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Chapter 774: Remedial Measures

Chapter 774: Remedial Measures
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At the order of Zhang Yang, everyone activated their Inheritance Transformations, one after another. Everyone turned into a menace of destruction, one after another, and charged at the boss!

After getting hit by everyone, the boss was triggered. The boss let out a screeching roar, unfurled its wings and flew towards Zhang Yang. It looked like a dark cloud floating by. The two wings looked as sharp as blades. They seemed like they could just slice through Zhang Yang’s armor and dice Zhang Yang up into countless bloody pieces!

{Gargoyle's Shriek}! 1 layer, 2 layer, 3 layer... 1 minute later, Zhang Yang had 6 layers of {Gargoyle's Shriek} piled up on him, causing him to receive additional 120% damage from the boss. The boss would deal damage ranging approximately from 300,000 to 440,000 damage with each hit!

If other parties were battling the boss, they would need to switch their Tankers with another Tanker when their current Tanker is overwhelmed by 6 layers of {Gargoyle's Shriek}. Although instant-death is still not possible, the pace of the Tanker losing HP would be extremely difficult for the Healers to follow up. However, the situation would turn out differently for Zhang Yang. Now, he had over 100,000 Defence. His Passive Damage Immunity was up to 40%. Furthermore, he could use his {Block} once every 5 seconds. He basically only received 45,000 damage in every passing second.

Well, Han Ying Xue aside, who has activated her {Milkmaid Deity Transformation}, even an Ethereal Tier Healer would hardly be able to heal Zhang Yang up!

With the worst-case scenario coming true, the boss could deal about 2,800,000 damage with each hit. That being said, the boss could deal 1,680,000 damage to Zhang Yang on average. Furthermore, Zhang Yang could use his {Block} to reduce the damage he receives, reducing the damage dealt to him down to only 500,000 damage! So even if that really happens, 10 Healers on the party would be able to heal Zhang Yang back up!

--- for most Healers, as long as their Tankers are not instantly killed by the boss, they would be able to heal their Tankers back up.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang could boost his HP up to a terrifying amount of 56,000,000 HP, upon activating his God of War Transformation. Other than God’s Left Hand, who was also a Tanker with a Class S Inheritance, no one in the entire server could match up to Zhang Yang’s current attributes! In other words, the greatest threat for the party in the boss battle with the second boss would be --- the fall of their Tanker. However, Zhang Yang and the party could just ignore this threat, because their Tanker Zhang Yang could take it all!

The remaining party members only had to avoid getting caught in the explosions of the bombs. Other than that, they only had to deal as much damage as they could, as if their lives were all depending on that! Well, their lives indeed depended on that!

Truth be told, after everyone has activated their Inheritance Transformations, the firepower of the party had increased by a notch or two. Unlike the situation when they were dealing with the first boss, they were no longer restricted from unleashing their potentials as players who had Inheritance Transformations with them. Well, after getting kicked in the nutsack, it was time for everyone to have a candy. After all, players with Inheritance Transformations should not be kept in the cages! It would become pointless for the players to go through so much trouble just to get an Inheritance with Transformation Skill, after all!

6 minutes later, the boss let out a miserable roar, and with a shudder of both wings, collapsed onto the ground and stayed dead for good.

Unfortunately, the boss only dropped two Holy Tier equipment which were both Leather Armor. Zhang Yang distributed the loots and announced that their expedition was over for this round. After all, Zhang Yang’s priority would be to get himself up to Level 180 so that he could become eligible to challenge Ascended Tier bosses. Previously, securing the ‘First Clears’ of new dungeons was to acquire additional Skill Points and make a name out of themselves. Back in the days, building the reputation of a guild was extremely important. Meanwhile, now that the Ascended Tier bosses could drop Skill Point Crystals, getting the ‘First Clear’ of a dungeon was no longer the only source of additional Skill Points.

Speaking of the reputation of the Guild, the current Lone Desert Smoke had become the top in the world. They could maintain their reputation by sending the Silky Soft Battle Team out once in every day. They no longer need to push themselves into the dungeons to compete for the ‘First Clear’ of the dungeons anymore for months!

Of course, just because Zhang Yang did not want to join the expedition for dungeons doesn’t mean he wanted all his guild members to withdraw from attempting to get the ‘First Clear’ for the dungeons as well. Well, if they could acquire the ‘First Clear’ of the Spectre’s Cavern, 50 players on the party would be able to get one Skill Point for each of themselves! That would definitely improve the power level of the entire guild!

Upon travelling all the way back to Marlin's Land of Salt, Zhang Yang continued with the search for the remaining two missing pieces of the ‘Kingcross’s Sword’. After wandering around, killing monsters like an idiot for quite some time, he finally gathered the two remaining pieces of the sword. Meanwhile, he managed to level up to Level 180 as well! He could finally equip his Ascended Tier weapon!

[Agos, The Destroyer’s Blade] (Ascended, Two Handed Axe)

Attack: 40,017 – 56,017

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 12,636

+640 Strength (Level 7 Strength Gemstone, enhanced)

+689 Strength (Level 7 Strength Gemstone, enhanced)

Equip: Increases damage dealt by 50%.

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 15%

Equip: When your weapon hits the target, there will be a certain chance of dealing a destructive hit on the target, causing 8 times your initial damage.

Required Level: 200

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Equipping this axe and switching up the [Berserker's Charge Necklace] had boosted Zhang Yang’s Basic Attack up to a range of 265,065 to 318,185 damage. That amount of Attack power is actually enough to oppress a Holy Tier boss without any problems! As for the scythe, it was given to the little brat. Although the weapon looked like a scythe, it was classified as a Hammer. The little brat was currently using a Holy Tier hammer. Well, she could not unleash the potential of the hammer she had, after all. The scythe would serve her better.

Of course, Wei Yan Er was more keen on acquiring the Ascended Tier equipment that Zhang Yang had just equipped. She shamelessly told Zhang Yang that if he gives her the weapon when she hits Level 180, she would let Zhang Yang kiss her. By the end of it, Han Ying Xue was infuriated after she heard what the little brat had to ‘offer’. She did not show any mercy in beating her up like a little b*tch. Even Zhang Yang was dragged into the mud. He was also beaten up by that witch, even though he did not do anything wrong. As usual.

Upon gathering all the seven fragments of the ‘Kingcross’s Sword’, Zhang Yang traveled back to the main city to look for the master Blacksmith to reforge the sword.

"Huh? Huh! HUH---" The dwarf blacksmith looked at the broken fragments over half a day before his face turned joyous. After quite some time, he finally spoke, "I’ve seen the design of this sword somewhere in an ancient book before! I can’t remember which ancient book, though. Wait here!"

The dwarf walked into his room. After quite some time, he finally walked out of his room with a book in his hands. "Yes! That’s it! This is a legendary sword that has been passed down for many many years! Its called the ‘Kingcross Sword’! The sword was forged by a man named ‘Kingcross’, a human!"

This dwarf suddenly frowned a little. Deep down his heart, he believed that all of those sorts of weapon or equipment should be forged by dwarfs and only dwarfs.

"Master, do you think you can get this sword fixed, then?" Zhang Yang asked.

"Of course!" The dwarf revealed a proud expression on his face as he spoke. "Although I have not reached the Tier to forge a Legendary Tier sword, I can still put the pieces of the sword back in its original state! That should be easy peasy, lemon squeezy!"

"Then let’s begin, shall we, master?"

"2,000 gold pieces!" Speaking of business, this dwarven blacksmith immediately thought that he was above everyone. He revealed the expression that a sordid merchant would make while bargaining.

What the f*ck! What an *sshole!

Zhang Yang kept his anger from erupting as he took out the 2,000 gold pieces out. Well, it took him quite a while and went through quite some trouble to collect the broken pieces of the sword. He would not feel satisfied until he could see the final effects that the sword would offer!

After paying that greedy dwarf, the dwarf finally took the pieces and put them on his forging bench. After smacking those pieces for over a few times with his forging hammer, the fragments had been merged into a complete sword! However, the dwarf revealed an awkward expression on his face though. Then he said, "Er… well… I can’t believe there was a Magic Circle in the sword. I think I’ve broke it! Er, no! Not broken because of me! It’s already broken in the first place! That’s right! It was already broken since the beginning!"

The dwarf quickly spoke as if he was worried that Zhang Yang would ask for a refund. So he continued on, "However, I can recommend someone who can fix the Magic Circle for you!"

‘Ding! Banderash has given you a quest: Remedial Measures. Do you accept?"

Well, Zhang Yang could only choose to accept it.

[Remedial Measures] (Difficulty Rank-D)

Description: When Banderash was forging the Kingcross’s Sword, he ‘discovered’ that the magic circle in the sword itself had been destroyed. As a responsible Blacksmith, Banderash recommended that you travel over to Memphis Town, located on the map of Marlin's Land of Salt and look for Sia the Wizard. She should be able to solve your problem.

Completion: Find Sia The Wizard 0/1

As expected earlier on, collecting these fragments of the sword would lead to triggering another quest. Although the quest was only a Rank-D quest, well, it was only a quest that required players to run some errands. The continuation of the quest would definitely have a handsome reward waiting for the players who could complete it. After all, gathering those fragments was not an easy task at all. The system would not give any pointless quests to the players.

Zhang Yang teleported back to the Souron’s castle. Then, he began to rush his way to his destination like a madman. After spending tens of hours, he finally entered Marlin's Land of Salt. After that, he went on to the Memphis Town on his Flying Mount.

Zhang Yang spent another 3 to 4 hours to reach that human town. He landed and summoned Whitey out. Then, he rode to the entrance of the town. After that, he went to ask an NPC about the whereabouts of this Sia.

"Sia? The insane wizard Sia?" The moment when the NPC heard about the name ‘Sia’, he immediately turned pale and ran away as if he had just heard something scary.

Zhang Yang attempted to ask another 4 to 5 people along the road. However, all of them did the same thing. They ran away in terror. Zhang Yang did not know whether to laugh or to cry at the same time.

"Hey, big brother! If I tell you the whereabouts of the crazy w*tch, will you give me a silver coin?" a little girl who looked to be around 11 or 12 years old suddenly appeared in front of Zhang Yang. Her eyes were moving around very rapidly. She was looking at Zhang Yang with hope.

Zhang Yang took out a gold piece and passed it to the little girl. Then he said, "I’ll give you a gold piece then!"

"Big brother, you a very nice person!" The little girl did not hesitate to praise Zhang Yang, "That crazy witch is living in a house on a small mountain, just by the west side of the town. There’s a garden right in front of her house, though. The flowers in the garden will bite people! That’s super scary!"

"Thank you!" Upon acquiring the information he wanted to hear, Zhang Yang quickly hopped onto Whitey and went towards the destination. After walking out of the town, he switched to his Phoenix and flew straight towards the direction of his destination --- normally, towns would restrict players from flying in the town area. Breaking the rules would end up with the player getting hunted by NPCs.

The movement speed of the Pheonix pet was extremely fast. After a few flaps of its wings, it brought Zhang Yang to the small mountain that the little girl had mentioned. As expected, right by the side of the small mountain, there was a two-storey house, with a large garden right outside of the house. There was a variety of strange and bizarre plants all over the garden, as well.

Well, it could be considered a miracle for someone to grow plants in the middle of a salty land!

Zhang Yang flew straight towards the house. However, before he could land by the side of the house, a few plants suddenly turned their bloomed flowers towards him. Then, the flowers began to spit fire at Zhang Yang! They were like flamethrowers!

If Phoenix pet and Zhang Yang were not mounted together, the Phoenix pet could have ignored the fire attacks because it had fire immunity. However, things turned out differently when Zhang Yang was mounted on it. The attributes of the Phoenix pet would be based on Zhang Yang’s attributes. So, the both of them started to roast together.

The fire shots landed on Zhang Yang. Each of the shots could deal approximately 40,000 Fire Damage to him. That amount of damage was much higher than the amount of damage that other regular monsters could deal to him!

Zhang Yang was not willing to remain idle and let the himself get burned up. So, he immediately commanded the Phoenix pet to descend a little further. Then he pulled out his axe and chopped the plants up.

While he was at it, these flower plants actually uprooted themselves and started sprinting away on their roots! Zhang Yang frowned deeply at the bizarre scene.