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Chapter 776: The War Chariot System

Chapter 776: The War Chariot System
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[Kingcross’s Sword] (Special)

Use: Immunizes you, your party members, all pets and all Battle Companions on your party from the effect of the {Soul Penetrate}. Lasts for 2 minutes. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Required Level: 180

Bound upon pick up.

That was some strange special effect though. Did he just went through so much trouble just to get that weird *ss effect?

What a tragic day! Meanwhile, the quest ended there. Sia The Wizard did not even look at him at all. After that, Zhang Yang went all the way back to see Banderash. Since he did not react to the Kingcross’s Sword at all, it seemed that the quest was over.

But, what the heck is this?! What kind of f*cking reward was that then? Zhang Yang frowned intensely at that. Immunizes everyone from the effect of {Soul Penetrate}? What good can it bring for him or the party? What the f*ck is a {Soul Penetrate}, even?!

When the gang found out that Zhang Yang got so busy over nothing for the last couple of days, they laughed at him. They had never thought possible that Zhang Yang could be fooled by an NPC into running around like an idiot.

Even though that was the case, Zhang Yang did not throw the Kingcross’s Sword away. He would not believe that the item he worked so hard for would be a useless piece of metallic junk. Furthermore, the bank was still quite empty at the moment. So, he decided to keep the sword there for the moment.

Meanwhile, Ascended Tier bosses were incredibly hard to find. Well, there must be at least one Ascended Tier boss hidden somewhere across the entire Land of Salt. However, Zhang Yang just couldn’t find it at the moment. After all, the map was extremely vast. Without the aid of a quest guidance indicator, even if he has 1 year to explore, he would still not be able to find the hidden bosses across the map.

Helplessly, Zhang Yang finally decided to leave that map and turn his attention towards getting to Syruya. Syruya was also a Level 180 – 210 map just like Marlin's Land of Salt. It was also a desert with numerous monsters roaming across the entire land. Because the number of players there was a lot lesser than the other maps, Zhang Yang would be able to get Experience Points at a faster pace.

However, he went over to the map, not for the Experience Points, but to find the hidden Ascended Tier bosses while the number of players on the map was still low. Speaking of acquiring Experience Points, Zhang Yang could have gotten the same result staying in Marlin's Land of Salt. He would have no reason to travel over a far distance to Syruya, then.

Just like the Celestial Tier bosses, the number of Ascended Tier bosses was so sparse to the point that it was pathetic. There may only be one Ascended Tier boss in the entire map. Although Zhang Yang had meted out most of his effort on clearing the quest on the map, none of the quests he completed had led him to an Ascended Tier boss.

In his previous life, Zhang Yang was never able to battle an Ascended Tier boss, for many reasons. Well, there was no reason for him to dwell on his past. However, now that he has become the number player in the entire server, it had him wondering why he had not been able to encounter any Ascended Tier bosses just yet! At last, Zhang Yang lost his patience. So, he posted a question to the officials, demanding an answer regarding the matter.

If it was just a bunch of normal players asking the same question, the official would not have just ignored the question. However, with Zhang Yang’s current reputation, the moment his ID was confirmed to be really him, his post instantly received countless players’ comments and replies. It only took a brief while before the post became a ‘Skyscraper’. The official did take note of the post, of course. Finally, they had given Zhang Yang the answer to his question.

From Ascended Tier bosses onward, that includes the Celestial bosses as well, the bosses would only reveal themselves in the game through ‘events’. For example, The Lord of the Seven Spectre King Angus was spawned during an ‘event’ in the game. Of course, some of the top Tier bosses would randomly appear across the maps without any prior indication, just like the Witch King of the Undead, Mardevich. He had been sitting on top of his Malevolent Tower in the Plagued Land all the while until he was discovered. Anyone could just go and challenge Mardevich as long as they are willing to do it.

Of course, bosses that had a fixed territory would be much more difficult to be defeated, compared to the bosses that were spawned in ‘events’. In Zhang Yang’s previous life, no one had ever attempted to push Mardevich before. Well, mostly because no one had ever managed to set foot on the boss stage. Players would already be wiped out by the endless monster armies surrounding the entrance of the Malevolent Tower.

The officials had also revealed that when a certain number of players reach Level 180, the system would spawn the very first ‘event’ Ascended Tier boss. Meanwhile, if the boss is slain, a new type of item would be introduced into the game, making the game even more interesting in many ways.

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and instantly slapped his thighs. Could it be the Tank System?

Tank System, also known as the War Chariot System would be introduced into the game in order to balance the game between players without Inheritance Transformation and players with Inheritance Transformation. For instance, Zhang Yang would have 56,000,000 HP upon activating his God of War Inheritance Transformation. Provided that everyone has the same Tier equipment on them, how many players without Inheritance Transformations would be required to match Zhang Yang, then? 100? 500? 1,000?

A Tank could be seen as a mount that could take more players at the same time and stack their HP amount altogether! When the Tank receives an attack, the damage received would be equally distributed among all players on board of the Tank.

Based on that alone, the Maximum HP of the players would become much higher. Meanwhile, the players on the Tank could freely launch their attacks on their enemies. Their firepower would still be determined based on how many players are on board. Well, because of that, the players without Inheritance Transformations would become powerful enough to go up against players without Inheritance Transformations.

Well, of course, Tanks were not that perfect either. First of all, Tanks were very heavy and slow. They would only be suitable for defensive battles. Well, players should think twice, or maybe even thrice before using a Tank to pursue their enemies. After all, the Tank System was not introduced for the players without Inheritance Transformations to torture and slaughter players with Inheritance Transformations. They just serve to prevent players without Inheritance Transformations from being too fragile when they are battling against those with Inheritance Transformations.

Similarly, that would also solve the problem of the players who were waiting for their Inheritance Transformation’s cooldown. They would no longer be too vulnerable when they are waiting for the cooldown period to be over.

The only rule for getting on board of a Tank was that the players must not activate their Inheritance Transformations!

Players such as Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er would be automatically thrown off from a Tank if they ever activate their Inheritance Transformations while they are on board a Tank. Even if they forcefully get back on board, the system would not count them as one of the ‘passengers’ on board of the Tank.

Well, the Tanks had a few categories, though. They would be categorized based on the number of passengers that they could carry. There were 4 categories. The forth category could only take 5 passengers. The second category could only take 10 passengers. The third category could only take 20 passengers. Meanwhile, the first category could only take 50 passengers. According to rumors, there was also a super large sized Tank that could carry 100 passengers. However, Zhang Yang did not encounter that in his previous life before. Other than that, Tanks could be modified or enhanced after players manage to acquire them. Players could install different sorts of equipment and materials with Magic Resistance on their very own Tanks. That would increase the Defence and Magic Defence of their Tanks.

--- When struck, Tanks would reduce damage received with the Defence and Magic Defence that players have installed on them. Therefore, if the two sides are equally matched in a battle, the Defence and Magic Defence of their Tanks would decide which side would win by the end of the battle.

Although the movement speed of the Tanks were as slow as the movement speed of players’ walking speed, the Tanks would become useful in large-scale battles. The situation would be seeing Tanks charging into battle to oppress players without Tanks and Inheritance Transformations!

The best thing about having a Tank was that unlike activating an Inheritance Transformation, summoning a Tank would not have any cooldown period. As long as the Tanks are not destroyed, players could just use the Tanks anytime. Tanks would have two HP bars. One would be the HP bar for the passengers. The other HP bar would be for the Tank itself.

The HP bar for the passengers would be easier to explain. If there are 10 players, and each of the players had 100,000 HP, the total amount of HP on the HP bar would be 1,000,000 HP. As long as the Tank have received more than 1,000,000 damage, the 10 players on the same Tank would be dead together.

Meanwhile, the HP bar for the Tank would not have a fixed amount of value. It was in the form of percentage ratio. At the beginning of the battle, the initial amount of HP for the Tank itself would be 100%. Once the Tank receives some attacks, the amount of HP for the Tank would reduce based on the amount of HP for the passengers. For instance, if the Tank receives 100,000 damage, the HP bar for the Tank would be reduced to 90%. Meanwhile, the amount of HP for the Tank would not be healed just because the HP bar for the passengers are healed back up.

When the HP bar of the Tank is depleted, the Tank would be destroyed. However, if the HP bar for the players is not depleted when the Tank was destroyed, the players would not die. However, they would all be kicked off the Tank.

So, why would there be such a setting, then?

Just think about it. Without that kind of setting, when the HP bar for the passengers on the Tank is depleted to 1%, the players could just get out of the Tank and a new batch of 10 players with full HP bars could jump in and unleash hell on their enemies. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the previous battle become pointless for their enemies? It would not even be fair, to begin with!

Even the players with Inheritance Transformations would not be that durable and powerful!

With that setting of the Tank System, even if the players on the Tank have full HP bars, the Tank would still be easily destroyed if the HP bar of the Tank is only at 1%. Once the Tank is destroyed, the owner of the Tank could take the Tank back to the main city for repairs.

Other than that, the HP bar for the Tank would be recovered back to 100% the moment the Tank is disengaged from battle mode.

Of course, there would be some limitations and restrictions of the Tanks since the Tanks were so powerful. Tanks were not available for players to use in a dungeon and the arena.

Players would have to reach a minimum level of 180 before they can use a Tank. Zhang Yang had only reached Level 179 in his previous life. So he did not have the luxury to sit in a Tank. Clear Water did not buy any of the Tanks as well --- Even the 5-passenger scale Tank would be extremely expensive. Well, it would definitely be a waste if people only buy it for display purposes.

A Tank!

Zhang Yang could feel his blood boiling underneath his veins. He quickly urged all top Tier players in his guild to grind like hell so that they could reach Level 180. Well, it was not just for acquiring the loots that would be dropped by Ascended Tier bosses. It would be much more important to kill the bosses!

According to the official’s hint, the Tank System would be introduced with the purpose of taking on the Ascended Tier bosses!

It was really something to look forward to. It would be awesome to ride a Tank around the server like a boss!

Since there was no way to slay any Ascended Tier boss at the moment, Zhang Yang could only put his focus back on the dungeon. Currently, Lone Desert Smoke had managed to take out the first 3 bosses in the Spectre Cavern. However, because of the absence of the core players such as Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and the others, the progress of the Lone Desert Smoke was just as fast as the progress of the other guilds. Currently, none of the guilds were able to defeat the fourth boss in the dungeon. They had been stuck at that roadblock for quite some time already.

The main reason was because, an extremely high Attack power would be required to take down the boss. Furthermore, the players would need to handle a large number of unforeseen circumstances as they battle the boss. Well, they would need to dodge the AoE attacks of the boss while clearing out the monsters in the surroundings of the boss. They must not leave out any of the monsters in the surroundings, or they would be doomed. Currently, the guilds that had the utmost hope of clearing out the fourth boss would be the Land of Savage and the Hell Family. They were the only ones who could survive until the boss only has 20% HP left before they are wiped out.

However, having 20% remaining in the HP bar of the boss was still far away from taking out the boss. It would require a party to gather all the basic equipment from the first, second and third bosses before they could become powerful enough to take on the fourth boss. Of course, if the Tankers and the Healers on the party are all powerful enough, they could just bring in more DPS players instead of more Tankers and Healers. By doing so, the party should be able to cover up for the shortage in their firepower.

Zhang Yang let Sun Xin Yu and the others grind for the moment. Well, his intention was to let the others reach Level 180 as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he joined the expedition party of his guild to push their progress in the dungeon. By doing so, he could also gather more high Tier equipment for his party members. Well, he could also increase the power level of his guild. He could prepare his guild to go up against the Ascended Tier boss that yet to appear.

Oh the other hand, the Eternal Flame managed to get elevated to the Rank-S Professional League Championship. Scholar Musou and Longrich managed to show off their top Tier skills in front of the public. Eternal Flame managed to become a new rising star, rising from the ashes. The reputation of Eternal Flame had been elevated up to an entirely new height.

Although Zhong Xiu Hua was currently level 142, he had joined the party in the Championship. However, he did not get the chance to get down to the arena most of the time. Only when the score was 4:0, 4:1 and his party is on the verge of winning the match, would that prick reveal his face by the arena.

A battle team would only have 10 players at most. However, theoretically speaking, there would be 7 rounds of 1V1 matches and 1 round of 5V5 match. If at least three of the party members could win every round --- upon winning the first 3 1V1 matches and forfeiting the upcoming 4 1V1 matches, the party could win the Team Battle and win the championship round with a score of 5:4.

However, normally, a party would make sure that they put 7 players that could perform well in the matches. As for the remaining 3 members of the party, well, they were basically not important at all. They could basically be ‘for sale’.

That’s right. Because the contestants of the Rank-S and Rank-A Professional League Championships get money and sponsors from the game company in every season of the championship. Meanwhile, putting the three members of the party ‘on sale’ would get the system to pay them more. They could also earn some extra money from their ‘bosses’.

Because some rich players who wanted to be famous did not care about that small amount of money, they would allow their names be used for such a devious act. Well, they wanted to become famous, after all!