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Chapter 775: Replicating the Magic Circle

Chapter 775: Replicating the Magic Circle
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Just as the situation began to get out of hand, a creaking sound was heard. The door of the house was pushed open. An old lady who seemed to be in her 70s or 80s came out of the house. She was wearing a black wizard robe as she hobbled out of the house with a stick.

Instantly, all the plants fled to the side of the old lady as if they just saw their own mother. Then, they shrieked at Zhang Yang with strange and bizarre screeching sounds.

"How dare you trespass into my territory like a wild animal and startle my babies!?" The old lady raised up her stick and pointed the tip of her stick right at Zhang Yang. It seemed that she was holding a staff instead of a stick! She looked very intimidating!

[Sia The Wizard] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 200

HP: 218,680

Note: Sia is not a legitimate wizard. However, her research on Alchemist and Magic Circles is quite in-depth.

Although Zhang Yang could just slay all the monsters with one full swing of his axe, he was actually here for the quest, not to kill anything! Zhang Yang quickly raised both of his hands up and smiled, "My respected wizard, I’m an Adventurer hailing from the White Jade Castle. I’m here to request for your aid in restoring a Magic Circle."

"No can do! No no!" Sia seemed to have a very bad temper. She shook her head quickly and said, "You’ve scared the sh*t out of my babies! What makes you think that I would help you to restore your Magic Circle, then?"

"I can compensate you!" Zhang Yang smiled.

Sia widened her eyes a bit and humph. Then she suddenly said, "At least 400 gold pieces!"

"No problem!" Zhang Yang smiled and walked up to the house.

Sia comforted the plants that were scared sh*tless for a bit first. Then, the plants began to ‘plant’ themselves back to the garden and stayed there quietly as plants should.

Zhang Yang took out the ‘Kingcross’s Sword’ and passed it to Sia, "My respected wizard, the Magic Circle in this sword seems to be broken while it was being reforged. Do you have any idea how to fix it?"

Sia took the sword over and gave a closer look at it. Suddenly, she laughed coldly and said, "This is the deed of that greedy dwarf Banderash! Although he’s a master of smithing swords, he’ll still be like a three-year-old infant in the art of Magic Circles!"

After paying the old lady 400 gold pieces, Zhang Yang thought to himself that this old lady was just as greedy as that greedy dwarf.

"Huh? The design of this Magic Circle is very ancient!" Sia flipped the sword round and round and she was amazed by what she saw. After quite some time, she spoke again, "This Magic Sword should have existed over thousands of years, or maybe tens of thousands of years ago! I’m sure that I don’t have the ingredients for restoring this! However, I’ve come across such Magic Circles before back in the west side of the Marougue Palace’s relics! If you can replicate the Magic Circles and come back to me, I’ll be confident that I can restore the Magic Circle in this sword for you!"

‘Ding! Sia The Wizard has given you a quest: Replicating the Magic Circle. Do you accept?’


‘Ding! You’ve acquired an item: Magic Circle Replicator.’

Zhang Yang immediately departed for Marougue Palace. About 20 minutes later, he hovered over the ancient empty ruins of a palace.

The remainder of this palace seemed to be quite vast. Also, Zhang Yang could see that the palace was once a glorious place. It must have a great history behind it. However, the entire place is now so broken because the place was corroded by the endless flood of salt. The palace had lost its grandeur and status. The only thing left were scars and broken walls.

Having no idea where the Magic Circle was located, Zhang Yang could only search one room at a time. However, since this was a quest, of course, the Magic Circle would not be found so easily. Monsters began to surface.


[Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 190

HP: 9,500,000

Defence: 12,110

Melee Attack: 86,871 – 126,871


[Venom Spout]: Spits venom at the target and causes 100,000 Nature Damage to the target. Range: 30 meters.

[Pincering Bite]: Bites the target with its huge sharp claws and causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

Note: Although the size of the Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroaches were initially extremely huge, they were not as huge as they were back in the days. Ever since the palace had been turned into a land of salt, these Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach had regained their initial sizes.

Zhang Yang charged into battle on Phoenix pet while Felice was supporting them by their side. Upon reaching Level 180, the attributes of both Felice and Phoenix had received a certain amount of improvement. Their Attack power had become even more astonishing! It only took a brief moment before the giant cockroach collapsed onto the ground and died. Upon its death, the monster actually dropped a piece of Mythical Tier boots among the loots!

After picking up all the loots on the ground, Zhang Yang continued on with his search, wanting to get over with it as soon as possible. While he was on his journey to locate the Magic Circle Relics, he could not avoid encountering some of those Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroaches again. Well, of course, he took care of them with ease. Meanwhile, Felice only had to heal Zhang Yang with her ‘Tree of Life’ power. Zhang Yang did not even need to sit down and take snacks to recover his HP anymore.

After searching around like an idiot for over an hour, Zhang Yang suddenly discovered that there were countless runes crafted on the wall of a little cottage he had just stepped into. Those runes were glowing weakly.

Well, that’s it!

However, the ground suddenly cracked, and something broke right through the surface of the ground. A crimson red Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach crawled right out of the ground and stood right in front of Zhang Yang. Well, this monster seemed to be twice or maybe triple the size of the Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroaches that he had encountered before this!

[Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach Queen] (Ethereal, Beast)

Level: 195

HP: 195,000,000

Defence: 12,110

Melee Attack: 86,932 – 126,932


[Venom Spout]: Spits venom at the target and causes 100,000 Nature Damage to the target. Range: 30 meters.

[Pincering Bite]: Bites the target with its huge sharp claws and causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Lay Eggs]: Lays 5 eggs. If these Cockroach Eggs are not destroyed within 10 seconds, each egg will hatch one Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach.

Note: The queen is the leader, the head of the Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroaches! She’s the most powerful Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach there is this earth. Well, she’s the breeder of her own species, after all.

This cockroach queen began to fire dark corrosive venoms at Zhang Yang the moment it appeared. With a sudden turn of her butt, she began to lay eggs on the ground. 5 cockroach eggs were laid right in front of Zhang Yang!

What the f*ck! The boss has already used her ultimate Skill the moment she came out! What kind of ferocity is this!?

[Cockroach Egg] (Normal, Summon)

Level: 0

HP: 200,000

Defence: 0

Note: 10 seconds later, a Gigantic Salt Crystalized Cockroach will hatch out of it.

Although the eggs were laid from the same butt, they were quite far apart from each other. Well, because of that, Zhang Yang could not destroy the eggs with his AoE attacks at the same time. Who would want to battle against a few more monsters in the middle of a boss fight, right? Zhang Yang did not hesitate at all. He quickly went over to destroy the eggs first.

With his current basic attack that exceeded 260,000 damage, the eggs were destroyed by Zhang Yang with ease. Furthermore, Felice and Phoenix pet were aiding him in destroying the eggs as well. So, they managed to destroy the eggs with ease. All 5 eggs had been smashed into 5 puddles of yellow liquid.

"Screech! Screech screech!" The cockroach queen was naturally provoked. So, she began to chase after Zhang Yang with her ferocious attacks.

Before that, Zhang Yang was occupied with destroying the eggs. So he did not have time to entertain the cockroach queen. However, now that his hands were free at the moment, Zhang Yang felt no fear of engaging the boss. The three of them focused all their attacks on the boss without showing any mercy. In less than 7 minutes, the boss was slaughtered up by the three of them like she was worthless! Of course, if Felice did not have the capability to heal like she always did, Zhang Yang would need to activate some Skills, such as his {Shadow of the Void} in order to empty out the aggro on him. Then he would need to let Phoenix pet or Felice take his place for a brief moment until he is ready to get back into the battle.

Well, he no longer needed to worry about all of that. He only needed to fully focus his attacks on the boss until he wins. The boss was merely an Ethereal tier boss. The boss would not have enough firepower to deal so much damage that exceeds Felice’s healing capability.

Upon her own demise, the boss dropped one Ethereal Tier equipment and three Mythical Tier equipment. Zhang Yang did not even look at the equipment before he shoved them all into his inventory. Instead, he quickly took out the Magic Circle Replicator and aimed it at the Magic Circle on the wall. A stream of magical light flashed across the room and the Magic Circle miraculously disappeared! Wait what? That did not look like a replication process at all! Why the hell did they call the thing a Replicator, then?

Well, since that the quest was listed as completed, Zhang Yang did not put much though on it. He hopped onto Phoenix pet and travelled back to handover the quest over to Sia.

"As expected! It’s true that this is a Magic Circle that has been lost over the centuries!" Sia took over the Replicator and did her research on the Magic Circle on the item. "Eh, barbarian! I need a little more time to get myself familiar with the Magic Circle and its secrets. You can stop standing there and make yourself useful as well. Go gather some Magical Ingredients for me, will you? These ancient sorts of Magic Circles were not constructed with the Magical Ingredients we use these days. The ingredients I have will not do it!"

‘Ding! Sia The Wizard has given you a quest: Find the Magical Ingredients. Do you accept?’


[Find the Magical Ingredients] (Difficulty: Rank-B)

Description: Sia The Wizard wants you to provide her the ingredients that she wrote on the list she just gave you. She should be able to restore the Kingcross’s Sword after she gets familiar with the secrets of the Magic Circles on the sword. However, even though you’re not a researcher of Magic Circles, you could tell that the list is too long. It seems that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Completion: Complete gathering the required items on the list that The Wizard has given you 0/1

Zhang Yang brought up the list to have a closer look at it. There were actually more than 50 types of ingredients on the list! Meanwhile, each of the ingredients required 200 counts. Well, this b*tch is more greedy than he had imagined her to be!

However, the more you give, the better the reward will be by the end of the quest. Zhang Yang has never doubted the basic principle of the game. So he immediately started gathering the ingredients on the list.

Most of the ingredients could be bought from shops and auction houses. He could just acquire them by visiting the shops and the auction house. According to his calculations, if he really gets everything from the Auction house, all the ingredients would cost him about 1,000 gold coins. Meanwhile, if he wants to gather all the ingredients by himself in the maps, it would cost him at least 1 month in order for him to get everything gathered.

Well, most of the ingredients were not really that expensive, in the first place. However, players would need to travel deep into the map to get them if they ever want to save some money. Well, it would not be worth it at all of a player spends time gathering normal ingredients such as Iron Bars and Silver. Furthermore, items such as bird feathers, deer’s horns and snake scales were all inferior items. It was not easy to gather a certain number of them, however, it would be easy to spend a little money to get them all in bulk.

Zhang Yang left a comment in his own guild chat. He informed the low tier players to deposit all of the items that he required into the guild’s warehouse.

Well, basically everyone in the guild treated Zhang Yang as their idol. When Zhang Yang put out his request, they immediately went out to gather the ingredients stated in Zhang Yang’s list. Well, since they could also level up a bit by slaying monsters, it would be the same for them as long as they could slay some monsters.

The entire guild was truly united. It only took about 7 days for Zhang Yang to collect all the ingredients that he needed. The efficiency of the guild was extremely high!

When Zhang Yang went back to Sia The Wizard with the ingredients, that old witchy wizard instantly dropped her jaw, because she was overwhelmed with surprise. Then she quickly kept everything, as if she was worried that Zhang Yang would regret giving the ingredients to her.

"I’ve just deciphered the secrets of the Magic Circle on your sword. With these ingredients, I can now restore the Magic Circle in your sword for you now!"Sia said.

"Then let’s get started!"

After casting some weird sh*t on the sword, Sia passed the Kingcross’s Sword back to Zhang Yang. Then she quickly said, "Barbarian, it’s all done! So, take your sword and leave at once! Your presence spreads fear to all my babies every time you show yourself!"