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Chapter 808: Enhancing the equipment

Chapter 808: Enhancing the equipment
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After getting a rough calculation, Zhang Yang no longer had any fear left in him. He immediately activated his God of War Transformation without any hesitation. Instantly, he acquired quite a boost to all of his attributes!

HP: 139,560,000!

Basic Attack: 1,036,166 – 1,176,166!

Zhang Yang did not charge into battle immediately. Instead, he was waiting for his God of War Energy Bar to accumulate 11 EP before he heads out. He used his {Charge Up Strike} in conjunction with his {God of War Devastation}, causing approximately 9,000,000 damage to the 12 monsters at the same time in less than 6 minutes. It was definitely worth the wait!

When Zhang Yang had accumulated over 11 EP, he also activated the Phoenix pet’s Transformation Skill. At the same time, Felice had also transformed into her ‘Tree of Life Form’. The monsters were easy targets to kill. However, the boss had her {Spectre Constitution} to back her up. She could recover over 800,000 HP once every passing second. Obviously, this was going to be a drawn-out boss battle. So, Zhang Yang would need Felice’s healing support.

Time to settle this!

Zhang Yang flapped his radiating wings and slid over to the side of a maid monster. Then, he swung his axe towards the monster to begin.


Damage values that went beyond a million popped right on top of the monster. Zhang Yang’s Rage Bar was instantly filled up to its maximum cap.

"Kill this filthy intruder!"

"Those who offend our master will be executed!"

"Use his blood to wash away his sins!"

All of the maid monsters began to charge towards Zhang Yang with their fists raised. It seemed that they were all combat ready!




Under the support of his God of War Transformation, Zhang Yang’s Defence had gone up to a total of 174,900! That was a terrifying amount of Defence that even a boss would have to fear! Even without his 20% Passive Damage Immunity and his 31,673 Damage Absorption, the monsters would still fail to penetrate Zhang Yang’s high Defence!

So, it seemed that the Ultimate Skill of the game, the ‘Inheritance Transformation’ was not just for show. After all, all ‘Inheritance Transformations’ had a 72-hour cooldown period.

{Charge Up Strike}!

{God of War Devastation}!





12 damage values that went approximately over 10 million was seen popping out on top of the 12 monsters. With Zhang Yang’s God of War Transformation boosting him up, his {God of War Devastation} was able to deal unbelievably high damage to the monsters!

"Argh ---" the monsters were roaring out in rage at the same time. Under the slashing of Zhang Yang’s axe, each of the maids were cut opened, leaving them off with large deep wounds. However, there was no blood coming out from their wounds, not even one single drop of it. The phenomena was quite bizarre, to be honest.

"Human, you must pay with your pitiful life!" Cheryl roared out in rage as she waved her staff around. Countless dark skulls were beginning to float into the air, flying rapidly at Zhang Yang, Phoenix pet and Felice, causing a tremendous amount of damage to the three of them.

"You ugly old b*tch! You’re the one who should die and perish!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud. Then, he activated his {Horizontal Sweep} and dealt approximately 2,000,000 damage to each of the 12 maids once again. Among the 12 monsters, three of them were afflicted with a Critical Hit which boosted the damage up to over 4,000,000!

Zhang Yang was attacking the monsters while he moved around accordingly. By doing so, he succeeded in kiting the 12 Loyal Maids over to the boss. Although he could only deal some damage to the boss with his AoE attacks, however, a mosquito’s leg is still a leg. There was no reason for him to waste any opportunity to deal even a little damage to the boss.

"Long live the Spectres!" The boss suddenly roared out and raised her staff up high. Immediately, 12 dark radiance were shot right out of the tip of her staff and fused into the bodies of the 12 maids. Well, 11 of them managed to recover over 10% HP, while the other one maid only managed to recover 2.5% HP because she was afflicted with the effect of Zhang Yang’s {Destructive Smash}.

{Thunder Strike}! {Blast Wave}!

Zhang Yang prioritized on using all his AoE attacks whenever he could. Since the boss could recover her HP with her {Spectre Constitution}, Zhang Yang focused all his single target attacks on the one monster with the least HP amount remaining. Every time he could slay one Loyal Maid, the boss would have one less target to heal. In other words, Zhang Yang had earned back the chance to deal 11,500,000 damage!

Slash! Slice and dice!

Zhang Yang went all out on his enemies. In less than 4 minutes, he had taken out all 12 Loyal Maids. After that, he only had one boss left to handle.

"Living soul, you should just die ten thousand times over!" Cheryl began to curse in rage. She repeatedly shot out her {Shadow Arrow Barrage} into the surrounding to kill Zhang Yang.

She only had that one Skill to use. From a certain perspective, that was the special ability of a Super World Boss! Unfortunately, her HP amount was too underwhelming for her to be considered as a World Boss. Furthermore, the Attack power of a Holy Tier boss in the current stage of the game seemed so much weaker now. Or else, even a large-scale party would not know how to beat this boss!

However, AoE Skills would only be able to perform at their best potential when there are more targets in the surroundings. After all, the AoE attack could only deal that much damage to one single target at a time. The Attack power of the AoE Skills would not increase, just because there are lesser players in the vicinity. The boss’s single target attacks could only deal approximately 180,000 damage to Zhang Yang. In other words, the boss’s DPS would only be 90,000 damage. Felice did not even have to transform in order to heal Zhang Yang.

Meanwhile, Felice had to heal three targets, which included herself, of course. Therefore, she must activate her {Tree of Life Transformation} first before she would be capable enough to heal two persons and one powerful, legendary pet.

Zhang Yang’s DPS had exceeded a million because he was under the support of his God of War Transformation. With Phoenix pet supporting him from the sidelines, he could now deal up to a DPS of 1,440,000 damage in each passing second! Taking in account the boss’s HP Recovery where she could heal over 800,000 HP, Zhang Yang could still deal over 640,000 effective damage to the boss. So, he would only need 63 minutes to empty out the HP bar of the boss.

Because the monsters were all dead and the boss would only use one Skill to attack, Zhang Yang’s victory was inevitable. So, Zhang Yang kept dealing damage to the boss throughout the entire battle while Felice heals him from time to time. And then… the boss died by the end of it.


That Spectral lady collapsed by the side of the pool. A small portion of her naked body, well, her vital parts of her body were censored by some mosaic boxes. Among the loot, well, if Wei Yan Er, that little brat is here to see all that, she would definitely waste her time on asking questions, like where did all those loot come from.

The boss had dropped two Holy Tier equipment and 5 Ethereal Tier equipment. Zhang Yang swept all of the Ethereal Tier equip0ment into his inventory. Then, he turned his attention towards the two pieces of Holy Tier equipment. One of them was a hat made of cloth. So, he shoved it into his inventory, straight away. Meanwhile, the other one was a necklace that glimmered in the light.

[Glimmering Necklace] (Holy, Necklace)

Vitality: +5,601

Strength: +1,338

Agility: +583

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 11,200 points.

Equip: Absorbs 1,132 Damage when being hit.

Equip: Recovers 5,000 HP at a certain rate when being hit.

Required Level: 240

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

Well, Zhang Yang was currently wearing the Level 180 Holy Tier [Berserker's Charge Necklace]. That piece could only provide him offensive power. There was no boost to his defense power, at all. According to the rules for combining equipment with the [Tesseract], if combining the [Glimmering Necklace] and the [Berserker's Charge Necklace] would turn out to be a success, only could the Holy Tier equipment be enhanced. The Tier of the new ‘product’ would not be improved to Ascended Tier. The level of the new ‘product’ would be based on the level of the [Glimmering Necklace].

Zhang Yang put the two mentioned equipment into the [Tesseract] and he immediately received a system notification:

‘Ding! You’re about to combine/fuse the [Glimmering Necklace] with the [Berserker's Charge Necklace]. The success rate will be 90%. Do you wish to continue?’

90% rate of success!? It seemed that the success rate of enhancing equipment was much higher than the rate of improving the Tier of equipment.

Zhang Yang did not continue with the process. Well, he was just Level 207, at the moment. The equipment could only be equipped when he becomes Level 210. So, he could just keep the equipment for the moment.

After picking up the quest item, Zhang Yang went back to see Baa'ljilr so that he could hand in the quest.

"Hey, young warrior. You’re indeed impressive! You actually took such a short time to slay Cheryl the Evil Necromancer!" Baa'ljilr laughed out loud. Then he took ‘The Spectre’s Heart’ and kept it safe.

After that, the upcoming quests that Baa'ljilr offered seemed to be insignificant. Although he did ask Zhang Yang to gather all sorts of items, the difficulty of the quests were Rank-B, at best. Zhang Yang only felt tired of running errands for the old man. Who would have thought that setting up a Sacred Enchantment would be so troublesome and tiring! Zhang Yang had currently reached Level 210, but the quest chain had yet to reach its end.

Meanwhile, a small number of other players had arrived at the valley as well. They were looking for Baa'ljilr for his quests. Among those players, some were Top Tier players from other Regions, while some were just some random players that were not known to Zhang Yang. Well, none of them were aware that the final quest that Baa'ljilr offered would trigger the main story quest ‘Demon’s Descent’. So, some of them thought that the NPC was just fooling them around. Meanwhile, others were staying behind in an attempt to complete the quests. Well, they stayed because they noticed that Zhang Yang was there to complete quests as well.

Main Story Quests such as this would only be unlocked by certain NPCs, regardless of whichever link of the quest is completed. Other players would still be able to continue on with the quests. Of course, quests that are completed would not be available to the other players anymore.

Everyone could accept the same quest. However, only one player, or one party, could complete the quest and claim the prizes all to themselves.

The quest that Zhang Yang sought for would require players to enter a location similar to a dungeon. There would be quite a number of Ascended Tier bosses for the players to slay. However, after so many days of completing the endless quests given by Baa'ljilr, Zhang Yang was beginning to feel frustrated and speechless. The main story quest was not even triggered yet!

However, upon reaching Level 210, he could finally fuse the [Glimmering Necklace] and the [Berserker's Charge Necklace]. A blinding light flashed across the [Tesseract]. When the light dimmed and stopped radiating, the two equipment he put into the [Tesseract] were gone. Instead, a new necklace came out of the cubic box. It was glowing with a soothing light.

‘Ding! You’ve succeeded in fusing the [Glimmering Necklace] and the [Berserker's Charge Necklace]. You’ve acquired [Glimmering Berserker's Necklace (Upgrade +1)]!’

Zhang Yang was speechless with the rules of naming the newly fused equipment. However, the name was not important. The important thing was the new set of attributes of the equipment!

[Glimmering Berserker's Necklace (Upgrade +1)] (Holy, Necklace)

Vitality: +6,000

Strength: +1,500

Agility: +650

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 12,000 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 1,132 Damage when being hit.

Equip: Recovers 10,000 HP at a certain rate when being hit.

Required Level: 240

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

The enhanced equipment could still be enhanced even further. However, the success rate for enhancing the equipment again would drop tremendously. +2 enhancement would still have 80% rate of success. +3 enhancement would still have 70%. However, it would probably be less than a 1% success rate to enhance the equipment up to +10!

Well, that actually made sense, though. If players could enhance their equipment with a high success rate, they could just enhance their Holy Tier equipment until the equipment are as powerful as the Ascended Tier equipment, or even maybe as powerful as a Celestial Tier equipment!

However, this piece of Holy Tier equipment had become much more powerful than Zhang Yang could ever anticipate! Not only the three basic attributes of the equipment were slightly increased, the special effect of the equipment had also been enhanced. Under the circumstance that a player has enough equipment to spare, the player could really consider combining large quantities of equipment in order to get powerful ones. After all, the success rate for fusing the two equipment was rather high. Well, at least the rate was still very high for enhancing the equipment to +1.

Although everyone had basically acquired Ascended Tier equipment, Zhang Yang and his gang still had a few pieces of Holy Tier equipment on them. Furthermore, the Hardcore Mode for the Spectre’s Cavern would spawn a new batch of Holy Tier equipment once in every 30 days. That should provide Zhang Yang and his gang sufficient amount of equipment to enhance every one of their equipment at least once!

However, the situation would be different for Ascended Tier equipment. They could not even get enough Ascended Tier equipment to wear for themselves. So how would they even think about fusing them?!

Zhang Yang enhanced the [Crimson Goblin Gaunlets] and the result was a success. He managed to acquire a [Crimson Goblin Gauntlets (Upgrade +1)].

[Refined Crimson Iron Gauntlet (Upgrade +1)] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +640

Vitality: +12,000

Strength: +2,700

Agility: +1,200

{Level 7 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 24,000 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorb 2,102 Damage when being hit.

Required Level: 220

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

Because Zhang Yang still had one extra Holy Tier Gauntlet to spare, he decided to combine the equipment with the spare. With 80% rate of success, he decided to go with it. Zhang Yang tightened his teeth and put the two equipment into the [Tesseract] once more. Upon seeing a flash of light radiating out from the [Tesseract], the two equipment had been combined into one!

It was a successful bet!

[Refined Crimson Iron Gauntlet (Upgrade +2)] (Holy, Heavy Armor)

Defence: +640

Vitality: +13,000

Strength: +3,000

Agility: +1,300

{Level 7 Socket}

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 26,000 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 10%.

Equip: Absorbs 2,102 Damage when being hit.

Required Level: 220

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.