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Chapter 805: Poseidon’s Pearl

Chapter 805: Poseidon’s Pearl
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15 hours later, Zhang Yang returned to the Death Shadow Mine once again. The Death Shadow Canine Zoans had been respawned. Zhang Yang went back into the mine to finish up what he had started. Once again, the Phoenix pet was able to show off its might. It only took up about an hour before they cleared out the monsters in the mine again. By doing that, Zhang Yang had finally acquired 200 pieces of Death Source Stone.

Upon getting back to Baa'ljilr, that old man took the bag full of [Death Source Stones] and had a look at them. Then he revealed a contented expression on his face and said, "Young man, you’re truly remarkable. You’ve not let me down a single bit! The hope of acquiring the title of ‘Hero who saves the world’ is real now!"

Zhang Yang almost popped a vein or two. This old man was obviously a cheater! F*ck!

‘Ding! You’ve completed a quest: Death Source Stone. You’ve received a reward: 50,000,000 Experience Points.'

"However, now is not the time to feel proud just yet. Now is not the time to feel relieved yet!" Baa'ljilr’s face suddenly turned serious as he spoke, "Now, we need the second item. That’s called the ‘Poseidon’s Pearl!’. However, the ‘Poseidon’s Pearl is currently in the possession of Alreanno, the King of the Gunhar Kingdom. It will not be easy at all to get the item!"

Zhang Yang did not say a word. He knew better than anyone that there would not be a quest that cannot be completed. There must be some hidden agenda or drama mode behind it.

As expected, Baa'ljilr continued to speak, "However, Alreanno’s a lustful bastard that loves to f*ck around. Recently, he’s obsessed with a widow. He will just visit her and stay over at her place once every few days. To avoid being blamed by his fellow ministers and chancellors, he will only bring a few guards along with him. That’s an opportunity that we can’t just pass on! Young man, go to the widow’s house and wait there. You can wait for Alreanno to arrive and snatch the ‘Poseidon’s Pearl’ from him!"

‘Ding! Baa'ljilr the imposter has given you a quest: Poseidon’s Pearl! Do you accept?’


[Poseidon’s Pearl] (Difficulty: Rank-S)

Description: Baa'ljilr needs you to locate the Poseidon’s Pearl and bring it him so that he can continue to create the Sacred Enchantment. The Poseidon’s Pearl is the possession of Alreanno. You can go to the house of Lydia The Widow and for the arrival of Alreanno. Then, you can snatch the Poseidon’s Pearl from him.

Number of players: 1

Completion: Acquire the Poseidon’s Pearl 0/1

A quest with a Rank-S difficulty? Could there be an Ascended Tier boss that he needs to face by the end of the quest? Well, he’s all alone in this quest at the moment. How would it be possible for him to take on an Ascended Tier boss all by himself then? The quest limited it so that only one person could complete the quest! What the f*ck?!

However, the game would not give players a quest that cannot be completed. So Zhang Yang was very sure that there would be an opportunity that would change the situation. So, he decided to go along with it for the moment to observe.

Zhang Yang left the valley on Phoenix pet and flew towards the Gunhar Kingdom. That kingdom was just on the same map. Although Alreanno had the ‘King of Gunhar Kingdom’ title, Gunhar Kingdom was just a small city, so to speak. The firm and strong castle walls had half of the city protected. However, the other half of the city was just built by a cliff. The geographical spot of the city seemed to be very vulnerable.

Zhang Yang did not ride into the city by force. He landed before he entered the city. Then he switched Whitey out and rode all the way to the entrance of the city. Upon paying 10 gold pieces as the entrance fee, he finally entered the lonely city which was hanging by a cliff.

The army force of this city was extremely powerful. The place was crawling with soldiers that wore shiny armors. Every single one of them was Elite Tier as well. Zhang Yang was not idiotic enough to cause trouble so that he could get himself killed. If he ever tried to do something stupid, he would not be capable of f*cking up so many Elite Tier monsters at the same time. Instead, he would be the one who gets f*cked up by them! After all, not all soldiers in the city were Fire type users.

Zhang Yang asked around and realized that Lydia the widow was quite famous among the locals. She appeared pretty and sexy as well. In other words, she’s seductive, all the time. She’s been known to be the King’s favorite ‘social butterfly’. However, her attitude seemed to have suddenly changed since a month ago. There was no longer any news about her having affairs with other men in the city. The people in the city could not help but feel curious as to why.

Well, that was obvious, actually. Who would still so daring enough for lining up to stick their d*cks into the King’s favorite woman?!

Lydia was currently living in a three-story building with a little sprinkle of the Europe Style. There were two peasants guarding at the entrance to the building. Well, because the streets were filled with soldiers patrolling around, it would be a very bad idea to charge into the building like an idiot. If anything were to happen, the King would never set foot in that building ever again.

Well, it would not be impossible for a person to sneak into the building. The best way to do it was to use stealth approach like how Thieves did. As for players of other Classes, they would be needing a little help --- Invisible Potion, Effects and Void-type of effects that could provide players a 10-second invisibility period.

Zhang Yang would be an exception. He activated his {Shadow of the Void} and walked right into the building like a king. He went straight to the third floor of the building and lay quietly below a bed. With the bed sheets covering the sides of the bed, even if someone squats down, they would not be able to see Zhang Yang at all.

Zhang Yang came in while he was in the void, where time stopped. After that, he waited for over an hour. It was about midnight before he heard something. He heard a man and a woman talking to each other. Well, they were basically teasing each other in a sensual manner. It did not take long before they opened the door and head into the room. After that, Zhang Yang heard a sound again. It was the sound of them getting onto the bed. After a short while, the bed began to shake in a regular rhythm.

Zhang Yang could not help to frown intensely. Could the game be virtually projecting a sexual scene as well for the players to see?

However, thing happened too suddenly and ended too suddenly as well. Before Zhang Yang could react, the bed stopped shaking. Right after the bed stopped shaking, he could only hear them snoring.

Zhang Yang quickly crawled out from the bottom of the bed. All he could see was a man and a woman cuddling each other on the bed. The man was only wearing a pair of short pants while the woman was wearing a complete set of pajamas. Her exposed skin was so snow white and she had a pretty face that could mesmerize any man who lay their eyes on her face. No wonder the king was so obsessed with her.

[Alreanno] (Normal. Humanoid)

Level: 235

HP: 303,390

Note: He’s the King of the Gunhar Kingdom. He’s a lustful man.

There was an aquamarine pearl hanging right around the king’s left wrist. The pearl was flashing constantly to remind the players that it was a quest item.

However, the quest seemed too easy to be true. This did not look like a Rank-S quest at all!

Zhang Yang could not help to feel uneasy about the current situation. However, his hands were already set into motion to retrieve the pearl. After Zhang Yang took the pearl of the wrist, suddenly, Alreanno opened his eyes wide and stared at Zhang Yang like his life was depending on it! That glare! It was horrifying! He was awakened by Zhang Yang’s presence! The king quickly shouted with his dense and loud voice, "Guards! Guards!"

A visible ripple impact was seen passing through Zhang Yang. Instantly, he was afflicted with a negative effect.

[Traitor of the Kingdom]: You cannot mount onto any pet mounts, battle mounts for the moment (Inheritance Transformations will not be allowed to fly in the sky as well). You cannot use any teleportation items or your teleportation Skills. The soldiers of the Gunhar Kingdom are pursuing you. Lasts for 24 hours. As the King of Gunhar Kingdom has enforced martial law, you will not get any help from anyone. Anyone will not be allowed to leave or enter the Kingdom. If you’re killed during this period of time, the ‘Poseidon’s Pearl’ will be lost automatically.

... so this should be the reason why the quest was ranked as a Rank-S quest now! What kind of insane setting is this!?

"Protect the king!" the guards by the entrance charged into the room. Four soldiers fully equipped with a complete armor set raised their weapon up and launched their attacks at Zhang Yang.

[Palace Elite Guard] (Elite, Humanoid)

Level: 230

HP: 115,000,000

Defence: 14,270

Melee Attack: 98,335 – 158,335


[Punt]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target, pushing the target backward.

Zhang Yang quickly summoned Felice. However, summoning a pet would require 2 seconds, which was longer than the time the enemies needed to land their attacks on Zhang Yang. After some pondering, Zhang Yang activated his Accessory to grant him ‘Invincibility’ before he began to summon his Phoenix pet.

Although the negative effect ‘Traitor of the Kingdom’ had disabled Zhang Yang’s ability to mount onto his pet, Zhang Yang still had {Beast Taming} for him to summon his pet out to use as a companion in battle.

With Felice’s ability to heal and Phoenix pet’s insanely powerful attacks to aid him in battle, Zhang Yang could easily receive the attacks of the four Elite Tier soldiers without any worries. After all, Zhang Yang had a super high offense and super high defense at the same time. The only thing that got Zhang Yang annoyed was the {Punt} that the soldiers used on him. The attacks would send Zhang Yang flying back a little, knocking him into the walls for a bit.

About 7 to 8 minutes later, Zhang Yang had finally taken care of the four Elite Tier monsters. He quickly seized the opportunity and ran like hell. If he ever delays his escape, he would be swarmed up by countless NPCs and die.

After charging down to the ground floor, Zhang Yang disappeared into the streets. He had already found a quiet spot to hide himself for the moment.

"Intruder detected!"

Right before he could sit his hot *ss down, another 6 Elite Tier soldiers suddenly appeared and launched their attacks at Zhang Yang without mercy.

Kill kill kill!

Zhang Yang quickly struck back at them and took out the 6 Elite Tier monsters. However, that consumed quite a lot of his time. When he was done, he could already hear the harsh footsteps coming from afar. The sounds of those metal boots stomping on the surface of hard pebbled roads were sharp and harsh.

Zhang Yang quickly moved his *ss and blended himself into the streets again.

However, he would be discovered no matter where he tried to hide. The patrols were so sharp that they could identify Zhang Yang in a matter of seconds! Then, a fierce battle would be triggered between Zhang Yang and the soldiers that found him. Each encounter had exactly 6 Elite tier soldiers. Each encounter would take approximately 15 minutes. If he could not take out the 6 guards within 15 minutes, there would be a second wave of soldiers, 12 of them to be precise, arriving to aid the first wave of the soldiers in taking Zhang Yang out.

Even though Zhang Yang had never been caught up by a platoon of 12 soldiers before, he could predict that if he does not take out the second wave of 12 within a set period of time, there would be a third wave with more soldiers coming to get him. Therefore, he could never afford to be captured by the second wave soldiers. Or else, he would have to face endless waves of soldiers until his HP bar gives out.

The first two hours of hide-and-seek was simple for him. However, the first wave of the soldiers had increased to 8 soldiers. That was when the situation became more challenging than he could anticipate! Fortunately, Phoenix pet was still performing at its best. Even though there were two extra soldiers in the battle, the Phoenix pet could spread its attack on all target within range as long as Zhang Yang make sure the monsters were all gathered within the attack range of the Phoenix pet. Therefore, the battle was not prolonged much at all.

The DPS of the Phoenix pet was approximately 170,000 damage. Clearing out a HP bar of approximately 100,000,000 HP would only take about 11 minutes. Well, the attacks of the Phoenix pet were AoE in nature, after all. So it would not matter if the number of monsters are abundant or not --- only under the circumstance that the monsters are standing close enough to each other.

Therefore, Zhang Yang needed not to worry about the Attack power of his side. The only thing that he needed to worry about was the number of monsters. If the number of monsters become so abundant that the situation might get out of hand, then the monsters would only need to use {Punt} on him until he no longer can keep the monsters in one spot for the Phoenix pet to do its work.

By the fifth hour, the number of Elite Tier monster each wave had increased to 10. Furthermore, they would also bring along 20 Normal Tier Soldiers. Although these Normal Tier monsters could not really cause much damage to Zhang Yang, they were also equipped with {Punt}. These Normal Tier monsters really had Zhang Yang staggering around without having much chance to stand on his feet. Therefore, the monsters in the surrounding were beginning to scatter around, causing quite a hassle for the Phoenix pet to focus attacks on them.

Fortunately, Normal Tier monsters only had about 300,000 HP on them. Zhang Yang could have wiped them all out with his {Horizontal Sweep}. Although that might give him a little problem, it would not be a fatal one at least.


Zhang Yang gave it some thought before he decided to use the ‘Demon’s Portal’ on the eighth hour. Then, he would use his God of War Transformation on the tenth hour. So let’s see who turns out to be better, then!