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Chapter 801: New Party Members

Chapter 801: New Party Members
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Over the next few days, Zhang Yang had assigned another 2 new members to the second party that he was working on.

Scorched Cloud, Human, Male, Level 197, Pyromancer, Possesses Class B Hysterical Monkey Inheritance.

Mini Piglet, Elf, Female, Level 195, Holy Knight, Possesses Class B Sand Inheritance.

Actually, the second party that Zhang Yang was working on already had a Holy Knight on it. Furthermore, the party seemed to be too weak with only a few of them there. So Zhang Yang decided to shuffle the members of the first party and the second party. He moved Endless Starlight, Hundred Shots and Fantasy Sweetheart to the second party. Then he moved Mini Piglet and Chen Xue Yao over to the first party.

By doing so, he managed to make sure that each of the parties has one Priest and one Holy Knight. Because of that, each party would have no problem at all at both single-unit healing and multiple-unit healing, allowing each party to adapt to a situation of a battle. In regard of Tankers, Ten Dusk was the only Tanker in the second party. So, he would need another Tanker with better equipment such as Endless Starlight to cover his *ss.

Meanwhile, Endless Starlight was quite an outstanding Tanker alone. He could already be independent. He no longer needed to stay under the shadow of Zhang Yang!

Now, the first party had 9 members while the second party had 7 members. Their numbers would definitely be sufficient for the two parties to go up against a Holy Tier boss. However, when going up against an Ascended boss, 10 players might not be enough to take the boss head-on. The two parties would need to work closely together in order to defeat an Ascended Tier boss.

Therefore, the remaining 4 empty slots of the two parties must be filled up as soon as possible. However, it was really extremely difficult to find those who are good in both attitude and strength which could satisfy Zhang Yang. Although there were quite a number of them for Zhang Yang to pick from his guild, Zhang Yang could still feel that there were something missing in them that prevented him from picking any of them. Well, he best take his own sweet time at determining whether a person is worth hiring before jumping to conclusions.

Meanwhile, he assigned Chen Xue Yao to the first party, planning to expose her to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. Zhang Yang did not expect too much out of it. These three ladies and Luo Yu Rou could have formed a complete team to start a mahjong match on a square table. That would be more than enough for him.

As for Yu Li, she would only serve as the mistress to Zhang Yang’s affair. Well, Zhang Yang could satisfy his idea that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence’.

There was only one last thing Zhang Yang knew from his past life about the future of ‘God’s Miracle’ --- The Demon’s Descent.

The background theme of ‘God’s Miracle’ had always been about Spectres and Demons threatening to destroy the entire world. Since the officials had already introduced the ‘Spectre Invasion’ patch to the game before, it would not take too long before the officials would release the ‘Demon’s Descent’ patch. However, the ‘Demon’s Descent’ patch never got the chance to be released in Zhang Yang’s previous life before Zhang Yang was reincarnated back to 5 years before he died. Therefore, he basically did not have much prior knowledge about the patch.

However, he only needed a rough idea about it. That would be sufficient for him to get himself ready for the upcoming events.

Unlike the Spectre’s Invasion, because the Spectre were ‘born and brought’ up in this world, they only needed to taint the sky and the land before they could begin with their invasion on the world. Meanwhile, the demons did not belong to this world in the first place. They would need to send a small part of their strike force over to our world first to open the portal that connected the demon world and the human world. By then, the demon army would only be able to enter this world to launch their invasions on the humans.

Therefore, the Demon’s Descent patch would set the story in a way where the demons would succeed at creating portals that allow them to come forth to this world with their massive demon army. Meanwhile, the players would need to fend the demons off and destroy the portals to cut off the advancement of the demon army. After that, the main objective of the players would be destroying the demons that managed to descend on the land of humans.

However, the Demon’s Descent patch would not be triggered by the players’ levels. It would be in the form of a quest. Players would need to search it out in order to trigger the quest.

Rumors had it that the players who manage to trigger that quest would get a tremendous amount of rewards. Zhang Yang only knew that the players would be teleported to a dungeon-type region. The region would have several Ascended Tier bosses for the players to slay. So, the players would not have to fight over the bosses.

Zhang Yang did not work on triggering the main story quest immediately. After all, his level had not reached the required level yet. According to the little information he retrieved, the bosses at the highest levels would be Level 240. It would be a little too stressful for the players to challenge the bosses with their current levels. Well, they were just reaching Level 200 and beyond that, after all. The level gap suppression function would be much for the players to handle. So, there was no need for any of the players to rush.

Zhang Yang’s current main focus was to guide Chen Xue Yao in grinding. After all, he would also be earning Experience Points at a very fast pace as well. So the situation would be like killing two birds with one stone.

On the other side, the shooting of Luo Yu Rou’s new movie was currently at full swing. They were borrowing the facilities of ‘God’s Miracle’ to shoot their movie. Meanwhile, she had also changed her initial name to Daydreak Phoenix. Well, that name implied that she was rising from the ashes.

Her main objective was to seduce all men in the entire world. Of course, she would still be walking on the path of sexiness in the new movie. She was nicknamed as the goddess of the otakus for a reason. Her understanding towards the term ‘sexiness’ was extremely deep. Every smile she threw, every hand she waved, and the way she always twisted her waist was just enchantingly sexy. Even her winks were seductive!

Although ‘God’s Miracle’ could provide every player a chance to be handsome and pretty, ‘sexy’ is an intangible trait, a charm that cannot be replaced merely by a pretty face. It could be foreseen that when the movie premiers in cinemas across the entire nation, this Daybreak Phoenix would become the new Goddess of Sexiness.

Meanwhile, the belly of Luo Yu Rou had finally begun to bulge up. She also started to wear loose clothing for pregnant women. Because of her pregnancy, she had suffered quite a number of ordeals. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was the one to get the blame, after all. So, she would flip her eyes backward at him from time to time. She even bit Zhang Yang out of the blue from time to time.

Wei Yan Er was very reverent toward educating a new life. She would kneel by the side of the pregnant Luo Yu Rou and start communicating with the little new life. However, the personality of the little brat had always been unreliable and strange. She treated the unborn baby like a pet! Then, she also attempted to teach the baby her mischievous and naughty theories. Zhang Yang and the others could not help to laugh out loud. Well, she is definitely going to corrupt the little baby!

The pace of Chen Xue Yao’s levelling up was shockingly fast, and everyone was shocked to know about it. In just a month, she managed to level up from Level 157 to Level 191. Well, only Zhang Yang would be able to create such a miracle.

However, after she reached Level 190, Chen Xue Yao’s grinding pace was beginning to slow down a little. Well, she would need to take a step at a time, now. There was no way for her to grind like crazy anymore.

At the same time, Zhang Yang had reached Level 203. He was only one level before Level 204, which was the level that he had before he died in his previous life. However, he had attained Level 203 more than 1 year earlier than he had in his previous life.

The Professional League Championship had also reached the end of its fourth season. In the first three seasons, Silky Soft Battle Team had earned over 8 points to be number one. Meanwhile, the Crimson Rage Battle Team managed to score 5 points, making them the runner-up of the competition. Meanwhile, the Eternal Flame Battle Team had scored over 5 points as well, however, they were placed as third in place because Crimson Rage Battle Team managed to score some additional points from other aspects of the competition. Well, the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team only managed to score 2 points, placing them as fourth in place.

Because only two battle teams would be able to take part in the battle. Even if Silky Soft Battle Team is squeezed out of the top three in the competition, they would still be able to acquire one of the openings to join the battles. However, it still remained unknown as to which battle team would be able to secure the second opening to the battles. Theoretically speaking, the Sky and Ocean Electronics Battle Team still stood a chance at entering and securing the opening. However, their chance was almost zero.

At the early stages of the competition, Zhang Yang and the others almost removed themselves from all matches. Currently, they were 7th in place. So there was no hope for them to acquire any of the top three positions. Therefore, whoever who performs better would be able to secure the second opening to entering the upcoming competition. Therefore, Crimson Rage Battle Team and Eternal Flame Battle Team would need to compete against each other to get the spot.

Currently, the Eternal Flame Battle Team was in the first place. They had one additional win over the Crimson Rage Battle Team which was second in place. However, the Eternal Flame could not avoid clashing with the Silky Soft Battle Team on the final three rounds of the competition. They would have to battle the Crimson Rage Battle Team head on for one time.

Although the Silky Soft Battle Team had secured one of the two openings to the upcoming competition, Zhang Yang would never go soft on the Eternal Flame. With their current power level, the Silky Soft Battle Team would have a 90% chance of winning the battle. So, it would all come down to the performance of Crimson Rage Battle Team and Eternal Flame. Whoever who does better would take the second opening.

Zhang Yang decided to trigger the main story quest ‘Demon’s Descent’ after the finals of the Professional League Championship. That was because there was more than 80% to 90% chance that the ones winning the finals of the championship would get the reward of +levels. Furthermore, with one month of grinding, Zhang Yang would stand high chance of reaching Level 210 by the end of it.

By then, there would not be any Level Gap Suppressions anymore when he would encounter any Level 240 bosses. Bosses that get spawned nowadays had HP Recovery Skills on them. If players are to be affected by the Level Gap Suppression function of the game, they would suffer greatly wehile battling the bosses. Just imagine this. After all the effort has been spent to reduce the HP bar of the boss, the boss would just recover their HP back up just because the players were restricted by the Level Gap Suppression of the game. How would it be possible for the players to defeat any boss under that circumstance, then? F*ck that!

During the Professional League Championship battle, Zhang Yang and the others did not hold back at all when they were going up against the Eternal Flame. They were able to defeat the Eternal Flame by 5:0. Because of that, the accumulated points of Eternal Flame was now the same as the points that the Crimson Rage Battle Team had. Therefore, the two battle teams would need to compete against each other by next week.

Zhang Yang naturally hoped that the Crimson Rage could win. However, things did not go according to his prediction. Well, 5 out of 10 members of Crimson Rage Battle Team were absent. Because of that, the Eternal Flame won the battle with ease. After the match, Zhang Yang found out that the 5 members of Crimson Rage Battle Team were absent due to food poisoning! He found out about it through Snow Seeker.

Although there was no way to prove it, Zhang Yang knew that it was most probably because Zhong Xiu Hua did something behind everyone’s back.

Well, that fellow was infamous for winning by any means necessary.

Although the championship still had one round remaining, the opponents of Crimson Rage Battle Team and Eternal Flame Battle Team were not powerful at all. So, the outcome of the battles had been confirmed since the beginning. This time, the Eternal Flame Battle Team would be the one who going to the next level together with the Silky Soft Battle Team.

Although Zhang Yang was extremely uncomfortable with the outcome of the competition, he had no choice but to accept it. However, the World League Championship would be filled with top Tier players from all over the world. At their current power level, the Eternal Flame would not even last one round.

The World League Championship would be held in Rio de Janeiro, a renowned city in Brazil. The championships would be held on the 22nd of January. Everyone had half a month to get themselves ready.

Zhang Yang had included Chen Xue Yao, Scorching Cloud and Mini Piglets in the Battle Team as well. He did that not because he hoped to keep an element of surprise for the opponents. He did it because the three of them would be able to acquire the +level reward if they are able to secure the champion seat for the World League Championship. If that works, the three of them would be able to instantly improve themselves.

As expected, during the final round of the Professional League Championship, Eternal Flames succeeded in acquiring the Champion seat for the fourth season of the championship. They won by scoring a total of 8 points. So, they would be joining the Silky Soft Battle Team in the World League Championships in Rio.

On 17th January, Zhang Yang and his gang of 10 had bought their plane tickets to Brazil. Then, they departed for the country to join the World League Championship.

Rio was once the main capital of Brazil. At that time of the year, the temperature of the place was just pleasant. The beaches were filled with sexy scenes. The statue of ‘Christ the Redeemer’ seemed to be welcoming them with ‘open hands’. All of the sceneries combined could really give a person traveling from foreign land a feel of the exotic atmosphere of Rio.

"Little Yang, it seems like its our time to strike back on them!" Fatty Han came along with his own money. His face was filled with murderous intent when he saw the members of Eternal Flame walking into the hotel.

"Hehe!" Zhang Yang nodded.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Well, Zhong Xiu Hua would have the absolute power to protect himself in his own country. However, the situation became totally different, the moment he set foot on the soil of another country. So what could happen next, then?