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Chapter 794: The Qualifications

Chapter 794: The Qualifications
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Luckily, all of the Minotaurs were friendlies.

When Zhang Yang and everyone else landed on the ground, one of the Minotaurs, called [Raydosa the Warmonger] walked up to them and stabbed a huge stone pillar that he carried on his back into the ground. He flexed his muscles to the group and yelled. "What are you little itsy-bitsy things doing around here?"

Zhang Yang saluted the beast and smiled. "O strong one. We wish to enter the Canyon. Could you allow us to pass in peace?"

"Did my ears heard you wrong? You bunch of scrawny little insects wish to enter the Canyon? Woe be me then! The Canyon does not welcome the weak. Run along and go back to your mommies." Raydosa crossed his arms, showing no intention to allow the group to pass. "Wait a minute. I see that you have quite the experience in war. You don’t have to tell me. I can smell the lingering blood on your blades. I’ll grant you entrance to the Canyon, only if you can defeat me!"

‘Ding! Raydosa has a quest for you: Qualifications to Enter the Canyon. Will you accept it?’

Everyone nodded and accepted the quest.

[Qualifications to Enter the Canyon] (Difficulty Level: C)

Description: Raydose the Warmonger wants to challenge you to a fight. You must prove your strength and defeat the Minotaur in order to gain the right to enter the canyon. Be advised. Only one player may challenge Raydosa at a time. Any attacks, or healing performed on the challenging player will be considered as foul play. Note that Minotaurs hates foul play.

Progress: Defeat Raydosa the Warmonger 0/1

"Alright. Who wants to have a go first?"

"Oh! Me! Me! Me!" cried the little girl as she jumped to Raydosa without waiting. "Hey! Big guy! I’ll fight you!"

Raydosa squatted down and prodded Wei Yan Er’s face with his massive finger and said, "You?! A girl?!"


"Very well. You may be a little girl, but I will no show mercy. Come at me!"

The battle started and Raydosa’s name tag turned red. All his properties and stats were revealed.

[Raydosa the Warmonger] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 215

HP: 100,000,000

Defense: 20,900

Melee Attack: 87,665 – 147,665


[War Veteran]: Immune to all Status Effect.

[Smash]: Deals 100% Melee Physical attack on a target.

[Thunder Strike]: Stomps the ground and unleashes a powerful wave of thunder that spreads out to 3 meters around. Deals 50,000 physical damage and reduces 50% movement speed of target within the effective range. Lasts for 5 seconds.

[Berserker]: Can only be triggered during special conditions. The likes of which you will never be able to witness.

Note: Raydosa is a warrior of the Dark Ghastly Canyon. Due to his love for brawling, he had hurt his own Minotaurs brethren and was punished to being a Guardian at the entrance of the Canyon.

"That’s some strong attack power…"

Despite the fact that the monster had strong attack power, it was nothing compared to their own. In fact, they could easily defeat him. Wei Yan Er muttered disgruntledly, fearing that she might not defeat him. However, she remained unfazed. With quick reflexes, she summoned the Gold tier Servant and rode on her Crimson Fire Crow. With Zhang Yang’s aura effect stacking on the HP boost provided by the battle mount, Wei Yan Er had over 2,300,000 HP by then. It was far from what the monster had, but it was nothing for Wei Yan Er. On the other hand, many would want to have their kind of HP. Imagine Zhang Yang having 100 million HP, he would be unstoppable!

Additionally, she had also summoned her Battle Companion to assist her. The quest description did specifically mention that help from other players was forbidden. It did not mention anything about having servants, battle companion, or even battle mounts. Though, it was not clear on whether or not she could use the War Chariot. A War Chariot’s strongest feature was to increase the maximum HP and provide an effect to distribute incoming damage equally to all riders. If everyone in the party hopped onto the War Chariot, she would have the cumulative HP of over 10,000,000. However, the system would not have the player to cheat in such a way. Even though it was not tested, the little girl did not want to rely on others. Instead, with her array of assistants, she fought Raydosa on her own.

Needless to say, 100 million HP is a large number. Although his attack was strong, it was not as strong as a professional player, although such a long HP bar would even the playing ground. In a way, the boss could defeat the player before the player could. Hence, for 99% of all players in the world, Raydosa was an obstacle that most of them could never surpass.

The battle proceeds as per the norm. Being affected by the aggro system, Raydosa’s had his target locked on Wei Yan Er. However, in between the two Warmongers, Wei Yan Er had her servant stand there to block Raydosa from attacks directly targeted at her. As such, the servant was able to attack Raydosa without the fear of being destroyed. After Wei Yan Er had unleashed all her skills, she then jumped to Raydosa to have a proper exchange of blows. Despite having to take some damage in return, Wei Yan Er’s damage was so destructive that it completely complimented the HP lost. On the other hand, while the battle companion or the servant had taken over the aggro, Wei Yan Er had stopped to chant the skill {Melodies of War}. Although the skill’s greatest power was multi-targeting, it was still an AoE skill. It had allowed Wei Yan Er to find a corner and chant safely whilst her battle companion takes some damage for her.

After several days of training, Wei Yan Er was able to shorten the reciting duration down to only 37 seconds. Sadly, she was still considered a failure since the skill cooldown was only 30 seconds! Nevertheless, it was a worthy trade-off. The Servant did its job well, allowing Wei Yan Er to trade a small bit of damage by unleashing her skill. 10 minutes later, the battle had ended with Wei Yan Er as the winner. Raydosa was not killed. Since it was a brawl requested by the NPC, it will be impossible to kill him even if you had deal more than enough damage. The system will always leave 1 HP on the NPC.

"Not bad, little girl! You might be tiny but you sure did pack a punch! This old bull respects that!" Raydosa may be a Warmonger, but he was a man true to honor and dignity. Since he had lost the fight, the Minotaur had allowed Wei Yan Er to walk past the gates after giving her a thumbs up the size of her head.

Han Ying Xue was the next player to step into the ring. She had it easier than Wei Yan Er. All she had to do was to summon out the big pervert and have him tank the boss. She would then ride on her battle mount and heal Messick whilst casting DoT skills on the Minotaur. Although the process of defeating him was slow and boring, she did defeat him in just 10 minutes.

After losing to two females in a row, Raydosa sulked badly and pointed his thick fingers towards Fatty Han. "You’re next!"

In the end, he made a bad call. Despite being a sluggish fighter, Fatty Han still the Legendary Beast as his pet! After reaching Level 200, the Phoenix had gained a power boost and had reached the ranks of an Ascended tier beast. Just by activating the Phoenix’s Transformation skill, Fatty Han had defeated Raydosa in less than 8 minutes.

The next person to go into the ring was Lost Dream. Having lost three matches in a row, the beast had gained a powerful urge of revenge and laid everything he had on Lost Dream. Assassins were best at stealth killing. Hence, when facing a mano-e-mano style fight, he failed badly at fighting Raydosa. Coupled with the passive skill of being immune to all kinds of Status Effect, Lost Deam had no chance at all to stun and stab him! He also had the lowest Defense in the party! In just a few exchanges, Lost Dream was killed. When NPCs are defeated, they would not die, but a player would. Even though Lost Dream did not lose any experience points, he did suffered from 10% durability damage on all of his equipment.

Lost Dream was the first person to lost to Raydosa. Greatly saddened by that fact, after he was revived by Han Ying Xue, he went quiet and sulk at a corner. Truth be told, if Lost Dream had used his Transformation skill, he could have easily defeated Raydosa without difficulties. However, the man had made the right choice by reserving the Transformation skill on simply just an Elite tier NPC. Luckily, even though you lose the match, you could still challenge Raydosa again!

The 1v1 battle continued on smoothly. Hundred Shots was able to completely defeat the Minotaur by activating the Red Dragon Transformation skill. Fantasy Sweetheart was able to defeat Raydosa by following the same technique used by Han Ying Xue. Endless Starlight had no trouble at defeating Raydosa for he owned two Celestial tier equipment. Even though he could not ditch out much damage as a tank, he was able to defeat the boss after 20 minutes of exchange. Sun Xin Yu was the Queen. With her S class Shadow Dancer Inheritance, she was able to equip two one-handed weapons and gained the battle prowess of a Bandit despite being an Assassin. She defeated Raydosa after several moves. She had to use her accessory, skills with a long cooldown, whilst her battle companion dealt additional damage. It had only taken her 6 minutes to defeat Raydosa! When the boss was defeated, she had over 140,000 HP left!

The next person who lost the fight was Daffodil Daydream. Spellcasters are like Hunters who required a certain range to allow them to cast their spells uninterrupted. Raydosa’s constitution had made her restless and was unable to create any breathing space for her to attack. Even though her passive skill, {True Counter} was strong, a 1-minute cooldown was just too long in between activations.

The last player to have a go was Zhang Yang. Without a doubt, with Phoenix, Felice, and his own crazy 750,000 DPS, he had defeated Raydosa in less than 3 minutes. At then, Felice had not broken her third seal yet she was already at the level of an Ascended tier. He was, by far, the player that had ended the fight with the least effort.

After several trials of re-challenges, Zhang Yang had discovered a loophole for Daffodil Daydream and Lost Dream to win the fight. Assistance during a fight was forbidden but if skills were cast on players before the fight begins does not violet the rules! It was discovered when players were able to receive the aura effect of other players during the fight. Hence, Han Ying Xue had cast {Rise Anew}, while Zhang Yang cast {Surrogacy} to increase the survivability of both players. As such, after the discovery of the loophole, both Daffodil Daydream and Lost Dream were able to defeat the boss easily on the second attempt. Everyone cheered while Raydosa sulked disgruntledly as he granted permission for everyone in the party to enter the Dark Ghastly Canyon.

The Canyon was shaped just like any other canyon. There were two great mountains with a deep river flowing in between. Due to the great height of the two mountains, sunlight was totally blotted out and a dark shadow loomed over the canyon, hence the name. However, despite the frigid name, the place was not as dark as it sounds. Flora and fauna flourished, with many Minotaurs happily living in the dark place. Clearly, the Minotaurs were not as savage as Raydosa had implied. When Zhang Yang’s party entered the canyon, there was a proper community living there, with buildings and proper structures. There were only about 1,000 and more Minotaurs there. All NPCs that resided there were all friendlies with many yellow question marks on their heads. With such many counts of quest available for them to take, Zhang Yang had no idea which one will be the quest that leads to the Land Lease. Hence, after debating for a while, Zhang Yang had tasked everyone to find the NPC with the highest possibility of having the quest. They nodded and split apart, traveling to all corners of the small canyon.