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Chapter 804: Death Source Stone

Chapter 804: Death Source Stone
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Following the improvement on the Tier of the weapon, it just kept looking better and better. With every solid hit on the target, the hit would look like it had broken the dimension itself. The dimension was cut open and block holes were seen floating in the middle of the air. The visual effect of the scene was just gorgeous.


Zhang Yang could deal approximately 3,400,000 damage with each normal attack.

Huh? He did not even use his Skills yet. So how did he deal so much damage with his normal attacks then?

Upon taking a closer look at his battle logs, he finally noticed that his normal attack had triggered the special effect of the axe! That allowed him to deal 8 times of his initial damage!

The special effect of the axe was not easy to trigger at all. Since Zhang Yang picked up the axe, the Special Effect had only been triggered over 10 times. The rate of triggering was extremely low to the point that people would just ignore the description of the special effect. However, that was because the special effect was a little too oppressive once it triggers. If the rate is quite frequent, it would become too oppressive that the game would become unbalanced. How could you expect the monsters and the players to survive against the person with the axe, then?!

Judging from an extreme perspective, Zhang Yang’s normal attacks could trigger the special effect that could cause 8 times his initial damage. The special effect would also cause 10 times the initial damage that his {Rising Dragon Strike} could deal! The special effect of the axe could also cause 3 times of the initial damage that Zhang Yang’s Critical Hit and {Lucky Strike} could deal!

Although there was no telling if the weapon’s special effect and the {Rising Dragon Strike} could stack or not, however, the Critical Hit and the {Lucky Strike} would definitely let Zhang Yang deal a damage that would be 6 times higher than he initially could. That two could stack, after all. Even though Zhang Yang could deal a damage that would be 18 times higher than the initial damage he could deal, based on the stacking of his {Dragon Rising Strike} with the special effect of the axe, he would be capable of causing 108 times of the initial damage that he could deal with his normal attack! That would be equal to causing an additional 10800% Melee Attack with his Skill attack!

With Zhang Yang’s current basic Attack of 400,000, he would be able to deal 40,000,000 damage with each attack! If he just activates his God of War Transformation and the discussed circumstances work, then he could become capable of dealing more than a hundred million damage!

Obviously, the system could not allow that to happen!

Therefore, no matter if it is the 8 times damage of the weapon or the 10 times damage of the {Rising Dragon Strike}, the rate of triggering them was extremely low. So, it would be impossible for the two to be triggered at the same time. It would be even more impossible for Critical Hit and the {Lucky Strike} to be triggered at the same time as well.

Andomark was inflicted with massive damage. So it instantly roared out into the sky in rage. A shapeless wave of dragon’s aura was beginning to expand into the surroundings. That was the monster’s {Dragon's Dominion}! Zhang Yang, Phoenix pet and Felice were running around in random directions like flies without heads! They were afflicted by the Terror Effect!

However, it was just a futile attempt made by the gigantic dragon. After all, the monster had only 1,000,000,000 HP. That was not even nearly enough to go up against Zhang Yang alone. Now, the gigantic dragon had to face the wrath of three! The three of them combined their firepower and focused their attacks on the poor giant lizard with wings. It only took them approximately 3 minutes to slay the Black Dragon. Unfortunately for Zhang Yang, Andomark did not even drop a single thing upon its demise.

The dead body of the Black Dragon was as huge as a small mountain lying by the side of the lake. Although it was already dead, people would still feel intimidated just by looking at it.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Baa'ljilr stood up from his chair while clapping his hands. He walked up to Zhang Yang with a smile. Then he said, "That’s some strength in you! Young man, you have the potential to become a great warrior!"

"Old man, is this how you treat your guests?"

"Haha! Young man! I’ve no idea what you’re talking about! Why can’t I understand what you’re saying?"

Zhang Yang had no interest in arguing with the old man about the ambush of that Black Dragon. His main objective was to trigger the main story quest on the old man. He smiled and said, "Alright, since that the goods are delivered here safely, it’s about time I leave."

"Wait!" The tactic of ‘retreat for the sake of advancing’ took effect. Baa'ljilr quickly stopped Zhang Yang from leaving, "Young man, that was just a small test. I hope you won’t be too offended!"

If that happened in the real world, the sudden ambush of the Black Dragon would have killed 99% of the players who come here! Obviously, this NPC was not a friendly person at all. So, he could be related to the main story quest ‘Demons’s Descent’.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Old man, so why did you arrange such a test for me, then?"

"Young man, you can’t really believe that the world is at peace, right? Even though the world looks peaceful at the moment, darkness is spreading slowly. The spectres are lurking in the shadows and the demons are waiting for the perfect time to reveal themselves as we speak! They might just launch a large-scale invasion over the entire world! Are you willing to live in a world filled with the imminent danger of death? Are you willing to sit on your *ss waiting for impending doom to hit you in the face?" Baa'ljilr was speaking in an earnest tone.

Zhang Yang pouted and said, "So, what’s the deal then?"

"Those who are aware should take the initiative to eliminate the dangers before the dangers could spread to the others! Young man, this is a great opportunity to become a warrior to be remembered over a thousand years! As long as you can succeed, every poet, every man on earth will sing your name and shout out your deeds. Your name will be carved on history itself!"

Baa'ljilr tried to convince Zhang Yang with all his own imaginative words.

Zhang Yang held the urge to slam his feet on the face of Baa'ljilr. Then he said, "So, how do we get rid of the dangers that you speak of?"

"Hehe, I have a good idea! Unfortunately, I’m too old and I’m not powerful enough to carry out my own plan. But you! You’re different, my young warrior! You’ve defeated a Black Dragon and passed my test! You have the potential to become the hero that everyone deserves! Now, let us act on it! Allow me to make you into a fine and renowned hero!"

"Old man, just get to the point already. What’s the first step then?"

"Hehe… you’ve got to be a little more patient, young man. Steel is not forged in a single day. A hero is not born in a single day! Allow me to explain my plan to you. I’m planning to make a sacred enchantment to shield our world. The enchantment will be spread across the entire sky. By then, the demons and the spectres will automatically die as long as they are standing within the effective area of the sacred enchantment. By then, the spectres will no longer be able to be born ever again. while the demons will not dare to invade our world!"

Baa'ljilr grinned and said, "However, we will require too many rare and unique materials in order to make the gigantic sacred enchantment! Young man, if you want to be a hero, you must first gather all materials and come back to me. When the Sacred Enchantment is created, you will become the hero of this world!"

"Alright, tell me about all materials that you need!"

"Calm your man tits! This cannot be completed in a day or two. Firstly, you’ll need to bring me some [Death Source Stones]!"

‘Ding! Baa'ljilr the Imposter has given you a quest: Death Source Stone. Do you accept?’


[Death Source Stone] (Difficulty: Rank-C)

Description: Baa'ljilr wants to build a gigantic sacred enchantment to fend off demons and spectres. Meanwhile, creating a sacred enchantment will require a large number of previous and valuable materials. The first material required is the Death Source Stone. You can acquire them by slaying Death Shadow Canine Zoan by the Death Shadow Mine. Of course, if you’re an outstanding miner, you can also choose to mine for the Death Source Stone yourself!

Completion: Mine for the Death Source Stone 0/200

The difficulty of the quest was only Rank-C. That being said, the monsters must be only Elite Tier. There might not even be an Ethereal Tier boss around the area.

Zhang Yang did not contact Sun Xin Yu and the others. He decided to complete the quest on his own. After flying through the sky for about 2 hours, he had finally arrived at the Death Shadow Mine.

There were a few monsters with dog’s heads. Their bodies looked just like the dwarfs. They were pushing carts in and out of the mine at the moment. So these must be the Death Shadow Canine Zoan the description of the quest mentioned earlier on. These monsters slung a mining hoe over their shoulders. They had gold teeth all over their mouths as well. Just like the dwarfs who are born to be Blacksmiths, these dog head monsters are born to be natural miners. Whenever there is a mine, there would basically be Death Shadow Canine Zoan around.

[Death Shadow Canine Zoan] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 225

HP: 112,500,000

Magic Attack: 62,920 – 82,920


[Fire Ball]: Causes 200% Magic Attack of Fire Damage to the target. Casting: 2 seconds.

Faced with a bunch of Elite Tier Magic type monsters, Zhang Yang would really have a hard time if he engages into battle with these monsters without the support of Felice’s {Tree of Life}. Well, with Felice by his side, things were much simpler. Although Felice’s power level was currently stuck at Holy Tier, however, these monsters only had the power level of an Ethereal Tier monster. So, she would not have any problem maintaining Zhang Yang’s HP during the battle.

Zhang Yang patted his mount and descended down to the ground. He managed to lure the monsters in the surroundings of the mine entrance with one go --- well, naturally, Zhang Yang would not put himself at risk of being swarmed up by luring more than 6 Magic type monsters at the same time. Instead, he let Phoenix pet be the Tanker in this battle.

Because the Phoenix pet was immune to Fire Damage, even if there are 60 of these monsters or 600 of these monsters, the Phoenix pet would still be able to stand there and tank against the monster horde!

Zhang Yang only maintained luring one monster at a time. He would activate his {Thunder Strike} and {Horizontal Sweep} from time to time to deal some damage to the other 5 monsters as well. Because the Phoenix pet had the damage output of an Ascended Tier and its flames were AoE attacks, the aggro of the other 5 monsters were firmly fixed on the Phoenix pet.

The battle was so simple and easy for Zhang Yang. It only took him 3 minutes to slay the first Death Shadow Canine Zoan. Meanwhile, the other five monsters only had approximately 70% HP left on each of them. Well, they were being bombarded with Phoenix’s attacks and Zhang Yang’s AoE Skill attacks at the same time. In another 7 minutes, Zhang Yang and Phoenix pet had taken care of the remaining monsters.

Well, the Phoenix pet could really perform like a god when it comes to battling these Fire type Elite Tier monsters. Zhang Yang commanded Phoenix pet to charge into the mining cave. They would shoot the moment they see monsters. Once they manage to lure the monsters, they would run or retreat to a safe position before killing them. Well, this time, they lured over 100 Death Shadow Canine Zoans before camping at a corner and slaughtering the monsters up.

Theoretically speaking, Magic type monsters behave differently compared to Melee type monsters. Once their numbers become abundant, players would no longer be able to deal damage to the monsters. These 100 monsters could definitely attack their target at the same time. They could deal an average of 14,000,000 damage at a time! Even with Zhang Yang’s insanely high Defence, he would still receive approximately 8,000,000 damage if all 100 monsters attack him once at the same time! That amount of damage would have been more than enough to instantly kill Zhang Yang!

However, encountering the Phoenix pet was a tragic experience for all the Death Shadow Canine Zoan. All Magic Attacks that landed on the Phoenix pet were ‘Immune’. Because of the aggro system, the monsters could not abandon Phoenix pet and switch their target over to Zhang Yang. So, they were only able to throw countless ineffective {Fire Balls} at the Phoenix pet.

About 20 minutes later, 100 Elite Tier monsters were all dead on the ground. Zhang Yang had earned over 10,000,000,000 Experience Points from slaying them all. His Experience Bar had obviously increased by a large chunk!


Zhang Yang bent down and picked up all the loot. The money and the equipment could come later. The most important thing would be the quest item.

However, it was quite depressing because out of the 100 Elite Tier monsters, only 32 of them dropped a piece of [Death Source Stone]. It seemed that he drop rate of this quest item was a little too low. Well, judging from the current pace of his progress, he would need to repeat the same process over 6 times to accumulate a total of 200 pieces of [Death Source Stone]!

However, when he cleared out all monsters in the mine, he only managed to collect a total of 107 pieces of [Death Source Stone]. So Zhang Yang had to wait for another 15 hours before the monsters in the mine are respawned. Only then, he could repeat the process until he completes the quest.

If Zhang Yang chose to be a miner in the start, he could have used the free time to mine around. According to the quest description, Miners could acquire the [Death Source Stones] by mining in the Death Shadow Mine. By doing so, he would be able to collect more [Death Source Stones] to complete the quest. Therefore, he could not do anything now. He could only grind at another spot around the area until the Death Shadow Canine Zoan are respawned before he comes back to the mine to finish what he had started.