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Chapter 799: The Prowess of the Gates of Hell

Chapter 799: The Prowess of the Gates of Hell
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With only 10 players, all refusing to use their Transformation skill, the chance of the victory was 0%. In less than a few minutes, Hargino had chopped, sliced, and diced everyone, fine julienne style.

The battle ended with an utter defeat. However, out of the ashes of their defeat, they did manage to retrieve important notes. The skill {Ghost Parade} would be used once every 30 seconds. The monsters that were summoned were all Elite tiers with only 10,000,000 HP. {Force Strike} will be used every 10 seconds. Although the boss will have a 50% chance of dealing a 100% Critical Strike, that sort of damage was "tank-able" by Zhang Yang in his Transformed state.

Compared to the rest of the skill, the worst skill of all was {Ghost Parade}. The boss itself was strong, to begin with. It’s AoE skill was painful, not to mention the penalty for dying was to wait for 2 hours before they could restart the battle. That, and the constant fighting with the summoned monsters will be a problem. However, there was a silver lining to it. Without the monsters being summoned out, Zhang Yang and the party would have a 0% chance of winning the fight! Paired with Zhang Yang’s {Gates of Hell}, all they had to do was to kill the monsters as soon as they appeared, and they will have a chance to defeat the boss. It would be slim but it was still better than 0%.

The enhanced {Gates of Hell} would last for 20 minutes and will not be affected by the splash damage of the boss’ AoE skill. Hence, the gate will not be affected by the boss’ {Deathly Pain}. Despite that, as long as the gate is not targeted by the boss, having 1 million HP is more than enough to last until its effects wears off.

Since the boss summoned 10 ghosts every 30 seconds, the total number of "convertible" monsters in 20 minutes will reach as high as 400!

400 Elite tier monsters would be the same as having 400 well-equipped players! Furthermore, the monsters each had 100 million HP! At most, they could last for as long as 1000 seconds while tanking the boss’ {Deathly Pain} skill. If one summoned Demon deals 50,000 DPS, all 400 summoned Demons could deal 20,000,000,000! That was more than enough to kill the boss!

Hence, Zhang Yang had to make sure everyone could kill the summoned ghosts once they are out in the open. Zhang Yang himself would have to make sure to keep the aggro of the boss and the ghosts on him to allow the party to deal damage.

"Too bad. All we can do now is wait for 2 hours until {Seal of the Ghost King} wears out!"

"That’s not too bad. We can talk c*ck, sing songs, chitty chat, or anything you want. We have been fighting the same old monster for so long, we deserve a little rest and recreation."

"Little Yang, remember the chick I recommended to you that day? Well, last night. I—"


Two hours was neither too long nor too short for the party to chat and rest. Before they knew it, the effect on them was gone and everyone got ready for the boss fight. Zhang Yang took the lead and activated his Transformation skill. The rest of the party followed and waited until Zhang Yang landed the first blow.

Zhang Yang shot at the boss and threw out a few strikes before summoning the {Gates of Hell} when he was within 100 meters away from the boss.

"Hahaha! Do you not know death!? Do you wish to taste the pain of dying again!?" cried Hargino as he resumed his fighting stance and cleaved Zhang Yang.

The battle started with a flash and everyone fulfilled their roles flawlessly.

30 seconds into the fight and Hargino stabbed the ground with his long sword.

"Rise, my slaves! Serve your lord and kill the enemies!"

10 abyssal holes appeared around him and out came 10 Skeletal Soldiers that were all clad in black heavy armor.

Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight jumped to the front and kited all the monsters together, allowing the party to focus on their AoE attacks.

When all the monsters were left with 10% HP or less, everyone stopped attacking and resumed their attacks on the boss. Zhang Yang would have to be the player to strikes the killing blow or else the {Gates of Hell} will not register the kills. Ally kills would not work on the {Gates of Hell}.

{Thunder Strike}!


With the power of the God of War Transformation and Wei Yan Er’s {Strength Aura}, Zhang Yang’s {Thunder Strike} had reached a damage that exceeded any amount that he had seen. 330,000 damage was strong enough to hack away at their reduced HP!

{God of War Crushing Strike}!


After two consecutive strikes back to back, all the summoned soldiers were killed instantly. Before their bodies "disappeared", a long trail of black light was pulled out of their body and was absorbed into the {Gates of Hell}. One by one, in an orderly manner, a demon, with the height of four men, walked out of the gate. Unlike any demons that the party had fought before, the summoned demons were extremely lean and mean. Their horns on their forehead were longer and fiercer looking. Even their tails were longer and thicker than the usual thin looking whip!

[Summoned Armageddon’s Harbinger] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 220

HP: 110,000,000

Defense: 13,730

Melee Attack: 92,970 – 152,970


[Force of an Army]: Deals 100% melee physical damage to a target. 20% chance to increase attack by 10% on oneself. Lasts for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 10 seconds.

10 Demons appeared out of the gate and joined the fight against the boss. Every Demon summoned had roughly the same look but wielded different weapons. All of them were basically swords but came in different shapes and sizes. That matters not, for their attack power were the same.

60 seconds into the fight, the second batch of summoned monsters appeared into the field. Similarly, the party kited them and allowed Zhang Yang to land the killing blow.

The boss was digging his own grave. If he does not use the skill, Zhang Yang would not have gained such a powerful army to use against him!

If the boss had brains like players do, he will surely be targeting the gates first! However, being a program, he had to follow his protocol and obey the system aggro function!

4 minutes into the fight…

The number of Demon joining Zhang Yang side to defeat the boss had increased so exponentially that they had completely surrounded the boss. Since the size of the Demons was rather huge, only 50 of them were able to attack the boss at the same time. The rest of the Demons were struggling to move forward and had to wait until the front ones died before they could move closer to the boss.

Luckily, the entire team was practically in the air, allowing them to attack from another level. Hundred Shots and the other ranged attackers had no problems attacking the boss from where they stood. In fact, compared to Zhang Yang, they were dealing much higher damage.

Due to the limited space to attack, the summoned Demons could not push their total DPS to 20,000,000,000. At most, they were only able to deal around 6 to 7 billion damage per second. Then again, that was more than he could ever ask for!

"Insolent fool!"

"You all shall crawl beneath me!"

"The Spectres shall rule the world!"

"Darkness shall rise!"

There were all too many different lines but they conveyed roughly the same meaning, and that was to "ask" the players to surrender.

20 minutes into the battle and the summoned {Gates of Hell} had reached its end. The gates seeped back into the earth, but the summoned Elite Demons were still able to attack for as long as 4 hours if they are not killed.

This goes without saying, but the {Gates of Hell}’s prowess could only be so strong if Zhang Yang uses it against such a boss that would keep on spawning monsters. If the skill was used against players, all they had to do was to get 200 meters away from the {Gates of Hell,} and they would be fine. That said, the {Gates of Hell} only had 1,000,000 HP. For any average player out there, they would only need roughly 10 seconds or so to destroy it!

After the gate disappeared from the field, the summoned Demons started dwindling in number. They were all killed by the boss’ AoE attacks and {Deathly Pain}. Friendly Healing skills did not work on them. No sooner later, all the demons were killed and the boss was left with 2,700,000,000 HP left.

Technically, they would still need around 70 minutes to kill the boss. Zhang Yang and everyone else still had around 80 minutes for their Transformation skills to end. As long as no one dies in the battle, they would kill the boss easily.

One hour into the fight…

{Glare of the Death God}!


Ah…such a shame. An anti-boss skill will always be useful when its uncalled for, and be useless when it the situation calls for it! It was like the skill was purposely trying to sabotage Zhang Yang!


Just then, the remaining HP of Harguino would require at least 14 more minutes for the party to kill. Despite being only 5%, having the need of 14 minutes to take that amount off is more than enough to state the prowess of the boss! The time left on everyone’s Transformation timer was 20 minutes or so. It’s already safe to say that they would win the fight.


The boss now had over 100 million HP, while the total time elapsed was 113 minutes. Everyone has less than 7 minutes left on their timers.

5 million…2 million…200,000…0.

"Hmph. Such…a…wonderful…fight…" The boss cracked a smile before he fell back against his throne, lifeless. His long sword slipped out of his hands and clanged on the floor.

"We did it!"

Everyone sighed and dropped to their knees, as the fight was both intense and nerve wrecking.

With 5 minutes left on their Transformation, Wei Yan Er was the only one who seemed to be energetic. She flew around in her Transformed state and zoomed to the boss.

"It’s time for the prizes!" she shouted while picking up the equipment.

"Phew…this was a problematic boss. We were really short-handed back there," said Hundred Shots.

"That’s true. If the boss did not have the {Ghost Parade} skill, AND our big boss not having the {Gates of Hell}, we would have been toasted!" said Endless Starlight.

"That’s unlikely to ever happen again…How many bosses out there will have minions like that?" said Daffodil Daydream, as she was the most reasonable person.

Zhang Yang nodded. "I agree with Hundred Shots. We are actually lacking some players. I think I shall have Ten Dusk and Galileo to form a strong party. We will then combine two of our parties and form a stronger party!"

Unlike the other bosses of the quest, this Ascended tier boss had dropped 10 Ascended tier equipment and 5 Holy tier equipment. There was also a large pile of items, all of which Wei Yan Er was happily playing with.

The party then proceed with the item distribution and Zhang Yang was rather lucky this time. He was able to roll for two Ascended tier equipment which was a Shield and a Ring.

[Barren Shield] (Ascended, Shield)

Defense: +27,940

Vitality: +75,147

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 150,280.

Equip: Absorbs 10,303 damage on attack.

Equip: 30% chance to restore 1% HP after a successful {Block}.

Level Requirement: 230

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 30 Levels.

[Revival Ring] (Ascended, Ring)

Vitality: +11272

Strength: +1983

Dexterity: +1983

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 22,540

Equip: Increases damage dealt and Healing rate by 12%.

Equip: Absorb 1,717 damage on attack.

Use: Obtain boon {Revival}. All damage dealt to you will restore your health. Lasts for 6 seconds. Cooldown: 1 Hour.

Level Requirement: 230

Special: Level Requirement lowered by 30 Levels.