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Chapter 778: The Function of the Kingcross’s Sword

Chapter 778: The Function of the Kingcross’s Sword
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Zhang Yang and the others were gathered at Marlin's Land of Salt. After that, they departed for the Bavarian's Castle together. After rushing along for more than 2 hours, they finally arrived at their destination.

Even though this was the lair of Brocks, there was no way that that maniac could have single-handedly ‘saltified’ the entire land. The walls have been corroded so badly that they looked ancient. There was no telling how long this castle had been there.

Zhang Yang and the gang were not the first to reach the castle, though. There were already many players battling against some jellyfish-like monsters. These monsters had translucent skins. However, they did not have any eyes, nor ears, nor hands and legs! They did not even have a single bone in their body. They were basically wiggling their way through everything!

[Decayed Beast] (Elite, Elemental)

Level: 190

HP: 9,500,000

Defence: 12,110

Melee Attack: 86,871 – 126,871


[Water Drain]: Sucks the target dry and causes the target to lose 100,000 HP.

[Salt Prison]: Excretes crystallized salt and imprisons the target. The target cannot move. Lasts for 3 seconds.

Note: Monsters coming from the void. They were summoned by their ancestor Brocks. They live in water. Their secret crystallized salt that can imprison anything! In the vast universe, many planets have been killed off by them!

The moment Zhang Yang and the gang approached the castle, they were forced to land by the system. Even though they were not forcefully dismounted from their mounts, the system obviously did not allow players to fly straight into the castle. Players would need to approach the castle on foot.

So, that was why everyone was clogged up by the monsters in the surroundings instead of flying straight through the castle door. It seemed that everyone was forced to even take off their underpants!

"Let’s move in!" Zhang Yang said.

There was a possibility that Brocks could be a World Boss. If that turns out to be true, players would need to join forces together in order to defeat the boss. The players could think about battling each other only after they have taken down the boss. Because of that one possibility, everyone was playing nice all along. They did not attack the other players nor were they being attacked by the other players. Each party went on forward in their own directions. The castle was just huge. They would not have to worry about having to fight over monsters.

Not long after Zhang Yang and his gang joined the battle, other parties from other top Tier guilds were arriving as well. That included Crimson Rage, Hell Family, Land of Savages, Dark Palace and many more. Of course, there were also other parties that had been formed temporarily as well. Because some of them came from guilds that were not powerful, and some of them didn’t even have a guild, so they temporarily formed a party to join the battle.

There was already quite a number of Level 180 players at the current stage of the game. Zhang Yang took a glance across the battlefield and estimated that there were at least tens of thousands of players who have reached Level 180. It was a normal phenomenon, though. Zhang Yang had currently reached Level 184 while Han Ying Xue and the others had reached Level 182. Basically, the majority of the players from all eight Regions were insanely grinding.

The Decayed Beasts were roaming all over the places. However, Elite Tier monsters could only perform as well as an Elite Tier monster. Now, the players have reached Level 180 and beyond. Furthermore, the players that were present on the map were basically the core players of the top Tier guilds all around the world. So the players were able to lay waste to all the monsters with their absolute advantage in the aspect of Power Level.

However, the number of the monsters was just abundant. Whenever monsters were killed, the others would fill in their shoes and be killed again by players. It was as if the monsters were spawning endlessly! After slaying the monsters for over 2 to 3 hours, the Decayed Beasts finally stopped spawning. The players swept up the remaining monsters one by one until the entire army of the monsters was wiped out clean.

"You imbeciles! How dare you intrude into my land and behave so atrociously!" Suddenly, a rageful roar echoed throughout the surroundings. The silhouette of a man stood on the top of a tall building in the surroundings. The shadow leaped itself from the top of the building down to the ground and landed like a superhero. It was a middle-aged man wearing a Spellcaster’s robe. He had a crimson red staff in his hand. His face was filled with pride and arrogance.

"Haha! Don’t even think about getting out of here alive! You were as good as dead when you decided to step foot onto my territory!" The middle-aged man laughed like a madman. He raised his staff and swung it across the air. Countless dark orbs of lights shot straight towards the players in the vicinity.

Whoever who got touched by the dark lights were afflicted with a damage value. Each of the players received at least 300,000 damage. Spellcasters and Priests who had low amounts of HP lost half of their HP bar after that one single hit.

[Ambitious Schemer Brocks] (Ascended, Humanoid)

Level: 200

HP: 100,000,000,000

Defence: 32,470

Magic Attack: 152,165 – 252,165


[Shadow Arrow]: Causes 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to the target. Instant activation. Range: 1,000 meters. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

[Soul Penetrate]: Scourges the soul of the targets, causing 500,000 Chaos Damage to all targets within the range of 1,000 meters.

[Shadow Arrow Barrage]: Causes 300,000 Shadow Damage to all targets within the range of 1,000 meters.

[Soul Bomb]: When players leave the boss by more than 1,000 meters, they will immediately blow up and die on the spot. Range: 1,000 meters.

[Life Support]: Recovers 1% HP in every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: The Brocks Family has been reproducing a large quantity of Decayed Beasts over countless years. There is no way to stop their ambition of conquering the entire world!

After the boss revealed himself to the players, the players also noticed that they could fly again. Since the boss had revealed itself, wide in the open, there was no reason for the players to hold back at all. Before that, the system had restricted the players from flying because they wanted to prevent the players from triggering the appearance of the boss too soon. The system intended to gather more players in one spot before triggering the appearance of the boss.

"{Soul Penetrate}?!" Zhang Yang let out a shocking scream. Didn’t the Kingcross Sword that he stored back in the bank had the ability to nullify this Skill?

"Haha! We’ve hit the jackpot!" Everyone knew that Zhang Yang had acquired that useless piece of sword back in the day. No one ever thought that the sword would become so useful, all of a sudden!

"I’m going back to get the Kingcross’s Sword. Just stay put until I get back!" Zhang Yang immediately teleported back to Souron’s Castle with his Teleportation Scroll. Then, he teleported back to the main city to get the sword out from the bank. After all that was done, he teleported back to the gang by using his [Lover’s Charm].

The entire process only took 5 minutes. It appeared that the item was extremely practical and convenient. It did not degrade or lose its uses even after the players level up.

The other parties had engaged in battle with the boss. Even though it was just 5 minutes into the battle, everyone had noticed the boss’s two major AoE Skills and their cooldown period: The {Soul Penetration} had a 5-second cooldown while the {Shadow Arrow Barrage} had a 6-second cooldown. In other words, the boss could deal approximately 150,000 DPS to a bunch of players!

Even Holy Knights who excel in healing a single target would not be capable of healing enough amount of HP to catch up with that amount of damage --- unless the players had activated their Inheritance Transformation! However, even if player with Class B Inheritance had activated their Inheritance Transformation, they could only boost their healing capability two times higher. They could still be capable of healing one single target at a time. However, they would be helpless if they were required to heal multiple targets at the same time.

Under the bombardment of the boss, many players who had activated their Inheritance Transformation were beginning to lose their footings. They began to fall from the sky, one after another.

--- thanks to the existence of {Soul Penetration}, the players would automatically die if they ever get more than 1,000 meters further away from the boss after getting near to the boss. Therefore, they could only move forward. They could not afford to retreat after getting into range with the boss. The moment they retreat too much, they would die on the spot!

The surrounding of the castle did not have invisible air walls around and players could resurrect themselves indefinitely by running back to their dead bodies. However, those who die would no longer be able to use their Inheritance Transformation for the next 72 hours. Without the power boost, these players would not last long at all under the bombardment of the boss’s attacks!

It did not take long for the boss to slay most of the players in the vicinity. Meanwhile, the HP bar of the boss remained full for the most part, because of the boss’s {Life Support}.

So, how should anyone proceed in order to defeat this boss then?

Without being able to use Inheritance Transformation, it would be pointless if players were able to resurrect with a full amount of HP and fly back to the boss. They would need at least 10 seconds to get back to the boss! By doing so, they would be receiving another 1,500,000 damage before they could even touch the boss again after they manage to resurrect. Without the boost from their Inheritance Transformation, they would be dead when they get near to the boss. They would not be able to deal a single point of damage on the boss!

Even if the boss could only be taken down with a large number of players, the boss had to be vulnerable, to begin with! Under such circumstances, nothing would work on the boss at all! Any efforts would go to waste if the players do not find a way to overcome the problem!

So, this is how powerful an Ascended Tier boss can be! So, this is what despair feels like, in the face of an overwhelmingly powerful boss!

When they were battling against Angus, the players still had an Ascended Tier boss to act as both shield and spear on their side. But now, they had no one aiding them in this boss battle? So what should they do?

Zhang Yang did not launch his attacks at the boss immediately. He intended to let the others use up their Inheritance Transformations first before he changes at the boss! As mentioned earlier, a player would definitely not able to get near the boss without getting themselves killed. So, if Zhang Yang just waits patiently until the others use up their Inheritance Transformations, there would be no one who could try to snatch the boss from him.

Under the ferocious slaughtering of the boss, about 90% of the players were killed once. Meanwhile, most of them were killed while Transformed. There was no escape in the sky, and there was no escape on the ground either. So, most of the players were tortured to death by the boss alive! There was no way of running at all!

Well, only parties from Dark Palace, Hell Family, Land of Savages and other top Tier guilds did not make any moves towards the boss. They were maintaining a distance of 2 to 3 kilometers between themselves and the boss. They were sitting back, trying to come up with a strategy to take down the boss. Unfortunately, without the Kingcross’s Sword’s special effect, they would never be able to find a viable way of killing the boss even if they break their heads trying to think. Well, this Brocks was too overwhelmingly powerful for any player to handle at the current stage of the game.

This quest for acquiring the Kingcross’s Sword was not unique after all. That being said, every party could get the sword if they accept the quest. However, there were no hints nor signs of the quest from the system at all. How could anyone have known about the existence of the sword and its divine function of countering the boss’ strongest AoE Skill?!

One hour, two hours, three hours… after a number of parties got themselves killed a couple of times, they finally announced that they would like to give up on killing the boss. Many parties had left the battlefield, one after another. From their point of views, they believed that it was impossible to slay Brocks at the current stage of the game. They believed that they needed to gather more players with at least a full set of Holy Tier Armor before they could bring Brocks down to his knees.

Without numbers, a World Boss will never be defeated. Finally, top Tier guild including the Hell Family and Land of Savages were beginning to pull their troops back. Based on the remaining number of players on the battlefield, there was no hope for any of them to slay the boss anymore. So, they decided not to waste time on the matter. If that is the case, why don’t they spend their precious time on clearing the Spectre's Hidden Cavern. They could quickly collect a full set of Holy Tier equipment for each of their members by doing that repeatedly.

While watching the other parties retreating one after another, Zhang Yang began to laugh out loud. Then he said, "It’s our turn to put up a good show!"

"Hehe!" Everyone from Zhang Yang’s party smiled and laughed.

Zhang Yang activated the special effect of Kingcross’s Sword. At the same time, he activated his Inheritance Transformation as well. Phoenix pet and Felice did not stand idly by either. They also activated their own Transformation Skill before charging towards the boss.

The rest of Zhang Yang’s party had also activated their Inheritance Transformations. The ones with Class A Inheritance had the ability to fly in the air while the rest just rode on their Mounts, charging towards the boss as swiftly as they could.

Because the players around the boss were all slain, Brocks was no longer in his Battle Mode. Now, he had a full bar of HP. Upon noticing Zhang Yang and his gang approaching him at high speed, Brocks began to let loose his {Shadow Arrows} at them before Zhang Yang and the gang could set foot into the range of 1,000 meters from the boss. 1 second right after he activated his {Shadow Arrow}, Brocks activated his {Soul Penetrate,} spreading countless dark orbs of radiating lights towards his enemies.