. Sun Xin Yu was so envious that she was cracking her knuckles while humphing on.

Although the competition was over, Zhang Yang and his gang did not go back to their country immediately. Instead, they decided to stay back to have a few days rest in Hawaii. Since no one was in the mansion now, there was no reason for them to rush back home. As for Hundred Shots, he also brought his family over after the competition. Then he introduced his wife and two children to the gang. Well, he had a son and a daughter.

Until the third day of the new year, everyone had finally packed up their things and ended their vacation in Hawaii. Then, they went back to Zhou Shu together.

To make sure that they really had a good vacation, none of them logged into the game during their vacation. Therefore, when Zhang Yang logged back into the game, he immediately received system notification. A golden light flashed across his entire body and he became Level 177! Furthermore, he received 3 additional Skill Points.

Zhang Yang added all 3 additional Skill Points onto his {Force Strike}. Currently, his {Force Strike} was Level 5. So, he could have a 50% rate of activating an additional attack.

It would only be 3 levels before Zhang Yang reaches Level 180. By then, he should be the first player who equips the first Ascended Tier equipment in the entire game. That would be awesome, don’t you think? However, he would need to cross over the threshold of Level 179 before that happens. Well, Level 179 was like a curse to Zhang Yang. He was really worried that everything would be reset back to square one again after he reaches that level.

Zhang Yang tapped his cheeks for a little bit and cheered back up. Then, he entered a whole new map called the Marlin's Land of Salt.

This was a map that he never step foot onto before in his previous life. The entire land was white and sandy. There was no sign of any green. The ground was made of layers of crystals that looked like ice blocks. Zhang Yang had to walk carefully on them. Or else, he would fall his face to the ground.

However, there were also some plants in the surroundings. The plants in the area were frosty white. They looked extremely bizarre. They blended into the land of salt very well. It was really hard for one to see them clearly. Well, Zhang Yang was not worried at all. He could just let his Herb Foraging Familiar out into the wild to do its job, collecting the herbs. As long as Zhang Yang is willing to pay the summoning fee, he would be able to collect herbs from this map.

Zhang Yang was flying through the sky while observing the situation down on the ground of the map. He could not find any signs of life all. He did not see anything moving down there!

Zhang Yang descended closer to the ground and glided on the back of his Flying Mount. Just when everything was peaceful, suddenly, Zhang Yang heard a loud rumbling sound echoing across his ears. A gigantic, sharp leg broke through the surface of the salt crystals and struck straight towards Zhang Yang’s chest like a spear!

In a flash, Zhang Yang’s body reacted to the danger before him. He raised his shield up immediately to block the attack! A loud bang was heard. That gigantic sharp leg was deflected back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The salt crystals in the surroundings were beginning to crack and creak. A gigantic monster drilled itself straight out of the surface of the ground. It was a gigantic scorpion! This frosty white scorpion was just gigantic! There were no other words to describe it! Its long and gigantic scorpion tail was so white that it looked transparent! The tip of the tail was so sharp that anyone who sees it would feel an intense chill up their spines!

Something crawled out of the cracks on the salt crystals. Zhang Yang took a closer look at the little things that were crawling out of the cracks. There were countless baby scorpions gushing out from the cracks all around! They were so abundant that they looked like trails of liquid flowing out, covering the ground in the surroundings!

People would usually say that someone has stirred the hornet’s nest. Well, Zhang Yang had definitely stirred the Scorpion’s nest!