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Chapter 788: Beginning of a storm

Chapter 788: Beginning of a storm
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Zhang Yang had disappeared for over one full day. Sun Xin Yu and the ladies were beginning to panic. Truth be told, Han Ying Xue began to worry because she noticed that Zhang Yang had not return from his regular routine jog since morning. So, she called Sun Xin Yu in the afternoon and told her about it. By the end of it, she decided to let the professionals deal with it.

Sun Xin Yu immediately ordered a few of her colleagues to check on the regular route of Zhang Yang’s jog. They managed to acquire a rough idea on what happened at the park. After that, she immediately used her connections in the network and began a search throughout the entirety of Zhou Shu city. Even though Zhou Shu was not a big city, it would still take a while for them to look through the entire city. Just as they were about to run out of hope, Zhang Yang called in, all of a sudden.

Well, Sun Xin Yu had suspected Zhong Xiu Hua to be behind all this. However, that f*cker knew how to cover his tracks. He managed to clear any suspicion of his role in this. Before knowing what had actually happened to Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu could not go all out on Zhong Xiu Hua. All she could do was giving a few threats to Zhong Xiu Hua before leaving him alone.

However, she had never thought it possible that Zhong Xiu Hua would arrange an ‘affair’ to happen!

With Sun Xin Yu’s intelligence, she immediately suspected that things were as simple as they looked. Zhong Xiu Hua would not be so naïve to believe that such a matter would be enough to separate her and Zhang Yang. It would all fall on the attitude of the woman that Zhang Yang touched. If Zhang Yang had raped the woman, then the story would turn out to be different.

Luckily, Zhang Yang informed Sun Xin Yu that he was unconscious all the while. So he denied raping Luo Yu Rou. After the two of them discussed for a while on the phone, the two of them could not come up with a tangible solution. So, they could only sit around and wait for things to happen before they react accordingly.

Upon hanging up the phone, Zhang Yang got to his feet and put his clothes back on. Some things were not convenient to be discussed on the phone. He knew that he needed to get back to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue as soon as possible. He needed to communicate properly with both of the ladies. Because when the ‘Sex Scandal’ is exposed, Zhang Yang and Luo Yu Rou would not be the only two victims that would get hurt by it. Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue would also be dragged into the mud.

"You f*cked me and you plan to just walk away like that?" Luo Yu Rou had been stunned the entire morning. However, when she noticed that Zhang Yang was leaving, she could not help but feel angry. Well, she did not even know the owner of the d*ck that literally f*cked her up, after all!

Zhang Yang gave it some thought. Then he said, "Follow me! I believe that our news will be exposed to the entire world by noon today. So you’ll just get swarmed by the gossip reporters!"

Luo Yu Rou gave some thought to Zhang Yang’s words. Well, it made sense, though. So she decided to follow Zhang Yang and leave the ‘crime scene’ before it was too late. She put a hat over her head on the way out. So she need not have to worry about being recognized by anyone.

Although she had a car, it was obviously inconvenient for her to drive her own car out of the place. There would definitely be quite a number of entertainment reporters standing by the outside area of the building. If they ever see Luo Yu Rou driving out of the vicinity with another man on her car, they would definitely tail them and follow them anywhere they would go. Their main purpose was to dig out some explosive and juicy news after all!

After hailing a cab, the two of them began to make their way back to Zhang Yang’s house. After traveling over some distance, they switched to another cab. When the two of them arrived at Zhang Yang’s house, Sun Xin Yu and the rest of the ladies were already waiting for them at the entrance of the house.

When Luo Yu Rou saw the four beautiful ladies, she could not help but despise Zhang Yang. She thought that Zhang Yang was a perverted lustful f*cker who would keep up to four mistresses in his house! She hated men who would keep a mistress in secret. So her evaluation on Zhang Yang had dropped by a thousand feet beneath the surface of the ground. If she wasn’t in a bewildered situation right now, she would have never chosen to stay with a man like this!

"Wow! It’s Luo Yu Rou! It’s the freaking Luo Yu Rou!" The little brat was really a heartless little b*tch. The moment she saw that Zhang Yang coming back in one piece, she no longer worried. She immediately stared at Luo Yu Rou. If the little brat was not a beautiful lady herself, she would have been mistaken by the others as a pervert.

Upon entering the house, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream were told to stay outside of the room for the moment. Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and Luo Yu Rou shut themselves in a room and started their discussion on the incident. They were discussing on how to handle the aftermath of the incident.

The two ladies were thinking alike as Zhang Yang did. Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had no good impressions towards the people in the entertainment circle. They meant to keep Luo Yu Rou hidden for a period of time through their words. Although Zhang Yang and Luo Yu Rou were both victims in this incident, however, some things could not be explained with mere words. If they attempt to explain those 'some things', they might ended up adding oil onto fire. Instead, they should just keep everything cold and quiet. After a period of time, everything would be washed away by the end of it.

Before the clock struck 12p.m, a new post appeared right on the official website of the ‘God’s Miracle’. This anonymous person had revealed that Zhang Yang, the number one player in ‘God’s Miracle’ had an affair with a famous local female superstar by the title name ‘Luo Yu Rou the Sexy Goddess’! The post also claimed that they had pictures and video footages as proof! The anonymous person also posted a few links to the pictures and video footages. Well, one of them was a complete footage of the entire incident in the room!

Although the post was removed because it violated the law by having explicit sexual content, the footage was downloaded by countless people on the internet. The footage was spreading across the internet like an untamed wildfire. Countless people all over the world were requesting for links to watch how Zhang Yang engaged in ‘PvP battle’ with Luo Yu Rou.

After all, both Zhang Yang and Luo Yu Rou were famous stars in their respective fields of specialty. Of course, the scandal would cause such a big tidal wave across the surface of a calm water. Later on, some large websites decided to post the footages to earn money. However, they had processed the footage and put some mosaic boxes on the important parts of the video.

However, there wasn’t actually much difference between the raw and the censored version of the footage. Well, there was a big problem with the angle of the shot that was taken. The entire video only showed Luo Yu Rou’s back while she was sitting right on top of Zhang Yang. Although the back of Luo Yu Rou was fair and seductive, she did not really show too much of her body as well in the footage. Her ‘performance’ in the footage was just similar to the sex scenes in her previous movies. Nothing more.

When Zhang Yang and the grown-up ladies saw the footage, they felt relieved immediately. The camera had never actually get a clear shot of Zhang Yang throughout the entire incident. However, Luo Yu Rou was very persistent on screwing Zhang Yang for the entire night. The strong desire of her wanting Zhang Yang caused Zhang Yang to feel a chill straight up his spine. Meanwhile, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue were very jealous to see what happened throughout the entire footage.

--- they felt heartbroken, because they had never forced Zhang Yang so roughly before! Well, that might be due to the reason of Zhang Yang not being Luo Yu Rou’s own man. So, she had no consideration for Zhang Yang’s body condition. If she ever ‘breaks’ Zhang Yang, what would Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu do, then?

After seeing her own crazy performance, Luo Yu Rou blushed. However, she felt relieved and said, "That’s not bad, not that bad at all. We can just say that this is a new scene from a new movie!"

Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue shook their heads at the same time. Zhang Yang sighed heavily and said, "You’re really brainless with big boobs! Who would actually believe that a sex scene is so long? It’s an entire night!"

Luo Yu Rou was angry and shameful at the same time. Because of this stinky man, she had become so miserable right now. And now he dared to scold her! However, looking at the footage, Luo Yu Rou seemed to be the one who was dominating Zhang Yang for the entire night. Strictly speaking, she was the violent one and Zhang Yang was the victim of the incident!

Since the incident had happened, Luo Yu Rou decided to optimistically accept the fact. Well, she would not want to see herself being pressed upon by any man and letting the man do whatever he pleased to her. That’s because she really hated men. However, even though the footage only showed her back, the high quality audio of the video had recorded her every single moan loud and clear. Her seductive and yet lustful voice had herself unconvinced that she would actually moan like that.

However, being numbed by the sexual drive doesn’t mean that she had lost her memory about the entire incident. The memory about yesterday’s night began to play in loops in that pretty little head of hers. Everything began to get clearer and cleared every time she got reminded of that night. She could clearly remember the moment Zhang Yang’s rod beginning to enter her body. That hot impact was irreplaceable by any masturbating rod in the entire world!

Mentally speaking, she really hated men in the entire world. However, her body had no illness nor other problems. Instead, her body was naturally born to be sensitive. So her ‘need’ would be a little more intense than others.

Luo Yu Rou took a peek at Zhang Yang and suddenly, she realized that she actually did not hate the man anymore. Instead, she suddenly felt an urge to surrender herself to the man! The thought of it gave herself a chill up her spine. She shook her head and forced herself to remove that thought from her mind. She kept reminding herself that she would not surrender herself to any man in the entire world!

Meanwhile, a new wave arose when the previous one has barely subsided. Many anonymous people began to tell, or should we say the word ‘expose’, that Zhang Yang was using his title as the guildmaster of Lone Desert Smoke to force girls to sleep with him. Sometimes he would even force girls to have an orgy sex with him! These people were claiming either to be the victims or the husbands, boyfriends of the victims. They even posted the seductive pictures of their so-called girlfriends and wives on the forum to stir things up.

Well, some of the people recognized that among those photos, some of the girls in the photos were in fact porn stars. However, the majority of the people were infuriated by the rumors they heard. So they did not care about it at all and kept scolding Zhang Yang, saying that he was a scumbag. They even voiced out that the scumbag Zhang Yang should be dragged out into the open and shot in the head over a hundred times.

"Actually, they’re all just jealous!" Fatty Han had long heard about the rumors. He tapped Zhang Yang’s shoulder and said, "Little Yang, so how many d*cks do you actually keep under your pants? It’s been only 3 years since ‘God’s Miracle’ was launched. So according to my calculations, you should have slept with more than 4,000 women by now. So, you’ve slept with 4 women a day, on average. Without breaks either! I admire your stamina, man!"

Actually, those who are sane would not actually believe those crappy rumors. However, just like what Fatty Han just said, those whining f*ckers were just jealous of Zhang Yang. That was the only valid reason for them to create such a false ruse to make Zhang Yang look bad. Well, the current situation was like some people hearing about a dirty officer keeping hundreds of mistresses in secret. Although they were scolding the officer violently, they were actually admiring the officer from the bottom of their hearts.

Well, that was the true mentality buried deep within those thick skulls of theirs. They would just blame the rich for keeping mistresses while they held high hopes in winning a lottery. They were hoping to get rich as well so that they would be able to live like those rich people that they always loathed.

Why act like a lamb when you are a real wolf?

"F*ck you, get lost!" Zhang Yang gave Fatty Han a punch.

"Hehe, I know that the rumors about you having the others are not true at all. However, you really did f*cked that Luo Yu Rou!" Fatty Han revealed a perverted expression on his wretched face. He elbowed Zhang Yang and said, "So how was it? Tastes good, eh? That woman is famous for being sexy and seductive. I used to watch all her movies and photo albums like watching porn! I’ve even battled her over a hundred times in my dream, if you know what I mean! But I can’t think about the wife of a brother, so I’ll just switch another goddess to f*ck in my dream!"

"If you have that much energy, then you should just go back to your wife and feed her with your excessive energy!"

"Honestly, how do you plan to handle the superstar then? She has over millions of fans you know… if those fans ever find out that you have a house full of pretty girls, they’ll definitely dedicate their entire lives just to plucking your d*ck out!"

Zhang Yang stared at Fatty Han and said, "As long as you can keep your big f*cking mouth shut, no one would know that she’s here in my house!"

"Zhang Yang---" Luo Yu Rou suddenly knocked the door. She sounded like she was about to ask Zhang Yang about something important.

Fatty Han knew what to do. So after he laughed evilly for a bit, he left the house.

"What’s wrong?"

"Erm… do you have pills? You know… the kind to control birth?" Luo Yu Rou said. She suddenly remembered her ‘joyful incident’ that happened yesterday. Both of them did take any precautions before they begun. So if she really gets pregnant, then she’ll be miserable for the rest of her life.

Well, she had no plan at all about having a child in her life. The main reason was because she believed that she would not fall in love with any man in the entire world. Without love, it would not be wise to create a new life in her life.

Zhang Yang began to feel a headache about the current situation. Well, of course he did not have such medicines kept in his house. The main reason was simple. He really hoped that Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue would both be pregnant with his children. By then, these two ladies might no longer quarrel with each other. The house would become peaceful at last. However, things did not go his way. It’s been almost 2 years since then, the belly of the two ladies were still flat as f*ck. Zhang Yang could not help but suspect that he had lost his ability of spreading offsprings after he was resurrected!