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Chapter 796: The Ancient Hybrid Beast King

Chapter 796: The Ancient Hybrid Beast King
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When the beast first showed its presence in the field, the first thing it did was to pounce on Zhang Yang. The powerful blow knocked Zhang Yang off his feet and sat stunned on the ground for 3 seconds.

Without wasting any time, the Ancient Hybrid turned sideways and stabbed Zhang Yang with his scorpion tail. A large white shell egg as large as a football was implanted in his chest cavity.

Without a doubt, everyone had first witnessed the activation animation for the skill [Parasitic Laying].

Zhang Yang had first assumed that such a skill would not be used until the boss is about to die. Little did he knew that the very first skill it was going to use would be [Parasitic Laying].

"Haha! Noobie tank! You’re about to be a mother!" Wei Yan Er laughed till she dropped on the floor.

Zhang Yang got back up immediately after dispelling the stun effect with {Warrior’s Will}. Everyone else had not yet attacked since it was up to Zhang Yang to deal the first few hits in order to generate enough aggro. Only after Zhang Yang had madly attacked the boss, the party followed in and laid down their skills. At then, such a monster with only 20,000,000 HP would take the entire party 10 seconds to kill.

Just as the party had only started to call down the rain, the egg implanted inside Zhang Yang had hatched. A disgusting looking beast, the size of a German Shepard crawled out from Zhang Yang’s butt. It dropped down on the floor, covered in blood, and Zhang Yang lost 200,000 HP instantly.

[Juvenile Ancient Hybrid Beast] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 210

HP: 277,030

Defense: 8,440

Melee Attack: 52,324 – 72,324

"Ooooh, dayum son. You got your butthole spread open by a monster!" cried Fatty Han as he laughed.

"Our poor guild master. May it be remembered that it was this day when he had his butthole spread wide open," said Endless Starlight as he followed Fatty Han to teased Zhang Yang.

"F*cking hurts man!" said Zhang Yang as he rubbed his bottom.

Just as Fatty Han was laughing out loud, the scorpion tail whistled through the air and stabbed Fatty Han in his chest, implanting an egg.

"OH MY GOD! I’M NEXT! HOLY CRAP!" Fatty Han shrieked in horror as he clutched his butthole tight.

"Kill it! Kill it quick!" cried Fatty Han. Everyone did not need to wait for him to say to do what he wanted. They understood that the monster’s {Parasitic Laying} was randomly targeting players. Although being reverse sodomized by a monster would not cause any harm, the sensation of it will never be pleasant! The girls, especially Han Ying Xue had retreated to the rear, hoping that the monster would not target them.

After 10 seconds, Fatty Han cried painfully. "It’s coming! I’m coming! It’s coming! WOOOOAHHHHHHHHHH!"

With a loud splash, Fatty Han had crapped out another Juvenile Hybrid beast and lost 200,000 HP.

The monster’s egg-laying skill had a cooldown time of only 10 seconds. When a new Juvenile monster had hatched out, the "mother" monster will find the next target and attack. After 40 seconds, there were 5 monsters in the field, 4 of which were the Juvenile monsters. The main "mother" had only over 10% HP left.

Since the monster was about to die, Zhang Yang had predicted that it will start using its {Passing On} skill. However, since the Juvenile monsters had only 200,000 HP, Zhang Yang’s {Horizontal Sweep} and Wei Yan Er’s {Tornado Cleave} killed them all easily. By then, the "mother" monster had no Juvenile targets to use {Passing On} and had died after 50 seconds.

"Phew…What a disgusting monster!"

"I concur." Said Sun Xin Yu after being quiet for god knows how long.

Sadly, the Ancient Hybrid Beast was all over the Canyon. As the party proceeded to venture deeper into the canyon, everyone in the party had a chance of being "incubated" by the monster. The guys started doing whatever they could to protect the girls!

There’s a saying, if you can’t stop something, why resist it? After being poked many times, everyone soon felt numb to the monster’s "laying" and convert their rage into killing them all as fast as they could.

Amongst the party members, perhaps, only Wei Yan Er and Fatty Han were the only two who were screaming all the way. No sooner after laying more than a hundred "babies", the party had finally arrived at the boss. It was a huge, 10 meter-tall, gigantic Ancient Hybrid Beast King.

[Ancient Hybrid Beast King] (Holy, Beast)

Level: 225

HP: 2,250,000,000

Defense: 21,710

Melee Attack: 176,701 – 256,710


[Parasitic Laying]: Injects an egg into the target. 10 seconds later, a Juvenile Ancient Hybrid Beast will spawn out of the target and absorb 10% of the target’s HP. (Cannot exceed 200,000). Juvenile Ancient Hybrid Beast will assist the Ancient Hybrid Beast in battle.

[Strengthen]: Increases all Ancient Hybrid Beasts’ attack by 100%. Lasts for 10 minutes. Stackable.

[Thunder Strike]: Stomps the ground and deals 200,000 physical damage to all targets within 30 meters. Reduces 50% movement speed of all targets. Lasts for 5 seconds.

"If the boss lays an egg every 10 seconds, we would not be able to defeat the boss with just the 10 of us," said Hundred Shots after analyzing the boss’ skill.

Unlike the normal monsters they had fought in the canyon, the boss’ spawns Elite tier monsters with over 100,000,000 HP. That was not something that they could kill in 10 seconds. Furthermore, the monsters will receive the 100% attack boost by the boss. Once their numbers get high enough, Zhang Yang would not even hold for long.

Without any planning, Zhang Yang decided to try once. "Let’s give it a try."

Everyone nodded and followed Zhang Yang into the battle. Lo and behold, the boss’ {Parasitic Laying} only had a 10-second cooldown. Worse of all, the monsters that were spawned also had the skill {Parasitic Laying} as well. The number of monsters in the field would grow exponentially by the second.

"Daffy, Sweetheart, Witch, Starry, all of you! Get back! Now!" Zhang Yang had immediately concluded that the party was not in any shape to continue the fight and had everyone withdraw from the battle.

After the first four players went out of the battlefield, Zhang Yang proceeded to the next group. "Icy, Dream, Hundred, Fatty, little brat! All of you use your aggro canceling skills. Get out of the battlefield and get out of the battle."

Everyone nodded and moved away from the boss. Sun Xin Yu and Lost Dream used {Vanish} to run away, while the remaining three used {Fake Death} to remove all their aggro on them. When everyone was no longer in the aggro list, leaving Zhang Yang as the only one holding all the aggro, he used {Shadow of the Void} and ran away. Once the boss had lost all its targets, it returned to its original position and rested. All the HP that the party had hacked away was restored immediately in 3 seconds. The summoned offspring disappeared immediately soon after, and the battlefield returned to its original silence.

Everyone regrouped together and discussed. Together, they DPS power was extremely strong, yet they could not even defeat a single Holy tier boss. They were not Level 150 anymore, they should be able to kill it without a problem. Such a difficulty would have made the boss an Ascended tier or a Celestial tier!

"Oh man…fighting that…hybrid thing…is like fighting a Celestial boss!" cried Endless Starlight with anger.

"How are we going beat a boss when it can spawn an Elite tier monster that could spawn their own monsters!? It’s an endless cycle!" said Daffodil Daydream.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He too felt that the boss’ difficulty was set a little too high for their level. "Starry. You take the boss, and I’ll handle the smaller ones. Everyone should focus on the boss while I’ll handle the rest. If we all use our Transformation skills, we could kill the boss’ 2 billion HP in just 9 minutes."

"Erhm…Are you sure to use Transformation to deal with a Holy tier boss? What if there’s an Ascended tier boss waiting for us in the next quest?" said Hundred Shot.

"I think so. Besides, if there’s really an Ascended tier boss coming out, other players will get hold of the wind and will come to fight it. We might not be able to get the loot. Then again, I don’t think there would be an Ascended tier boss. Even if there is one, we still have our War Chariots!"

When Zhang Yang had explained it that way, everyone nodded in satisfaction and proceeded to use their Transformations in the fight against the Hybrid Beast King.

In the second attempt, Endless Starlight had taken over Zhang Yang’s role and tanked the boss himself to demonstrate his prowess as a player with more Celestial tier equipment! At that moment, although he was not as tanky as Zhang Yang, he was still able to hold on strongly, allowing the DPSers to deal damage. Naturally, he was able to tank at that moment, because of his Celestial tier equipment. When the others obtain more Celestial armor, Endless Starlight would return to being the secondary tank.

10 seconds later, the first Elite tier Ancient Hybrid Beast had spawned out of Endless Starlight. Zhang Yang was the first to jump at it and dragged it away from the party. Since he had no intention of killing the monsters, he had paid full attention on the boss whilst dealing some additional damage to the monster to hold on to their aggro.

20 seconds later, the second Elite tier Ancient Hybrid Beast was spawned out of Fatty Han. 30 seconds later, the third…No sooner, a minute had past and there were six Elite tier monsters in the field.

"AUUURAHH!" The boss growled, releasing a visible red aura that had seeped into the monsters, increasing their size and granting them a 100% attack boost buff.

At that moment, Zhang Yang was in his Transformed state. With over 100,000 Defense value, the monsters around could not deal any damage to Zhang Yang. On the other hand, the smaller monsters that were spawned from the Elite tier monsters were instantly killed by a single use of {Thunder Strike}, and {Horizontal Sweep}. He would always be at 100% HP as long as Han Ying Xue remembers to cast {Regeneration} on him.

Unfortunately, the boss had spammed his skill {Strengthen}, granting stackable attack boost on both the Elite and normal Ancient Hybrid Beast. From 87,665 – 147,665, it was boosted to 175,330 – 295,330.

Zhang Yang had activated {God of War Shield} to grant himself a total of 40% damage reduction passive. The monsters were only able to deal 24,184 – 97,984 damage to him, which was considered to be an acceptable value since Zhang Yang had over 108,750,000 HP. Worst of all, the skill {Strengthen} was used every minute. Eventually, there will be a point in the fight where Zhang Yang would not able to tank anymore. Everyone knew that and had placed all their efforts in attacking, not even bothered to dodge attacks, for they had placed their trust in Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart’s healing.

Zhang Yang, his Phoenix, and Felice were going all out to fight the boss. Zhang Yang had the Phoenix and Felice ignore all the monsters, while he too only occasionally attacked the monsters with his God of War skills every time he had 3 EP charged.

2…4…6 minutes past and there were 36 Elite tier monsters in the field. Worst of all, the first monster that was hatched had over 613,655 – 1,033,655 attack power. Such a number would have long exceeded the likes of a Celestial tier boss! How could one explain when a Holy tier boss could be that strong!?

The only thing that everyone felt lucky about was the fact that the spawned Hybrids could not attack flying targets. Hence, Zhang Yang had easily used {Thunder Strike} to kite the monsters around and kill them slowly. He had given up on attacking the boss. He controlled the Phoenix and Felice to stick to the boss while Zhang Yang alone decided to kite the monsters around the boss in circles.

It was an unreliable kiting technique, since the monsters will occasionally "break" the formation. Zhang Yang could not fly too high, since the big boss will hurl out its scorpion tail and drag Zhang Yang back to its range.