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Chapter 803: Baa“ljilr the Imposter

Chapter 803: Baa'ljilr the Imposter
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One hour in the game is equal to 20 minutes in real life. Zhang Yang had spent over 10 days studying the [Tesseract]. After combining junk over 500 to 600 times, he finally got a rough idea on how the thing worked.

The lower the quality of the equipment used for the combination, the higher the chance that the Tier of the new equipment combined would improve. For instance, by combining two Black-Steel Tier equipment, the players would get approximately a 70% chance to improve the Tier of the new equipment to Green-Copper Tier. Meanwhile, combining two Green-Copper Tier equipment would grant players approximately 60% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Gray-Silver Tier. As for the others, combining two Gray-Silver Tier equipment would grant players approximately 50% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Yellow-Gold Tier. Combining two Yellow-Gold Tier equipment would grant players approximately 40% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Violet-Platinum Tier. Combining two Violet-Platinum Tier equipment would grant players approximately 30% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Mythical Tier. Combining two Mythical Tier equipment would grant players approximately 20% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Ethereal Tier. Last but not least, combining two Ethereal Tier equipment would grant players approximately a 10% chance of improving the Tier of the new equipment to Holy Tier.

Zhang Yang tightened his teeth and used two of the Holy Tier equipment that he had acquired from clearing Hardcore Mode of the Spectre’s Cavern as the materials for the combination process. By the end of it, he was surprised by the outcome. He actually only managed to get one equipment with both offensive and defensive stats. Although the equipment had the Special that reduces Required Level by 20 levels, it was still an unfavorable outcome for him.

Well, the Holy Tier equipment that comes out from the dungeon would be bound upon pickup. Furthermore, only players who reach the Required Level of the dungeon could enter the dungeon. Also, being eligible to enter the dungeon would also mean that the equipment acquired from the bosses could be equipped immediately on the spot. So, whether or not the equipment had the Special that reduces the Required Level by 20 to 30 levels, it would not really matter that much anymore.

Other than that, the combined equipment would stay ‘bound upon pickup’. So, there was no way that Zhang Yang could sell the equipment to anyone! What’s worse was that if he gets an equipment that was ‘bound upon pickup’ by combining one equipment that has ‘bound upon pickup’ function with another equipment that does not have ‘bound upon pickup’ function, his inventory would soon be full of ‘rubbish’.

However, this [Tesseract] had proved its usefulness. At least the combined equipment would still have the Special that reduces Required Level by 20 levels. After all, only equipment that was dropped by super bosses in every map would have such a Special on each of them. Because of that, the equipment allowed players to equip them earlier on so that their power level could improve on the spot.

Even though the [Tesseract] could not improve the Tier of the equipment that goes beyond Holy Tier, it could still be used to enhance that powerful equipment. Well, now that all of them could not even collect a full set of Ascended Tier equipment, how would they be able to spare some Ascended Tier equipment to enhance the equipped ones?

Therefore, they could only consider enhancing their high Tier equipment when they finally collect a full set of their equipment.

Although he had spent most of his time figuring out the function of the [Tesseract], Zhang Yang only took tens of seconds to combine the equipment once every hour. That did not delay his grinding at all. Later on, Zhang Yang assembled Chen Xue Yao, Mini Piglet, and Scorching Cloud to aid them at grinding. He wanted to boost their levels to Level 200 as soon as possible. By doing so, the three of them would be able to join the main story quest ‘Demon’s Descent’ as well.

On the other hand, Zhang Yang was also running around the entire map, hoping that he could discover the method of unsealing Felice’s third seal. By doing so, he would be able to improve Felice’s Tier up to Ascended Tier! Unfortunately, he had not been able to locate any locations that would trigger Felice to feel something even after he had gone through almost every corner of all Level 240 maps.

Well, there was a possibility that the location to unseal Felice’s third seal would be located in maps beyond Level 240.

In real life, the private investigator that Zhang Yang hired came back to him with something he had been wanting to have --- Zhong Xiu Hua’s Medical Record and the photos that showed him leaving the hospital.

Zhang Yang immediately contacted one of his members from overseas and told him to post all the information on the net. The post had attracted quite a lot of attention. After all, the title of the post was something like ‘An infamous spoilt rich brat involved in prostitution and got Aids-ed!’. Well, they had photos on the net to prove it as well.

Well, speaking of which, Zhong Xiu Hua had been quite passive in the past. If the post did not appear, the people in China Region might not even get to know that the person who was about to become the president would have such a son hidden somewhere. Of course, that could be because Zhong Xiu Hua’s father was either protecting his son or himself. Usually, no one would know the sons and daughters of the person who was going to run the country.

However, thanks to the appearance of this post, a large number of people began to investigate the identity of Zhong Xiu Hua. After all, the post had quite a lot of clues about his identity, which made people wonder. Once the curiosity of the people was triggered, they would not stop until they finally found out about the truth. By the end of it, the identity of Zhong Xiu Hua was no longer being concealed.

Instantly, an uproar had been set upon the public opinion. Everyone was beginning to discuss the topic that appeared earlier on.

That… was truly a disgrace to the country!

Zhang Yang could no longer imagine Zhong Xiu Hua’s current facial expression. Well, he must have looked like a burned pig right now. He might be throwing things and breaking stuff all day long after the news was spread across the world. Truth to be told, it was not really a hopeless situation for Zhong Xiu Hua even he had been infected with sexually transmitted disease and AIDs. Though he might need to spend some real time to get treatment, However, that would have given him a hell of a time to be mentally tortured!

It would be unwise to go up against an educated hoodlum!

Zhang Yang humphed lightly. Well, if he could take Zhong Xiu Hua off the chessboard, it would be a big accomplishment that would even be considered as committing a good deed for the public. That should be enough for the gods to bless him with a fat baby son in the future.

Thinking of which, he immediately smiled. The only thing that kept him unhappy was because Luo Yu Rou was not willing to do an MRI scan to identify the gender of the baby. Zhang Yang could not understand it at all. Either it’s a boy or a girl, the result had been confirmed the moment she was pregnant. So, why the secrecy then> Because of her, Zhang Yang could not calm his anxious heart or the urge to know whether it would be a boy or a girl.

Another month had passed. Zhang Yang had finally succeeded in aiding Chen Cue Yao and the other two new members at reaching Level 200! Well, he paid a price for babysitting them as well. He was currently Level 207 only. Sun Xin Yu and the others were about to catch up to his current level. However, he did not really mind it that much even if they had surpassed him at the moment. Well, one of the reasons was because there were no rewards for the first player to reach Level 210 or Level 220.

Furthermore, he was finally done with babysitting the new members to grind. So he would be able to grind like crazy for the upcoming days and secure back his Number One seat in leveling up.

Because he only had some vague memories of it, so he went over to the Hannua Town alone. Well, in Zhang Yang’s previous life, the quest that triggers the ‘Demon’s Descent’ was found on that map. However, Zhang Yang had no idea at all on how to trigger the quest or which specific spot to trigger the quest.

Hannua Town was a heaven for the dwarfs and the goblins. It was really difficult to imagine the two vertically-challenged races staying together in harmony.

Zhang Yang began to clear out the quests available in the town. However, he was only requested to slay a few monsters or to gather some mining ores from the mining sites. There was no difficulty or whatsoever for him. Well, of course. He had also earned quite a substantial amount of Experience Points. Furthermore, the quests that he completed did not have any follow-ups at all. For the next few days, Zhang Yang had spoken to almost all NPCs with an exclamation mark on top of their heads. So he was about to run out of quests to do on that map!

"Hey, human. Help me deliver this batch of goods to Baa'ljilr. He is located by the west side of the town. I shall reward you with one gold piece if you complete my request." A goblin raised his head and looked at Zhang Yang. At that moment, Zhang Yang had completed seven delivery quests consecutively.

If he had known how to trigger the ‘Demon’s Descent’, he would not have to clear out so many quests on the same map. Zhang Yang would have slashed the goblin to his death by then. This god damn goblin had really used him well to deliver stuff to others. He had already sent Zhang Yang back and forth multiple times. Now, the goblin was requesting that Zhang Yang get over to the far end of another map which was 7 maps from here! Zhang Yang flew for over two full days before he had finally completed the delivery quest. And now, he was about to be used by the goblin again.

All he could do was to endure it.

Zhang Yang took the goods over and placed them in his inventory. Then, he left town on the back of Whitey. Upon exiting the town, he switched the Phoenix pet out and flew towards the west. It did not take long before he saw a small valley by the mountain side. That was the location where he was requested to drop the goods.

There was a lake at the middle of the valley. However, the lake was dark. The water seemed so dark that the lake was filled with black ink! Yuck! The water also had a kind of fishy smell! Yuck yuck! By the side of the lake, there was a wooden house. There was a simple dock with a small boat floating on the water right in front of the door of the house. A human, an old man was sitting on his rocking chair. He was fishing by the dirty lake with his fishing rod, calm and relaxed.

[Baa'ljilr the Imposter] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 230

HP: 303,150

Note: According to someone in Hannua Town, they have seen that Baa’ljilr turning into a dragon. Therefore, even the goblins that treasured treasures over their own lives were not daring enough to deal with Baa'ljilr personally. They were terrified that Baa'ljilr would swallow them alive!

Zhang Yang hopped down from his mount and walked towards Baa'ljilr. Then he said, "Old man, you’ve got a delivery!"

Baa'ljilr turned his head around and looked at Zhang Yang for a brief moment, then he said, "Just leave it on the doorstep and off you go!"

Zhang Yang followed the instruction and walked up to the doorstep. Just as he was about to take the item out form his inventory, he suddenly heard a long roar that shook the surroundings.

Followed by the sound of a huge wave of water whipping from the lake, a dark blue western dragon suddenly leaped out from the lake. In an instant, fishy-smelling water sprinkles that were splashed out from the lake began to rain down from the sky as if it was raining.

That western dragon was not too huge. It was only approximately 30 meters long and 10 meters tall. The size of the dragon was about the size of the dragon that the Dragon Knights ride back at White Jade Castle. Judging from the size of a dragon type, a dragon that is 30 meters long is still not yet a fully grown dragon. It could only be considered as a dragon youngling.

[Black Dragon Andomark] (Elite, Dragon)

Level 235

HP: 117,500,000

Defence: 14,270

Melee Attack: 98,394 – 158,394 (Based on Melee Attack, however, causes Chaos Damage)


[Dragon Wing Strike]: Uses its wings and tail to sweep the surroundings. Other than the conical area right in front of the dragon, all enemy targets within the range of 30-meter radius will receive 120,000 Physical Damage.

[Dragon's Dominion]: Affects all enemy targets within the range of 30-meter radios with Chaos Effect with its Dragon’s domineering aura. Targets will run around aimlessly. Lasts for 8 seconds.

[Dragon Claw Strike]: Causes 150% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

Note: Andomark was once a gigantic and powerful dragon. However, ever since it was heavily wounded, it had never recovered to full power.

The moment when the black dragon appeared, it immediately charged towards Zhang Yang, after letting out an intimidating roar. With its gigantic wings flapping at full speed, the air was swept around as if Zhang Yang was standing in the middle of a tornado!

"Aiya, it seems that this old man has fished up something unimaginably scary!" Baa'ljilr was still teasing while he was sitting his *ss on a chair. He seemed to be enjoying the show from the side lines. His eyes were filled with ferociousness while he was looking at what was going on.

Zhang Yang did not get infuriated. Instead, he felt joyful. It seemed that he had finally found the quest that could trigger the ‘Demon’s Descent’!

"Little Phoenix, Felice, come out now!" Zhang Yang cried out loud and summoned Felice and Phoenix pet out into the open.

A legendary beast versus another legendary beast! Zhang Yang did not falter at all! There was no reason for him to get scared!

The Phoenix pet and the gigantic dragon seemed to be mortal enemies. The moment when Phoenix pet was summoned out, it began to open up its mouth and whip its enemy with its flaming tongue on the dragon. At the same time, Felice had transformed into her Dragonhawk form. She levitated into the sky and started bombarding the dragon with her {Fire Missiles}.

Speaking of Attack power, Andomark could only be as powerful as an Ethereal Tier. However, the Phoenix pet had become as powerful as the Ascended Tier! They were on completely different levels!



One could deal approximately 120,000 damage while the other one could deal up to approximately 340,000 damage. The difference was too obvious! However, Andomark was still an Elite Tier monster, after all. It had over 100 million HP on it. On the other hand, the Phoenix pet only had over 4,400,000 HP even after it got support from the {Vitality Aura}. So in terms of HP amount, the difference between the two of them was quite obvious as well.

Although the Attack power of the Black Dragon was far weaker than the Phoenix pet, it had the advantage of having a super high amount of HP. If the two huge birds ever face off each other head-on, Phoenix pet would lose by the end of the battle.

However, the Phoenix pet was merely an additional damage output for Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was actually much more powerful than the Phoenix poet himself! With every slash landing on the black dragon, Zhang Yang looked like the ancient God of War. Every swing of his axe left a cold and sharp mark in the air as if they broke through the dimension itself. He managed to cause a tremendous amount of damage to Andomark.