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Chapter 777: Defeat the Ambitious Schemer Brocks

Chapter 777: Defeat the Ambitious Schemer Brocks
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After getting familiarized with the Professional League Championship over the past 2 years, the officials made some amendments to the rules and regulations of the championship.

First of all, the number of parties participating in the Class S Championship League had been expanded up to 32 parties. Meanwhile, the number of parties participating in the Class A Championship League had been expanded by up to 64 parties. Other than that, the duration of the championship in each Class had been shortened to 3 months. Because of that, the championships have become even more intense and exciting. Once every 3 months, there would be one test to determine if every player could retain their positions in their Class for the championship or not. Their performance would determine if they could be elevated to a higher championship Class, stay on the same championship Class, or be demoted down to a lower championship Class. Everyone in the server was quite stressed. They would go all out in each match they participated.

As for the World League Championships that would be held by the end of every year, how would they decide which party would be eligible for the championship. then?

Well, things could get complicated in that regard. There would be 4 seasons of Professional League Championships throughout each year, and the points that the first three teams acquire would differ in every season of the championship. The Champion would acquire 3 points, the Runner-up would acquire 2 points while the Third-in-place would get 1 point. After the four seasons of the championships, the organizer would sum up the total points that each team earned throughout the 4 seasons. The first two teams with the highest scores would be selected to participate in the World Leagues Championship. If there are two teams with the same score, they would need to extend the matches.

In other words, everything was designed to make the championship more exciting and intense.

Although Zhang Yang had joined the expedition party as well, he would not be able to cover the shortage in the firepower of his team all by himself. The bosses of the Spectre’s Cavern were still alive and well.

If the dungeon was only a 5-player scale dungeon, Zhang Yang might be able to take down the dungeon with only Han Ying Xue supporting him! The firepower of Zhang Yang, Phoenix pet and Felice combined, would be able to match the firepower of three top Tier players combined. Furthermore, Han Ying Xue has become one of the most powerful Healer in the entire server. As long as there are no Level Gap Restriction effects, the four of them would be able to sweep any 5-player scale dungeon in the entire server!

However, once the number of players increases, the intimidating threat that players with Inheritance Transformations could pose would begin to lose its charm. Players who activated their Inheritance Transformations would only gain two times of their initial Attack power. The significant increment on their HP amount would only increase their survival in a battle.

It seemed that the power level of the players with Inheritance Transformations had been nerfed at some point. They could only unleash their full potential while battling against Open World bosses now. Well, Open World bosses would just spam unbelievably powerful AoE attacks from time to time. Only those who have extremely high amounts of HP would be able to survive the waves of insanely high damage!

Before the fourth boss of the dungeon could be brought down, Zhang Yang’s Battle Team had to encounter Eternal Flame’s Battle Team in the championship.

Because of the layout of the championship, the two Battle Teams would be facing each other for the first time. The two sides had been holding grudges against each another from the start. So everyone on both sides were burning with murderous intent!

Currently, the power level of Eternal Flame had become rather powerful! Because of Liu Wei’s death, The Myth basically became the sub-guild of Eternal Flame. Top Tier players such as Death Arbiter had also joined the Eternal Flame. Because of that, the Eternal Flame has become more powerful than they ever did.

Currently, Eternal Flame had 2 players with Class A Inheritance, 5 players with Class A Inheritance and 3 players with Class C Inheritance. Well, they definitely had the strength to stand proud in the entire China Region now.

Looking at the list of the Battle Team Points, the Eternal Flame had not lose a match just yet. They were able to earn the same score as Silky Soft Battle Team, Crimson Rage Battle Team and Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team. After adding in the small points, the Crimson Rage Battle Team remained number one, the Eternal Flame Battle Team was in the second place. Meanwhile, Silky Soft Battle Team had become number four!

Well, the situation arose because Zhang Yang and the other core players of the guild did not participate in the championship. So, they had to lose some of the 1V1 matches during the championship. Therefore, it was natural that they would score lesser small points compared to the other Battle Teams. According to Zhang Yang’s perspective, as long as they could win all matches by the end of the championship, they would be able to become the Champions by the end of it. Well, there was no need to look at the small points at all!

However, their upcoming opponent would be the Eternal Flame. So, Zhang Yang and the rest of his gang were all there, this time around.

"Zhang Yang, do you have the balls to face me 1 on 1 in the arena?" Dragon Marquis a.k.a Zhong Xiu Hua attempted to taunt Zhang Yang.

"Noob tank, don’t fall into his trap! He’s definitely going to eat you up!" Wei Yan Er said as if she knew what was on the mind of Zhong Xiu Hua.

Well, that was quite obvious actually. Zhang Yang was the number one player in the entire China Region. He was basically the symbol of invincibility of the China Region! Their intention was obvious for using a Level 142 pawn to battle Zhang Yang. Their strategy was to have Silky Soft Battle Team waste their best horse on Eternal Flame’s worst horse so they could match their better horses against the lesser horses of Silky Soft Battle Team. By doing so, they could ensure Scholar Musou and Long Rich’s victories in their matches.

However, Zhang Yang frowned after hearing what the little brat had to say, "What did you mean by ‘eat’, huh?"

However, Zhang Yang would never pass on the opportunity to beat the crap out of Zhong Xiu Hua. So he arranged himself as the first to go down to the arena without any hesitation. Well, Sun Xin Yu and the others would definitely be able to defeat any opponents that come at them now!

Furthermore, Hundred Shots had become much more powerful ever since he had his Red Dragon. He could even win the matches in the World League Championships with a smile on his face. There was no doubt that he would be able to win in merely a Professional League Championship.

--- Well, because players were not allowed to activate their Inheritance Transformations, the difference between the power levels of different Inheritance Classes had become lesser. The HP amount of the players did not change a bit. The only difference was their Attack power. Class S Inheritance could boost the players with 50% additional Attack. Class A Inheritance could boost the players with 45% additional Attack power while Class B Inheritance could boost the players with 40% additional Attack power. Considering the fact that the equipment of the players at the current stage of the game could at least boost the players’ Attack power by at least 100%, these difference of 5% to 10% could not actually matter that much. In truth, that amount of difference would in fact only boost the players’ Attack power by 2,5% to 4%.

After a brief moment of preparation, the match had begun. The Eternal Flame really sent Zhong Xiu Hua out as the first player to fight in the arena!

Zhang Yang had no reason to be courteous now. Well, he did not have to kill Zhong Xiu Hua immediately as well. So the moment they went down to the arena and the round was announced to have begun, Zhang Yang charged up to Zhong Xiu Hua and began with his onslaught on the prick. He did not hesitate at all while he raised his fist and shield and swung at Zhong Xiu Hua with full strength. The continuous bombardment of attacks on Zhong Xiu Hua’s face was so frequent and fast. Zhong Xiu Hua’s face had instantly turned swollen and out of shape! Blood was spilled and broken teeth was flying all over the place. By the end of it, the rich boy could not take it anymore. He finally screamed like a little b*tch and opted to forfeit himself from the match. That was when the humiliation on Zhong Xiu Hua ended, finally.

Everyone was surprised to see that the torture on Zhong Xiu Hua went on for 5 minutes! So, they could guess that those two must have some sort of grudges against each other. They began to acquire information about it. Well, rumors had their ways of spreading fire. Many version of stories were soon heard across the entire server.

After that, Sun Xin Yu and the others got down to the arena for their matches. As expected, they won every single round of the match!

For the past 2 years, players all around the world had been wishing to see someone or some party who could bring a challenge to the Lone Desert Smoke. They were hoping to see Zhang Yang and his gang defeated and dragged down from their ‘Throne’. After all, things would be much more interesting if all flowers were to bloom together. With many unexpected things comes competition. With competitions come suspense. Only then, could gamblers place their bets in excitement!

Before the match, the Eternal Flame had kept their undefeated record throughout the Class S League Championship. They were known to be a rising star that rose all of a sudden. They had given others the illusion that they had what it took to challenge the absolute power of the Silky Soft Battle Team! Furthermore, the Eternal Flame had also been shouting out loud with their slogans, saying that they would defeat Lone Desert Smoke and become the best in the entire China Region. So, everyone was deceived into believing that they would be able to do it!

However, they had not thought that the Eternal Flame would just be a piece of sh*t when confronted with the absolute power of the Silky Soft Battle Team. Zhang Yang and his gang won with the score of 0:5. Everyone’s passion in supporting the Eternal Flame had been instantly extinguished.

Well, Silky Soft Battle Team was indeed worthy to be recognized as the Champion of the World League Championship for the past two years! They were already known to be the symbol of invincibility in the entire world. So before some unexpected rising star could appear, Lone Desert Smoke would remain the champion with absolute power in the game!

Upon defeating Eternal Flame with ease, Zhang Yang and his gang had to battle another three Battle Teams, Crimson Rage Battle Team, Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team and Bai Wei Battle Team. Well, Zhang Yang had no idea what Crimson Rage Battle Team promised Han Ying Xue and the ladies. They actually held back and let the Crimson Rage Battle Team win a little. By the end of the three matches, Crimson Rage Battle Team had become the first in place while Silky Soft Battle Team became the runner-up on the list. Meanwhile, Eternal Flame and the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team got the third and the fourth in place.

Well, it would not make any difference if a battle team gets first or second places. Both battle Teams would be able to participate in the World League Championships by the end of it. Therefore, Zhang Yang closed his eyes on that matter and moved on. There was no need to be bothered by such trivial matters. However, a few days later, Zhang Yang noticed that there was a large quantity of limited edition bags and perfumes…..

The Hardcore Mode of the Spectre’s Cavern remained tough. No party had been able to take out the fourth boss just yet. Meanwhile, everyone understood one thing out of the countless failed attempts at taking down the fourth boss. Tactics would not be able to cover up the lack of Firepower in a battle. Therefore, many top Tier guilds began to focus on grinding for the moment. They would just repeatedly clear the dungeon to gather more equipment by slaying the first boss, second boss and the third boss whenever the dungeon is reset. Upon acquiring more and more equipment, they would just improve the power level of their expedition party before challenging the fourth boss again in the future.

Well, most of the top Tier players were not far from attaining Level 180 at the moment. After grinding, they were able to reach Level 180 and beyond in just a short period of time.

‘Ding! Ambitious Schemer Brocks is attempting to launch a war that will turn the entire world upside down! Warriors, stop him before he can even move his finger on that!’

Just when Zhang Yang was grinding in the Open World Map, he suddenly received a notification from the system. So naturally, he accepted the quest.

[Defeat the Ambitious Schemer Brocks] (Difficulty: Rank-S)

Description: 10,000 years, the ancestors of Brocks found a terrifying monster in the void dimension. However, to fulfill their ambition, the ancestors of Brocks did not hesitate at all to summon the monsters over to our world! This type of monster absorbs water to survive. Then, the creature will excrete a substantial amount of salt as its by-product! After 10,000 years of multiplying, the species of the monsters had become so numerous that anyone would get shocked to find out their numbers. They even covered the entire Marlin’s Land of Salt! Now, Marlin’s Land of Salt no longer has enough water to feed these monsters. Meanwhile, Brocks’s ambition is still expanding boundlessly!

Warriors, you must get together now. There might still be a little hope at saving this land! Defeat Brocks and send these monsters back to the void dimension, where they belong! Protect our motherland! Quickly! Go to the Bavarian's Castle in the Marlin’s Land of Salt! Brocks is in that castle!

Completion: Acquire Brocks’s Staff 0/1

Number of players: 20

Quest Reward: Experience Points +100,000,000, Skill Points +2

So… could this be the ‘event’ boss that the officials mentioned before? Now, everyone could finally understand why Marlin’s Land of Salt would end up like this! So that was the reason that made the entire land end up being covered in salt crystals!

"Little Yang, have you accepted the quest?"

"Noob tank, when are we leaving then?"

All of a sudden, everyone began to speak at the same time. Everyone was excited over what was about to happen. Obviously, this quest would be offered to the players once they hit the level cap of Level 180.

A Tank! A freaking Tank!

Everyone was cheering and laughing. From the hint that the officials fed to the players, Brocks would definitely be an Ascended Tier boss. That being said, they would be acquiring Ascended Tier equipment once they kill the boss! Meanwhile, the quest became quite a hot topic among the players. The officials would not make the info public if the boss is not hard to take on. This boss might also be a World boss as well! So the boss would definitely drop more than 3 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment, if that is the case!

Remember Angus? That boss had dropped over 13 pieces of legendary equipment!

Although Brocks might not drop legendary equipment, however, it would be more than just satisfying if the boss could drop 13 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment! After all, players would not be able to equip the legendary equipment, even if they really get it from the boss currently. It would be more practical to get the Ascended Tier equipment that they could equip on the spot upon acquiring them.

Every single player who had reached level 180 soon gathered around. However, among the players who reached Level 180 and beyond, only Galileo the pretty face, Ten Dusk the cold face, and Female Raid Covent the loli pursuer were able to hit Level 180. Even though everyone had Inheritance Transformations to spare, if Brocks turns out to be a World boss, they would not be able to even survive the boss with their current numbers. There wouldn’t be much hope at slaying the boss if that is the case!

The system had been using ‘announcements’ to urge the players to come and battle bosses. Well, first of all, they wanted to encourage the players to battle against each other. Secondly, that would also mean that the boss would not be easy to take on. So everyone would have to get together in order to defeat the boss!