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Chapter 811: Fire Elemental Core

Chapter 811: Fire Elemental Core
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For a Tanker, the best achievement would be seeing the aggro of the monsters were firmly fixed on him or herself. Well, that would cause all DPS players to not go to OT.

That would be the glory for the Tankers.

Therefore, Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight and Ten Dusks could not help but begin snatching the monsters’ aggro over to themselves. To exhibit their true strength in such regard, the three of them did not use their {Provoke} anymore, other than luring the monsters in the beginning of the battle. They were competing against each other in the aspect of controlling the monsters’ aggro.

If their strength and skills did not differ much from each other, their equipment would be the one aspect that would decide who would win in the end. Zhang Yang’s Attack power was so powerful that he could oppress any DPS players around him currently. So he should be the top to get the aggro of the monsters. There shouldn’t be anyone who could match his capability right now. As long as he is willing to do it, he could easily lure the aggro of all 8 monsters over to him.

However, he needed to hold back a little so that the others would not feel awkward and lose their confidence. So, Zhang Yang only focused on getting the aggro of the 4 monsters fixed on him. He did not even touch the other 4 monsters. Meanwhile, Endless Starlight had two pieces of legendary equipment on him, especially his Celestial Tier equipment. That weapon had bestowed him the ability to create a large amount of aggro over a brief period of time. His capability to create aggro had far exceeded the capability of Ten Dusk in creating aggro for the monsters. Therefore, he managed to get the aggro of three monsters to himself, leaving only one monster for Ten Dusk to deal with.

Of course, the best Tanker in the vicinity currently would be the Phoenix pet. Not only it was immune to all Fire Damage, it could also deal AoE attacks to the targets in its surroundings. Therefore, the Phoenix pet had an absolute advantage in dealing with a large number of monsters at the same time.

Under the insanely powerful suppression of the party, one of the Fire Element Meisters had been bombarded so critically that it only had 10% HP left. At the same time, a progress bar suddenly appeared right below the head of the monster. It was the monster’s {Self-destruct}!

Zhang Yang would never have let a monster do what it wants. Immediately, he activated his {Crash Magic} in an attempt to interrupt the monster’s casting. However, the Skill {Self-Destruct} was not considered as one of the Magic type attacks. Zhang Yang failed to interrupt the Skill! He quickly activated his {Brutal Smash} in an attempt to interrupt the monster again! Instantly, the monster was stunned! Finally, its chanting was interrupted successfully!

4 seconds later, the monster attempted to use its {Self-Destruct}. However, it was too late. The monster would require 5 seconds to chant for the spell. Well, it was surrounded and beaten to death within 3 seconds! The monster raised its hands towards the sky, turned into some fiery red light pieces and scattered across the ground.

One after another the monsters were killed. However, one monster managed to activate its {Self-Destruct}, dealing quite a substantial amount of damage to the whole party. Meanwhile, even though the monsters that succeeded in detonating themselves would still provide players Experience Points, there would not be any dead bodies left after the explosion. Therefore, there would not be any trace of any loot left on the ground after the monsters die.

As usual, Wei Yan Er went up to pick up the loots. There were quite a number of useless stuff. However, there was also three fiery red pill-like stuff as well.

[Fire Elemental Core] (Consumable)

[Use: Causes 200,000 Fire Damage to all living things in the range of 10 meters. Also causes the targets to receive additional 100% Fire Damage when being hit by Fire Attacks. Lasts for 10 seconds. Effects cannot stack. Cooldown: 5 seconds.

Required Level: 200

"Wow! The effect of the bomb seems to be very powerful!"

"These seem more powerful than the bombs that uncle Hundred Shots has to offer!"

"It would be super great if every monster drops these bombs!"

Everyone was expressing their joy and excitement for stumbling across such items. These [Fire Elemental Cores] only had 5 seconds of cooldown. Meanwhile, because these were considered as items, using them would not clash with the players’ Skills. Furthermore, 200,000 AoE damage sounded pretty decent as well! Theoretically speaking, as long as the number of [Fire Elemental Cores] is abundant enough, anyone could get an increase in DPS of 40,000 damage. Meanwhile, the higher the number of monsters in the vicinity, the more damage the players could deal!

Because those were ‘items’ belonged to the monsters for self-destruct purpose, the monsters would only drop the item if they were unsuccessful in activating their {Self-Destruct}. However, that Skill was not easy for the players to handle though. Well, because the firepower of Zhang Yang and the party was powerful enough, everyone did not have to run away from the monsters whenever they activate their {Self-Destruct} and stay the hell out of the effective range of the explosions.

Initially, Zhang Yang intended to use the two Phoenix pets to lure the monsters away and let them unleash their AoE Skills on the monsters. However, everyone seemed to be very eager to collect the [Fire Elemental Cores] and use them as grenades or bombs. Therefore, Zhang Yang decided to play along and gave up doing that.

--- The purpose of using AoE attacks was to increase the speed of clearing out the monsters. It would not be possible for the players to control the monsters. Therefore, it would become impossible for the party to collect [Fire Elemental Cores] from killing the monsters. By then, everyone would be furious!

The passage across the mountain was not straight at all. Instead, the passage spiraled up to the top of the mountain. So all they needed to do in order to get to the top was to follow the passage. Well, the size of the mountain was not small at all, especially the bottom of the mountain area. One circle around the mountain was more than 20 kilometers. So, anyone could imagine how many freaking monsters the party had to slay before they could reach the top of the mountain!

However, the party would be able to collect more [Fire Elemental Cores] if they could encounter more monsters. Upon getting familiar with the methods used to battle the monsters, the party managed to form a chain of Status Restriction. No monster could successfully activate {Self-Destruct} if they were ever present in the ‘radar’ of the party. Every single one of them had to obediently drop the [Fire Elemental Cores] for the party to collect!

As they progressed on, the number of [Fire Elemental Cores] in everyone’s inventory was getting higher and higher by the minute. Fortunately, the slots available in the inventory of everyone had reached over 300 to 400 slots. They would have to cry miserably if the available slots in their inventory turned out to be similar when the game server was newly opened.

3 days later, the party managed to push up to 10% of the mountain’s height. Judging from their current speed in their progress, although the passage seemed to become shorter as they progressed up, it would still require at least 21 days for the party to reach the top. That would mean 7 days in real-time.

Even if the boss turns out to be easy to kill, it would still take 28 days for the party to take down all four mountains. That was approximately 1 month.

Meanwhile, the Wind Essence Pearl would only stay in Zhang Yang’s possession for 90 days. Under the circumstance that the game time and the real time are in the ratio of 3:1, the party would only have barely enough time to complete the quest. Therefore, Zhang Yang would basically could not do anything else for an entire month. He could only stay here until they defeat all 4 bosses in this realm.

However, the Ascended Tier bosses aside, these Elite Tier monsters could really provide the players quite a substantial amount of Experience Points --- well, no one was there to snatch the monsters from them! Furthermore, the [Fire Elemental Cores] were really some good stuff. Just imagine this. These things could actually increase a player’s DPS by 400,000 damage. How great was that, right?

The designers of the realm probably did not anticipate that Zhang Yang and his party would turn out to be so insanely powerful. They stopped almost 100% of the Fire Element Meisters from detonating themselves up! They had really outdone themselves in collecting the [Fire Elemental Cores]!

Well, it was really exciting and intense to collect [Fire Elemental Cores]. The party was willing to beg for more Fire Element Meisters to be spawned. They were not tired of slaying the monsters because they could get good ‘bombs’ from slaying them. When they had finally reached the top of the mountain, each of the members of the party managed to acquire 4 to 5 sets of the item --- that would mean that each of them have managed to acquire approximately 1,000 [Fire Elemental Cores]!

"Finally! We can take a closer look at the boss!"

Upon looking back at the past month, the party had been slaying monsters for the entire month without doing any other thing. They were about to vomit whenever they thought of battling the monsters. If they were asked to do that for another month, they would surely quit immediately!

However, engaging in difficult battles like that had to earn everyone on the party a substantial amount of Experience Points. Zhang Yang’s Experience Bar had reached 78% of his Level 211 currently. Meanwhile. Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er, and the other core players had also reached Level 210 by now.

Right at the top of the mountain, there was a gigantic round platform. The platform was not tall. However, the diameter of the round platform was at least 500 meters! A gigantic Elemental Monster was standing right in the middle of the platform. The monster was approximately 30 meters tall. The entire body of the monsters was in dark red. Lava was dripping constantly from the monster’s body, flooding up the hundred-meter area around it, turning the area into dark red color. Although there was not even the slightest flame visible on top of the lava, well, anyone could use their common sense to know that that lava would definitely be hotter than those red-hot metallic plates after they are heated up!

This Elemental monster looked humanoid. It had legs and hands just like a regular human. However, the face of the monsters did not have the five facial features, nor did it had any hair on its head. The body was flowing with the dark red lava, though. The monster was holding a hammer in its red dark right hand. Its size was approximately three times the size of a regular person!

[Fire Elemental Lord Ganesh] (Ascended, Elemental)

Level: 240

HP: 12,010,000,000

Defence: 37,330

Melee Attack: 370,873 - 450,873 (Based on Melee Attack, however, deals Fire Damage)


[Burning Ground]: Scorches the entire area into a land of blazing fire in the range of 100 meters, all targets in the effective area will receive 300,000 Fire Damage once every 3 seconds.

[Immolation Smash]: Smashes the target with the hammer, causing 100% Melee Attack of Fire Damage on the target.

[Fire Tornado]: Randomly put 10 Fire Tornados. The Fire Tornados will be formed successfully after 2 seconds and burn everything that catches up to them, dealing an amount of damage equal to 10% of the target’s Maximum HP. Lasts for 5 seconds.

[Raging Flame]: Each player’s death will provide Ganesh with an additional 100% Damage.

[Elemental Constitution]: Recovers 1% HP in every 30 seconds. The HP amount recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: This is Fire Elemental Lord. The Fire Essence Pearl has absorbed all the fire elemental particles and give life to the Fire Elemental Lord. It’s the symbol of Fire!

"It seemed like an easy boss!" Upon seeing the Skills of the boss, everyone felt relieved.

Based on its single-unit, the boss was worthy of being an Ascended Tier boss. However, bosses were not called bosses because of their single-unit attacks, but their AoE attacks. Judging from the boss’s Skill, the boss only had a {Burning Ground} which the party could not avoid at all. Although the {Fire Tornado} was so powerful that it could reduce 50% HP of the players, players could just dodge the attacks.

Meanwhile, the {Burning Ground} would deal 300,000 damage to the players each time it hit. With everyone’s current Tier of the equipment, everyone should be able to absorb 10,000 damage. That being said, they would be receiving 290,000 damage once in every 3 seconds. Furthermore, the {Burning Aura} could deal 50,000 damage once in every 3 seconds. Well, practically, it could only deal 40,000 damage, though. Therefore, each player would receive over 110,000 damage in each passing second. The 4 healers on the party would definitely be able to heal everyone up nice and steady.

Therefore, the key to survival would be dodging the {Fire Tornados} with care. If those attacks hit the players, the healers would be in deep sh*t.

Upon activating their Inheritance Transformations, everyone could finally maximize their DPS output on the boss. Well, the total DPS of the entire party had actually reached over 6,500,000 damage now! However. 6 of them had not reached Level 210 yet. So they were restricted by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Therefore, their Attack power was heavily affected and nerfed.

However, most of the core DPS players had reached Level 210 and beyond that. They were not restricted by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Therefore, the DPS of the entire party could easily exceed 5,500,000 DPS! Of course, that amount of DPS only included two Phoenix pets, one Red Dragon pet, Felice and Sun Xin Yu’s Holy Tier Armadimon.

The Recovery rate of the boss was approximately 4,000,000 per second. Therefore, the effective damage would only be 1,500,000. The party would still require 133 minutes to kill the boss.

Because Inheritance Transformations could only last for 120 minutes. So the 13-minute gap could become the fatal moment that causes them to lose the boss battle. Once everyone had left their Inheritance Transformation State, the DPS of the entire party would be reduced by half. If they could not deal at least 4,000,000 DPS, the boss would only recover more and more HP!

Fortunately, the party had acquired quite a number of [Fire Elemental Cores]. So each of the players could add a DPS of 40,000 damage to the total DPS of the party. Well, 20 of them would be able to deal up to 800,000 damage in every passing second! That could definitely cover the shortage of damage during the 13-minute gap now!