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Chapter 802: Tesseract

Chapter 802: Tesseract
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Something as famous as the football team of Brazil would be the local gangsters of Brazil. They were so bold that they were daring enough to raid the police station! They even dared to break their gang members out of prison! Even the Italian Mafia would have to stare with their eyes wide open.

Meanwhile, tragic incidents tend to happen to those who do not really understand the place, especially the tourist from other countries.

The 10 members of the Eternal Flame were gathering up to have some fun before the competition. That was when they stumbled across the lair of local gangsters. Well, it wasn’t their intention to walk right into the lair of gangsters in the first place though. After a small conflict, Zhong Xiu Hua and his goons were all taken. They let Longrich go, just because they wanted him to come back with some ransoms. However, even though all of them were saved by the end of it, Zhong Xiu Hua and the other 8 were poked in their *sses for two long days while they were held by the gangsters. That left a permanent scar in each of their memories, for sure.

When Zhong Xiu Hua and the others were escorted back to the hotel, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han looked at each other with a smile. They seemed to understand each other through their eyes.

Well, these two had been adding fuel to the flame right behind everyone’s back. Zhang Yang and Fatty Han had secretly offered 1,000,000 American Dollars to the local gangsters for them to f*ck Zhong Xiu Hua up. Well, a million dollars for kidnapping a few foreigners sounded like a deal too great to be true. That amount of money would be more than enough to send the local gangsters to raiding the police station. To them, as long as they are not kidnapping anyone related to their own country’s government, they would even be daring enough to kidnap the Queen of England!

Meanwhile, Zhong Xiu Hua and his goons were poked in their *sses for more than just a couple of times. Those who poked their *ssess were also carrying Sexual Transmitted Disease and AIDS. The worst part about it, was that they had poked them without condoms! Although Zhong Xiu Hua and his goons swore to keep their mouths shut about this incident, they would still have to go to the hospital for medical attention after they get back to their own country.

When that happens, Zhang Yang would only need to expose Zhong Xiu Hua’s Medical Record to the public, if he wants to destroy Zhong Xiu Hua’s reputation and name.

Well, Zhong Xiu Hua was not the only one who knew how to frame people. Fatty Han was once involved with the gangsters before he joined ‘God’s Miracle’. So if he suddenly decides to play rough, he would be able to outperform Zhong Xiu Hua in a more professional manner.

Zhong Xiu Hua could only swallow his grudge quietly himself this time. Although he is a prince back in China, he had no power to influence the affairs that happen in Brazil. Furthermore, this incident was really embarrassing. He would really want to handle it as quietly as he could. If this thing ever gets out to public, not only would he become the laughing stock of the entire nation, he would also drag his father down to the mud of shame with him.

That night, Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were drinking to themselves in the hotel room. Both of them were laughing out loud whenever they spoke about Zhong Xiu Hua’s miserable experience. Well, by the looks of it, it seemed like they coincidentally went straight into the lair of the gangsters and got themselves f*cked. Zhong Xiu Hua would not be able to link Zhang Yang to the incident.

However, that incident happened because Zhang Yang was very much involved indeed. Zhang Yang could not help to smile vaguely whenever he thought of it.

Well, that little ‘hiccup’ did not affect the progress of the competition at all. The finals of the championship were held as scheduled, on 22nd January. The opening ceremony was held on schedule as well. As the champion of the last season’s championship, the Silky Soft Battle Team was the first team to perform on stage. Their first opponent would be the Pepsi Cola Battle Team from the Australia Region.

Upon handing in the line-up list for the match, Zhang Yang traded the [Book of Revelation] over to the little brat who was the first to walk into the arena.

That item could add a boost of 50% damage of the person who holds it. Although she was forbidden from using the special function to resurrect in the arena, an increase in her Attack power was good enough for her to slaughter up her opponent. Other than that, the three ‘enhanced Skills’ needed 24 hours to cooldown. The little brat would not be able to enjoy those perks as well.

Wei Yan Er’s damage output was extremely powerful in the first place. She became even more threatening after she got boosted by the [Book of Revelation]. It did not take long before she slaughtered her opponent up and claimed victory over the first match.

Upon leaving the arena, Wei Yan Er traded the [Book of Revelation] to Sun Xin Yu who was going to walk into the arena for the second match. After Sun Xin Yu won the match, she passed the [Book of Revelation] to Han Ying Xue… because the item was not bound upon pickup, they could take turns at using the item.

5:0 Silky Soft Battle Team was able to secure the first win of the championship with their absolute strength. Meanwhile, the official was forced to implement one more new rule --- all items on the contestants would be bound to themselves once they enter the arena’s preparation room. They would not be able to trade items to other players when they’re inside.

Meanwhile, the Eternal Flames that carried the eternal butt-poke memories were soaking in depression together. They were wiped out cleanly by their opponents. Because of that, they had created a new record, the worst result of China Region in the championship since the past 3 times.

However, Zhang Yang and his gang had put their eyes on the rewards of the champion position itself.

This time, the rewards were extremely attractive. Other than the 5,000,000 American Dollars, every single one of the champion battle team would be able to receive a +3 level reward. They would also be given a chance to draw an item. The best equipment Tier in the lucky draw would be an Ascended Tier equipment, while the lousiest would be a Holy Tier equipment. No matter what, the rewards were handsome and well worth it.

Other than that, the MVP of the finals would get one extra chance to draw another item.

Zhang Yang and his gang managed to progress from the quarterfinals into the semifinals, and from the semifinals into the finals!

The Silky Soft Battle Team was progressing towards the final like a hot knife cutting through butter. Even the powerful battle teams such as Hell Family, Land of Savages and Dark Palace only managed to last until the team battle before they get eliminated by the Silky Soft Battle Team. Every match with the Silky Soft ended with them scoring 2:0 as the final score. It was obvious that the Lone Desert Smoke could still dominate in regards of top Tier power level!

By the end of it, the Silky Soft won the championship as the Champion once again. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang managed to get the MVP title, at last. In other words, he would have two chances at the lucky draw.

Chen Xue Yao, Scorching Cloud, and Mini Piglet also got the chance to take part in the lucky draw. However, Scorching Cloud was completely out of luck. With a 50% chance of acquiring an Ascended Tier equipment, he only managed to get a Holy Tier equipment. Meanwhile, Chen Xue Yao and Mini Piglet had both acquired an Ascended Tier equipment for themselves out of the lucky draw.

Well, Scorching Cloud was not the only one who was out of luck. It seemed that the name ‘Silky Soft’ was a little low on luck, recently. Lost Dream and Hundred Shots only got a Holy Tier equipment. On the other hand, Han Ying Xue and the other ladies managed to get an Ascended Tier equipment. Everyone could not help to feel superstitious for the moment.

As the captain of the Battle Team, Zhang Yang was the last one to put step up for the lucky draw. He kept praying in his heart that he would get lucky. Then, he pressed the round button on the stage and let fate decide.

The big screen behind him immediately began to flash. Then the indicator stopped on one of the boxes onscreen. After that, the screen zoomed into the box that the indicator had stopped on.

[Thor’s Helmet] (Ascended, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +1,280

Vitality: +43,128

Agility: +3,208

{Level 7 Socket 1}

{Level 7 Socket 2}

{Level 7 Socket 3}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 86,250 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,312 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 220

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

Well, it seemed that the gods finally felt pity on the Silky Soft Battle Team. Zhang Yang did not share the same fate as Lost Dream and the other men. He finally broke the curse and acquired one piece of Ascended Tier equipment.

As Zhang Yang was the MVP of the final, he got the chance to make another draw.

Upon pressing the round button again, the big screen behind him immediately began to flash once again. Then the indicator stopped on one of the boxes on screen again. After that, the screen zoomed in on the box that the indicator had stopped on. Everything seemed to be repeat itself, however, the indicator stopped on a different box this time.

The item that appeared on the big screen was labelled with the name [Tesseract]. However, the details of the item were not shown on the big screen. It seemed that the only way of knowing what the item can do would be by signing into the game and studying the item up close.

The championship was over. Zhang Yang and his gang decided to take a few days off to enjoy the beach. After that, they went back to China.

This trip to Brazil was a perfect one. Not only they were able to win as a Champions, they also ‘hurt’ Zhong Xiu Hua big time. Meanwhile, that was just the beginning of everything. Now, all Zhang Yang needed to do was to expose the fact that some spoilt rich brat had been contracted with some sort of sexually transmitted disease. That should be enough to destroy his good name for good. That should force that f*cker to take the high road and commit some crimes that he could not walk away from. By then, Zhang Yang would be able to watch from the sidelines while benefitting from Zhong Xiu Hua’s fall. He would be able to finally take that f*cker out of the picture for good.

After logging back into the game, Zhang Yang’s body flashed three times. He instantly got elevated from Level 204 to Level 207, Meanwhile, the rewards that he acquired from the lucky draw were currently lying quietly in his inventory, waiting for him.

He quickly equipped the [Thor’s Helmet]. His other attributes immediately got boosted up massively. Under the support of his {Vitality Aura}, his HP had reached 4,200,000. Meanwhile, his Attack had increased up to, ranging between 414,679 and 474,359. When Wei Yan Er’s {Strength Aura} is present, Zhang Yang’s insanely high Attack would increase by 10% again!

After that, he took out the [Tesseract] to begin studying it.

[Tesseract] (Special Item)

Use: Combines two equipment of the same type into one better equipment. Cooldown: 1 hour.

Required Level: 200

Bound upon pickup.

Oh? So this item can combine two equipment to form a new one which is more powerful than the two?

Zhang Yang quickly checked on the rules and regulations of the combine function of the cube.

Number one, there is a certain risk in combining the equipment. The success rate of combining is not always 100%. Meanwhile, the rate of success would depend on the matching rate of the two equipment. For example, if one combines a pair of shoes with a pair of gloves, even if the fail rate of combining them would not be 100%, it would still be 99%!

Other than that, the Type of the equipment was extremely important as well. For instance Cloth Armor should be paired with another cloth Armor. Leather Armor should be paired with another Leather Armor. Well, different types of armor seemed to be highly incompatible.

Meanwhile, combining two equipment with different Tiers would result in a high chance of failure as well.

Once you failed, you’ll lose both equipments.

Upon a successful attempt, the players would have 20% rate of improving the Tier of the equipment and a 80% rate to enhance the attributes of the equipment. However, the sad case about this [Tesseract] was that the players would not be able to improve Holy Tier, Ascended Tier and Celestial Tier equipment. That being said, players would not be able to get Ascended Tier equipment by combining two Holy Tier equipment. The best that this [Tesseract] could do was to enhance the Holy Tier, Ascended Tier and Celestial Tier equipment.

If the two equipment had different levels and the combining process is a success, there would be only two outcomes: Number one, if the equipment gets an improvement on its Tier, then the level of the newly formed equipment would follow the level of the equipment with the lower level. Number two, if the equipment did not get a Tier upgrade, then the level of the new equipment would be based on the level of the equipment which was higher.

Zhang Yang was very eager to try it out. He took out two Ethereal Tier gauntlets. Both of them were Level 180 Heavy Metal gauntlets. When he put the two equipment into the [Tesseract], the system immediately notified him with a message.

‘Ding! You’re about to combine [Obscured Lunar Gloves] and [Dark Putrefying Gloves]. The success rate is 70%. Do you wish to continue?’


Instantly, the [Tesseract] began to radiate in a flash of colorful blinding light. The flash of light was shining into the surroundings like neon lights, for 10 seconds.

‘Ding! You’ve succeeded at combining [Obscured Lunar Gloves] and [Dark Putrefying Gloves]! You’ve acquired [Obscured Lunar Dark Putrefying Gloves]!’

[Obscured Lunar Dark Putrefying Gloves (Enhancement +1)] (Ethereal, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +320

Vitality: +4,400

Strength: +1,500

Agility: +650

{Level 7 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 8,800 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 8%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,132 damage when being hit.

Required Level: 180

Zhang Yang made a comparison and got what he wanted to know. If a successful fusion of two equipment did not improve the Tier of the combined equipment, then the new equipment would acquire a 10% increase in all of its attributes.

Other than that, if one of the equipment was an Attack-type while the other was a Defence-type, the combined new equipment would combine the two types together as well. The only thing that remained unknown was, if the two equipment of Attack-type and Defence-type were combined successfully, how would the attributes turn out to be, then?

The [Tesseract] had a one hour cooldown. So Zhang Yang could only do another experiment one hour after his current attempt.