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Chapter 782: Sandra The Rover

Chapter 782: Sandra The Rover
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One of the main reason Eternal Flame lost was because Zhong Xiu Hua acted rashly. If he was willing to spend such a large sum of money, he could have bought 1,000 Model 4.0 Tanks and wait patiently for his guild to have 50,000 Level 180 players first. By then, he could have launched a full-scale attack on Souron Castle with 1,000 Model 4.0 Tanks at the same time. 1,000 Model 4.0 Tanks would be equally tough as 1,000 players who had activated Class S Inheritance Transformation. Even though the Tanks could only move at an extremely slow speed, but Territories and the Territory Hall would not move. So, it would be possible for them to take over the Territory Hall if they are well prepared in the first place.

Of course, a guild would have to spend over 50,000,000,000 to acquire 1,000 units of Model 4.0 Tanks. Well, there shouldn’t be anyone in the entire world who would actually invest that much of an amount in virtual assets! After all, Tanks would be bound to the person who buys them. They can’t be transferred or traded to other players. So it would be quite risky as well.

However, if 1,000 Tanks could really take down a Territory, the 50,000,000,000 spent would be worth it! After all, a Territory could generate an amount of 50,000,000,000 gold pieces back to cover the cost after 2 months!

Of course, Tanks were not invincible. For instance, let’s take a closer look at the Model 4.0 Tanks. Each of the Model 4.0 Tank could fit 50 players. So, the sum of HP the Tank should be 40,000,000 HP --- each of the player would need a few pieces of Holy Tier equipment to contribute, at an average of 800,000 HP. However, how long would it take for high Tier players to empty out a total of 40,000,000 HP, then?

There was no way for the players to heal the Tanks. That could prove to be a fatal weakness of the Tanks. Of course, if players on board the Tanks were powerful enough, they might still stand a chance at taking out their enemies before the HP bar of the Tanks deplete. Upon getting out of Battle Mode, the HP bar of the Tanks would recover back to 100% over a period of time.

However, it would be impossible for one to get out of Battle Mode when one is standing in the middle of a large-scale battle with tens of thousands of players in the vicinity. Tanks could only provide players a longer survival period on the battlefield. There was no way that they could replace the status of players with Inheritance Transformation! After all, Inheritance Transformations could only be used once in every 3 days. Of course, they would be the real deal!

"Noob tank, cousin sis! Time to wake your *sses up! The new Ascended Tier boss will be spawning soon nearby the Bama Volcano! Wake up now! No more sleeping!" Wei Yan Er slammed on the door and screamed.

"God damn it!"

Zhang Yang paused his intense exercise instantly. Now, he had to wake up early in the morning to ‘help’ Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu do some intense ‘exercise’ every day. So it was one of his new daily habits now. While he was drilling hard on the matter, he was shocked by the sudden interference from Wei Yan Er to the point that he almost lost both his ‘hardness’ and his ‘hardiness’!

"Leave her be!" Han Ying Xue’s eyes had drifted so far away from reality that she could not get hold of them anymore. She was currently clinging on Zhang Yang with her four limbs like an octopus, gasping in a sexy voice, as if she was going to melt.

After another intense session, Zhang Yang cuddled the two ladies down to the living room. Well, he did look happier and refreshed after the release. Today was Daffodil Daydream’s turn to cook. So, she made everyone a sumptuous breakfast.

Wei Yan Er was biting on her fork while she was moving up and down on both Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. Then she said, "Cousin sis, why do you and sister Sun always lost in a fight with noob tank? I’ve always hear you two going ‘argh argh argh’ and ‘eek eek eek’ every time you two fight noob tank! I pity you two!"

Zhang Yang could not help to laugh it out loud. This little brat was still so pure even after staying with them for so long. Such a pure girl is hard to come by these days. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu and Daffodil Daydream blushed at the same instance after hearing what she said. The little brat had no idea on what was going on, but the three other ladies were very clear about it. Of course, the ladies, especially the two of them would feel awkward. They had just been exposed by this little brat without her own knowledge!

"Yan Er, you can’t talk about it in front of the gang and the others, you know? Especially the others!" Han Ying Xue immediately attempted to brainwash the little brat. Well, if little brat ever feels the itch to tell the gang especially Fatty Han and Endless Starlight, how much more awkward would the situation get then?

"Oh--- okay!" Wei Yan Er did not seem to fully understand. Indeed, she did understand some things that husbands and wives would do. However, she had no idea at all when it came to the process of making a baby!

Well, one of the main reasons was because her mother passed away when she was very young. On the other hand, it was natural that her father would not talk about the birds and bees to the little brat. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue had done a splendid job in protecting the little brat from being corrupted. However, the main reason among the main reasons was because this little brat had a weird and strange personality in the first place. She just loved to pull pranks on people and buys expensive purses and perfumes. Another main reason that kept her from getting involved in a relationship was because of the runway on her chest!

"Oh right! The new Ascended Tier boss is about to appear in the game!" Wei Yan Er immediately went back on track. She swept her food into her big mouth and kept her mouth full. Meanwhile, she could still talk loudly and clearly. That was really something to be admired.

"Oh. Did you find any other information about the boss from the official website?" Zhang Yang asked out of convenience. At the same time, he was frowning. Because Han Ying Xue that witch, was teasing him by placing her soft and fair leg in between his thighs.

"Yea, of course there’s more! The boss is called Sandras The Rover. It’s a Stone Giant. After spawning, the boss will roam around the Bama Volcano! Wow, the boss has a 10% rate of dropping a Holy Tier pet mount! Did you hear me? It’s a freaking Holy Tier pet mount!" Wei Yan Er was so joyful that she began to dance around.

Zhang Yang could not help but smile, then he said, "Don’t get too excited just yet. You can get excited after you manage to get it!"

"However, we don’t have any secret items like the Kingcross Sword, right? So, we’ll have to compete with the other guilds in this, right?" Daffodil Daydream was beginning to worry.

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "With the Tank System up and running, players would be more capable of challenging a boss. However, even though the system had stated that the boss would be roaming around the Bama Volcano, the boss would still be very difficult to find. The Bama Volcano map is very huge!"

"En!" The four ladies nodded at the same time to express their agreement on it. The Bama Volcano was located at the west of the Sylrokia map. Zhang Yang and the ladies had grinded on the map before. So they were quite familiar with the map now. The Bama Volcano area was very vast indeed. It would take approximately 2 to 3 hours for the players to cover the entire area on their Flying Mounts. Furthermore, the forest across the land was thick as f*ck! Even if millions of players searched for the boss at the same time, it would still take up some time. While the players were searching for the boss, the boss might have been taken out when they finally manage to find it.

"Then, what are we waiting for? Let’s hustle up and search for the boss! Let’s log into the game!" Wei Yan Er was an impatient little b*tch, after all. So, she already began pulling Han Ying Xue to go back upstairs.

"What’s the rush? Finish your food first!" Zhang Yang laughed. Then, he swept his eyes across the flat chest of the little brat and said, "They’ll only grow if you eat enough!"

"Stinky noob tank! I’m unfriending you! Pui!" Wei Yan Er tightened her teeth.

Everyone logged into the game after getting ready for the day. Zhang Yang immediately assembled all the Level 180 players in his guild and made a headcount. However, the number fell short of his expectations. There were only 883 players in total that had achieved Level 180 and beyond. He could not even fill up 18 Tanks, because of that. Of course, no one would actually sit on the Tanks while traveling across the map. So, Zhang Yang assigned his guild members to their respective Tanks. He assigned 50 players to each Tank, with one player as the captain of the party. Even a Tank would need a leader to lead.

Starting from the Ascended Tier bosses, no guild could take a boss all on their own. Every time there is a new boss spawning, the system would notify the players in the entire server. The system would also reveal the specific location of the Quest-type bosses like Brocks. Meanwhile, the system would only reveal the whereabouts of the bosses that are not related to any quest in the game. For instance, Sandra The Rovers who just spawned not long ago.

Of course, the system would also spawn new bosses out of the blue to provide players the element of surprise. By doing so, they could keep the pace of the game fresh and exciting. Players would be competing against each to see who takes down the bosses first, because of that. At some point, fierce battles could lead the players plunging themselves deeper into the game. On the other hand, death follows whenever there is a fierce battle. So, the system would be able to earn tons of money by charging the players for repairing their broken equipment after battles. Truth be told, that was one of the main methods the game company uses to suck money out of the players! Everyone would have to repair their equipment at some point.

When Zhang Yang and the gang arrived at the Bama Volcano, the area was reamed by tons of players. Most of them were searching for the whereabouts of the boss. However, some of them were there to take advantage on the others by launching their attacks on the weaker ones. By doing so, they could obtain some equipment from the players they manage to slay.

"So, where do we start first?"

Bama Volcano was 3 times as large as Shang Hai capital in real life. Even if Lone Desert Smoke mobilizes almost 1,000 members to search for the boss, they would only be able to cause a small ripple across the surface of the map.

Without having much of an option to pick, Zhang Yang and his guild members decided to split out in order to cover more ground. After all, moving around would be much better than just sitting tightly in one spot, waiting for something to happen.

The shadows of tons of players were entering the map. They looked like streams of a river that gushed throughout the map. As they were splitting up, making their way across the map, they looked like many river branches splitting out into the thick forest of the map. Further out, the shadows of players began to disappear into the forest without a trace. From that point of view, that should be enough to describe how large the map is!

Everyone was busy looking for the boss, currently. The entire forest area was covered with gigantic trees that were as tall as hundreds of meters. Because of that, there was no way for the players to locate the boss by looking down from the sky. So, they could only stay on foot. Therefore, it was a slow, arduous process.

However, there was also an advantage here. For the party who manages to find the boss, they would be able to take down the boss as long as they had the capability of doing so. They would not have to worry that other parties would suddenly interrupt the boss battle --- if they would really meet some other party while battling the boss, they must be having the worst luck of their lives, then.

Zhang Yang divided his main force into 19 different forces. Each of the forces had a Tank. Each Tank would be assigned to one direction. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang’s main party took a different direction to proceed as well. Well, they did have their very own Inheritance Transformations and a Tank. So, their Attack Power would surely be much more powerful than the other 18 parties.

"Boss--- Where are you, boss --- come here, boss--- I’ll give you a snack if you come out now!" Wei Yan Er was cheering and laughing all the way as she was riding on her pet mount, searching through the forest.

"You have such fair and soft meat, little brat. You better watch out! You might become the boss’s first choice as a snack!" Zhang Yang attempted to tease the little brat.

"You piece of savage human!" Just when little brat was about to hit Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang suddenly made a gesture to signal her to calm the f*ck down.

"There’s movement ahead of us!" Zhang Yang sent a message to the party chat without making a sound. He tried to warn the others to lighten their footsteps. Therefore, everyone was proceeding forward as lightly as they could.

After walking for over tens of steps, everyone noticed that there was a gigantic Stone Giant roaring right before them. The Stone Giant was whirling its two arms towards the ground repeatedly, like two giant windmills spinning at a high speed, smashing the ground violently with its mighty strength. The air was stirred so violently by the movement of its arms that the surroundings were like being blown by a typhoon. That Stone Giant was 50 meters in height. Its entire body was covered by mosses. The impact caused by each of the smashes on the ground were quaking the surroundings as well.

It was the freaking boss! Zhang Yang and his gang had finally found the boss!

[Sandras The Rover] (Ascended, Elemental)

Level: 205

HP: 102,000,000,000/103,000,000,000

Defence: 32470

Melee Attack: 294,899 – 394,899


[Trample of War]: Stomp the ground in the surroundings and causes 350,000 Physical Damage to all targets. Targets will fall to the ground.

[Hammer Strike]: Use its solid rock fists to slam the targets, causing 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damages all enemy targets within range.

[Elemental Constitution]: Recovers 1% HP in every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: Sandras is a wise and farsighted Stone Giant. He loves to travel around the world. He cannot decide on whether he should eat the stone in six bites or eight bites. To him, the different number of bites can define the tastiness of his meal profoundly.

Seeing that the boss did not have a full HP bar, he could assume that the boss was in the middle of a battle. Actually, it was also visually obvious, because there were countless Fire Balls, Frost Arrows and other arrows bombarding the boss. The visual effect of the magic impacts were stunning to gaze upon.