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Chapter 798: Spectre Ghost King Hargino

Chapter 798: Spectre Ghost King Hargino
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The party proceed further and encountered many more Revived Warriors along the way. Naturally, they were all swiftly dealt with. Despite the first monster dropping a set equipment, they had not managed to farm many others later on. After the party cleared the entire floor, they only managed to find two of the same gloves, and one pair of boots. One more, and they would have a complete set.

Although it was not stated in the official site, the party could have easily figured out there were more than 7 floors in this crypt. If each of the monsters in the crypt could drop the set equipment, the party would farm a few sets of equipment by the time they reach the bottommost floor.

As predicted by Zhang Yang, clearing just one floor had taken much of their time. Although the monsters were not spawned closely to each other, there were still a great deal of time due to the vast space on the floor. In fact, they had taken close to half a day to clear a floor. As such, they had spent most of the night and were about to wake up for breakfast.

Zhang Yang did his usual routine and after "feeding" the entire family, he went to his office and worked. Sitting quietly on the fax machine was a stack of papers printed and waiting to be organized. They were the investigation results compiled by the private investigator. It was at Zhang Yang’s bidding and they were all about one man. Zhong Xiu Hua.

Sun Xin Yu did not have much information on Zhong Xiu Hua hence, despite being a long distance relative to Zhong Xiu Hua, she was practically useless to Zhang Yang when it comes to enacting his act of revenge. On the other hand, Zhang Yang had Liu Xin Min. She had been tangled up with Zhong Xiu Hua for many years and had information that no one knew about. However so, Zhong Xiu Hua was a very detailed man. Anything that he does, he does it cleanly and leaves no traces. Unlike Liu Wei, Zhong Xiu Hua did things without loose ends.

Those who wrong Zhong Xiu Hua will end up disappearing from this world like the clouds in the sky. For him to terminate someone, he would find and kill the target and dispose of the body without a trace. If anyone would want to prosecute him, they would need to first find the body. Like the laws in America, you will remain innocent until proven guilty. Problem is, that was the loophole that Zhong Xiu Hua used. He had never personally committed the crimes.

Besides the criminal behavior of Zhong Xiu Hua, the reports also expressed his sexual comportment. The man was incredibly lustful and would not say no to any beautiful women. However, the man would not easily indulge in any female, no matter how beautiful they were. From his perspective, all women were merely tools to release men’s sexual tension. After he has used them, he would discard the first and bring in the second.

Zhang Yang continued to examine the name list of those that Zhong Xiu Hua had "discarded" and "disposed of". At one point, Zhang Yang thought that the man could be an evil dictator from a random country. Such a number of people had been wronged by him, he could actually be on par with the infamous Osama Bin Laden. However, despite the long stretch of names, they were all suspected victims without prooof. In fact, none of them had any sort of connection that led directly to Zhong Xiu Hua.

Zhang Yang is a simple man and if no one wronged him, he would not have wronged anyone, but the report would have changed even that rather pacifistic mindset to that of a vigilante’s sense of chaotic justice. Right then, all his thoughts on Zhong Xiu Hua led to one end, that is the termination of Zhong Xiu Hua. If Zhang Yang crosses his arms and leaves things to be on their own, everyone close to him; relatives, friends, guildmates, colleagues, even his neighbors might be a target of assassination and disposal!

Perhaps, the only person in the world that might escape the fate of being erased from the world would be Sun Xin Yu and her relatives. Zhong Xiu Hua had aimed to have her hand in marriage, even if by force. He had high views of her family, instead of her. His ultimate goal was to get into her family tree and create a powerful force that could rule over even China.

Zhang Yang sat down on his million-dollar executive chair and sighed. He rubbed his forehead with such intensity and finally, he laid down his final decision. The first to attack will win!

Zhang Yang placed the documents away and steel his decision. His blood was boiling as the murderous intention in him grew. Zhang Yang was naturally hot-blooded young man. When confronted with an enemy like Zhong Xiu Hua, instead of flight, he would fight until either one of them falls!

Zhang Yang gripped the stack of paper in his hands so hard that his thumbs tore through and impaled the thick sheet. There was nothing for him to be scared of when it came to Zhong Xiu Hua! There was no way for him to use the law against Zhang Yang, for Sun Xin Yu ruled that domain. What that was left for Zhong Xiu Hua or Zhang Yang was outside the law, which indirectly means that whoever who has the fatter wallet will win the war.

Zhong Xiu Hua’s mother was rich, hence, so was he. He was so rich to a point that he could simply purchase anything in the game. In fact, that was the basis of his guild. Everything was about money. He was able to buy so many War Chariots, all because of the money he had. That and the many things that he did, including kidnapping Zhang Yang and Luo Yu Rou. That incident had led to their "faithful" encounter and the birth of a new life. If things had turned out worse than that, someone might already be "erased" from the world.

However! If one were to compare how fat was his wallet is, Zhang Yang could easily take his out.

Aside from the profit sharing from Silky Soft Holdings, Zhang Yang had earned more than 50,000,000,000 from the game itself! A large percentage of his earnings came from the Teleportation fees of his Territories, while the rest was a mixture of the Little Merchandize Shop, the guild Mining Cave, various sponsors, and the Battle Team championships’ cash reward.

In his previous life, One Sword Stroke had earned more than 400,000,000 annually from sponsorships alone. However, in this lifetime, Zhang Yang was performing far greater than the One Sword Stroke in his past life. With many smaller companies seeking to form contracts with Lone Desert Smoke, the total annual income had burst through the roof, totaling to almost 600,000,000 a year! That’s 50% more than what One Sword Stroke could ever earn!

Zhang Yang did not need to fork out his entire savings to build his arsenals. From the money he earned from advertisements alone, he could easily arm himself to defeat Zhong Xiu Hua in his own game! Even if Zhong Xiu Hua were to seek help from his mother, how much could they fork out? 800 million? 1 billion? That number was nothing but spare change for him. Business is all about investments and profits. The man had invested most of his fortune in Eternal Flame, all hoping to earn back double or triple the amount. The problem was, Zhong Xiu Hua’s method had given him nothing but more heartaches.

With money, you could make the world go round. With money, you could even hire the devil to be your butler. Zhang Yang had plans, various plans of toppling the arrogant son of a b*tch and the b*tch herself if he has to. Zhang Yang picked up his pen and pulled out a blank piece of paper. With maddening speed, the man was like a possessed man, as the pen in his hand danced around the paper, scribbling plans after plans! After he was done with the writing, Zhang Yang picked up the phone and made call after call. With money flowing out from his accounts as he laid down the orders to all the people he had called, Zhang Yang felt the goddess of victory gradually smiling at him. After making many more calls for more than an hour, Zhang Yang slammed the phone back to the receiver and finally sigh.

"It’s done now…Zhong Xiu Hua. You’ll soon regret the day you had decided to invite me to your tea party."

After delaying his gaming session for the entire afternoon, Zhang Yang found himself left behind. In his absence, the party had already decided to push forward with Endless Starlight as the main tank. Everyone was fine, since all their equipment were strong enough to tank the monsters’ attacks during OT.

"Little Yang!? What took you so long?! It’s been an hour since you decided to crawl back into the game! Tell your old brother the truth, did you pluck the forbidden fruit of a chick?" said, Fatty Han, as he smiled perversely.

Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue had not missed what Fatty Han had said and threw a death glare at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed innocently and said to the girls, "Do you really think that my gun has any more ammo after the morning battle!?"

As such, the two ladies blushed and returned to their battle position. Ever since the day Zhang Yang had accidentally drank the wine laced with the Elephant Aphrodisiac, they had purposely made Zhang Yang "go all out" with them. It was for two reasons, one was to get themselves "knocked up" with his child. Two, to make sure Zhang Yang has no more energy to do it with any of the secretaries in his office.

With Zhang Yang taking the helm, the pushing speed was increased dramatically. As such, it was a matter of time before they had cleared the way to the fourth floor. With an abundance of Flame Master set equipment and experience points, the team was satisfied with their progress and forgave Zhang Yang for his tardiness. They even managed to collect 5 sets of the Flame Master set equipment.

However, there was still a little dissatisfaction simmering amongst them all. The only monster in the crypt was the Revived Warrior. It was getting a little old, especially after the third day. Luckily, they had cleared all the way down to the last floor.

As expected of a boss’ battle field, the place was large and empty. After walking around, exploring each corner of the floor, they found nothing but dust and broken bones everywhere. The team then walked further down the large dirty crypt and reached the end, only to find the boss was waiting for them there.

The boss was a large man. He had a long cape flowing down his back. However, that was the only thing the party could make out. It was so dark that the only thing they could see was the boss’ pair of emerald-green eyes glowing in the dark as they flared violently. The boss was languishing casually on a stone throne, with a long sword resting on the side of the chair. He was crossing his arms as if he was actually waiting for them to come to him.

[Spectre Ghost King Hargino] (Ascended, Spectre)

Level: 230

HP: 11,500,000,000

Defense: 34,900

Melee Attack: 329,115 – 429,115


[Ghost Parade]: Summons 10 Spirits out of the abyss to assist Hargino.

[Deathly Pain]: Sends a deadly wave 1,000 meters around Hargino every 3 seconds. Deals 300,000 Shadow Damage to all targets.

[Force Strike]: Deals 100% melee physical attack to target. 50% chance to deal a 100% Critical strike additional attack.

[Inseparable Shadow]: When players are 1,000 meters away from Hargino, the debuff with be automatically inflicted on the player. Players that receive the debuff cannot leave 1,000 meters away from Hargino. Kills any players that exceed a 1,000 meters range from Hargino.

[Seal of the Ghost King]: Grant a buff on Hargino whenever he kills a player. When surviving players gets 100 meters close to Hargino, receive 10% HP as damage per second. Effect lasts for 2 hours.

[Spectre’s Constitution]: Restore 1% HP every 30 seconds. Recovery rate will not be affected by any skill effects.

Note: The master of all Spectres in the Gerling Crypt. Possesses ungodly power.

With the array of skills like the party had never seen before, they were all stumped. Summoned soldiers? AoE aura skill? Recovery skill!? Not to mention the inability to leave the battle! Furthermore, everyone will have to wait for 2 hours before they can start the fight again!

"D*mn! We don’t have enough firepower to fight this guy," said Fatty Han. Everyone kept quiet as they had the same thoughts. Under normal circumstances, their DPS would go from 2,000,000 to 4,500,000 after Transformation. Setting aside the various troublesome skills, the boss will restore 115,000,000 HP every 30 seconds which would be 3,830,000 HP every second. Since the party’s effective DPS after that would only be 670,000, they will take as long as 5 hours to kill the boss!

5 hours!?

The active duration of their Transformation skill was only 2 hours, and after that, the party’s DPS will drop down to 2,000,000 only. It would not be enough to cover the damage that the boss could restore! If the boss decides to sit down and have a cup tea, the party would not even be able to defeat the boss, let alone with him waving his sword around like a madman!

Zhang Yang scratched his chin and nonchalantly said, "Oh well. Let’s fight!"

Fatty Han came to him and smacked his head. Annoyed, Fatty Han grumbled, "Are you daft? I can’t believe there would be a day when I’m the one calling you a stupid head!"

"Do you have a plan, guild master?" Daffodil Daydream approached.

"Yes. In fact, I do. Right now, we can defeat the monster all by ourselves. But, if the boss did not have the skill {Ghost Parade}, we might have had to call other guilds for help! That boss’ skill is the only hope we have at killing the boss!"

Sun Xin Yu widened her eyes and said, "The Gates of Hell!"

The skill {Gates of Hell} was the skill that was given to Zhang Yang by the system when he was the first player to reach Level 200. Its power was to summon out a demon possessing the same level as the target that Zhang Yang has killed. The skill had a 72-hour cooldown duration which he had never used before.

"That’s right! If we have an army of elite tier demons helping us fight the boss, we might be able to compensate for the lack of DPS!"

"The main point is the rate of the boss calling his backup. What if the number of summons are not enough?"

Zhang Yang nodded and said, "We won’t know unless we try. Let’s not use our Transformation skill and try to fight the boss now. This is only a test run. We are fighting the boss to see how he acts."


Everyone followed Zhang Yang into the fight and with only the intention of staying alive as long as possible.

"Insolent fools! The living shan’t be disturbed! You shall join them instead!" the boss stood up from his stone throne and picked up the long sword by his side.