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Chapter 806: RE:Gates of Hell“s

Chapter 806: RE:Gates of Hell's
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Come the sixth hour, and the number of soldiers in each wave had been increased up to 12 Elite Tier soldiers and 40 Normal Tier soldiers!

If Zhang Yang only has to deal with so many monsters at the same time, he could not be worried at all. The problems lie in the fact that each of these monsters could use {Punt} on him! With more than 50 monsters chaining their {Punt} consecutively on Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang would not even get the chance to fall. He would be hit consecutively to the point that he would stay in the air for all eternity!

Fortunately for him, Zhang Yang still had help from Phoenix pet and Felice. The pet and the battle companion were told to focus on wiping out the Normal Tier monsters first, before turning their attention towards wiping out the Elite Tier monsters.

Although the Elite Tier monsters were still a little too abundant, Zhang Yang could still take it. Furthermore, Felice could also constantly heal Zhang Yang, so Zhang Yang would not face any life-threatening situation for the moment. However, the number of Elite Tier monsters had been increased up to 12 in each wave. Zhang Yang spent substantially more time in the air now. Therefore, the monsters would scatter into the surroundings a little, because Zhang Yang was not there to keep them in line. Because of that, Phoenix pet was affected as well. They actually took almost 15 minutes to clear out the entire wave of monsters this time.

Moreover, the next wave of soldiers had arrived as well. The second wave of reinforcement had 24 Elite Tier monsters and 80 Normal Tier monsters! What the f*ck!?

Zhang Yang did not dare to go head-on with so many monsters. So, he quickly put Felice back into the Battle Companion Slot and unsummoned Phoenix pet. Without any hesitation, he activated his {Shadow of the Void} and went into another dimension before the reinforcements could reach him. The moment he was in the other dimension, he ran like hell. After 20 seconds of insane running, Zhang Yang managed to run over quite some distance before he was forced to jump out of the void. Currently, he had ran over to another street.

Phew! Zhang Yang tried to catch his breath. Then he quickly looked for another place to hide. He knew he needed to be ready for the next wave of monsters.

A brief moment later, a new wave of soldiers had been spawned near Zhang Yang. Well, Zhang Yang had already summoned out Felice and Phoenix pet earlier on while waiting for the soldiers to be spawned. So, they quickly wiped out the 40 Normal Tier monsters first. His luck was good this time. The three of them only took 12 minutes to wipe out the entire wave of monsters. So Zhang Yang had a bit more time to run away.

The duration required to clear out the entire wave of soldiers would depend on luck as well. Sometimes, the monsters would use their {Punt} at the same time, and sometimes they would use their {Punt} consecutively to form a chain attack. Because of that, the duration of clearing out the soldiers would differ, based on the situation. If the chain attack was a long one, they would require much more time to kill all the monsters. When that happens, they might spend more than 15 minutes to clear the monsters out. When that does happen, the reinforcements would arrive and Zhang Yang would have to deal with more tons of sh*t.

Fortunate for him, Zhang Yang had a very useful Skill in such situations, his {Shadow of the Void} for him to escape with ease. However, in none of the battles, the monsters had chained their attacks together so perfectly that two of them were still alive after Zhang Yang spends 15 minutes trying to wipe them out. Even though Zhang Yang had activated his {Shadow of the Void} to escape, when he reappears after 20 seconds, the two monsters were leading an entire army of soldiers to pursue him from the back!

Only he knew by then that he could escape, however, he must make sure that the first wave of every encounter must be wiped out first in order to escape safely. That was the system’s setting. Or else, he would have to be pursued by the remaining monsters and the reinforcement monsters altogether. If he ever delays the battles any longer, he would be as good as dead when the next wave of monsters arrive to join into the battle.

After killing the two soldiers in the massive army, Zhang Yang did not have enough time to even keep Phoenix pet into the inventory. He could only activate his {Rearm} to clear out all the cooldowns of his Skills before he could use his {Shadow of the Void} to escape again!

However, even though he could not ride on the back of his pet mount, it did not mean that the Phoenix pet could not fly in the sky. All the big bird needed to do was to flap its two gigantic wings and send itself into the air. Then the Phoenix pet would no longer need to worry about being hurt by the soldiers. After Zhang Yang came out from the {Shadow of the Void}, the Phoenix pet descended lower to engage back into battle with the monsters. As summoning and unsummoning Felice did not require chanting time at all, Zhang Yang had kept Felice back into her slot long before he acted on this.

So Zhang Yang had been hitting and running for the entire time. He would need to repeatedly do the same thing until he wipes out the first wave of the monsters. Well, he had {Shadow of the Void}. So he had one less thing to worry about. Even if he is swarmed up by the monsters, he would still be able to get away easily. It was fortunate that the system did not design the soldiers to have the ability of a ‘radar’ to detect their target.

The next two hours were tormenting and long for Zhang Yang. However, he had managed to survive the ordeal. He laughed out loud because he knew, it was about time! It was his turn to strike back at the monsters that were pursuing him!

When the new wave of the monsters were spawned, the number had been increased up to 14 Elite Tier monsters and 50 Normal Tier Monsters!

{Gate of Hell} activated!

Zhang Yang summoned a ‘Gate of Hell’ and took out the Normal Soldiers in an instant.

Because the Phoenix pet was completely under Zhang Yang’s command, the Phoenix pet would just stop attacking at the final moment right before the monsters were about to die. Then, Zhang Yang would strike out the final blow to all the monsters afterward. It only took about 20 seconds before all 50 Normal Tier monsters collapsed onto the ground. Then, one after another, the souls of the monsters were flying into the ‘Gate of Hell’. The next thing was the dark radiating gate of hell that was beginning to open its door. Then, countless demons with two large twisted horns right on their foreheads walked right out of the gate!

The situation suddenly changed! Zhang Yang suddenly had over 50 Elite Tier ‘brothers’ to beat up the remaining 14 Elite Tier soldiers in the vicinity!

Beat them up!

The demonic monsters that came out from that gate were not weaker than the Elite Tier monsters. At the same time, the demons had the advantage in their number over the monsters. It only took a while for the demons to take care of the remaining soldiers.

However, the demons would not listen to Zhang Yang’s commands at all, even though they would not attack him. Meanwhile, the demons would pick their targets based on their aggro system. Well, 8 out of 14 Elite Soldiers died in the hands of the demons, so Zhang Yang only managed to gain extra 6 demons by the end of the battle.

Because Zhang Yang only took approximately 3 minutes to clear out this wave’s monsters, he would need to wait more than 10 minutes before the reinforcements could arrive. So Zhang Yang decided to take the initiative to strike. He went around the streets to lure any guards or soldiers that he could find over to the ‘Gate of Hell’ before slaying them.

--- The ‘Gate of Hell’ could only last for 20 minutes. So, Zhang Yang must slay as many monsters as he could within that period of that in order to turn the souls of the slain monsters into demons. After all, he still had 4 hours to go before he can complete the quest.

About 10 minutes later, the reinforcement had finally arrived. Meanwhile, the number of the soldiers were shockingly high this round. There were a total of 28 Elite Tier soldiers and 100 Normal Tier soldiers charging towards Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang did not sit around, waiting for them to come. He charged towards the monsters and launched the first attack on them. He activated his invincible Skills and took out the 100 Normal Tier monsters in one go! Because the Attack power of the Elite Tier monsters were much higher than the Normal Tier monsters, the demons had fixed their aggro on the Elite Tier monsters naturally. Meanwhile, 98 out of 100 Normal Tier soldiers died by the hands of Zhang Yang. Instantly, Zhang Yang gained a total of 98 Elite Tier demons!

So how would the 28 Elite Tier soldiers be able to hold their ground against that many Elite Tier demons then? They were instantly wiped out clean, of course. Meanwhile, the tragic part about the incident was that Zhang Yang only managed to kill two of them with his bare hands. He only managed to earn 2 extra demons because his other demons had swarmed over the remaining soldiers like a tidal wave.

After a brief moment of rest, another new wave of soldiers was spawned. This time, the number of monsters had been increased up to 14 Elite Tier soldiers and 50 Normal Tier soldiers.

As usual, Zhang Yang took the liberty to slay the monsters first before his other ‘goons’ could make a move. By doing so, he managed to add another 47 demons under his ranks. Meanwhile, the ‘Gate of Hell’ had collapsed before the remaining 14 Elite Tier soldiers could be killed --- 20 minutes had passed!

Fortunately for Zhang Yang. The demons that came out of the ‘Gate of Hell’ would not vanish even after the gate is destroyed after the effective duration. As long as they were not killed, they would be able to stay and slaughter their prey for 4 hours before they are banished back to their underworld. Of course, these demons would not be able to roam any more than 1,000 meters from the spot where the ‘Gate of Hell’ was summoned.

Well, that range was already vast enough for Zhang Yang to run around without having any worries in his mind. Zhang Yang did not have to leave the range to hide. He could just find a spot and camp there until the quest ends. He could just kill whatever number of soldiers that come at him.

Ninth hour, tenth hour!

The new wave had over 16 Elite Tier soldiers and 100 Normal Tier soldiers. Zhang Yang could not help to feel an itch for thinking aloud. If only he could have the ‘Gate of Hell’ by his side, he could have summoned another 100 to 200 demons to join under his ranks!

Although the number of soldiers had substantially increased, they were never going to be able to survive the onslaught of Zhang Yang’s 200+ demons! Well, all of the demons he had were Elite Tier, after all. They could easily crush the soldiers!

That was how war looked like. If the number of both sides were equal, then the two sides would basically suffer equally if they went against each other head-on. However, if one of the two sides had the advantage in numbers, then that side would be able to reduce their losses. Meanwhile, if the difference in the number of two sides is too great, the side with more soldiers would be able to crush their opposing side with even lesser losses.

Just imagine this. Under the circumstance where every man has the same strength, 100 strong men could instantly end 1 strong man. There was nothing to explain here. It was pure math. That 1 man would not even be able to deal any damage to anyone before he is taken out.

Therefore, even though there was no way of healing the demons, but the demons still had the absolute advantage in number over their opponents. So they were able to take out their enemies without taking much damage. They could also take out their enemies and get out of their battle mode to recover their HP.

Initially, Zhang Yang had intended to use his God of War Transformation to stay alive. However, after noticing that he had over 200 demons working for him, he knew that he could crush his enemies with ease. Well, the 200+ demons would be enough to crush anything in the vicinity!

It was a total slaughter. Zhang Yang went through the remaining 2 hours with ease. After that, the negative effect on him vanished.

Meanwhile, the first batch of demons he summoned were kicked back to the initial spot where they were summoned. The number of demons was getting smaller and smaller by the second. However, that did not matter anymore. Well, Zhang Yang had completed his quest.

Time to go!

Zhang Yang hopped onto the back of Phoenix pet and left the city, leaving the 100+ demons behind to cause chaos over the soldiers in the city. Unfortunately, soldiers and monsters that were slain by the demons would not give Zhang Yang any Experience Points. After all, these demons were ‘borrowed’ from the underworld. Their real master was the Hell Lord of the Abyss! So, the benefits would all go to him, of course!

As he hustled back without any interruptions, Zhang Yang arrived back at Baa'ljilr’s location after flying for a while.

"You stinky old man! You almost got me killed!" Zhang Yang threw the "Poseidon’s Pearl’ over to Baa'ljilr as he was scolding the old man in rage.

"Ah ha!" Baa'ljilr actually laughed out loud. Then he quickly kept the ‘Poseidon’s Peal into his sleeve and said, "My young warrior, please calm down! There’s no need to be angry! How about this? I’ll give you my family heirloom as a compensation!"

‘Ding! You’ve received an item: Snake King’s Chest Plate!’

[Snake King’s Chest Plate] (Ascended, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +1,280

Vitality: +45,088

Strength: +7,933

Agility: +3,353

{Level 8 Socket 1}

{Level 8 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 90,170 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,434 Damage when being hit.

Required Level: 230

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

Now, that’s something worthy of Zhang Yang’s effort and time! Finally, a piece of Ascended Tier equipment as a reward! However, this is one of the main story quests. It had the feature that needed it to be unlocked by players through searching the correct NPCs. So if the quest is completed by someone in the server, the other players would not be able to do the same quest anymore. In other words, the reward of this quest would only belong to the first and only player who completes it first.

Although an Ascended Tier equipment was given as a reward, only one person in the entire server would be able to get this special piece of equipment. So, it would not cause the value of Ascended Tier equipment to degrade.

Zhang Yang quickly put on the newly received equipment and smiled at Baa'ljilr, "This reward is plenty much. So, I won’t say much about it now."

Baa'ljilr forced a smile on his face as well. Then he said, "Young warrior, these materials are still not sufficient for my plan to work. We have to search for the next item now!"