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Chapter 786: Kidnap!

Chapter 786: Kidnap!
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Wei Yan Er did not even give a damn about the army of admirers flowing right behind her. She went up to the passenger seat at the front, shut the door and said, "Drive now! Quickly! Cousin sis has ordered for delivery from the Long Xuan Lou Hotel! Let’s get back and prepare! I don’t want them to eat before we arrive!"

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Do you know all those boys that followed you out of the university gate?"

"Not at all!" The little brat shook her head like a little monkey, "But they’re all very nice! They always treat me nicely and they always bring me out for meals!"

Zhang Yang frowned. This little brat was either really slow on picking things up in such regards or she’s just pure stupid…

He started his sports car and drove away from the university. Then, they headed back to Zhang Yang’s house.

"Noob tank! Look! Quickly, look!" the little brat shoved a poster over to Zhang Yang. There was a sexy beautiful woman wearing only a bathing towel around her body on the poster. The curves of the woman were totally exposed.

Even though the woman on the poster gave off such a sexy aura, the vital spots of her parts were all tightly covered. Because of that, her poster gave people, especially men, a feeling that they were not looking at a ‘tangible’ woman.

"What are you looking at?" Zhang Yang could not help laugh. His eyes had to be fixed on the road in order for him to drive safely. So, he only managed to take a quick glance at the poster before fixing his eyes back on the road.

"Well, she’s the goddess of sexiness! She’s my idol!" Wei Yan Er smiled.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "You admire that pair of boobs she has, not her. Her boobies are like 10 times larger than yours! So little brat, you should face the reality and accept the fact that your boobs are going to stay this small!"

"Noob tank! You’re the worst!" Wei Yan Er pouted and humphed. However, she suddenly turned her eyes back at Zhang Yang and said, "Or you can massage my boobies for me, noob tank!"

"Erk ---" Zhang Yang almost took a wrong turn and sent the car into the drain, almost. He coughed repeatedly and said, "Don’t say some crazy stuff while I’m driving, little brat! Somebody might get hurt!"

"Huh? You can’t?" Wei Yan Er had no idea what she had just said, "Why can’t you help me? You’re so full of yourself!"

Zhang Yang sighed and said, "Little brat, who told you to massage your boobs?"

"My classmates! Their boobies are so huge. So I asked them for secret tips on how to get that big. In the end, only two of them whispered to me that their boyfriends have been massaging their boobies for them! Well, I don’t have a boyfriend, so I can only ask for your help!" Wei Yan Er just said it out loud without thinking.

Zhang Yang frowned even harder. He was sure that this little brat would surely be corrupted sooner or later if she continued to befriend those kinds of friends.

"From now on, don’t even think about massaging boobies! Never mention it again!" Zhang Yang quickly warned the little brat. If Han Ying Xue ever finds out that this little brat talked about it, she would get the wrong idea and think that Zhang Yang might have acted like an animal and done something horrible to the little brat.

"Oh!" Wei Yan Er looked partially understood the situation. However, she immediately looked at the poster again and said, "Noob tank, Luo Yu Rou will come to Zhou Shu in three days. Let’s go and have a look!"

"Alright, fine…" Zhang Yang replied out of convenience. Based on the little brat’s personality, she would never put a topic to rest if she could not get the answer she sought for. She would just tangle around the topic and your neck until you agree with her.

After reaching home, the dining table was filled with all sorts of dishes that could instantly trigger the hunger of anyone who sees them! Not just the appearance of the dishes, the aromatic smell of the food filled the entire house! Upon feasting on the dishes, everyone cleaned up and logged back into the game. Zhang Yang had currently reached Level 187. His next target would be reaching Level 200!

Upon reaching Level 200, Zhang Yang would become eligible to enter Anthylor The Holy City. By settling down in the city, he would be able to use the neutral auction house, bank or the shops in that city to trade with other players from the other 7 Regions. That would mean thathe would be able to expand his business area into a large market populated with 2,000,000,000 players worldwide! The first thing that Zhang Yang aimed to get was a land lease in Anthylor The Holy City and start a new shop similar to his current Little Merchandize Shop over there. With his current Alchemist skill, he could definitely turn the new shop into a second Little Merchandize Shop. The only difference was that he would have even more customers by then.

However, even though he was only 13 levels away from Level 200, he would require approximately 4 months of intense grinding if he does not receive any level rewards from quests. So, it would still be a little too early for him to think too much about setting up his new shop over there. Instead, he should just focus on finding ways of locating the Chapter 9 of the [Book of Revelation] and combining the freaking chapters into one complete book.

After all, Zhang Yang was only one chapter short before he could finally get the complete [Book of Revelation]. However, Zhang Yang had yet to locate the last chapter even after he went back to the Level 150-180 maps to slay Holy Tier bosses all over again. Zhang Yang made an assumption after that. It would be possible that the Chapter 9 of the [Book of Revelation] had been picked up by someone in the server. So he planned to keep an eye out for the lost chapter in any upcoming Territory Conquest or World boss battle.

During that period of time, another two Ascended Tier bosses had been spawned. However, the Lone Desert Smoke was tragically not able to get anything out of the two bosses. Well, it made sense that not everything good would only happen to them. After all, there were numerous Top Tier guilds all over the server. In a worst-case scenario, any one of the guilds could just join forces with other 3 or 4 guilds to match the power level of Lone Desert Smoke.

Furthermore, the most difficult part about slaying the bosses was locating them first. Or else, players could do nothing, even if they had ‘one-hit-K.O’ type of Skills.

Over the following days, more and more players were able to reach Level 180. The 20 Model 4.0 Tanks in Lone Desert Smoke were able to function at their full capacity. Some rich members of the guild even bought their very own Model 1.0 Tanks with their own money. Upon forming a 5-player party, they went out with the Tanks for a stroll of fun. At the same time, these players were able to increase the power level of the entire guild as well.

However, Zhang Yang felt that something was off. It was too peaceful!

In the past, hostile guilds such as Eternal Flame and The Dominators would randomly launch attacks and Territory Conquests over the Lone Desert Smoke. Although those were just small-scale attacks, it would cause quite a lot trouble and take up some time for Zhang Yang to deal with. Those guilds seemed to be saying that they were not afraid of the great Lone Desert Smoke.

However, these guilds seemed to have stopped all their attacks on the Lone Desert Smoke. Zhang Yang could not help but think that they had suddenly changed. They were too docile that Zhang Yang felt terrified about it. Even when their members ran into the members of Lone Desert Smoke, nothing happened at all. Instead of bringing more friends back to retaliate like they always did back in the days, some of them even started waving hands at Lone Desert Smoke with a smile! That was bizarre! Could this be the calm before the real storm?

So, what kind of evil plan is he brewing behind there somewhere?

Although Zhang Yang could feel a chill across his spines, he did not put too much thought into it. He just informed everyone in his guild to be extra careful when they’re out there, minding their own business. He also made some backup plans in case those enemy guilds decide to launch their attacks suddenly.

Three days later, the people in Zhang Yang’s house were dragged by Wei Yan Er over to the cinema to watch Luo Yu Rou’s new movie, ‘Suspect in the Castle’. Other than Sun Xin Yu who was having a night shift at the police station, everyone in the house headed over to the cinema. Well, this goddess to the otakus really is worthy of the title ‘the sexiest beauty’. Her performances in the movie was outstanding, especially for men to feast their eyes upon. There were also a few hot sex scenes in the movie that was hot enough for the men to pop their eyes out and lose their blood out of their noses.

"Okay! Time to go home!" The moment when the movie ended, Zhang Yang wanted to bring the 3 ladies back to his house as soon as he could. However, his plan was ruined because the little brat said that she had not obtained the signature of Luo Yu Rou. She was not willing to leave until she got what she wanted. So they ended up lining up in a super long *ss queue.

When they made it back to the house, it was more than 2 hours later. Zhang Yang was on the verge of blowing up in rage.

On the next morning, Zhang Yang went for his daily exercise routine. While he was jogging by the street, he realized that something was off --- there was a delivery truck following him from the start.

Meanwhile, the men in the delivery truck also noticed that Zhang Yang had realized something was off. The driver suddenly pressed on the pedal to accelerate! Then the truck stopped right beside Zhang Yang. After one of the doors were opened, a muzzle of a gun suddenly appeared pointing at him.

Zhang Yang was so shocked that he immediately performed a tumble. He was attempting to avoid getting shot by the gun. After rolling across the ground, he got up and leaped over the fence of the park. He acted very swiftly and he managed to get out of range in time. Then, he heard a soft sound coming from behind him. The next thing he realized was that there was a broken needle on the ground where he was standing before he had reacted!

They were not here to take him out, they were here to … take him! A kidnap!

Although Zhang Yang had loosened himself a little bit, his reflexes were still intense. Well, he was not in a favorable situation at all! So he lifted his legs and started running like hell. Just when he was about to leap over the high fence before him, another two muzzles appeared from the same door, Even though Zhang Yang was extremely agile and all, he could not best the speed of a ‘bullet’. Out of the next two shots, one landed right on his buttcheek!

Zhang Yang took a few more steps before he started to feel that he was losing his strength. Everything went black all of a sudden and he fell straight to the ground.

Two macho men came right out of the truck immediately. They quickly went over and lifted Zhang Yang into the truck. After loading him up onto the truck in a hurry, the truck drove away immediately. The entire process only took 4 to 5 seconds. The other people in the surroundings were not able to react to what that just happened there. In a brief moment, the delivery truck left the vicinity without a trace.

"What the f*ck! Is that guy even a human? That dart could have taken out an elephant in an instant! He actually ran for a few steps before he collapsed!"

"Who cares! The mission is completed! We just have to send him to the promised location!"

"Well, this is a pleasant business! All we have to do is to throw this man at a hotel without having to do anything else! This 10,000,000 dollars is such easy money!"

"Cut the crap! Complete the mission first, celebrate later!"

"Yes, boss!"


Luo Yu Rou was walking seductively out of the elevator. Those pair of peachy round buttocks of hers were so seductive that the lift attendant could not help to fixate his eyes on them. He felt the urge to charge at her and stick his hard-rock d*ck straight into her and f*ck her brains out!

"If I have money, I’ll keep her as my mistress! I’ll f*ck her every day to the point that she vomits!" The lift attendant was licking his lips like the perfect pervert.

Even though Luo Yu Rou did not turn her head over, she could still feel the dangerous eyes that were staring at her. She put a vague smile on her face. Well, seducing men from all over the world was her biggest hobby and wish. However, no men had ever touched her before, even though she had been in the movie industry for many years.

"I want all stinky men to feel hungry for me but can’t get what they want!" Luo Yu Rou said quietly in her own heart. Her mother was a mistress to a man with power. When she was in her first year of high school, her mother was pulled into the field of her school by the wife of that man. She was stripped naked and humiliated in front of the students and teachers! She even got a slap on her face!

Meanwhile, Luo Yu Rou became a laughing stock of everyone in school. The male students in the school tried to tackle her and touched her. However, when she tried to reject, she was accused of being cocky. Ever since then, Luo Yu Rou had become a judgemental person who sees all men as filthy pigs. Since everyone believed that she was a fox, she decided to become a real fox and seduce the men into submission. That resulted in many tragedies such as female students jumping off rooftops.

Knowing that she had the potential in her, she chose to become an actor. Then, she became a superstar by doing great in the art of seduction. She was called the queen of sexiness in the country. Every time she saw men were staring at her with perverted eyes, she would smile coldly and feel the sensation of retaliating. Well, the men could only look at her. They could not touch her! That should count as a way of getting revenge on men, at least.

Upon reaching her room, she poured a cup of water and gulped it down. Then she went to bathe. After that, she walked into the bedroom with a tired body --- she had been in an event for the entire day. Even an Ironman triathlete would feel tired after that. Furthermore, she was just a pretty little lady. She only cared about getting a good night’s sleep for the night.

However, there was something odd about tonight. She felt very hot all of a sudden. She touched her forehead for a bit. No, she did not have a fever. Why was her crotch so sweaty, then?!

Men! Why did she think of those filthy men then? Luo Yu Rou could feel her consciousness fading away. She quickly opened up the door to the bedroom. The next thing she saw was a man that she had never met before, lying on the bed!