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Chapter 780: A Variable Tank

Chapter 780: A Variable Tank
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Snow Seeker went through the 10 pieces of Ascended Tier equipment over and over again without being able to make up her mind at all. After struggling hard for over half a day, she finally decided to take the three Ascended Tier equipment that she handpicked. After that, Snow Seeker led the lady army and left for White Jade Castle. They wanted to stand by at the main city until Zhang Yang and their gang get back, before they hand in the quest together.

Among the 7 Ascended Tier equipment, there were two Heavy Armor, three Leather Armor, and two Cloth Armor. Snow Seeker took one ring, one necklace, and one accessory. Well, her decision was reasonable. Defensive equipment were much easier to come by. However, necklaces, rings, and accessories were very rare in the game. It would be much more difficult to farm for them.

However, the additional attributes of the three pieces of Ascended Tier equipment that Snow Seeker took were lower. It was hard to tell if Snow Seeker had made the right choice.

After distributing the three Leather Armor and the two Cloth Armor, it was time for the final two Heavy Armor. One was a pair of pants while the other was a helmet.

[Xenopus-Scaled Helmet] (Ascended, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +1,280

Vitality: +39,207

Strength: +7,009

Agility: +2,916

{Level 8 Socket 1}

{Level 8 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 78,410 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,070 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 200

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Ten Dusk immediately expressed that he was just tagging along. He did not believe that he deserved any of the loot. He had no intention of claiming any of the loot at all. Well, everyone praised him for that. Well, in fact, he and Female Raid Covent did not really contribute much in the boss battle. So, if they were to be included in the distribution of the equipment, even if the gang would not disagree, they might not be that happy about it.

On the other hand, Endless Starlight’s face was much thicker than a concrete wall. Of course, part of the main reason was because he had been part of the gang for quite some time now. As a secondary Tanker on the party, he would need to power up himself a little bit from time to time!

However, equipment for Knights would have much higher stats in terms of Intelligence Attributes. Although that helmet was also suitable for a Knight, it was obvious that he was not the most suitable person for that helmet. Well, he was in fact the most unqualified person among the gang for the moment. Therefore, the equipment could only go to either Zhang Yang or Wei Yan Er. However, Zhang Yang decided to take the greaves instead. So, he passed it on to the little brat.

The helmet that he currently wore was a Level 170 Holy Tier equipment. However, the greaves that he had on him was just a Level 150 Ethereal Tier equipment. It was obvious that he could get more power if he switches his greaves away.

[Dark Abyss Greaves] (Ascended, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +1,280

Vitality: +40,239

Strength: +6,882

Agility: +3,002

{Level 8 Socket 1}

{Level 8 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 80,470 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,070 damage when hit.

Required Level: 200

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Endless Starlight had no lots nor luck with this piece of equipment. He could only drool at it. Meanwhile, even though Ten Dusk was admiring the equipment as well, he kept himself well under control.

After they were done distributing the equipment, it was time for them to look at the items.

The four Skill Point Crystals were distributed according to their turns. Zhang Yang acquired one of the Skill Point Crystals. With the other Skill Point that he acquired from the system when he reached Level 180, he added the two Skill Points to his {Force Strike}. Currently, his {Force Strike} had reached Level 7. After adding the other two Skill Points that he acquired from the quest reward, his {Force Strike} would become Level 9. So, one more level there. One more level before his {Force Strike} could become a Skill that would always trigger an additional attack that would always be a Critical Hit!

As for the 7 pieces of Top-Tier Aura Stone, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream took 5 of them and added the stones onto their {Companion Aura} and {Recovery Aura}. By doing so, they managed to level up their Aura Skills up to Level 10. The remaining two were given to Fatty Han. Since he only had his {Companion Aura}, it would not matter at all if his Aura Skill is not maxed out.

The Skill Books were distributed based on the numbers they rolled. Zhang Yang was a little unlucky today. He did not even get a Skill Book by the end of it. However, Wei Yan Er gave him a pleasant surprise right after that --- [Book of Revelation: Chapter 7]!

He currently had the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 1-6] with him. With this newly acquired Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 that Sun Xin Yu was holding, Zhang Yang had finally collected the first 8 chapters of the [Book of Revelation]!

Before Zhang Yang could even make a sound, Sun Xin Yu took out the Chapter 8 and passed it to Zhang Yang immediately. After combining them, Zhang Yang only had one more chapter before he could finally combine the chapters into one complete book. So, where is this Chapter 9 now?

The combination of the first eight chapters of the [Book of Revelation] could provide 40% additional Attack to the entire party. Also, players on the same party as the holder could immediately get resurrected with 80% HP remaining. Furthermore, the cooldown of the resurrection had been shortened to 3 hours only! Other than that, the Skill’s enhancement effect had been improved to enhance two Skills.

After picking up the quest item ‘Brocks’s Staff’, all loot had now been picked up except for one.

[Goblin War Chariot Enhanced 2.0] (Tank)

Use: Summons or dismantles a tank that can fit 10 persons. Casting time: 10 seconds.

Required Level: 180

Bound upon pick up.

"Tank? What the heck is this?" Everyone was surprised to see such a thing among the loot.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Let’s decide who takes it. Then the person will be able to put out its description on the system."

Everyone began to roll. By the end of it, Wei Yan Er rolled out 99 points and won the bet. So, she managed to secure the ownership of the tank. When she picked up the tank model that was the size of her palm, the system immediately refreshed and a system notification appeared.

‘System Notification: The first Tank has been spawned. The Tank System has been officially unlocked! Please visit our official websites for more information about the Tank System!’

Everyone was very interested in the new Tank System. So, many of them logged off the game to take a look at the new system’s information on the Official Website.

According to Zhang Yang’s understanding, there are four different models of Tank with four different passenger capacities. The 1.0 model Tank can carry 5 persons. Then the 2.0 model Tank can carry 10 persons. Meanwhile, the 3.0 model Tank can carry 20 persons. Last but not least, the 4.0 model Tank can carry up to a total of 50 persons. Each model of the tanks can be purchased from any army facility in any of the main cities in the server. However, the price would be…

The 1.0 model was the cheapest among all models. Each one was priced at 200,000 gold pieces. The 2.0 model was a little more expensive than the 1.0 model. Players would require to spend 500,000 gold pieces in order to get one. Meanwhile, the 3.0 model would cost 1,000,000 gold pieces and the 4.0 model would cost 5,000,000 gold pieces! Because 1 gold piece is currently equal to 1 dollar in real life, the price of each Tank was as expensive as a sports car in real life!

Obviously, other than the rich players, normal players would not even think about having one of these tanks! Furthermore, it would be pointless if someone buys a Tank for him or herself. The Tanks would require a sufficient number of ‘passengers’ in order to function at its full functionality and potential.

Everyone logged back into the game. Then Zhang Yang and the gang went back to the main city to hand in the quest ‘Defeat the Ambitious Schemer Brocks’. All 20 of them had acquired the 2 additional Skill Points and everyone was quite happy about it, of course.

Zhang Yang picked 20 of the most loyal and trustable members from his guild. Then, he transferred 5,000,000 gold pieces to each of them from his own pocket. Well, his intention was to let them purchase a Tank Model 4.0 for themselves. 20 Tanks could fit 1,000 players, after all. That would make them into the most powerful source of firepower of the guild.

By doing so, Zhang Yang had just spent over 1,000,000,000 gold pieces in one single go. However, he could still run the Territories because Lone Desert Smoke had his back. Therefore, it was a wise move to try improving the firepower of Lone Desert Smoke in some sense. When his guild becomes much stronger, Zhang Yang would be able to hold his grip firmly over the Territories that he has right now. Well, if any other guild is capable of purchasing 20 Tanks and declaring Territory Conquests over one of his territories with the Tanks...

One single Model 4.0 Tank could fit 50 players. From the perspective of HP, one Tank could have more HP amount than a player who has activated a Class S Inheritance Transformation. However, the movement speed of a Tank was extremely slow. Tanks could be used for pushing a boss in the Open World, or some large-scaled war, or party battles such as Territory Conquests.

The Tanks could only stack the HP Amount of the players but not their Attacks. Just imagine this. There are 20 players in a 3.0 Model Tank. Each of them could only deal a basic attack of 10,000 damage. So when the Tank that is filled with 20 players encounters a boss with a Defence of 11,000 points, the Tank could only deal 20 separate forms of damage to the boss in each round of its attack. The Attack power of the players would not be able to stack up to a total of 200,000 damage to deal an effective amount of 190,000 damage.

On the other hand, a player with a Class B Inheritance who has 10,000 basic damage could increase his or her Attack up, ranging from 20,000 to 30,000 when he or she activates Inheritance Transformation. Unlike the Tank, the player could deal a damage value that penetrates the boss’ Defence. The player could potentially be a thousand times stronger than the other 10 players combined.

In other words, Tanks could only boost the survival capability of the players. It had nothing to do with increasing Attack or Defence of the players. It would just deal as much damage to the target as it is supposed to. Well, a Tank could carry players altogether and sum up the amount of HP every player has, allowing the 10 to 20 players to all share the sum of their HP under one bar. Therefore, no one on the Tank would die if the total amount of HP on the Tank is not depleted. From a a certain point of view, Tanks could still increase the Attack of the players --- the Attack power of the players would only be increased if they are able to stay alive.

Although 20 Tanks did not seem to be that much, the cost of purchasing 20 of them had reached up to a total of 1,000,000,000 gold pieces. Not every guild could afford to spend such an amount of money in one shot. Well, when they go to slay a World Boss in the future, Lone Desert Smoke would have the equivalent of 20 additional players with Class S Inheritance Transformation --- at least in terms of HP!

It would not really matter how many players rode the Tank. The Tank would be the focal point for their enemies to attack. Well, the concept would be similar to a player on a mount. The only difference was that the Defence of the merged mount and the player would be determined based on the Defence of the player, which was also the owner of the mount. Meanwhile, the Defence of the Tanks would be based on their own Defence values.

Newly acquired Tanks would not have any Defence nor Magic Defence attributes. However, the players could purchase Chariot Fenders from the military facilities in the main cities to fortify their Tanks. There were two kinds of Chariot Fenders, one being Magic Defence, while the other being purely Defence. They would be graded into four different categories of grades, knowingly as A, B, C, and D.

Each D-grade Chariot Fender could provide 2,000 Defence Armor or any sort of 2,000 Magic Defence. Each of the C-grade Chariot Fender could provide 2,600 Defence Armor or any sort of 2,600 Magic Defence. Each B-grade Chariot Fender could provide 3,300 Defence Armor or any sort of 3,300 Magic Defence. Last but not least, the Each A-grade Chariot Fender could provide 4,000 Defence Armor or any sort of 4,000 Magic Defence.

However, players could not just purchase A-grade Chariot Fenders with money and install them on their Tanks. The owner of the Tank must reach the same level or grade first before they could acquire A-grade Chariot Fenders and use them effectively on their Tanks. Or else, the Chariot Fenders would just be like decoratives to the Tanks. D-grade Chariot Fenders would require players to be at least Level 180 before they become functional. C-grade Chariot Fenders would require players to be at least Level 210 before they become functional. B-grade Chariot Fenders would require players to be at least Level 240 before they become functional. Last but not the least, A-grade Chariot Fenders would require players to be at least Level 270 before they become functional.

It could not matter what type of Model the Tank is, one Tank could only bear as much as 10 Chariot Fenders at the same time. Magic Defence type or Defence type, Fire Resistance or Shadow Resistance, the types of Defence and Resistance could be mixed freely, according to the players’ free will. There were no limitations.

However, there would be certain limitations to it because there were over 5 different types of Magic Resistance. If players dabble too much with all 5 different types of Magic Resistance without focusing on any one of them, the effects would be watered down.

Among the 20 Model 4.0 Tanks that Zhang Yang purchased, 15 of them had been fortified with Grade-D Chariot Fenders. Each of them had over 20,000 Defence, which was much higher than Zhang Yang’s current Defence value! The other 5 remaining Tanks were fortified with 10 pieces of Frost Resistance Chariot Fenders, 10 pieces of Fire Resistance Chariot Fenders or any other of the five types of Magic Resistance Chariot Fenders. They have been fortified accordingly to multiple situations.

Tanks do not have much durability to begin with. However, the Chariot Fenders do have durability. After losing their durability completely, these Chariot Fenders would lose their functionality. So, blacksmiths were required to be present nearby the Tanks in order to get the Chariot Fenders fixed. These Chariot Fenders were basically similar to players’ equipment in terms of durability. In fact, these Chariot Fenders could be seen as the Tanks’ equipment. They only add either Defence or Magic Resistance to the Tanks. However, the Vitality, Strength, and the other Attributes of the Tanks would be based on the players’ stats.