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Chapter 819: Unlimited Life Works

Chapter 819: Unlimited Life Works
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After defeating the boss, everyone sat down on the floor and relaxed. It was a long trip indeed. The chained quest line had them chasing after bosses for more than a month! However, since they were tasked to kill Ascended tier bosses and were rewarded with Ascended tier equipment, could they be rewarded with Celestial tier equipment after the quest is over? It was a thought that everyone shared.

Zhang Yang smiled. He was thinking the same thing, but he knew that the game would not simply hand out Celestial tier equipment that easily. That being said, there was a high chance that there would be a Celestial tier boss for them to fight, later on.

The boss had dropped a total of 10 Ascended tier equipment and nine Holy tier equipment. Although having Holy tier drops when everyone was expecting Ascended tier drops was quite a letdown, the party could rely on Zhang Yang’s [Tesseract] to have them upgraded a little. Having +1 Holy tier equipment is definitely better than having none. Besides, if one were to equip a +1 Holy tier set, it would be the same as having an extra Holy tier set piece. (10% upgrade. 10x +1 equipment = 11 equipment).

Zhang Yang had obtained one Ascended tier glove part in the roll and managed to have his entire body equipped with Holy tier. That, and the two random accessories which were Holy tier.

[Black Despair Gauntlet] (Ascended, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +1280

Vitality: +23524

Strength: +4120

Dexterity: +1750

{Level 8 Socket}

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 47,040.

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 12%.

Equip: Absorbs 3,556 damage from attacks.

Level Requirement: 240

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 30 Levels.

After the equipment, the next itinerary was a large amount of [Skill Point Crystals], skill books, and others, including a Forbidden Scroll.

As expected, the boss had dropped an aura skill book which was won over by Ten Dusk.

[Shadow Aura] (Level 1): Decreases damage dealt OR healing rate of all hostile targets within 40 meters. You can only have one active aura effect in one instance.

After maxing out the aura skill to Level 10, the damage dealt and healing rate reduction was increased to 10%. Despite the menial numbers, it could cause a substantial amount of problems for a large group of monsters or players alike. Although the skill was not extremely beneficial to the party, it was a bonus to have, for those who did not own any aura skills. 1% or 10%, it was better than having no help at all!

The Forbidden Scroll found was a healing type.

[Forbidden Scroll: Unlimited Life Works] (Usable)

Use: Restores 10% HP per second of all allies within 10 kilometers. Lasts for 30 seconds (Healing amount cannot exceed 300,000HP)

Level Requirement: 200

Despite the powerful healing, it could only last for 30 seconds. It would be almost useless in a world boss fight, since average boss fights would take up to an hour. 30 seconds of burst healing would not do much benefit in a boss fight. On the other hand, it would be a game changer if the scroll suddenly pops up during a group PvP fight.

The one item that was dropped unexpectedly was a piece of an Inheritance Fragment. An A class Shadow Meister Inheritance. Sadly, everyone in the party already had their own Inheritances. All the C class Inheritance players had slapped themselves in the face for not being patient enough to hunt for A class Inheritances. However, if they had waited, they would not have been invited by Zhang Yang to join the party! Little did they know that the main objective of Zhang Yang recruiting them was to increase the party limit to 20 players. That, and the possibility of the quest awarding players with an accessory! It’s an Ascended tier equipment! A extremely rare equipment that not even Level 300 players could farm for!

Zhang Yang kept the Inheritance Fragment and would wait for potential players to earn it rightfully. There will only be 6 S class Inheritance in the world. Even though A class was one tier below that, it was still an incredibly rare Inheritance.

"Why is there only one Inheritance Fragment? Could it be, that this shadow boss was the strongest amongst all?" asked Endless Starlight.

"I don’t think that’s the reason. I think its about which boss is the last to be slain. If we had chosen the fire boss to be the last, that boss would be the one dropping the Inheritance Fragment," said Zhang Yang, although he was not too sure.

"Alright. All done here? Let’s get out of this wretched place. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m quite sick of this place already." Said Zhang Yang.

Everyone nodded and got down the mountain to talk to Baa'ljilr.

"Brilliant! Wind, Ice, Fire, Light, and Shadow! Truly brilliant. Bloody well done! All elements have been gathered! Wonderful! The Holy Formation shall be finished, soon enough!" cried Baa'ljilr happily.

‘Ding! You have completed the quest: Four Elemental Pearls. Obtained 200,000,000 Experience Points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Demonic Seal!’

Although Zhang Yang thought that the [Demonic Seal] was powerful, it could only buff Zhang Yang in his offensive power and not provide an anti-status effect. Hence, Zhang Yang had traded it for [Helena’s Charm] instead. For now, he wore the [Medal of Bravery] and [Demonic Seal].

Even though the [Medal of Bravery] was a Mythical Level 130 accessory which was supposed to provide a 10-second window of Invulnerability, Zhang Yang was already Level 210, thus, the effect was reduced to less than 2 seconds. It was only useful as a means to remove a status effect applied on him.

It was still better than nothing. Accessories were extremely hard to come by in the game. Right then, 90% of Level 200 players were still equipping Level 60 accessories due to the rarity. For the same reason, everyone would want to get their hands on an accessory when they see one. The next grade was Celestial, and a Celestial tier bosses were not easy to defeat, much less farm for a Celestial tier accessory!

After everyone had obtained the quest reward, Baa'ljilr suddenly smiled. It was not a normal smile. It was the smile of a crooked man. The same smile that the bastard Liu Wei tended to hang on his face. Baa'ljilr, with great appreciation in his eyes, paired with the crooked smile, said, "Only one month! One month! Hmmm…hahahahaha! Do you fools know that you did for me? Ahhh. Where are my manners? I must thank you for your deeds!"


The old man suddenly turned himself inside-out. It was as if his internals were growing, but his skin was merely an exterior wrap. The skin of the old human man tore off his body, and out came a disgusting, gory exterior of raw flesh. His hands burst out of his old skin and exposed his claws. He quickly slashed his own face and dropped the mask he was wearing to reveal his true form. He was a red, twin-horned demon!


A pair of demonic bat-like wings spread out of his back and flapped, allowing the demon to hover a few feet above the ground. His pants flew off, and out came a scorpion like tail that swung about to rid of whatever clothing that remained on him. After a quick swing and slice, Baa'ljilr roared and further expanded his body until he was 3 meters tall!

[Baa'ljilr the Imposter] (Ascended, Demon)

Level: 250

HP: 12,500,000,000

Defense: 38,545

Melee Attack: 376,830 – 476,830

Skills: ???

Note: The master of disguise and deception. A loyal follower of the Demon Lord Kenzack.

"Hahaha! Surprise?" Baa'ljilr laughed and looked down at everyone with a demeaning glare. "One month…In one month’s time, the Gate of Dimension shall be completed. By then, I shall lead an army the likes of which has never been seen before, to rid this world of life! As my thanks, I shall have you live, only to serve me and the Demon Lord as our slaves! HAHAHAHA! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN!"

Baa'ljilr flapped his wings with such force that everyone was blown off their feet. Endless Starlight, Zhang Yang, and other Strength-based class players stood still, unfazed by the strong gust. Baa'ljilr soared to the sky and quickly disappeared into the clouds.

‘Server Announcement: Baa'ljilr the Imposter has successfully collected all the necessary materials to constructing the Dimension Gate. In 30 days, the Dimension Gate shall be completed and the Demon Army shall descend. Adventures, to stop the Demon Invasion, you must destroy Baa'ljilr the Imposter!’

‘Ding! You have received a quest: The Last Spur!’

[The Last Spur] (Difficulty Level: S)

Description: Baa'ljilr the Imposter will construct the Dimension Gates in no time at all! When he does, a large army of Demonic Soldier will march into the land and destroy all that is living and breathing. Warrior, with the last hope there, go to the Rolling Rock Canyon and find the Demon Camp. You will find Baa'ljilr, and kill him, which will destroy the materials needed to stop the construction of the Dimension Gate.

Progress: The heart of Baa'ljilr the Imposter: 0/1

Quest Reward: Level +2 Skill Points +3

All players who were Level 200 and above had received the quest and it had caused an uproar through the entire game. Everyone, players and non-players alike had started to flood the forums to discuss the matter.

"Noobie tank! Let’s go now and kill that old fart!" said Wei Yan Er excitingly. "Level and skill points are waiting for us!"

Everyone else was also fired up along with the little girl. It was understandable. At their current Level, a Level and skill point reward was truly hard to come by.

Zhang Yang cracked a cold laugh and said, "We have just used our Transformation skill. Could we at least wait for 3 days later before we do the killing?"

"Tch tch tch…Noobie tank. How could you forget? We still have our War Chariots!" cried Wei Yan Er.

"Huh…well then. Let’s go and have a shot. If there’s hope, we will kill that demon. But, my money is on the demon," said Zhang Yang. From his point of view, the quest was probably the start of the Demon Descent patch. No matter how hard they may try, there would be no stopping the demons from flooding through the Dimension Gates. Hence, he had little to no hope of defeating Baa'ljilr.

That and the fact that Baa'ljilr was a Level 250 Ascended tier boss. Only players who have reached Level 220 and above could face him without being burdened by the Level Suppression system. However, everyone there was under Level 220. Zhang Yang, being the highest amongst them all, was only Level 214!

The main problem was that the quest time limit was 30 days. In that timeframe, no one in the entire game could reach Level 220. Hence, it was certain that all players will face the Level Suppression system character degradation while facing Baa'ljilr.

Level Suppression is a f*cking annoying system. Not only would the player’s attack face major reduction, the damage dealt to them would only be increased! If the Ascended tier boss’ AoE range is not scary enough, wait till he has the power to deal 2 to 3 times its original damage, due to the Level Suppression system!

That being said, the game developers would never make a quest that can never be solved. Zhang Yang felt that completing the quest would be a hassle. To properly face Baa'ljilr head-on, he would need the entire game’s guilds to hand out all their Forbidden Scrolls that could reduce attacks or to weaken the boss in any way possible to compensate for the Level Suppression system. With that, lay another problem. No one would be willing to hand out their Forbidden Scrolls without expecting a reward. Not when using one would guarantee them the right to claim all of the boss’ drops in the first place, and be the ones to complete the quest!

It would ultimately be handing over the last parachute!