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Chapter 793: Entering the Holy City

Chapter 793: Entering the Holy City
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After getting the first two ranks, Lone Desert Smoke had expanded the rest of their miracle powers. The third person to reached Level 200 was a player named Heart of Destruction. His skill reward was called {Rocky Shield} and a Luck Attribute point. The third place was the last ranking that will receive Luck attribute rewards. There on out, the only reward for the fourth until the tenth ranking will only receive skill points.

Even though the system did not display the skill {Rocky Shield}, everyone could have easily guessed the skill was most likely a defensive skill. If not, then the system or the skill designer would be trolling.

The fourth person to reached Level 200 was Hourglass Figure, followed by God’s Left Hand as the fifth. Clearly, players with S class Inheritance had the upper advantage. The sixth was Wei Yan Er and her skill reward was called {Melodies of War}.

The skill was unique in nature as it had a separate U.I. Unlike most channeling skills, this is the true skill that requires channeling. One must be able to finish chanting the spell verse in order to unleash the skill. Furthermore, if there is a mistake in the lyrics, the skill will not activate. One must start again from the beginning. Additionally, the player must not pause in between the lyrics for more than 3 seconds, or else the skill will be prompted as a failure. Matching with its incredible difficulty to conjure, the destructive power of the skill was potent.

[Melodies of War]: Chants the lyrics of Death itself. Upon a successful conjuring, the skill cannot be blocked and will directly damage all targets within 100 meters for 300,000 damage. The damage dealt will increase with the Level of the player. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Again, unlike other channeling skills, this skill does not have a casting animation. It all depended on the player’s singing speed. The poor little tone-deaf girl spent 30 minutes just to finish reciting the lyrics during her first conjuring. After more failures, she had forced herself and managed to memorize all of the lyrics. Once she had gotten used to the lyrics, her casting speed had increased to only 30 seconds. The skill only had a 30-second cooldown. It would not make sense for the developers to create a skill that has casting time longer than its cooldown. Furthermore, the skill could be cast while the caster is using other skills. Only the lyrics count.

Following closely after Wei Yan Er was Han Ying Xue. She was the seventh player to reach Level 200 and obtained the skill {Lunar’s Imprisonment}.

[Lunar’s Imprisonment]: Summons the moon and calls down its light. Entraps all targets that are exposed to the light. Unable to move for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 10 minutes.

The skill was an extremely powerful mass crowd control skill. The light beams that are called down would have a large radius of 30 meters in diameter. It was enough to trap everyone within the vicinity that is attacking her.

After Han Ying Xue was Dusk Phoenix as the eighth place, followed by Captain America as the ninth. The last position was claimed by Daffodil Daydream, and she got the skill {True Counter}.

[True Counter (Passive)]: When your HP reaches 20% or below, every attack that lands on you will grant you a 5 second invulnerability. Increases your damage by 50% for 5 seconds. Effect will trigger once every 60 seconds.

When the system notifies all the players of Daffodil Daydream’s achievement, the race ended promptly. While most of the players were greatly disappointed, many were glad that the fierce competition had finally ended. They could finally grind their levels in peace without facing sudden ambushes from random players.

Even though Hundred Shots and the rest of the party member that had not managed to reach Level 200 and were rather sad, they were still happy that most of the top 10 ranks were filled by their own family. As such, when the race was over, everyone returned to the city and made their way elsewhere to grind to Level 200 in peace. Despite their fatigue, they had chosen to continue their grinding till Level 200, for their Celestial tier equipment were waiting for them!

Once Zhang Yang returned to the city, the first thing he did was to equip his God Killer War Greaves. Although it was only one of an incomplete Celestial tier set, it had boosted Zhang Yang stats by a notch.

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 200

HP: 2,661,730 (With Vitality Aura)

Defense: 19,530

Damage Absorption: 20,421

Strength: 30,702

Critical Strike Rate: 22%

Lucky Strike Rate: 3.2%

Melee Attack: 345,212 – 401,372

2 million basic HP and 100 million HP during his God of War Transformation state would clearly make Zhang Yang a boss type entity!

As expected of the Celestial tier equips, just one pair greaves would grant him such a boost. Imagine if Zhang Yang obtained a shield instead, his HP and Defense would have skyrocketed to the moon! No players could reach that height!

At then, even though players that reached Level 200 could enter the Holy City, there were fierce battles amongst players to grab the limited slots for their shop lots. Hence, after having grinding for such a long time, Zhang Yang wanted everyone to take a break from the game to have some R&R. As such, Zhang Yang announced to the party to rest for 1 week and come back after that.

Zhang Yang brought everyone in the mansion for an around the world trip. After everyone had their fun, Zhang Yang brought Lou Yu Rou to the hospital for her checkup. Sadly, due to her massive popularity, she was easily recognized. It was all because of the havoc of the paparazzi and the mass media that had caused her name to be mentioned on every possible media channel in China. Hence, those that had no idea of her existence then were enlightened about it. Despite wearing centimeters thick of makeup on her, it had proved to be a complete failure when someone shouted her name the moment Luo Yu Rou had entered the hospital.

As such, when her name was known and her face was captured on film, the reason why Luo Yu Rou had come to the hospital was concluded extremely fast. The news about the female superstar had been pregnant for more than 4 months had spread faster any known news throughout entire China. If Zhang Yang pays attention, he could hear the sound of hearts breaking that belonged to millions of poor men.

As such, while most men were weeping tragically, some were intrigued at the right question. Who was the father of the baby in her belly? Ever since the scandal involving Luo Yu Rou and the mysterious man, she had been off the grid for more than 4 months. Hence, when such a bombshell was dropped out of the blue, the mass media was rattled again.

At first, Zhang Yang had no idea how famous the sexy superstar was until he returned home and turned on the TV. His stunned reaction had made Luo Yu Rou roll her eyes. "Stupid fool. Now do you know how much have you taken advantage of me?"

For Luo Yu Rou, love was not something that she had paid attention to. For her, the dream of achieving fame through the acting world far exceed everything she needs. It’s a want that she would die to own. Hence, her unrelenting spirit to achieve her goals had Zhang Yang be on her good side. For example, to set up the studio, it required a large sum of cash, of which, Luo Yu Rou had not directly asked from Zhang Yang. Instead, she would play her role as his wife and let him decide how much would he "sponsor". Deep down, she would never want to be his wife or his lover. Her relationship with Zhang Yang was purely monetary and materialistic. While she would allow Zhang Yang to lay in bed with her, she would never allow herself to develop any feelings for the man.

Zhang Yang had done his homework through various private investigator reports on her upbringing. Hence, he knew all about there is to know of Luo Yu Rou. In a way, he knew how to get things done around her.

Seven days of relaxing vacation later, everyone returned to the game and placed their focus on the Holy City of Anthylor.

This Holy City does not have any Level Requirement to enter. However, if one wishes to bind their Teleportation Scroll to the city, they would have to be Level 200. Although the Holy City does not have Teleportation Point to other major cities, it was considered as a hub since there were Black Smith, Alchemist, Bank, Auction House, and other various NPC interactable shop. Despite the fact that news about Auction Houses, or Banks do not share the same channel as the other cities, players will soon be reaching past the Level 200 threshold and swarm the Holy City. Eventually, the city will become the ninth major city for all regions. Zhang Yang predicted that soon, all Auction and other business in the original major cities will die down since all players will start to treat Anthylor as the main gathering spot. The Holy City of Anthylor will become the central convergence for all players from all around the world.

At the same time, while Anthylor will gain popularity, Territory will lose theirs. The days where Zhang Yang could earn as much as 100 million gold coins a day would end soon enough. There will not be a way for Zhang Yang to earn such a number again since there were no more Territories for players to conquer. As mentioned in the official site, any map beyond Level 200 will not have Territories!

Still, that would require 50% of the entire world to reach Level 200. That would take up to several years! In Zhang Yang previous life, ‘God’s Miracle’ had been online for more than 5 years. At then, he was only Level 179! It would take 9 years for all players to reach Level 200 and above! Still, that has not factored in the various patches in the future where the developers will reduce the experience points required for players to gain Levels.

However, those would be events that would take a few years to occur. At then, ‘God’s Miracle’ had only been online for 3 and a half years. It would be 1 and a half years before the game reaches the 5 years point. Zhang Yang could still earn from the Teleportation fees for more than 2 to 3 years.

Since Territory will lose its customers, the importance of having a "shop lot" in the Holy City would be mortal.

Zhang Yang and party were not the first players to enter the Holy City. Since they had taken a week off the game, players that had reached Level 200 had totaled up to 45. Most of them had entered the Holy City and had started the quest line to get the Land Lease of the City itself!

In Zhang Yang previous life, the upper limit of the average player’s Level was Level 204. Based on that, with Zhang Yang’s "guidance", he had hastened the progress of the game by more than a year. At that point, of the eight Shopping District in the Holy City, only two had ownership. One belonged to the North Americans, and the other to Europe.

Zhang Yang only knew that the Land Lease of the North America Shopping District was obtained from the map called the Dark Ghastly Canyon. That was the rough idea of it, but the exact location was unknown. Still, it was better than having no clue to start searching. If Zhang Yang manages a Land Lease in the Holy City, he would bet that others will find one as well. It would not be the same as his previous life where only two out of the eight Shopping Districts has an owner.

After everyone bound their Teleportation Scroll to the Teleportation point of Anthylor Holy City, Zhang Yang brought everyone to the aforementioned canyon.

The Dark Ghastly Canyon was situated deep in the map of Kanjar. It was a Level 210 – Level 240 map with strong but normal monsters. It was also the same map where the Forgotten King, Smaug had ran off to. Long ago, Zhang Yang had wanted to pay a visit to the old king to ask for his assistance in slaying the Celestial tier boss. However, since he was only level 170 then, he was forced to turn back.

At then, everyone had already reached Level 200. With the need to fear of the Level Suppression system interfering with their damage input and output, the team faced off the Level 220 monsters will ease. While others might think that it was impossible to even come close to the monsters, Zhang Yang’s party could, due to the fact that everyone had Celestial tier equipment on them!

Endless Starlight was exceptionally strong. Although he may not have a set equipment, he did own two Celestial tier equipment! Before anyone could get the second set equipment, having two regular Celestial tier equipment was profoundly better than having only one Celestial tier set equipment!

After several hours of flying, the party arrived at the depths of the Dark Ghastly Canyon. There, monsters that roamed around were Minotaurs. They had 3-meter tall bodies, the heads of bulls and the bodies of humanoid men. Many of the Minotaurs around the map had their horns broken. Clearly, someone had been chopping them off. That, or the Minotaurs were brute species who loved to fight each other just for sports.