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Chapter 779: The Revival of a Salted Fish

Chapter 779: The Revival of a Salted Fish
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The dark lights landed solidly on everyone who was approaching the boss. However, the word ‘Immune’ popped right on top of everyone’s head! If there were any other players left in the surroundings to witness this, they would be able to see that the boss’s {Soul Penetrate} could do nothing to anyone around him! None of them would suffer any damage or lose any HP!

{Soul Penetrate}!

The moment everyone set foot within the range of 1,000 meters from the boss, everyone was afflicted with the negative effect of the {Soul Penetrate}. From that moment on, if anyone ever gets out of the range of 1,000 meters from the boss, that player would be killed instantly!

{Shadow Arrow Barrage}!

Throughout the 10-second gap when Zhang Yang and his gang were approaching the boss, that timeframe had become the boss’s time for his individual performance on stage! He repeatedly struck out with countless of dark arrows into all directions. The arrows were scattering into the surroundings, hitting anything within the ranged attack of the boss.

However, that 10-second gap was just as long as breathing in some air and breathing out again. Zhang Yang was the first one to arrive before the boss. He raised his battle axe up and gave the boss a solid slash.


A damage value popped right up on top of the boss. Everyone was shocked to see that amount of damage value! It was terrifying! Zhang Yang’s normal attack was about to reach a million, soon! Holy sh*t!

With that Attack power, Zhang Yang could already oppress a Holy Tier boss like a boss himself! After all, the power level of the boss was not exhibited through the single attacks, but through their terrifying AoE attacks and their long *ss HP bars.

Han Ying Xue and the others were a little slower than Zhang Yang. Everyone settled down in their own positions. The Healers were healing the party’s HP bars back to full while the DPS players were dealing intense damage to the boss. Everyone was doing their own parts in the battle, trying to bring the boss’s HP bar down.

Brocks had over 100,000,000,000 HP, and the ability to recover 1% HP once in every 30 seconds. In other words, the boss had the ability to heal 3,330,000 HP with every passing second. Meanwhile, if the party wants to empty out the HP bar of the boss entirely in two hours, they would have to deal a party DPS of 1,390,000 + 3,330,000 = 4,710,000 damage!

With the party’s current firepower, it would be quite difficult for them to deal so much damage. Zhang Yang decided to put his faith on the third time of his {Glare of the Death God}. The party would need to have at least one successful attempt of activating the {Glare of the Death God} in order to make up with their insufficient firepower at slaying the boss.

On the other hand, Zhang Yang and the party had the special effect of the Kingcross’s Sword to support them. Furthermore, Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart and Female Raid Covent’s super healing capabilities were extremely strong. So, the HP bars of all Zhang Yang’s party members were maintained at a safe level.

{Glare of the Death God}!


Zhang Yang sighed. Although he still had 2 more attempts, it would still be too impractical and risky to put his faith on a Skill that triggers by such a slim chance! After giving it some thoughts, Zhang Yang contacted Snow Seeker through her private chat. Then he said, "Guildmaster Snow, I come bearing a gift!"

"Oh? What kind of gift?" Snow Seeker said in a calm manner. Well, she would never believe that Zhang Yang would really give her something worthwhile, anyway.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Come back and fight Brocks with us. I have absolute confidence in slaying the boss. However, there are only 12 of us here. The quest can be completed by 20 players. So if we kill the boss now, the other 8 spots will go to waste. Since you’re always there for me and my men, I can give the 8 spots to you. You will get Skill Point as the reward for completing the quest!"

"Just Skill Points?"

"Of course, guildmaster Snow. You mustn’t be too greedy!"

"Humph! Guildmaster Zhan Yu, you’re not this nice usually. What makes you come and beg? You’re short on men? So you want us to help you out?"

"You’re kidding, right? Do you think that’s possible?"

"The boss’ loot! We want half!"

"... Bye bye!"

"One-third of the loots then!"


"A quarter of the loots then!"

"Alright! However, you can only have a quarter of all the equipment dropped by the boss. Items are not included!" Zhang Yang also knew that the two Skill Points were far too little for Snow Seeker to accept the offer. If Zhang Yang really sweeps all the loots to himself in front of Crimson Rage, the ladies would definitely feel cheated and infuriated at the same time. They might even decide to never work together with him ever again!

"Deal! However, if you get at least 4 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment, you must promise to give us at least one of them!"

"No problem!"

After adding eight of the Crimson Rage members to his party, Zhang Yang equipped his [Party Summon Order] and summoned Snow Seeker and 7 others from Crimson Rage over to his location. Zhang Yang had informed them to activate their Inheritance Transformation before they are summoned over. Well, the lady army was greeted by the boss’s crazy bombarding attacks the moment they arrived. However, Zhang Yang activated the special effect of the Kingcross’s Sword once again at the correct timing, and everyone was immune to the effect of the boss’s {Soul Penetrate}.

"So this is it… how did you managed to get such a secret weapon?" Snow Seeker’s eyes were glittering while she looked at Zhang Yang. Having a weapon that can nullify the boss’s {Soul Penetrate} was like nullifying the boss’s strongest AoE Skill. The boss’s {Shadow Arrow Barrage} could only deal a DPS 50,000 damage. The three Healers in Zhang Yang’s party wouldn’t even break a sweat.

Well, Brocks was impossible for the players to take him head-on at the current stage of the game. It was not because the boss’s single attacks were too oppressively powerful, it was actually because the boss could combine his {Shadow Arrow Barrage} and {Soul Penetrate} and utilize them perfectly together to form a deadly combo. That was how the boss was able to wipe out all of his enemies within the vicinity of his attacks. However, once the players are able to counter that deadly combination, the boss would become a ‘fallen god’. When that happens, the players would only have to focus on dealing as much as damage as they could to the boss.

95%, 90%, 85% ... the HP bar of the boss was reducing steadily at a very slow pace.

Even though the other guilds had retreated away from the battle to slay Brocks, a few players had stayed behind in the vicinity to observe the situation. If there are ever any unexpected developments on the situation, these players would be able to report the situation back to their guilds. By then, they would be able to come up with some countermeasures.

These players had been wandering around the surroundings, slaying quite a number of monsters. They were a little bit shocked to see that there were some players still attempting to fight the boss.

At first, they were not bothered by it at all. They deeply believed that it was impossible for anyone to defeat the boss. However, they started to realize that something was odd. The HP bar of the boss was reducing at an average pace. However, the players didn’t seem like they would fall anytime soon!

They were instantly shocked by what they saw with their own eyes. So they quickly reported the news back to their ‘headquarters’. However, that map was extremely vast! Players would need about 3 to 4 hours to travel back to this spot even if they were on the Marlin's Land of Salt. They would require more time if they were to travel from Territories around to this spot.

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang and the others only needed two hours to slay the boss!

--- Actually, if players could not take down the boss in two hours, they would have to give up by then. Even if they had Healers who were capable of maintaining their HP bars at the safe level, they would still need to have enough firepower in order to get the job done. If they do not have enough firepower, the boss’s HP would rise back to full eventually.

Zhang Yang wanted to wait for the players to leave first before he begins touching the boss. Well, he had his reasons. If someone suddenly activated their Inheritance Transformation and charges in at the crucial final moment to land a hit, those players would stand a chance to steal all the loot the boss.

When the number of players in the vicinity are high, there would be no telling how chaotic the ‘snatching’ would get.

Now that the players were gone, Zhang Yang and his party could peacefully fight the boss. Even if someone charges in to interrupt at the final moment of the boss battle, they would be very small in numbers. There should not be any high Tier players in the surrounding of the boss currently --- well, which high Tier players would waste their time standing idly by the side, observing the situation of a boss battle?

However, they were afraid that the situation might suddenly change without any signs of warning. So, the gang was focusing their full firepower on the boss. They just wanted the boss battle to end as soon as possible. The loot would only be theirs if they manage to sweep the loot into their own pockets.

Poor Brocks was a World boss, after all. However, after his {Soul Penetrate} had lost its threatening factor, the boss was a tiger without its teeth. Although the tiger would still have claws that are sharp as f*ck, the tiger would still lose most of its power. That really made Brocks vulnerable. The players could defeat him under those circumstances!

70%, 50%, 30%!

Zhang Yang attempted to throw another {Glare of the Death God} on the boss. However, he suffered the same fate as it was for the first time. However, the eight ladies had joined in to aid them. So, their firepower had reached the ‘minimum standard’ required to defeat the boss. Judging from the firepower of the entire party, they should be able to take out the boss within 100 to 110 minutes!


The boss was infuriated. He was activating his {Soul Penetrate} at a more frequent rate. However, that Skill could not even cause an itch in the players. So, Brocks could only stand there and let the players slaughter him up with their ‘Killing Cleave’ Skills. His HP bar had gone down to 10% in a very swift manner!

At the same time, the cooldown of Brocks’s {Shadow Arrow Barrage} had been shortened from 6 seconds down to 3 seconds. So, the DPS of the boss was increased from 50,000 damage to 100,000 damage! However, because the 3 Healers managed to heal everyone up to the safe level before the HP bar of the boss was reduced down to 10%, everyone was far from danger. Meanwhile, their Inheritance Transformations had boosted their initial HP amounts by a lot. Therefore, they could still stay alive for quite a while even if the boss bombards them with his powerful attacks.

Furthermore, Han Ying Xue still had not used her {Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple}. Well, that godly Skill could potentially heal everyone on the party back to their full health states!

8%, 5%, 2%, 1%!

"Argh ---" Brocks let out a miserable scream and slammed his face on the ground from midair. Then, he dropped tons of equipment and many other items upon his death. Brocks was really generous. He was worthy of being called one of the World bosses!

‘Ding! Congratulations for being the First Party in the server to slay an Ascended Tier Boss, your glorious deeds shall be remembered forever in the Historical List of the world. As the leader of the party, please key in the name of your party. Your party name will be published on the Historical List, allowing the world to praise you!’

Once the boss was dead, Zhang Yang immediately received a system notification. Although he had previously slain the king of the Emerald City, the system did not recognize that kill because Zhang Yang basically stole that kill. Therefore, the ‘First Clear’ for killing an Ascended Tier Boss had only appeared for the first time here after they slew Brocks.

Zhang Yang would definitely not giving the advertising opportunity to the Crimson Rage. So, he quickly filled the empty column with his advertising phrase and let the server do its work. The notifications began to ring out across the entire server. Well, the notifications did cause quite a bit of havoc among the players all around the world. They could only sigh in regret as they halted. Since the boss had been taken care of, they had no reason to go back to the spot anymore.

"Loot time!" Wei Yan Er cheered. She immediately bounced over to the loots and picked them all up. Therefore, Zhang Yang switched the setting so that only the ‘Captain’ would be able to distribute the loots. Then, he passed the authority over to Wei Yan Er. Therefore, the little brat was the only one who could distribute the loot to the others.

The boss was being extremely generous this time. He dropped 10 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment and 5 pieces of Holy Tier equipment. Other than that, there were also 7 Skill Books, 4 pieces Skill Point Crystallizes, 7 pieces of Top Tier Aura Stones...

What a great bunch of loots the boss bestowed them!

"Let’s distribute the loots first!" Zhang Yang quickly said. Well, Zhang Yang wanted to ‘shoo’ away the lady army. He wanted to prevent the ladies from noticing the value of their spoils. After all, they might have other ideas after knowing. Other than Snow Seeker, the other ladies from Crimson Rage were basically hoodlums. They would just use any means necessary to obtain what they want!

Zhang Yang acted very generously and said, "Guildmaster Snow, there are 10 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment here. So based on the promise I made for you, you can only take two of them. But I’m a generous person. Just take three then! Come, take them and go!"

Snow Seeker rolled her eyes backward at Zhang Yang. Then she quickly picked up the equipment that Zhang Yang tossed over to her. After that, she said, "Though the Ascended Tier equipment are precious, there are items that are much better than enhancing our attributes!"

Well, speaking of which, Snow Seeker was content with what she got by the end of the deal. They knew that they were just here to run some errands for Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang could have invited other people instead of them, after all. So they had actually earned an easy fortune for themselves. It was really fortunate for them to obtain 3 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment and two Skill Points as the reward for completing the quest.