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Chapter 789: Proof of Innocence

Chapter 789: Proof of Innocence
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Although Zhang Yang really wished that Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue would be pregnant with his child, he would not want a stranger to be the mother of his child. So he nodded immediately and said, "I don’t have any in the house. I’ll buy it immediately."

Coincidentally, he was about to send Fatty Han back home. So the two of them arrived at the pharmacy to buy the birth control pills. However, the female attendant at the counter of the pharmacy was shocked to see them. Her eyes betrayed her thoughts to Zhang Yang and Fatty Han. She was looking at them with genuine shocked and pity --- how could a gay get pregnant as well? How outrageous can the world be, now!?

Because some anonymous group was trying to spread the fire that was burning Zhang Yang, the ‘Zhang Yang Incident’ was becoming more serious than ever. At the same time, the Lone Desert Smoke was pushed to the chopping board. The guild that used to be known as an honorable guild had now become an infamous guild of ‘lust’. Although no one had left the guild yet, the morale of the guild had dropped like hell.

Well, people said that the rumors would end at the mouth of the wise. However, there weren’t really many wise people in the world after all. Furthermore, there was a group of people dedicated to spreading false rumors about Zhang Yang. So they managed to provoke a bunch of blind and idiotic people who could get jealous easily to hate Zhang Yang. They claimed to be acting on behalf of their so-called ‘justice’ to bring the pervert, Zhang Yang, down. They were giving it all in demeaning the good name of the Lone Desert Smoke.

Under the blame of the ‘Internet Army’, any form of action or effort to save oneself would be pointless. Even if anyone would step up to say a few words for the Lone Desert Smoke, they would only end up being accused of lying for Zhang Yang. Some of them were even accused of being hired or appointed by Zhang Yang to step up and say some good words for the Lone Desert Smoke. Whoever came up, or whatever they said, they would end up being cursed upon.

"Actually, we can just leave the f*cking place!" Sun Xin Yu was leaning on Zhang Yang’s body. Although she had a powerful background to support her, she would still feel helpless against the ‘Internet Army’ that was coming at them like a tsunami tidal wave.

"Leave? As in getting out of the country? Migrate?" Zhang Yang spoke out of convenience.

"No, leave the game!" Han Ying Xue continued to say. "If you can’t put the fire in the game down, we can still play some smaller-scale game. After all, money is just a figure to us."

Zhang Yang stayed silent for a moment, In the beginning, he joined into the ‘God’s Miracle’ because he wanted to earn some money so that he could have a good life. However, the real reason he joined ‘God’s Miracle’ was to make a name for himself and defeat Liu Wei. Now that Liu Wei is dead as f*ck, the Liu Family had been crippled for good. It seemed that he does not have any reason left to stay in the game.

Well, a game would always be a game. People could use them as a means of passing their time. It would be impractical to make gaming into a lifetime profession.

However, if he quits the game without putting up a fight, he would become a laughing stock for the people all around the world. People would just think that he was running away from Zhong Xiu Hua like a rat in the sewer. Now that Zhong Xiu Hua was manipulating everything to go against him, he could not stomach the thought of running away, knowing that son of the b*tch Zhong Xiu Hua has won. Zhang Yang could not accept the fact that he has lost to a f*cking rich spoilt brat!

Zhang Yang revealed a vague smile on his face. Then he said, "I’m going to put up a good fight! Are you willing to accompany me, my loves?"

Han Ying Xue’s face turned red again and said, "Haven’t had enough just now?"

Zhang Yang frowned intensely and said, "You insanely perverted woman! Don’t think of me as being as perverted as you are! I’m talking about a real fight! Not sex!"

"Then, what are you planning to do, then?" Sun Xin Yu seemed relieved upon hearing those fierce words. Well, what Sun Xin Yu liked the most about Zhang Yang was his persistence and fervour.

Zhang Yang cracked his knuckles and said, "We’ll do a large-scale investigation. We’ve got quite a number of people claiming that they’re the ‘victims’ of this incident, right? We’ll gather everything up and wring it from them! Since Zhong Xiu Hua loves to play, I’ll play with him till the end!"

"But it’s going to cost a lot to do a large-scale investigation!"

"Money is not a factor to concern about! I’m now so poor that I only have money left!"

Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue looked at each other and smiled together. Then, they nodded to express their agreements on Zhang Yang’s thoughts. Truth to be told, Zhang Yang did not lose everything to this incident. Instead, he got even closer to both Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue than he had ever been.

"How about that female superstar? What do you plan to do with her?" Han Ying Xue had finally brought up the topic that he must face sooner or later.

Zhang Yang frowned. Well, few days after the incident, Zhang Yang realized that Luo Yu Rou was not as shallow and stupid as he thought she would behave. She had her own principles. However, her weakness was very obvious. She favored fame and glamour a little too much. She had been dreaming about getting her prestige back and continue on being her ‘Queen of Sexiness’ to seduce all the men in the entire world.

However, her dream would almost be impossible, now. Well, quite a number of websites had opened up polls for the people all around the world to vote. Up to 88% of the majority voted Luo Yu Rou to return as a porn star!

Although Luo Yu Rou had always performed outstandingly in the field of ‘sexiness’, she had never actually had any scandals before in her entire career life. Even though she was known to have quite a connection in the film industry, her name was clean and good at the least. She was known to be one of those superstars that had never committed any affairs nor inappropriate behaviors. She was well known as a pure and untainted superstar.

However, because she was dragged right into the sticky mud of the ‘Zhang Yang Incident’, her image was deeply affected in a bad way. Many people had been pointing fingers at her, saying that she was a pure b*tch. So stop acting all pure and innocent. They even blamed her for acting highly just because she did not want to reveal her nipples to the public.

Over the following days, Luo Yu Rou had lost a lot of weight. Her waist was so thin that any men could just grab hold of it with one hand. However, her boobs did not shrink at all. Instead, her boobies had gained some size. She looked even sexier now! If she ever gets the chance to return to the big screen, her appearance would definitely cause 90% of the male population that watch her movies to lose their blood out through their noses!

Well, her title ‘Queen of Sexiness’ was not a joke. She was called by that title because all of her movie fans called her that.

"Speaking of her..." Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Let’s put these rumors all to rest first before we think about how to deal with her."

After that, the hot topic ‘Zhang Yang Incident’ was stirred towards a different direction. Zhang Yang held a press conference to strongly express his statement. He denied to all accusations on him and he also expressed that he was going to take actions by bringing the law upon those who tried to frame him. He wanted to severely punish those who attempted to defame his good name.

After the local authorities had confirmed everything, Zhang Yang launched a police report. Meanwhile, the case had also received the approval from the judge to carry out a full-on investigation on the matter. The bureau would be extending their investigations over to the 4,000 over people who claimed that they were the Zhang Yang Incident’s victims. The police had notified the families of the victims in hopes of them stepping up with the evidence of Zhang Yang’s ‘crime’ with courage. The police were hoping that they would at least provide the time and the locations of where and when the incidents happened.

The person on the chopping board began to fight back. Zhang Yang’s action had brought a new breath of life across the ‘Zhang Yang Incident’ again. Because Zhang Yang was acting so strong headedly this time, many people had calmed their idiotic heads down to think properly. How could a man f*ck over 4,000 women in three years? It would be outrageously unreal! Could it be, that Zhang Yang was really framed?

It did not take long before the identities of the so-called ‘victims’ were revealed to the public. The funny part about it was that many of the ‘victims’ were actually local artists and porn stars who had posted their photo album on the internet before! Everything on the internet was solid proof to that statement, after all.

Meanwhile, the identities of the other women were beginning to be revealed as well. Well, they were actually hotel attendants, government officers and many more. Truth be told, when Zhang Yang began to take action, many of those women quickly reported to the police that they had never even met Zhang Yang before in their entire lives. They even claimed that their photos had been stolen for bad intentions. They claimed that their lives were affected because of this incident.

As the information began to flood in, the truth began to reveal itself to the public. The rumors began to get overshadowed by the truth --- someone was trying to hurt Zhang Yang from the shadows.

Meanwhile, the police had received help from some hacker activists in apprehending some of the so-called victim’s husbands and boyfriends. When these idiots were asked to explain themselves for creating false messages to the public, they only replied that they did it because they were hired by anonymous people.

The tide of the incident began to turn. The 4,000 over so-called victims had been proven to be nothing but frauds. At first, people were still suspecting that the police were trying to protect Zhang Yang. However, as time passed and more evidence started surfacing, more and more people began to realize that the rumors served as a medium of framing Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang seemed to have settled his part of the incident. However, Luo Yu Rou’s ‘Hotel One Night Stand’ incident was becoming even more significant among the people. Because the face of the man she rode on was not revealed, everyone was kept guessing. They had totally excluded Zhang Yang from the possibility because of what he did recently. Everyone already believed that he was truly being framed.

For that, Zhang Yang did not know whether he should cry or laugh. If anyone ever finds out that the main female actor of the movie is staying at his house, another storm would definitely hit Zhang Yang in the face again!

In the game, the Lone Desert Smoke had been through quite some ordeals together with Zhang Yang. However, they had been suffering great losses as well. Quite a number of players were affected to the point that they decided to leave Lone Desert Smoke by the end of it. When the guild had been eleveated up to a Level 6 Guild, not only had Lone Desert Smoke failed to increase the number of their members in the guild, the number had also decreased from 50,000 to 40,000 only!

Fortunately, the twenty players that Zhang Yang picked to possess a Tank stayed in the guild. They proved their loyalty by not abandoning Zhang Yang and the guild. Zhang Yang felt very comforted, knowing that he had not trusted the wrong person yet.

However, after the violent disturbance in the force of Lone Desert Smoke, the power level of the guild was affected significantly. Although they remained as the strongest guild in the entire China Region, they were no longer as invincible as they were in the past. Instead, the Eternal Flame had taken advantage of the opportunity to grow stronger. That guild managed to grow into one of the four most significant guilds in the entire China Region such as Lone Desert Smoke, Crimson Rage, and Imperial Sky.

Because of that, Zhang Yang was ignited to fight. He made up his mind to go all out on the Eternal Flame. If it’s a fight they wanted, Zhang Yang would fulfill their ‘requests’ and give them a decent fight! Zhang Yang was finally determined to eliminate Zhong Xiu Hua out of the ‘God’s Miracle’!

Although the pigs that create the rumors were being prosecuted with the charges of defaming a person’s good name, those pigs had only paid some money in the process of it. None of them were daring enough to drag Zhong Xiu Hua, the real culprit into the mud. Furthermore, it would also make perfect sense that Zhong Xiu Hua would not make the arrangements himself. So, it would also be impossible for the investigators to link the crime back to him.

Zhang Yang requested that Sun Xin Yu get Zhong Xiu Hua out of his ‘lair’ so that they could have another chance to have a ‘tea session’ again. However, that fellow revealed a pale face the moment he was invited through a video call. He immediately hung up the video call when Sun Xin Yu mentioned the meet-up. Well, he had recently mended his teeth. He would not risk losing them again, will he? That should let Zhang Yang work off his feelings towards that son of the b*tch for a little.

Upon logging back into the game, Zhang Yang hustled up and started grinding. Well, he had been so occupied that he did not even have time to think about grinding. So he was only Level 188 currently. Meanwhile, top Tier players like One Sword Stroke, Snow Seeker, Scholar Musou and the others had reached Level 186. They were just 2 levels behind Zhang Yang.

Just when Zhang Yang was ready to grind like a madman, an unexpected twist of events had happened to him.

"It didn’t come this month!" Luo Yu Rou had no idea if she was terrified or joyful at the moment. When she said that, her voice was trembling.

Zhang Yang was not a sensitive man. So he replied her like a silly boy, "What didn’t come?"

Luo Yu Rou sighed heavily. Well, speaking to an insensitive idiot like Zhang Yang would really be tiring. Then she said, "I, am, pregnant! It’s, your, child!" She was explaining it while doing some hand signs at the same time.

"Come on! I’m not an idiot! Wait… what did you say?!" Zhang Yang was stunned for a moment.

"You’ve impregnated me and you want to run away like a little f*ck as if nothing happened that night?" Luo Yu Rou was infuriated.