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Chapter 790: The Race to Level 200

Chapter 790: The Race to Level 200
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Zhang Yang brain melted. He had no idea what he was feeling then. At then, when the words came out of Luo Yu Rou’s mouth, he felt it all. Everything. Happy. Shocked. Euphoric. Bliss. Conflict. All of it. He had no idea what to do next.

He gagged with his mouth dropping to the floor and said one sentence. "Are…you…sure?"

"Why would I lie about bad news? This is something bad for me, more than it is to you!" said Luo Yu Rou angrily, like a cat having its tail stepped on.

"R-Relax! I’m sorry! Please don’t get so agitated! I don’t want my baby to have some kind of deformation!" said Zhang Yang as he tried to calm the woman down by gently stroking her hair. He had not planned this. He had not wanted a random stranger to have his baby. However, when the thought of a possible future generation is growing in her womb, Zhang Yang felt the utmost happiness of being a parent. He could not help it. The "fatherly instinct" in him grew so strong that he kissed her forehead and went to his knees. He pulled Luo Yu Rou shirt up and cupped his ear against her womb, trying to hear the sound of the baby.

"What are you doing? I’m only been pregnant for just a month!" Luo Yu Rou pinched Zhang Yang’s cheek. She too, felt extreme conflicted. She did not want to have a random stranger’s baby. However, when the pregnancy test came back and showed two blue lines on the indicator, she felt a sort of happiness before the dread come in. Despite the horror of discovering she was pregnant, she did not want to have the babe aborted.

Zhang Yang rose to his legs and smiled like how Wei Yan Er smiled. He felt more alive then he had ever felt before in his life. He felt as if Luo Yu Rou had breathed in new life into him. At first, he had thought hard about the rules of causality, the butterfly effect. That death must exist! He felt happy. Not only whoever who had sent him back in time had spared him or anyone close to him, the person had also granted Zhang Yang a new life as well!

He had been deeply entwined with both Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue for more than two years, yet no matter how many loads that he had pumped into them, no life was born. As expected of hips that were meant to bear children, Luo Yu Rou’s massive voluptuous life-giving hips were so efficient that one load was enough to give him a child!

As such, Zhang Yang hugged the woman for the good news she had given him. He then slid his hand down her back and traced downward more to her soft and supple meat buns.

Luo Yu Rou blushes wildly like a blooming rose. Despite being stoic all the time, her fair cheeks burned red like the setting sun. Her body started to soften up from his graceful caresses. However, she pulled herself together before getting lost in the forest of pleasure. "What are you doing?"

Zhang Yang retracted his hands and looked her deep into her eyes. "You’re the mother of my babe. What do you think I am doing?"

Zhang Yang’s eyes burned with passion. The woman in front of him was the idol of the entire country, the envy of all women. Just for that, he was already "ready to go" with her. Plus, she was carrying his bloodline! That alone was enough to set his mind straight. He must make her his woman!

"Hmph!" Luo Yu Rou turned her head away. "If you can’t keep it in your pants, I’d suggest going for the two vixens! Don’t get over your head just because you had made me pregnant." Said Luo Yu Rou as she felt the stiff flag pole trying to thrust into her womb. Her already sensitive body jerked violently and involuntarily at the touch of him.

"What are you talking about? Vixens? They are my wives. And so are you!" said Zhang Yang softly and seriously.

"Pfft." Luo Yu Rou scoffed. "Are you still living in the Tang Dynasty? Are you serious about marrying several wives?" she continued. She was trying purposely to annoy Zhang Yang, to try to provoke the man.

Zhang Yang shrugged casually and said, "Well. If you don’t want to be my wife, you could try to fit in as my lover?" Zhang Yang laughed jokingly and slid his palm from the front and gently made his way beneath her undergarment. He could almost feel the tip of the prickly forest on his fingertips.

Luo Yu Rou was clearly aroused but she was still strong enough to push him away after several seconds of momentary bliss.

"Oh. F*ck off you. I said it once and I will say it again. Don’t get overly conceited just because your blood is in my womb. Remember, I can always have you prosecuted for rape!" said Luo Yu Rou through her ragged breath. Her undergarment was pulled and teased, causing the strings of her fabric to gently rub against the bell of her sacred temple. Although she tried to restrained it, she could not stop the love nectar from flowing out of her body.

"Is…that…so?" said Zhang Yang slowly, syllable by syllable as he teased the woman. Without further a due, he pulled down Luo Yu Rou skirts and kisses the lower part of her womb lovingly. Despite all her protest, the woman had not stopped Zhang Yang nor did she try to pull her skirt back up. He got up to his feet and whispered into her eye. "Help me get inside you."

Finally annoyed, Luo Yu Rou grabbed his golden sack and squeezed them hard, yet not too hard. Just enough to send the man jumping to his feet. "You horny little wolf. Do you know that it was all because of you that I had to quit my job?! How are you going to reimburse me for all my hard work!? My entire life is being flushed down the drain!"

It had been a month since the incident and Luo Yu Rou had understood the grudge between Zhang Yang and Zhong Xiu Hua. She knew that Zhang Yang was not technically at fault then, yet she bore some hatred for him since she was an innocent woman who got caught in the exchange. Although the leaked video had some angle problems and managed to hide most of her private parts, the rest of the world had already guessed and knew about her being in bed with a man.

Despite being the sexiest woman alive in China, that sort of news will only be the ultimate downfall to her career. No diehard fan of hers will accept the reality of her being with a man. If she does want to get back onto the screen, she would have to resort to B rated movies, which was something she will never accept.

"What sort of reimbursement do you want?" said Zhang Yang. He then cupped his hands on her twin peaks, the same peaks that countless of men would want to "motorboat" with. Suffice to say that Zhang Yang was playing with the two things that all men in China would want to touch!

Luo Yu Rou paused a while and moaned unwillingly when Zhang Yang continued to "knock" on her doors.

"I want to start a movie studio. From scratch!" said Luo Yu Rou confidently after she had realized Zhang Yang is capable of such feat.

Zhang Yang stopped and crossed his arms. With one eyebrow raised, he said, "Fine by me. But, I want you to be a good wife and be a good mother to our children. I don’t like the idea of my wife being eyed upon all day long. There’s also the thing about you being touched here and there during filming."

Luo Yu Rou widened her eyes with surprise. She scoffed again and said, "My, my. Aren’t you being a little too hasty with that? Is it jealousy I’m detecting from you? Anyhow, the path of my company’s growth will be towards ‘God’s Miracle’. No men can touch me. Besides, dominating all men’s heart had always been my goal. That will never change."

"I like to see you succeed. I really do. But I can’t help but find a major flaw in your plan. How could you dominate all men when you can’t even dominate me?"

"Didn’t I dominate you already?"

"You did. But, you’ve left out a tiny portion."


The girl was the best classified as what the Japanese would call a strong tsundere. Despite being cold and mean, she would always give into what Zhang Yang asked. The two kissed each other and made their way to Zhang Yang’s room to continue the lovey-dovey session there.

The incident of Luo Yu Rou being pregnant was not well accepted by Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. When women get on their nerve, spending money to buy stuff that pleases them would be one of the best methods of releasing their pent-up rage. As a result, Sun Xin Yu had proposed to Han Ying Xue that they have a "good time" in France. They even brought along Daffodil Daydream and Wei Yan Er along! When one was not enough, they had spent so much that two of Zhang Yang platinum credit cards were sent to the limit! Just one of them was enough to purchase several high-end Jimmy Choo’s summer collections! Just how much anger did the two women bear?!

Sigh. Then again, the life in Luo Yu Rou’s womb was blossoming. There was no reason for Zhang Yang nor anyone else to abort the baby. In the end, with heavy heart, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had accepted Luo Yu Rou as the fourth "participant" to their family. After spending what seems to be an entire nation’s wealth, the two women came back from France and locked themselves in Zhang Yang room, forcing him to empty his golden balls into them until they were pregnant as well.

With ‘God’s Miracle’ as the studio itself, shooting a film will be as easy as walking in the park. All Luo Yu Rou had to do would be to write a good script, design the scene, pick and select the characters’ appearances and the game developers will take care of the rest. Naturally, shooting in the game itself will require some form of fee. However, the overall expenses will be at least 90% cheaper than shooting in reality.

In fact, setting up and registering a filming company was extremely easy. Plus, with Sun Xin Yu’s help, Zhang Yang only required less than 10 days to find the appropriate staff and crew to start. It all depended on Luo Yu Rou herself to craft out a good script, and to hire the actors and directors. When all the crew members are gathered and ready to film, she would need to then pay the game developers to set up the scenery and the character creation for the actors.

So far into the relationship, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and Luo Yu Rou were doing just fine, or so they seem. To fight a war with the enemy, one must first make sure there would never be a civil war in their own nation. After making sure that the girls would not make a random fuss about random stuff, Zhang Yang then logged back into the game to continue his grinding session.

"We have been slacking on boss raids for more than a month! Even though we have the strongest equipment in the game, we might still lose to other guilds in terms of Levels!" said Hundred Shots as he expressed his worries about the guild progression. Due to Zhang Yang’s, Han Ying Xue’s, and Sun Xin Yu’s irregular logins, many of the new Ascended tier bosses that had spawned during their absence had been claimed by other guilds.

"Well then. We should double our efforts." Said Zhang Yang nonchalantly.

Everyone knew about the case that happened to Zhang Yang. Their anger and rage were all genuine and understandable. As words of rumors continue to spread like wildfire, the urge to permanently extinguish the so-called Eternal Flame became stronger.

The last man standing will surely prevail. Right then, Lone Desert Smoke had been through a tough ordeal. Hence, even though the rumors had brought Lone Desert Smoke down to its knees, it was not all a bad thing. As such, all the ill-willed players had left the guild, what that was left in the guild were the strong, down to earth, and the most loyal members!

Most of the Ascended tier bosses that spawned were the result of the game’s story progression; it will be hard to find a random Ascended tier boss that spawns with no reason at all. Hence, for now, Zhang Yang was able to pay attention to rebuilding the guild and expanding it bigger to restore the former glory of Lone Desert Smoke. Even though the incident of Zhang Yang sleeping around had delivered a great impact to Lone Desert Smoke, a similar positive impact had occurred to Lone Desert Smoke after the case was clarified to the entire world. As such, Lone Desert Smoke’s popularity was restored. However, it will be hard for Zhang Yang to strengthen the guild then, since 99% professional players would already be in a guild. If Zhang Yang wants to recruit strong players, he would need to lower his requirements to the lower level players.

Although it might be demeaning, it was about time for Lone Desert Smoke to get rid of the useless old dogs and to recruit greenhorns over. At then, Lone Desert Smoke had over 20,000 empty slots. With Hundred Shots taking care and filtering each new recruits, there will not be cases where he would discard the number 1 requirement, that is the morality of the player, just to fill in the numerous empty slots.

That sort of recruitment will inevitably take up some time. It was expected that the guild might take up to half a year to restore itself to its former invincible state. As such, many of the die-hard loyal members of Lone Desert Smoke had understood the real enemy. Before the incident, they would not involve themselves in the vengeance between Zhang Yang and Zhong Xiu Hua, however, when the collateral damage had included them in the line of fire, the hatred towards Zhong Xiu Hua found a reason.

Roughly 10 days later after Zhang Yang resumed his regular login activities, he managed to reach Level 190. Since Level 190 bore no special meaning to it, the system had not made any announcements nor rewards. Things would be different from Level 200 onwards. The official site had released information about players being awarded for their tireless effort. Up to 10 players who reach Level 200 first will receive a random powerful skill. On the other hand, the first three players that reach Level 200 will also receive additional Luck attribute state. Best of all, the first player that reaches Level 200 will have his or her name etched on the Hall of Fame!

Skills that were rewarded from the system will naturally be strong. In other words, all players that had the chance to reach Level 200 first had pumped all their effort into grinding alone.

In MMORPG culture, there were two ways to be the highest-level player. One, put in 110% effort to be the best and grind all day, all night, 24/7, 365 days a year. Two, if you cannot handle the stress of making sure you’re the fastest, all you have to do is to prevent others from catching up to you! With that in mind, endless PvP session in the open-world field had erupted. Although players that were killed in the PvP session were no longer suffering from Level degradation, they would lose all their experience points that had been earned during said level. Imagine having 99% experience points and losing it all due to a single PvP battle. That would plunge the player down in the list, making him waste 10 days of his effort. At then, it would be impossible for said player to chase after the rest.

Guilds like Eternal Flame that had been known to act like uneducated gangsters, had sortied several groups of Assassins to find and bring down players on the Level Ranking Board. All to allow Scholar Musou, Longrich to reach Level 200 first.

When one does it, so will the others. Naturally, other guilds had done the same as Eternal Flame and had caused a massive region to regional war. The entire world was thrown into an ugly, selfish, and gory battle amongst each other. All for the sake of reaching Level 200 first.

In the end, those players that were earnestly trying to win the race had no safe place to grind. In the end, they had found their safe haven in the normal mode of the Spectre's Hidden Cavern. The normal mode of any dungeons allowed players to raid the dungeon repeatedly without any limits. Players could then rely on killing monsters and bosses in the dungeon to gain level.

At then, Zhang Yang was still the number 1 player on the Level Ranking Board. Despite that, it was not a safe spot for him since many other players of other region were only 1 or 2 levels behind him.