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Chapter 810: The Four Essence Pearls

Chapter 810: The Four Essence Pearls
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Zhang Yang was charging forward against the direction of the wind current. He was sweating so profusely that his sweat was dripping down across his face as if he had just come out of water. For every single second, his mind was set to calculate and predict. Well, any slightest mistake he makes will doom him to pieces. Using his brain power over a period of time was exhausting as f*ck. Zhang Yang felt dizzy, as if he was about to pass out.

He was on the verge of losing his focus now!

Just when his face became pale as snow, he saw that his front view became clear and sunny. There was a stone room with the size of 40 to 50 meter-square with a boulder in the middle of the stone room. There was a snowy white large bead placed right on top of the boulder. It was about the size of a fist.

That must be the Wind Essence Pearl!

Zhang Yang burst into joy and quickly took 7 large steps. He charged right into the stone room before he even realized it. Meanwhile, there were no trap holes on the ground inside the stone room. He should be safe for now!

It was just tiring! F*cking tiring!

It was only a few minutes, and Zhang Yang had felt like going through centuries of time! He felt his head swelling as if he was having a hangover. He sat down on his *ss and took in a deep breath.

After resting for quite some time, he finally found the strength to stand back up on his feet. Then he walked up to the bolder and picked up the Wind Essence Pearl. After shoving it into his inventory in a swift manner, Zhang Yang quickly informed Han Ying Xue saying that the quest had been completed. He wanted her to teleport him out of the god damn place with her [Lover’s Charm].

When Han Ying Xue arrived at the Holy City, Zhang Yang gave some thoughts on it. Would he be able to save more time by running out of the cave and all the way back to Baa'ljilr or would it be faster for him to use his teleportation and get back to Baa'ljilr then? Well, it was actually obvious that he could save more time by running all the way out of the cavern and back to Baa'ljilr. However, the moment when he remembered how torturous it was for him to focus so much within a period of time, he could not help to feel the intense chill up his spine. He decisively used his Teleportation Scroll and got back to Holy City.

Meanwhile, a few more players that did not fear death charged into the cavern. However, they managed to make it quite deep into the cavern based on their understanding. They believed that by jumping left and right in an attempt to dodge, they would be able to get through the traps alive!

They were so excited about it. They were beginning to praise themselves for being clever. However, many of them immediately noticed that they made it not because they had mastered the patterns of the traps. It was merely because the traps were no longer deadly. The air currents no longer shredded people!

Therefore, everyone quickly charged into the cavern. However, when they reached the stone house in the cavern, there was no sign of the Wind Essence Pearl.

"Could it be Zhan Yu who took the pearl then?"

"Well, I’m pretty sure it’s him! The Wind Essence Pearl functioned just like how its name suggests. Since the insanely deadly air currents no longer threaten us and the traps no longer hurt us, I believe that the pearl has been claimed by Zhan Yu!"

"What the f*ck! How did that fellow do it then?!"


Zhang Yang did not know that after he took the pearl, the traps in the cavern had lost their functions. Well, he went through all the trouble traveling for over tens of hours. It would be best that he never finds out about this.

"Wind Essence Pearl! You’ve got the pearl! Yeah! That’s great! We’re one step closer to my objective now!" Baa'ljilr slammed the table with excitement and joy. He revealed his excitement on his face while handling the Wind Essence Pearl like a precious lover. His eyes looked wretched to the point that Zhang Yang could feel an intense shiver across his entire body.

"Cough! Cough!" Baa'ljilr cleared his throat and said, "However, now is not the time to be proud though! Not yet! Although we have the Wind Essence Pearl, we still need to get our hands on the Fire Essence Pearl, Ice Essence Pearl, Shadow Essence Pearl and Light Essence Pearl. These pearls once belonged to the Fire God, the Ice God, the Shadow God and the Light God! Following their falls, these pearls had been dropped into a mysterious realm called the Ambross! Only the Wind Essence Pearl can open the portal to that realm though!"

Baa'ljilr looked at the Wind Essence Pearl like he was about to leave his lover before passing it over to Zhang Yang. Then he said, "Young man, take this Wind Essence Pearl. It can be used to open Ambross the Gate of Time. Well, that should bring you into Ambross for sure. By then, you should be able to gather the ‘Essence Pearls of Four’ in that realm!"

‘Ding! Baa'ljilr the Imposter has given you a quest: Essence Pearl of Four. Do you accept?’

The mysterious realm Ambross must be a secret dungeon in the game. Meanwhile, the four Pearls should be kept safe by four different types of Ascended Tier bosses! So Zhang Yang had finally progressed to a new stage now!


‘Ding! You’ve acquired an item: Wind Essence Pearl.’

[Essence Pearls of Four] (Difficulty: Rank-S)

Description: Baa'ljilr wants you to locate the Fire Essence Pearl, Ice Essence Pearl, Shadow Essence Pearl and Light Essence Pearl for him so that he can continue on with the construction of the Sacred Enchantment. You can use the Wind Essence Pearl to open up Ambross the Gate of Time. However, please take note that each of the four Essence Pearls are in the possessions of four powerful monsters. You must bring a group of friends In order to retrieve the Pearls. Other than that, the Wind Essence Pearl will only stay in your possession for the next 90 days. The Pearl will return to the hands of Baa'ljilr when the time is up.

Completion: Acquire Fire Essence Pearl 0/1, Ice Essence Pearl 0/1, Shadow Essence Pearl 0/1, Light Essence Pearl 0/1

Number of players: 20

Quest Reward: Demonic Seal

[Demonic Seal] (Ascended, Accessory)

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 12%.

Equip: When being hit, there is a rate of activating the Demon’s Strength. Causes the user to acquire the immunity to any damage and status restriction effect. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Use: Controls a demon and lets it serve you. The duration differs based on the difference between your level and the demon’s level. However, the duration will not exceed 5 minutes. Cooldown: 24 hours.

Required Level: 240

Special: Reduces Required Level by 30 levels.

An Ascended Tier Accessory! That’s awesome!

Furthermore, there were a total of 4 Ascended Tier bosses in the dimension of Ambross. How many Ascended Tier equipment could they harvest when they manage to slay all the bosses then?

Because the Wind Essence Pearl was a one-time item, the ‘Essence Pearls of Four’ could only be completed by one party in the entire server. So there would not be others to snatch the boss from them. However, the system had also set a limit over the players that accepted the quest to prevent any unforeseen circumstance that would disfavor the system. Well, the players must complete the quest within 90 days or the Wind Essence Pearl would return to the hand of Baa'ljilr so that the other parties would stand a chance to complete the quest.

Firstly, it could guarantee the party who completed the quest for getting the reward. After all, the party would have 90 days to challenge the boss. That should consider as one of the rewards provided by the boss. Secondly, even if the first party was not strong enough to complete the quest, the other parties who would find the quest would have an opportunity to attempt completing the quest. Thus, the 90-day limited period of time. The server was vast and the number players were tremendous. Sooner or later, there would be some other party that could complete the quest and trigger the next main story quest.

With a limited period of time to settle this, Zhang Yang decided not to waste any more time. Well, he had no idea how many monsters would he need to stay before engaging the boss. So he quickly gathers his men and gathered all 16 members of his 2 main parties. There were still 4 empty slots on the second main party at the moment. Furthermore, the reward for completing this quest was too nice to be passed on. It would be a waste that nobody could forgive!

Zhang Yang would be selecting 4 members of the guild. These 4 players must be the best among the best among the Lone Desert Smoke. Everyone must at least has an Inheritance Transformation. However, the final four players that Zhang Yang found only had Class C Inheritance. So their power level could not match the rest of his gang, naturally.

Well, that was because they were compared to Zhang Yang and his insane friends! If these 4 players were compared to the other players in the server, the players with Class C Inheritance would be extremely powerful in their own ways. They were basically an existence that Normal players dream of becoming.

Upon getting ready and getting equipped with the required supplies, Zhang Yang gathered everyone in one spot and summoned a portal with the Wind Essence Pearl. Everyone entered the portal, one after another. After that, they found themselves in a mythical place. It was mysterious.

They were standing in the middle of a lower ground. The landscape of the ground was like a basin. There were 4 mountains in the surroundings. One of them was blazingly hot that it looked like there was melted metal flowing from the top of it. Meanwhile, the other mountain looked snowy and frosty. It looked like a gigantic ice mountain, completely formed from ice. The third mountain was shrouded by dark clouds so densely that the tip of the mountain was not visible to them. Last but not least, the fourth mountain was shone upon by the sacred light coming down from the heaven. Well, it looked completely otherworldly.

Without the need to guess, everyone knew clearly that these four mountains would have the Essence Pearls that they had to collect. Each mountain represented the elements of each of the four pearls.

They were allowed to summon out their Flying Mount, however, they were restricted from flying in the air. They could just ride on their Flying Mount and run on the ground. In other words, the system would not allow the players to take the easy way and fly straight to the mountains. They would need to follow the rules and travel all the way to all four mountains on foot. Well, they would need to clear out the monsters along the way, of course.

"Let’s go now! I want Ascended Tier equipment!" Wei Yan was an impatient little b*tch as she had always been. So she rode on her mount and shouted out loud.

"So which mountain do we go first then?"

Zhang Yang gave it some thoughts and said, "We shall go to the Fire mountain first!"

Well, since they were going to take down all four mountains, it would not matter much by which mountain they would go first. So naturally, no one voted against Zhang Yang’s opinion.

However, the moment when the party stepped foot into the ‘territory’ of this mountain, they were afflicted with a negative effect.

[Burning Aura]: Causes 50,000 Fire Damage to all once in every 3 seconds.

Although 50,000 damage was not a high amount, however, with 20 players, a bunch of Battle Companions and a lot of pets in the vicinity, the numbers would really start adding up. Once every 3 seconds, the {Burning Aura} effect could deal a total of 2,050,000 Fire Damage! There were 4 Healers in the party. So, each Healer would need to heal over an amount of 500,000 HP. That amount of stress was quite a pain in the *ss, though.

Therefore, everyone quickly kept their Battle Companion into their slots. As for Hundred Shots, he just hopped onto his Red Dragon. Well, his Red Dragon pet could still provide a decent amount of damage, still. Meanwhile, the Phoenix pet was immune to Fire Damage. Therefore, Fatty Han could just sit on the Phoenix pet and roam around without the need to worry about being burn to crisp.

Since the area had restricted players from flying, everyone could only walk across the mountain on foot. Well, naturally, the mountain was not a place for the players to relax and look at the scenery around. The moment they entered the area, they saw 8 Elemental monsters wandering around in that area. The moment the monsters detected the presence of the players, they waved their hands around and charged towards the party.

[Fire Element Meister] (Elite, Elemental)

Level: 230

HP: 115,000,000

Defence: 14,270

Melee Attack: 98,335 – 158,335 (Based on Physical Attack, however, causes Fire Damage)


[Flamethrower]: Spits out a stream of blazing flame and causes 130,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters.

[Self-destruct]: Detonates the Blazing core deep in its body, causing 200,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters. Furthermore, the targets will sustain an additional 100% Fire Damage when being hit by Fire type attacks. Chanting time: 5 seconds.

Note: Fire Element Meister are the underlings of Fire Elemental Lord Ganesh. They will react violently at any trespasser who enters their territory.

The maximum number of players for this quest had been set as 20. Meanwhile, a normal party of 20 would have 4 Tankers. The system was obviously asking each of the Tankers to tank against two Elite Tier monsters, at the least. The party would not be able to meet the requirement to progress forward in the dungeon even if one of the Tankers could not do that.

Zhang Yang swung his axe and lured half of the number of those Fire Element Meisters over to him. Then he said, "The rest are all yours! You two decide how many do you want to take!"

"Boss! How can you do that? I can tank 5 of them at the same time!" Endless Starlight immediately screamed like a little b*tch. Then he threw a {Shield Toss} and a {Provoke} in an attempt to lure the other 4 Elite Tier monsters over to him.

However, even though Ten Dusk does not speak much, he still had his pride. So how could he allowed that two to show off in front of the others, then? He also quickly activated his {Charge}, followed by a normal attack to accumulate Rage Points. Then he immediately activated his {Thunder Strike} and {Blast Wave} consecutively in an attempt to get the aggro of the monsters! The three of them began to snatch the aggro of the monsters in their vicinity.