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Chapter 772: Taking down the first boss!

Chapter 772: Taking down the first boss!
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Therefore, after everyone had a brief discussion, they decided not to kill the monsters. They’ve made their own calculations. Under the circumstance that they do not activate their Inheritance Transformations, the party would barely kill the boss under 10 minutes with their current firepower. It would be a difficult battle. If they wanted to assign some of their men to deal with the Skeleton Patrollers once they are spawned, they would end up being wiped out by the boss’s {Spectre’s Fury} and the monsters eventually.

Truth be told, Mountain Mover had brought a party in, attempting to kill the boss before this. They failed because they did not have the firepower to kill the boss within 10 minutes. Even though they had insanely powerful DPS players such as Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, and Wei Yan Er, they were still a little short on firepower to bring the boss down to its knees within 10 minutes. It seemed that the shortage of firepower could not be overcome, even after Zhang Yang and the others join in.

However, based on some calculations, it would be possible to take out the boss within 10 minutes without having to activate any Inheritance Transformations. That would require every single one of the members of the party to deal damage at 100% capacity! However, because the boss would use its {Frostbite} and {Crippling Pain} constantly, the party would need to move around in order to stay alive in the boss battle. They would not be able to stay and deal damage to the boss at their 100%.

The tactic used would involve Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight and Ten Dusk handling the monsters. Each of them would be handling two monsters at a time. The remaining 3 monsters would be handled by the remaining two Tankers. Additionally, Zhang Yang would throw his {Surrogacy} on the weakest DPS player among the party and let the player tank against the last monster --- as for the 10th monster, when the monster is spawned on the 10th minute of the boss battle, it would not matter if the party has anyone to tank the monster or not. They would be wiped out by the boss’s {Spectre’s Fury} by then.

Each Tanker would be followed by 7 other players. Well, they would stand together and share the damage they receive from {Flare Star}. They would also share the pain they receive from the {Crippling Pain} and {Frostbite} as well!

Therefore the Tankers would decide the fate of the party in such regard. Well, if a Tanker takes a wrong step, the Tanker would be leading the players following them into sustaining additional damage. Well, that would also mean that the group would almost definitely be killed as well. When any one of the groups die, well, there was no need to tell what the monster would do after that. Furthermore, with a group less in the party, the party would not have enough firepower to kill the boss in time. By then, the party would have to accept their fate and be wiped out!

Truth to be told, they would still be short in firepower to take out the boss within the timeframe.

If the boss would just spawn one Skeleton Patroller, the party could just slay the monster and focus on taking down the boss after that. Well, they would be able to deal over 1,700,000,000 damage in 10 minutes of that is the case. They would not have to be so busy and tired then.

Unfortunately, with their current Tier of equipment, they had to make do like so. Well, it was obvious that Zhang Yang and the party was not powerful enough to crush the boss with pure brute force --- which guild would be so powerful to do that, huh?

So how about Inheritance Transformation then? The boss’s {Dominator Aura} would cause a disastrous amount of damage to all players who activated their Inheritance Transformations of course. Players would gain tens of millions of HP by activating their Inheritance Transformations. Just imagine how much HP would they lost then. The boss’s {Dominator Aura} could deal a damage of the same amount as the players’ 2% HP in each passing second. If a player had over 10,000,000 HP, the player would be suffering 200,000 HP in each passing second! Even if Han Ying Xue had activated her Inheritance Transformation, she would not be able to keep up with that pace of damage.

Furthermore, Zhang Yang would have over 58,000,000 HP after he activated his Inheritance Transformation. Because of that….. he would lose 1,160,000 HP in every passing second! Even if all Healers on the party were focused to heal him up, they would not prevail as well.

However, they could still activate their Inheritance Transformation though. Well, they could only activate their Transformation at the final stage of the boss battle. They should be able to last for 1 minute before they would lose all their HP and die.

In other words, the players could still have the advantage of having their Inheritance Transformations. However, the time duration of their Inheritance Transformation would be narrowed down by extreme measures. Because of that, this boss battle had become balanced for the boss and for the players as well. Well, this situation would be fair to the normal players, however, it would not be fair for players who have Inheritance Transformations.

Zhang Yang charged into the battlefield to lure the monster. By doing so, he gave the signal for the party to follow him into the battle.

Crack! Crack! Crack! The boss was trembling its chin and jaws. The lower teeth of the boss had knocked into the upper teeth of the boss. "He he he ---" The boss began to make some strange laughter. Then it took up its axe and sliced it straight towards Zhang Yang.

Upon casting 5 layers of {Cripple Defence} onto the boss, everyone quickly took their Power Potion and get started with their insane attacks on the boss. Although it was money-consuming to take Power Potions, however, players would need to rely on any sorts of potions that could aid them in expediting a dungeon. Furthermore, they would need to repair their equipment with their own pockets. Well, most importantly, they would need to dedicate their time for the expeditions.

The party had been divided into 6 teams, six individual formations with one Tanker (one of them was a fake Tanker) as the leader of the team, constantly moving around the boss in circles.

30 seconds later.

"{Crippling Pain}!" The boss roared out in a very low voice. Instantly, eight dark rays that looked like eight dark screens were shot out from the boss. Then these dark rays began to move slowly towards the surroundings. Well, if players could react in time, they would definitely be able to avoid touching the rays.


Right after the eight rays had passed by, the boss let out another roar. This time, it waved its left hand and the sky began to hail. Each attack from the hail could deal a total damage of 100,000 Frost Damage! If anyone was hit by the {Crippling Pain} and get afflicted with a reduction of their movement speed, they would have been killed by this hail.

Each team had a Tanker up front like an arrow head. They were trying to dodge and attack. Those who were Physical type players would not be affected much by it. Well, their Skills could be instantly activated. So walking and running would not affect them too much --- of course, that was under the circumstance that the players were al top Tier players. Normal players would have forgotten every other thing the moment they started moving and running.

However, things seemed to turn disastrous for the Magic type players. They would need time to chant their spells! They could not just stop on one spot in order for them to chant their spells. That would definitely affect the party’s DPS.

Fortunately, Zhang Yang and the gang had noticed this. So other than the Healers which were essential in every party, they did not recruit too many Spellcasters for their party before they came into the dungeon. The party was basically made up of Thieves, Hunters and Berserkers. Well, most of them were actually Hunters. That did not actually affect them at all.

60 seconds!

"My servant! Come out and fight for me!" Antarkt let out a raging roar and used its axe to cut the ground. Instantly, something broke itself out of the surface of the ground. A Skeleton Patroller crawled right out from the crack and roared at Zhang Yang with its mouth opened.

Zhang Yang immediately activated his {Horizontal Sweep}, hitting both the boss and the monster at the same time. By doing so, he succeeded in securing the aggro of both units.

The party did not mind the monsters at all. They were just minding their business with the boss, aiming their attacks at the boss only.

2 minutes later, the second Skeleton Patroller was spawned by the boss as well.

Endless Starlight quickly took over and kited the monster 10 meters away from the first Skeleton Patroller. Well, that should prevent them from resonating with their {Resonance}.

3 minutes into the battle, the third one was spawned. Ten Dusk stepped in and kited the monster away. As time passed by, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth ... when all 6 Tankers were occupied with the Skeleton Patrollers that were spawned, a very interesting formation was formed on the battlefield. Zhang Yang was tanking against the boss and one monster in the middle of the area. Meanwhile, the other 5 monsters were approximately 14 to 15 meters away from the boss and Zhang Yang. They were in position, surrounding the boss in a circular arc formation. Each of them was like 70 degrees away from each other. And they were about 15 meters away from each other at the same time.

Well, if everyone was to move around all together, the entire circular arc shape formation would move! It would interesting at the least, to look at!

When the seventh monster was spawned, Zhang Yang stepped in to kite it over to him. The eighth one was lured over by Endless Starlight while the ninth one got lured by Ten Dusk. However, when the battle was entering the tenth minute, the boss still had over 18% HP remaining. The boss began to unleash its {Spectre’s Fury}, showing no mercy to every player in the surroundings. It only took two to three seconds before the boss wiped out the entire party out!

Everyone quickly ran back to their dead bodies. Then, they picked a safe spot and camped there. They took snacks to recover their HP while discussing the changes and tactics they might need to use on the boss.

"Actually, Battle Companions can also come out and share the damage for us. We don’t have to move along altogether."

"That’s true. We should receive enough healing as it is. We can also pick out 4 Spellcasters and let them be on their own. They won’t have to move with us. That should increase our damage output on the boss for a bit."

"Healers can also try to deal some damage to the boss whenever they are free!"

As there were many of them, many ideas were heard as well. So, they slowly amended their battle tactics, based on the ideas and suggestions they heard from the others.

Not long after that, the second battle had begun!

This time, they managed to reduce the boss’s HP to 14%!

That was an improvement. If they could use their Inheritance Transformation without having to worry about anything, they could have killed the boss with ease! However, because of the boss’s {Dominator Aura}, everyone would only last in the battlefield for 1 minute.

Even though the Attack power of a player after activating Inheritance Transformation would be extremely powerful, but now, they would need to have a lot of HP as well. Well, truth be told, the additional Attack power players could get from Inheritance Transformations were beginning to look weaker, as the players’ equipment were getting better through time. Even though Zhang Yang had a Class S Inheritance Transformation, he only acquired a boost of 2.5 times on his DPS upon activating his Transformation.

Then, the others should get an even lesser boost on their Attack power upon activating their Inheritance Transformation.

Within a timeframe of 1 minute, the party could deal additional 10% damage to the boss if they activate their Inheritance Transformations at the same time. Unless they could reduce the boss’s HP to 10% within 10 minutes, they would still fail on killing the boss. Their use of Inheritance Transformations would have gone to waste, by then.

Everyone was trying their best to adapt to the boss’s attack pattern and behavior. Then they amended their battle tactics accordingly, every time they failed. One time, two times, ten times... when they failed for the thirteenth time, the party had finally pushed the boss’s HP bar down to 11%!

"No wonder no other guild could take out this f*cking boss…. What an annoying f*ck!" Fatty Han sighed again and again.

"Stop whining! We can take the boss down on our next attempt!" Everyone was filled with hope and confidence. 11%. If they could bring the HP bar of the boss down to 10% on their next attempt, they could just activate their Inheritance Transformations on the ninth minute of the battle and take out the boss once and for all!

Let the battle begin!

Everything went smoothly. Upon entering the eighth minute of the boss battle, the HP of the boss had been reduced to 28%.

{Glare of the Death God}!

Zhang Yang threw out his boss-killer Skill without hesitation. Well, if this Skill is not resisted by the boss, they would take out another 10% HP of the boss for free! It would be similar to a situation where the entire party activates their Inheritance Transformations!

Phew! A dark skull began to form right on top of the boss’s head!

The Skill was not resisted! Praise the lord!

Everyone was cheering madly as they attack the boss as fast as they could. Time was of the essence!

Initially, they did not take into account this Skill because they did not want to be disappointed when the boss keeps resisting the Skill. Well, the rate of activating the Skill’s special effect was just too low to even consider using it in the first place. It would be unwise to consider using the Skill as part of the plan in killing a boss. However, no one would have thought that Zhang Yang would be so lucky today! The first attempt was already a success! Holy cow!

Under the bombardment of 10 players, it only took up 4 to 5 seconds before all 10 special effect of the {Glare of the Death God} were triggered. The boss’s HP bar had been reduced down to 18% below!

Entering the ‘Killing Cleave’ stage of the battle!

The firepower of the party suddenly increased by a notch. They were all bombarding the boss with the best attacks they had with them, holding nothing back at all! 1 minute later, the HP bar of the boss was reduced to 9%!

Truth be told, if half of the party members could activate their Inheritance Transformations at the same time now, they would have a 100% confidence of taking out the boss! However, humans are always greedy. If they believe that they could take out the boss without activating their Inheritance Transformations, then they would die hard trying to do it so that they could reserve their strength to take on the second boss! Well, that’s an ‘IF’ though.

Well, wealth would only come to you when you’re willing to take some risks. Everyone was on the same page at the moment. Even though they knew that if half of them activate their Inheritance Transformations at the same time, they would definitely be able to take out the boss. However, they also had hope that they would be able to kill the second boss of this dungeon!

5%, 4%, 3%, 2%, 1%!

"Argh ---" Antarkt let out a deafening roar that shook the entire heaven. Then the heavy body of the boss began to collapse. The heavy impact of the fall was so powerful that the entire ground shook for almost a minute! Meanwhile, the 10 Skeleton Patrollers vanished upon the boss’s death. There were only loots left on the ground!

"We’ve done it!" Everyone was cheering in joy. It had been quite awhile since they’ve met such a boss. Many had perished more than 10 times in an attempt to bring down the boss. Now that they managed to take out the boss, their passion in the dungeon run overwhelmed their minds and souls at the moment.