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Chapter 800: Snow Queen Inheritance

Chapter 800: Snow Queen Inheritance
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Upon switching up the two Ascended Tier equipment, Zhang Yang’s Attack power did not really increase much. However, because the Shield is a piece of equipment that could boost a player’s HP the most, Zhang Yang’s HP amount increased tremendously. Now, he only needed his {Vitality Aura} to boost his HP up to 3,778,420. After all, before a player can attain Level 200, the player must be mounted on his or her mount in order to obtain that much HP.

Meanwhile, his Defence had also reached up to 33,700. If he just activates his God of War Inheritance Transformation, his Defence would be boosted up to approximately 170,000 points. Furthermore, he also had 20% passive Damage Immunity and 28,454 Damage Absorption. If one wants to hurt Zhang Yang with a Physical attack, that person would need to deal at least 200,000 damage in a single hit just to break his Defence!

As for the items, he distributed the 4 Skill Point Crystals out, one after another. Zhang Yang had no need for any Skill Points at the moment. So he decided to let the others have at them.

Well, the Skill Books were not suitable for him at all. Therefore, he could only stare at Han Ying Xue and the others as they were rolling to see who gets the Skill Book. However, he would still be the one earning the most in this round.

[Book of Revelation: Chapter 9]!

It crossed his mind though. Zhang Yang was thinking of launching a war on the other Regions just to see if he could locate the last missing chapter of the [Book of Revelation]. Well, by doing so, he would be able to lure the person holding the chapter out from hiding. All he needed to do would be to activate his God of War Transformation and fly around the battlefield. He could definitely take out the person, pick up the item and quickly escape from the chaotic battlefield.

What he never expected was that the last missing chapter of the book would be sitting quietly in the hands of the boss, waiting for him to collect it.

With the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 9], Zhang Yang could finally combine the broken chapters to get the complete [Book of Revelation].

[Book of Revelation] (Legendary, Unique)

Description: Increases 50% Damage of all party members of the holder, standing within the range of 100-meter radius from the holder. If the holder of the book is killed, he or she can choose to revive immediately on the same spot he or she dies with 100% HP and 100% MP. This effect can only be triggered once every hour. If the resurrected player gets killed again within the cooldown period of the book’s effect, the item will be dropped. This item can only be taken along in the inventory, and cannot be destroyed.

Special Effect 1: Enhances {Block}.

Special Effect 2: Enhances {Gates of Hell}.

Special Effect 3: {Select one Skill to be enhanced}

Use: Upon unleashing the light of the Revelation, all enemy units in the surroundings will receive 2,000,000 Chaos Damage (The amount of damage will differ based on your level.) Cooldown: 72 hours.

"This is f*cking great! Damn!" Everyone was cheering in shock. However, although the [Book of Revelation] could cause up to 2,000,000 AoE damage to enemies in the surroundings, the cooldown was just too damn long. Furthermore, 2,000,000 damage would not be effective for the top Tier players. So the effect was actually not that great either.

However, the item could enhance up to 3 Skills. That made the [Book of Revelation] a very powerful tool for any player to have. The enhanced effect for {Block} and {Gates of Hell} had been witnessed by many. The enhancement effect was similar to the effect of having two Superior Skill Books!

Other than that, the party had also acquired one broken piece of Inheritance.

The Inheritance was called ‘Class A Snow Queen Inheritance’.

Well, because everyone had already acquired their own Inheritance, the broken piece of Inheritance could only be passed over into Zhang Yang’s inventory. They were definitely not willing to sell it, of course. So they could just give it to someone who is loyal to the guild later on and help that player acquire it. By doing so, they would be able to increase the number of players with Class A Inheritances from 2 to 3!

Upon picking up ‘Hajnold’s Hilt’, the gang immediately left and make haste for the Dark Ghastly Canyon. They were hoping to hand in the quest to the man with the gambler fever and get the reward of the quest --- land lease!

"What the actual f*ck! NO! My eyes must be blurred! This is not real!" Harcus continued to rub his eyes. Then he stared at the sword’s hilt again. Well, by the end of it, he handed over the land lease with a blackened face.

Well, the new shop would be needing the potions that only Zhang Yang could make to sustain the business. Therefore, to avoid more trouble, Wei Yan Er naturally threw the land lease over to Zhang Yang without a single moment of hesitation. Or else, Zhang Yang would need to pass the potions over to the little brat before the little brat could deposit the goods into the warehouse of the new shop. That little brat would never be patient enough to do that!

After all, everyone could get a 5% dividend out of the earnings from the new shop. As for the remaining earnings, the earnings would be kept aside so that they could pay the salaries of the new members of the guild. The bosses in the current stage of the game were becoming more and more powerful these days. They needed make sure that they had enough members to form a new party, a second party to support the first party.

Upon teleporting back to the Holy City, Zhang Yang took the land lease and went back to collect the property. It did not take long before his registration was recognized by the system. Just like how he started up with the Little Merchandized Shop, he began to ‘renovate’ the new shop. Then, he hired a loli type NPC as his shop attendant.

Back when he was setting up his Little Merchandize Shop, he did not have much money to spend on the shop. However, now that he had become f*cking rich, he straight away improved the shop to the maximum level and named the shop as ‘Little Merchandize Shop (Branch)’

He then put all the Ethereal Tier equipment into the warehouse of the new shop. After that, he quickly shouted out the news about the opening of his new shop in the public channel. Holy City is a unique place. That would be the only place where all eight Regions shared one public channel. Everyone could trade even though they were far away from each other.

Because the Ethereal Tier equipment that Zhang Yang had to offer were all Level 220 with Special Effects that reduced 30 levels from the requirement, a large number of Level 200 players were interested to see what’s in the shop. Although they might not be suitable to use the equipment themselves, they could still purchase the equipment for their friends.

After all, the Hardcore of the Spectre Cavern was just too damn hard to clear. Furthermore, the Holy Tier equipment that is dropped by the bosses in that dungeon were all ‘bound upon pickup’. Therefore, many Level 190 players would only look at Ethereal Tier equipment for the moment. Meanwhile, the Ethereal Equipment that Zhang Yang had to offer were all Level 220. Although these equipment would still be a little weaker than those Level 170 Holy Tier equipment, they were not that weak. The players could still accept the difference.

Therefore, Zhang Yang’s voice recording had attracted a substantial amount of customers to his new shop.

He also put up some rare potions on the shelves. That was because he just opened the new shop and he needed to advertise about his shop. He even put up some Transmuted potions on the shelves as well. Initially, the players came for the Ethereal Tier equipment. However, when they noticed the variety of potions, they instantly showed their interest at buying the potions as well. Well, Transmuted Potions were hard to come these days, after all. It did not take long before the shelves in the shops were emptied out. Those who missed the chance to buy the potions were inquiring about the arrival of new stocks. Well, it seemed that Zhang Yang managed to make his new shop extremely popular upon opening.

However, Zhang Yang could predict that his new shop would not have more customers than the old Little Merchandize Shop for over one year. However, when the number of Level 200 players increases in the later stage of the game, there would be more players coming to his new shop. At some point, the sales of the new shop would surpass the sales of the old shop. It would just be a matter of time.

When the entire population of the players reaches Level 200 and beyond, the Little Merchandize Shop in the main city would become cold and quiet.

Zhang Yang decided to give everyone a few days off. He also wanted to form a second fixed party, another party of 10 that would be powerful enough to act on their own.

However, he only had 4 members in his mind: Galileo, Ten Dusk, Female Raid Covent and Chen Xue Yao.

It made perfect sense for the first three names to be selected. As for Chen Xue Yao, her level was still a little too low to be selected. Although Zhang Yang would bring her along to grind from time to time, she was only currently Level 142. She would be as good as dead if she follows Zhang Yang to battle against Level 230 monsters and above.

However, Chen Xue Yao was quite a talented player, herself. Judging by observing her performance, Zhang Yang believed that she could already take part in Class B League Championship. If she ever puts more effort into training herself better, she would be able to catch up to the standard of Daffodil Daydream soon!

Of course, part of it was because Zhang Yang was biased. Both of them were basically ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’. Well, they were quite clingy to each other while at work. Although they had not been overwhelmed by the feeling to f*ck, the both of them were having a dubious relationship. Well, they might just f*ck each other sooner or later.

Zhang Yang gave Chen Xue Yao the Class A Snow Queen Inheritance. Well, she was initially a Cyromancer, after all. So Zhang Yang gave it to her based on his professional opinion. Other than that, he decided to give it to her because good ones do not simply let his own fertile water to flow into others' fields.

When Chen Xue Yao was collecting her Inheritance Fragments, Zhang Yang was the only one who was helping her. Well, Zhang Yang alone was more than enough to handle the bosses of the Inheritance Quests now. After all, Zhang Yang had become so powerful now that he could single-handedly kill one Ethereal boss without even trying.

After Chen Xue Yao acquired her Class A Inheritance, she could be considered as a top Tier player in the game now. The only thing that kept her from being so was because her level was just too low. Well, because of that, she could not wear any of the high-level equipment.

So, Zhang Yang brought her along to Kanjar to grind.

Currently, Chen Xue Yao was only Level 143. Upon arriving at Kanjar, her existence on the map was activated something similar to a {Mass Taunt}! A large number of monsters within the range of 2,000-meter radius from where the two of them stood were attracted by the aggro. The monsters were charging madly towards the two of them.

The feeling was great. Zhang Yang was thinking of bringing low-level players into high-level maps to grind in the future. No more troublesome luring!

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and activated his {Surrogacy} on Chen Xue Yao, giving her the same Defence as he had on him. Although Zhang Yang would try his best to get the aggro of the monsters to fix on him, he might still lose out one or two of the monsters from his grip. By giving Chen Xue Yao a high Defence, even if monsters manage to hit her, she would not be killed in an instant.

With Zhang Yang’s Attack power, all Normal Tier monsters were basically killed in one single hit by Zhang Yang. The amount of Experience Points that both of them got was shockingly tremendous!

Furthermore, it was really the best thing they could have hope for that every time they were done with one wave of monsters, they would only have to walk a few steps forwards before the next wave of monsters swarms up on them. The monsters were swarming up on Zhang Yang and Chen Xue Yao as if they were here just to get slaughtered by Zhang Yang. Therefore, Zhang Yang only needed to kill, kill, kill! Then, the both of them would only need to collect whatever amount of Experience Points that come at them.

In the beginning, he only intended to babysit Chen Xue Yao so that she could level up faster. However, the outcome of bringing her for grinding was unexpectedly great. His Experience Bar was progressing at a f*cking fast pace as well. If it wasn’t because for the fact that much more Experience Points were needed for Level 200 player to level up, Zhang Yang could have leveled up once in every four days!

That was really motivating!

So, how come no one had ever tried to grind like this before?

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and revealed a smile on his face. Well, because he was the only one who had {Surrogacy}. So he was able to keep Chen Xue Yao alive. Or else, under the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, one gentle touch from any high level monsters would have killed her instantly. By then, it would not be possible for him to guide Chen Xue Yao in grinding.

After all, even Zhang Yang’s Experience Bar was progressing extremely fast, Chen Xue Yao’s Experience Bar was increasing at an even faster rate! She was able to earn additional Experience Points by killing monsters that were much higher level than her. She managed to level up once every day. People would definitely find it extremely hard to believe that, even if someone told the others about it!

Zhang Yang could not help to sigh. If only he had someone in his previous life to guide him like this, it would have made his life so much easier, then!

He gave everyone 7 days off. After that 7 days, she would be in the game for over 21 days. Meanwhile, throughout the 21 days, even though Chen Xue Yao could no longer level up once a day, she had already reached Level 157. If there was any competition that compares the speed of levelling up, she would have broken any record regarding that!